Bible Blitz: A

by eyes355

These names and places are really A1.
Closest Countries to Paris

by mg10

Who has the shortest trip to the City of Light?
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: NBA

by Thebiguglyalien

It's like a fast break in quiz form.
24 Movie Posters with Fire

by Sheldon

This quiz has all the hottest films.
Thursday's QuizzesJan 17
Movies in Movies

by hockeystix3

All the world's a screen.
Largest European Cities in the Western Hemisphere

by ahlasny

Knowing a little something about the Prime Meridian ought to help you out here.
Paint by Trivia: Superhero Movies

by bhenderson79

Do you think Batman has ever done a Paint & Sip night?
Mini Nurikabe Puzzle XI

by sproutcm

Let's click some squares.
Super Bowl Smallest Margin Wins

by Viktrodriguez

Sometimes the losing team comes *this* close.
Spade, Club, Diamond, or Heart?

by El_Dandy

Try not to get too flushed doing this quiz.
Fill in the Middle: Three of a Kind

by Purple_Parrot

Phil in the middle? What happened to Malcolm?
Where Is That 'N' City?

by geronimostilton

Sorry Futurama fans, New New York is not included.
Wednesday's QuizzesJan 16
Harry Potter Compulsory Class Criteria

by Evreka

We've gotta get back to Hogwarts.
Disney Animated Films of the '90s

by _McKinley_

This is for all those '90s kids out there.
Multi-Category Eightsomes

by strokes_static

Get your clicking finger ready.
Pieces of Maps (Africa II)

by AuroraIllumina

Another Africa quiz? Uganda be kidding me.
Matthew, Mark, Luke or John

by babymonkee

These people really left a Mark.
Simpsons Animals

by Pushcake

Because animals have names, too!
Board Game Cakes

by Propellerhead

You can play your cake and eat it, too.
Constitutional Amendment Multiple Choice

by Hejman

...of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union....
Tuesday's QuizzesJan 15
Find the 'V' Countries

by teedslaststand

There aren't even five of them. This should be easy.
5 by 5 Countries by Continent

by lolshortee

Five countries is over 40% of South America!
Bands That Shouldn't Play Together

by MSUKent

These would make for some weird Battles of the Bands.
Academy Award Best Actor Letter Blitz

by El_Dandy

Kevin James is hoping Paul Blart: Mall Cop 3 happens so he can get added to this quiz.
Winter Teddy Bears

by PrincessMartell

Do teddy bears hibernate?
Pick the Kathy Bates Movie

by beforever

When she retires from acting, she can always start up a bed & breakfast called The Bates Motel.
11th/12th or 13th/14th Century

by kfastic

15th/16th is right out.
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