Superheroes by Apron

by alinrotundu

How else are they supposed to keep their costumes clean while fighting crime?
Gods and Goddesses: Odd One Out

by WhyAmIDoingThis

Knowing your Greek gods will only get you so far in this quiz.
Seemingly Unrelated Trivia VI

by sproutcm

Everything is not what it seems.
Invisible Capitals of the World

by Dymefire

We'd make this a map quiz, but we're afraid an invisible map wouldn't be much help.
Literature by Definition: William Shakespeare

by Noldeh

These titles don't roll off the tongue so much as stomp on it.
100+ Receptions (Cincinnati Bengals)


The Bengals didn't bungle these catches.
Click the Self-Titled Albums

by otcpsychedelics

When you're out of album title ideas, just name it after yourself.
Riverdale or Pretty Little Liars?

by Sssophie

No matter what show they're on, they're all liars.
Find Five 'J' Things

by eyes355

Let's see what you can find.
Movie Liars

by katesutton

Warning: Pants in this quiz are highly flammable.
Sunday's QuizzesAug 19
Celebrity Early Head Shots

by HappyWife

A good head shot will help any actor get ahead.
Science Mismatch

by strokes_static

This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.
Movies Certification Ratings

by senordingdong

The following quiz has been approved for all audiences.
Revolting Historical Food Facts

by popestcyril

Maybe don't play this while you're eating lunch.
Recycled TV Title Words

by metashades

Always remember to recycle your propane and propane accessories.
Movies: Take A Seat!

by BigAl1994

Maybe you'll get one of those reclining theater seats!
Typing Challenge: Isograms Only II

by Scott

The key to this quiz is flawless typing.
South America: What Does It Border?

by WalshyMusic

What's with Brazil hogging all the borders?
Saturday's QuizzesAug 18
Sports Pop-Ups

by Thebiguglyalien

New baseball position idea: pop-up blocker.
Pick the Studio Ghibli Movie

by Nietos

Who knew specks of sentient soot could be so cute?
What's in a Car's Name?

by pdigoe

People love giving inanimate objects names: boats, cars, bikes, probably even roombas.
'S' Anatomy

by brocko

Coloring homework sounds easy, right up until you see the anatomy books.
Soup, Sandwich, or Salad

by whssox

At Sporcle HQ, we spend hours on lunch-related questions every week.
10 Closest Capitals to Buenos Aires

by guilherme_4

May the fair winds of Buenos Aires guide you well.
180 Degree Symbols Match-Up

by goosedevil

Catch you on the flip side.
Hand-Drawn History IX

by ddavey1983

The pre-history version of this is just cave paintings.
Friday's QuizzesAug 17
Test Your Reflexes in 15 Seconds!

by Bolafssonify

Best have your cup of coffee before playing this one.
Secret Country XII

by goc3

Shhh...your secret is safe with us.
Movies by Last Name III

by gingerlover

Hopefully you were paying attention during the credits.
Blitz: Africa by Any 3 Letters

by LTH

Please don't try to use Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Indiana Jones' Archaeology Exam

by bhenderson79

This quiz is not booby-trapped. We promise.
World Leaders' Eyes

by gazzso

We've got our eyes on you.
TV Shows at the Pool

by lolshortee

TV and a pool? Now that's relaxation!
Swiss Army Knife: Know It All?

by needapausebutton

For a neutral country the Swiss sure have a lot of knives.
Prepositions in Musicals

by aduchscher

Coming to Broadway soon: "Grammar: The Musical!"
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