Africa Minesweeper III

by joeydeka

This quiz is highly explosive.
Two 'P' Words by One Hint

by DesertSpartan

These words go together like peas in a pod.
NFL: Before and After

by hempick

This is what happens when first names tackle last names.
Sunday's QuizzesMar 24
'Back to the Future' Start to Finish

by Thebiguglyalien

If you can't remember the plot, just travel back to 1985 and watch it again in the theater.
Breaking Rock Band News!

by bhenderson79

You've read it here first.
Word Hourglass: XXI

by sproutcm

This hourglass only lasts 90 seconds.
Was I Alive in 1900?

by khands

1900 was a good time for facial hair.
Native American US State Names

by gazzso

Time to brush up on your geographical etymology!
Without Sporcle: Miscellaneous

by alinrotundu

To be clear, we can never endorse going without Sporcle.
Pop Culture: Phoning It In

by Zipcity

Some pop culture ages like fine wine. Other pop culture ages like bananas.
Sound Smart About: Space Travel

by Hejman

Sometimes, people just need some space.
Saturday's QuizzesMar 23
TV Shows Missing 'G' Words

by kfastic

Looks like you'll find the missing words over that way.
Latin for All

by nabean

Give it your all.
Kate Who?

by wilycub

Do you know these Kates, Cates, Kats, and Catherines?
Board Games by Rules Page

by aduchscher

If you don't follow the rules, the game could get pretty chaotic.
Top 5 European Cities With Each Letter

by chaste

If Staronizhestebliyevskaya, Russia had a higher population, it would be an awesome answer in this quiz.
NBA Trivia Bunker

by nba2439

It's like the road to the Finals, only harder.
15 in 15: US Presidents

by pecheneg

Sometimes you just need to ignore your press conference and play some quizzes.
Friday's QuizzesMar 22
Mini Nurikabe Puzzle XIII

by sproutcm

Time to puzzle over some Nurikabe again.
Living History: 'In Their Own Words'

by Hejman

"We are not makers of history; we are made by history." - MLK
Making Compound Words A-Z

by LTH

It's easy if you just follow the recipe.
Computer Definitions: A

by Rackie

In this quiz, 'Avatar' does not refer to a 2009 James Cameron film.
Male Literary Characters 7-to-1

by samc67

Time is a precious thing. Never waste it.
Same Word, Different Movies X

by Larryholmes79

You might want to hit the snack bar first.
Top 3 NCAA Tournament Teams (A-Z)

by Dano

Are NCAA quizzes totally your jam?
Super Things

by babymonkee

If you thought this was about supper things, then you will be sorely disappointed...and possibly hungry.
Badly Drawn Flags of Asia

by NarwhalNukeYT

You probably forgot about the country with an anteater on its flag.
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