Countries of the World Venn Diagram III

by awesomeness365

Venn can we start using these as maps in daily life?
Absent Letter Classic Novels

by RobFitz

Time for you to assemble your summer reading list.
Thursday's QuizzesJul 18
Trivia Pyramid: Religion & Mythology

by Purple_Parrot

Are you up to the task? We believe in you.
An Elemental Sorting Blitz

by lollipopfreak

This is probably far less elementary than it appears at a glance.
4 Language Foursomes

by sproutcm

We know a few 4-letter words, but we'll keep it PG.
4 Decades of Music Hits IV

by kfastic

Taking you from vinyls to cassettes to CDs.
European Countries by Landmark

by PrincessMartell

Print this quiz out when you finish and you'll have a handy little guide map.
Most Mentioned Slytherins

by titanjmg

Are they mentioned in English or in Parseltongue?
Disney Lyrics: I Just Can't Wait to Be King

by jencon117

'I Just Can't Wait to Be President' didn't have quite the same ring to it.
Lost for Words: Comic Books

by bhenderson79

Comics are mostly pictures anyway, so who needs the word part?
Mark Who?

by wilycub

Oh hi, Mark.
1840s Match-Up

by khands

Back when dying of dysentery was still a major concern.
Wednesday's QuizzesJul 17
Finish the Famous Slogan II

by lolshortee

When you think about it, slogans really do just turn us into walking advertisements.
China Minesweeper

by joeydeka

Hiding behind the wall won't save you here.
Entertaining Middle A

by Flick

Technically 'A' comes at the very beginning.
4 Words, 1 Hidden Theme

by jr637

Keep looking, you'll find that hidden theme eventually.
Who Played Me in a Live-Action Film?

by ghcgh

Hopefully a live-action actor.
This or That Blitz: Seinfeld or Friends

by stevenmiller61

You think these two show casts would have made good friends?
Franchise Partners

by jrage2009

Well, howdy partner.
NCAA Mens Trifecta Champions

by gingerlover

It'd be really impressive if they managed titles in three sports in the same year.
Tuesday's QuizzesJul 16
15 in 15: Countries of Europe

by pecheneg

One country per second... sounds easy, right?
5-by-5 Logic Puzzle III

by The_Professor

Are you ready to flex your brain?
Top Grossing '#' Movies

by Sheldon

We're hunting down the #1 of the #s.
4x4 Image Crossword: Athletes

by bhenderson79

You need to solve this crossword one-letter-at-a-time.
Adjectives in TV Shows

by RobFitz

TV shows would be really boring if scripts never used adjectives.
Potter Profession Pictorial Pick-Em

by Hejman

Please prove your proficiency at picking these Potter professors' positions from pictures.
Language by IKEA Sign

by aglick

Ironically, none of these signs are in Swedish.
Missing Alphabet: Marvel Characters

by LTH

Honestly, if you have godlike superpowers, learning the alphabet might not be one of your top priorities anymore.
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