Erase the Americas

by goc3

As long as you don't erase Sporcle HQ...
10 to 1: Pixar Characters

by Darzlat

Can you pick the right Pixar characters?
Sunday's QuizzesMay 20
What Movie? Back to the Camera XXI

by Larryholmes79

Maybe these movie characters didn't realize they were being filmed.
TV Show by Ex-Husband

by Hejman

If ever there were characters who could make divorce look cool...
Continents by Area

by mg10

Opisometers allowed!
Torah, Quran, or New Testament?

by kfastic

Maybe someone should ask that Abraham guy.
Closest Countries to Finland

by NarwhalNukeYT

Don't be like the man from Helsinki. He wasn't able to Finnish this quiz.
Hide Your 'A' Movies

by timmylemoine1

What an awesome array of movies.
Complete the Alphabet

by mynameisowen13

Maybe fix it before you eat those letters.
Saturday's QuizzesMay 19
'COEXIST' Symbols

by jwalsh101

This should give you something to mull over next time you're in a traffic jam.
17+ Letter Vocabulary (Medium)

by iglew

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobes should probably skip this one.
TV Show by Graduation

by gingerlover

You've got to commend the writers for making a bunch of 30-somethings celebrating the end of high school look convincing.
Find the Real Superheroes

by Krypton

We're thinking of writing a Doctor Sporcle comic, but we still gotta work on the costume.
Foods by Tattoo

by minshkins

Don't make major decisions while you're hungry.
Top 10 Cotton Producing US States

by scole9179

Now we now where it comes from. The jury is still out on where it goes.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Disney

by Thebiguglyalien

You can't fastpass through this one.
Odd One Out: Authors and Novels

by Darzlat

These novels are total stand-outs.
Friday's QuizzesMay 18
South America Population Quest

by mg10

Is it getting crowded on this continent, or is it just us?
23 Ways Not to Take a 'Pill'

by timmylemoine1

This should be one easy pill to swallow.
Comedies of the Last 25 Years II

by lolshortee

We're gunna need you to go ahead and play this quiz....
The 3rd Thing You Need to Know: US Presidents

by MrWhiplash

Hopefully everyone here knows more than three things.
Countries by Capitals: A

by PrincessMartell

Maybe you'll even score yourself an A+.
Orange Logos Close-Up

by BoggelTeam

Just don't mix your apples with your oranges!
Songs by Text Message

by bhenderson79

These songs make your hotline bling.
Avengers: Infinity War - The Infinity Stones

by Rackie

Infinity Gauntlet not included.
Mismatched Television Dramas

by stevenmiller61

Some quizzes just have a flair for the dramatic.
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