Find the Scrambled Logos II

by SporcleEXP

This quiz would is part of your balanced breakfast.
'F' Big 4 on a Map

by sproutcm

Sports 30s
That 'F' looks pretty big, too. Is it as big as the big '4'?
15 in 15: Countries of Africa II

by pecheneg

Geography 15s
There are actually 54 countries in Africa, but we're feeling sort of lazy today.
Cryptogram: Guardians of the Galaxy

by 360ashbro

Movies 12m
We're creating a new superhero called 'The Cryptogrammer' who can be added to the team for the next movie.
A Dozen ABC Sitcom Characters II

by ghcgh

It's not enough to just know your ABCs. You've also got to know your TVs.
Last Ten World Series Losers

by Qaqaq

Sports 2m
It's pretty rough to play almost 200 games during the season and go home empty-handed. But it's gotta happen to somebody.
Finish the Expression

by strokes_static

Everyone knows that an apple a day keeps the firefighters away.
Halloween Objects

by JackDots

Holiday 4m
Let's get a little spooky.
Mad-Eye Moody, This Is Your Life

by WalshyMusic

Well, he led an interesting life. Tragic, but definitely interesting.
One Letter Different Geography II

by NO_r_WAY

One letter can make a difference of a few thousand miles, so be careful with what you type into your GPS.
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Monday's QuizzesOct 25
10 States: Most Populous Cities

by biggs364

Social distancing keeps getting harder, at this point we're just going to hide in those giant inflatable Zorb balls.
Horror Killers: Multiple Choice

by Exodiafinder687

Movies 5m
It's true, most killers do have multiple choices. It's kind of their thing.
Snake or Fake?

by Magnavox

Would a rubber snake count as both right and wrong?
Who by What, Where, When II

by MSUKent

History 6m
Everyone always asks when to Sporcle. What is Sporcle? Where is Sporcle? Never, 'How is Sporcle?'
Three Movies: 'W', 'Y', & 'Z' Actors

by aquascape

Movies 7m
They're last in the alphabet, but first in our hearts.
Click Your Way Around Paris

by mrbinkey04

It's not as much fun as actually visiting, but we'll take what we can get.
10 Words, 20 Definitions XXXIV

by Arnott

We're all about those homonyms.
Did It Win a Best Musical Tony?

by bhenderson79

When in doubt, just find Tony and ask him.
Timeline Blitz: Popes

by Barbecue

The word 'blitz' just really makes us want to see a bunch of popes playing football.
Sunday's QuizzesOct 24
Click the Cartoon Sailor

by ddd62291

If you fail you'll be swimming with the cartoon fishes in cartoon Davy Jones' Locker.
Sporcle's Easiest Shakespeare (per Letter)

by Flick

Literature 2.5m
To quiz, or not to quiz. That is the question. We know which one we'd choose.
Big 4 Teams: Which Doesn't Belong?

by minshkins

Sports 3m
Someone tried to make it the Big 5 but the other 4 caught on.
One, Two...Not Three XXXI

by Tasi

Sorry, three. You've been left out for the 31st time in this playlist.
Ruined By A Letter: Songs (1990s) II

by samc67

Music 4m
With 26 letters in the alphabet, you'd think there would be an adequate substitute.
Sunday Crossword: Return of the Diagonal Line (Again)

by AuroraIllumina

A bunch of high school geometry students just thought of the hypotenuse.
Europe by Population Minefield

by Cutthroat

Well, now you'll know how to avoid people when you're social distancing.
Match Game: Horror Movies

by DIEGO1000

Movies 3m
Horror movies and screaming: a perfect match.
1-10 Letter S Words II

by El_Dandy

You can never have too many s-words. Or too many swords.
Saturday's QuizzesOct 23
Obscure Knowledge - Chinese Zodiac Animals

by PenguinsMeercats

This probably changes depending on which animal has the year.
4x4 Image Crossword: Movie Posters IV

by bhenderson79

Movies 3m
Who needs clues for words when each letter can get its own clue?
Group Clicking: America - No Outlines

by Barbecue

Alright, who just highlighted the entire map at once?

by petenge

It turns out you can build Rome in a day. Or, in fact, in 4 minutes!
Artist by Popular Spotify Songs X

by MSUKent

Music 5m
Make sure you can spot the music while you're at it.
Logo Mix

by Scimitar_2002

We're mixing business with pleasure.
Pelé's Career

by leonpandor

Sports 15s
He played for over two decades, but only for a couple of teams. So there's not a lot of clicking for you to do here.
Language Books: The Subtitles II

by MoMosMoProblems

Mix it up enough and you might just create a new language.
Saturday Sudoku CXIX

by strokes_static

If you solve this Sudoku on a Sunday it's a criminal offense.
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