Steve Who?

by wilycub

Somebody sort out all these Steves!
Sunday Crossword: All the Stops

by LTH

Contrary to popular belief, you can stop the feeling.

by pdigoe

Just what dad wanted for Father's Day; a click.
Country Per Letter: Europe

by NO_r_WAY

Some countries are doubling up, though.
Spot the Disney Film

by mikenew

There won't be that many spots, though.
Saturday's QuizzesJun 15
Bands by Number Sorting Blitz

by nopurplesky

Now these are some bands you can count on.
Themed Geography Grab Bag II

by beforever

Imagine sticking your hand into a grab bag and pulling out something the size of Alaska.
Take Five

by El_Dandy

You can take a five minute nap afterwards, we promise.
Find the Countries of Europe in German

by teedslaststand

The German audience gets a freebie, we guess.
Multi-Category Foursomes II

by strokes_static

Well at least they can pair off if something goes awry.
Portrait of a Film Star

by pecheneg

No, you probably can't call yourself the next Van Gogh.
Saturday Sudoku I

by jrage2009

Start your Saturday with some Sudoku!
Ruined By A Letter: Cartoons

by samc67

Most cartoons were ruined by a little more than just a letter.
Friday's QuizzesJun 14
The Last Word: Movie Directors II

by Flick

Movie directors always get the last word.
Word Wheels III

by hockeystix3

Hopefully the wheels don't come off for you on this quiz.
Pixel Art - MLB Team

by goc3

Anyone else feeling nostalgic for NES Baseball?
A-Z Double Letter Words Blitz

by DesertSpartan

It's one of those rare times when seeing double is actually okay.
A Fusion of Flag Elements

by matthijsbp

We're working on creating a new political pantheon.
Almost Useless Marvel Trivia

by bhenderson79

Marvel at all these (almost) useless trivia facts.
Trump Presidential Firsts

by zigga

First President to tweet about a Sporcle quiz?
Madonna #1 Hits

by machotrouts

Hopefully you ace this quicker than a ray of light.
Thursday's QuizzesJun 13
Criteria Wars

by durhamfan

And here we thought "bad" would be the only criteria that mattered.
Top 10 Wealthiest US States

by jackriley123

Well, we do know there is at least one "Golden State".
Harry Potter Venn Diagram II

by awesomeness365

Wearing the Sorting Hat means literally putting on your thinking cap.
8-bit Google Maps Landmarks

by MrChewypoo

You know your childhood was awesome if you grew up playing games that looked like this.
4 Decades of TV Show Premieres V

by kfastic

If you haven't gotten off your couch for forty years, that might finally pay off here.
Any Champions League Final Goalscorer by Nationality

by kt23

We thought the jersey color is all that matters.
'Baby' Songs

by JoeBeta

Not to be mistaken for songs for babies.
Crossword: The Four Seasons

by Purple_Parrot

Crossword puzzles are totally in season right now.
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