New York Consonants

by Flick

No vowels in this one - they must've gotten stuck in traffic.
What's It Stand For? 15 Categories II

by LTH

But we want to lie down, standing is hard.
Finish the Literature Title

by strokes_static

Just because you finished the book's title with a picture doesn't mean you finished the book.
Tuesday's QuizzesAug 20
'The Fellowship of the Ring' Start to Finish

by Thebiguglyalien

It's a long walk to Mount Doom. Bring your ring.
European Countries with an 'O'

by PrincessMartell

If you click Spain, don't say we didn't warn you.
Celebrity Early Head Shots IV

by HappyWife

Be thankful they're not all yearbook photos. Those never look good.
Same Letter NFL Teams

by sproutcm

"Same letter" is a lot more specific than you probably think it's about to be.
Country Per Letter: Asia

by NO_r_WAY

You can get all 49 countries with just 19 answers. That seems efficient.
500 Career HR Without an MVP

by scole9179

Apparently home runs aren't always that valuable.
Country/Leader Mismatch

by Hejman

At least one of these leaders would probably tell you every country is theirs.
The Wide Wizarding World II

by FantasticBowTies

You'll be picking a plethora of Potter places.
TIME Cover Stories - Authors

by hatefulmissy

These cover stories really stood the test of TIME.
Monday's QuizzesAug 19
'G' Names by 3 Surnames

by lolshortee

Hopefully you can also cook. Unrelated skillset from the quiz, but also necessary for life.
One Shot: Caribbean Islands

by mg10

Most of your friends are going to say they only need one shot. You have our permission to make fun of them if they need more than one.
3 Teams - 1 Home

by seanpat0

All three teams participating in one game would probably get confusing.
Subcategory Sort: Canada, UK, or USA

by BookishGirl98

Here's a hint - pick the one with red and white in its flag.
Which Punctuation Mark?: Movie Titles

by senordingdong

Given the prevalence of texting, it's easy to forget that punctuation exists.
Categorize This!: Television

by Purple_Parrot

The category is television. You're not categorizing TVs.
Cartoons Wearing Green

by strokes_static

Green means go, so go do this quiz.
Rappers by First Names

by Noldeh

Being on a first name basis with these rappers would be another achievement entirely.
Before or After: Director's Films

by MSUKent

Some directors' films are really for the birds.
Sunday's QuizzesAug 18
A-Z Characters: MCU

by timschurz

Look out for the new Captain Zimbabwe movie hitting theaters next year.
Picture the Song

by PenguinsMeercats

You get to do it pixel by pixel too. Happy painting.
10 Words, 20 Definitions XXII

by Arnott

Words have to share. You and your siblings may want to use them as an example.
Capital Cities: After 'G'

by eyes355

The other letters will have their quiz a different day.
Company Mascot Blitz III

by Thebiguglyalien

You may be able to figure some of these out without the power of knowing too many brands.
Sunday Crossword: Unabbreviated

by AuroraIllumina

We didn't feel like shortening things today.
Mini Nurikabe Puzzle XVII

by sproutcm

We said mini, not easy.
Cities Sorting Gallery X

by beforever

Even if you had a map, we're not sure all the cities would be included on it.
Anyone but Severus Snape

by ceciliacarlid

Severus Snape is pretty used to feeling excluded.
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