Any NFL Team Besides the Texans

by sathyamc

Sports 2m
Here's a bit of trivia about the NFL's youngest franchise.
'B' Countries Population Highs and Lows

by Carlwev

Geography 2.5m
Like... they're countries full of bees?
Find the 'Black' Movie Poster

by mucciniale

Movies 4m
There are some colorful characters in these colorless movies.
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Sunday's QuizzesOct 17
TV Eating Ice Cream

by strokes_static

What goes together better than binge-watching TV and binge-eating pints of Ben and Jerry's?
Biography: O

by MSUKent

History 6m
"Oh" is also the noise we make when we see the answers we missed.
Oceania Countries and Capitals on a Map

by SporcleEXP

You could play a countries quiz and a capitals quiz, but why not save time by doing both at once?
Famous Mexicans

by Tasi

Bonus points to your secondary school teachers if you were ever taught their stories.
Artist to Badly Drawn Song (1970s)

by MoMosMoProblems

Music 6m
They're still better than we could've drawn them!
Sunday Crossword: Emma Stone

by bhenderson79

Do you think she ever owned a pet rock? Would it have been called Emma's Stone?
Hangman - Country

by PenguinsMeercats

Hangman is one of those games we all probably played as kids that gets weirder the more we think about it.
Absent Letter Board Games and Card Games

by RobFitz

Gaming 2m
We forgot to take letter attendance and this is what we got.
One Word Action Movies

by gazzso

Movies 3m
When actions speak louder than words, one word can be all you need.
Saturday's QuizzesOct 16
'D'-ifficult Images II

by sproutcm

Why yes, the "D" stands for "difficult." Why do you ask?
2 Clues 1 Answer - Literature

by lexmith

Really wishing you read all those books your English teacher gave you now, huh?
Picture Bunker: Entertainment Edition

by WillieG

It's all about that data preservation in case we lose all the hard drives.
TV Shows in Red

by Jovahkiin

Today we're seeing red, but in a good way.
Rotating States V

by Barbecue

Geography 45s
Alright, well now we're just super dizzy.
Who Am I? US Presidents Edition

by DIEGO1000

History 5m
If the President asks, "who am I?" ... it might be time for a new President.
One-Star Horror Movies II

by emberly13

Movies 7m
Wouldn't this guy just derive pleasure from horrible reviews?
Missing Countries: Africa

by iluvgeo

The resolution of the globe is too low to adequately read. We tried.
Friday's QuizzesOct 15
'I' Logo Minefield

by Scimitar_2002

Following in the footsteps of "I, Robot" and "I, Claudius", we bring you "I, Logo Minefield."
6-Letter Countries by Continent Blitz

by GeoEarthling

Geography 90s
Well, it'd be too easy if we organized the countries by planet.
4 TV Characters, 1 Thing In Common

by babymonkee

The thing in common can't be "they're all on TV", right?
United States by Nearest Large City

by Velkhan

We've redrawn the US map with some odd polygon borders. Enjoy!
Breaking Horror Movie News!

by bhenderson79

Movies 5m
News reports would be very different if we lived in a world where horror movie plots actually took place.
Isogram My US Presidents

by Chenchilla

History 2.5m
If you're not a US citizen, then perhaps they're not your Presidents.
Match the Images: Fall Colors

by MSUKent

Introducing extra pumpkin spice into your system will boost performance.
2010s Top Scorers: Los Angeles Clippers

by gazzso

Sports 2m
We're all about that peak offensive performance.
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