The 'U' & 'V' Movies

by Larryholmes79

When it comes to UV, there's only one thing that matters: lots of sunscreen.
Easiest Capitals (Per Continent) No Clues

by Flick

Sorry, we haven't got a clue.
Multiple NFL Super Bowl Losers

by aduchscher

Of course, winning multiple Super Bowls can soften the blow of also losing multiple Super Bowls.
Wednesday's QuizzesSep 18
Movie Titles Said in Movie VII

by ddd62291

Ah, the good old titleception.
MLB Teams With BALLs

by metashades

Fun fact: The average lifespan of an MLB baseball is 7 pitches.
Spot the Difference XXXVIII

by Cutthroat

That's a lot of differences to spot!
Asian Graph Puzzle

by Alcas

Cartography sure has changed a lot.
Bear Ranges

by Scuadrado

Soldier Field is the range of the Chicago Bears, but that probably won't help you here.
World Wide Flags

by LyndonG

That would take an awful lot of fabric.
8 Scenes, 1 Movie! XIX

by BigAl1994

Most movies have more than 8 scenes, but at least you'll be able to watch them 8 times faster.
Numbrix Puzzle

by mhershfield

You won't really be using bricks to build much of anything here.
Tuesday's QuizzesSep 17
Countries of Europe: 1900

by Thebiguglyalien

It's the closest to time travel we can get.
Snow White and the Alphabetical Minefield

by MSUKent

The dwarfs were miners, so a minefield only makes sense.
2010s Song Title Beginnings II

by ghcgh

All songs have to start somewhere.
First Letters of UK Cities II

by MrWhiplash

If you actually want to get there, you'll need to type in more than just the first letter on your GPS.
Soccer Players Rainbow

by aglick

Maybe someday we'll be lucky enough to witness a soccer player double rainbow.
Image Word Wheel X

by JoeBeta

Words won't help your car move that well, but we won't stop you from trying.
Apple or Google?

by BanjoZebra

If you don't know, you could always Google it.
Hollywood Squares

by big8dog88

Let's make celebrities sit in tiny cubes for our amusement.
High-Flying Sports and Activities

by Bratista

Hopefully you're not scared of heights!
Quixotic Quotations

by Hejman

Don't worry, there will be no fighting of windmills in this quiz.
Monday's QuizzesSep 16
Country Land Border Blitz 7-to-1

by samc67

Don't throw stones at your neighbors if your own windows are glass.
Who Am I? Famous People VII

by DIEGO1000

Are the famous people asking us to feed their egos or did they genuinely forget how famous they were?
Any NFL Team Besides the Jets

by sathyamc

At least they can be confident that no other team will ever be known for a play called 'The Butt Fumble.'
'80s Movie Character Match

by beisaa

Don't fall victim to a classic blunder, like getting involved in a land war in Asia, or clicking Hans Gruber when you should click Vizzini.
Symmetric Crossword

by ml1234567

The crossword is symmetrical in ways other than cutting it in half with a mirror.
Rapid Route: Middle East

by RobPro

We're helping you plan the most efficient vacation.
The Who's Vocabulary

by lolshortee

This quiz has surprisingly little to do with owls.
Blackboard Blitz: Music Notation II

by goc3

'Blackboard Blitz' has some potential as a decent band name.
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