Three Word Hints for Three Letter Films

by DarkPhalanx

If your film is memorable enough to be easily identified by three words, you've done well.
Mascots by First Names

by Noldeh

To be clear, we're not asking for the first name of the person in the mascot suit.
4 NFL Teams, 1 Thing in Common

by tampabaybucs921

At least they all have the football in common.
Capitals of North America

by aika

And you thought you had a bad time with state capitals in middle school?
What Happened to That Person?

by Hejman

This quiz is like a weird historical high school reunion.
Click the Andes Countries

by PrincessMartell

None of them are owned by a guy named Andy, so they're not Andy's.
A-Z Characters: Game of Thrones

by timschurz

The alphabet sends its regards.
Star Wars Scenes Featuring Chewbacca

by goc3

Wwwah. Rrroooaaah. Ggwaaah.
Wednesday's QuizzesApr 24
'The Big Lebowski' Start to Finish

by Thebiguglyalien

This quiz really ties the room together.
Themed Geography Grab Bag

by beforever

It would have to be a really big bag to fit a country inside it.
Pick the Word - 'B' Movies

by sproutcm

Bee Movie is oddly missing.
Wiki Springtime Picture Click

by metashades

Springtime? Time to start taking Zyrtec for breakfast again.
New Beginnings Crossword

by Matt

We're pretty sure you've never seen anything quite like this here on Sporcle before.
Big, Empty States

by jr637

They're empty when it comes to people, but not when it comes to grass and cows.
Children's Books by Socks

by JackDots

But the socks are for adults.
-age Definitions

by NO_r_WAY

When do you think this quiz will start showing its age?
Tuesday's QuizzesApr 23
Weakest Link: Americas

by themightymoosh

If the chain is as strong as its weakest link, what does a country-chain look like?
15 Seconds: Planets

by Flick

Rest in peace, Pluto.
'B' Logos Close-Up

by BoggelTeam

These logos will B seeing you.
MLB Division Titles

by jbradley311

When winning the wild card just isn't good enough.
Finish the Famous Draco Malfoy Quote

by lolshortee

Someone out there liked him better as a ferret.
'90s Movie by Villain

by gingerlover

These villains are banding together to create a sophisticated heat beam which they call a "laser."
Click an Island Giant

by alvir28

They say bigger is better, but some animals should stay small.
Oceans by Area (Treemap)

by markassonne

This quiz would have looked very different during the days of Pangaea and Panthalassa.
Monday's QuizzesApr 22
Nato Phonetic Alphabet Minefield

by Derek

Imagine if individual letters of the alphabet were this long.
8 to 1: US States

by anonymous987

It's like a clickable road trip!
Disney Animated Films Containing 'The'

by beforever

This quiz has a lot more answers than "Disney Animated Films Containing 'Pinocchio'."
NFL Teams Without the Letter 'A'

by bumblebeatrice

There's no "a" in "victory" so maybe they're onto something here.

by g_norm

We can hear this quiz and it is glorious.
Find the Countries of Oceania by Capital

by NarwhalNukeYT

It's a good bet that most of these capitals have beachfront property.
Odd One Out - Science

by MrWhiplash

In astronomy, the odd one out is out of this world.
CodeWord Ladder

by geshmonkey

Someone get the enigma machine!
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