Sunday Crossword: Up the Scale

by Chenchilla

Going the other way would just be a downer, no?
Modern History: 2000-2019

by Sheldon

At least one of these events will have you saying, "Wait, that happened that year?"
Obscure Knowledge - Oceanian Capitals

by PenguinsMeercats

Obscure knowledge is the best kind of knowledge. Nobody can tell us otherwise.
1990s Movies A-Z V

by ghcgh

The '90s were all about representing the whole alphabet.
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Saturday's QuizzesJul 11
Image Word Wheel: Celebrity Homophones

by JoeBeta

We're not entirely sure this will replace your stolen bike wheel, but at least it'll keep you entertained.
50 Hits to Click: 1968

by caramba

But is it also 50 clicks to hit?
Find the Missing Fauna in Bible Verses

by timmylemoine1

We searched and searched, but no golden calf...
Who's Minding the Kids?

by DIEGO1000

We're really just dreading the part where the kids learn how to say "no."
Claymation Movie Slideshow

by Hejman

Making claymation takes a ton of patience, but this quiz can be played quite quickly.
Saturday Sudoku LVII

by royalpink

Well it is Saturday, which makes the Saturday Sudoku mandatory.
15 in 15: Insects

by pecheneg

People afraid of insects need not apply. Buzz buzz.
Weakest Link: 'D' & 'E' Countries

by themightymoosh

"You are the weakest link. Goodbye."
Country, Food, TV Show, or Element

by Yankees2003

Why not a TV show about the periodic table that features only food?
Friday's QuizzesJul 10
TV at Their Desk

by strokes_static

Watching television at your desk is probably some kind of work-life balance indicator?
History Hunt: Italy

by hjckr

When in Rome...
Pick the Morgan Freeman Movie

by beforever

Why can't Morgan Freeman narrate our daily activities through Siri or our GPS?
Subcategory Sort: Chinese, French, or Spanish

by BookishGirl98

We're feeling pretty multilingual today.
Disney Animated Movie Images (Minefield)

by El_Dandy

We just watched a bunch of movies and pressed screenshot at random intervals.
Four-Letter African Countries

by alinrotundu

Four letters might be all you need. Imagine what we could do with 5.
Only Winning Seasons (2010s)

by corndog

"History is written by the victors" also applies to sports.
Symmetric Crossword IX

by ml1234567

You probably won't get the same effect by slapping a mirror onto the middle of your screen.
One-Hit Wonder by Song Title (1970s)

by FilipinoBreloom

Don't worry; to finish this quiz you won't need to be fast as lightning.
Two by Seven

by BanjoZebra

It's not a weird math expression, it's about words. We promise.
Thursday's QuizzesJul 9
4 History Foursomes

by sproutcm

Historically, three has always been a crowd.
Find the Star: World Capitals VI

by joeydeka

You can't find the star by just looking up, that's the Sun.
'Star Wars: Episode III' Start to Finish

by Thebiguglyalien

You'll probably figure out all the answers based on the memes alone.
Intersecting Trivia: Literature

by bhenderson79

We simply need more books written as crosswords.
UK Pub Quiz: From Across the Pond

by DesertSpartan

Sorry we can't fly over right now, but here's something to keep you occupied.
Finish the Famous Athlete Quote II

by lolshortee

Knowing the quotes may not necessarily make you a top tier athlete.
2010s: Animated Series

by DIEGO1000

Come on, grab your friends. We'll go to very distant lands.
'L' Albums by 3 Singles

by ghcgh

You might only need to see a single single to get it.
Beyond 2000: Video Games Slot Machine

by gazzso

Nobody call out the increasing presence of gambling mechanics in video games.
Animals Eating Watermelon

by metashades

You'll find a surprising number of carnivores enjoying fruit in this quiz.
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