Fantasy Characters Multiple Choice II

by MTwhiz

The Fellowship II - all the side characters throw a potluck.
Capital Ain't The Biggest City

by pator

Size ain't everything.
Clickable Chess Moves

by goc3

Taking fast chess to another level.
5 to 1: Sporcle

by mg10

5 globes, 4 daily doses, 3 weekly badges, 2-player showdowns, 1 favorite website.
Friday's QuizzesJul 20
This Movie Is Not Suitable for Children III

by Tolkienite

But you probably let your kids watch most of these movies anyway.
Sporcle's Easiest US Capital (per Letter)

by Flick

This quiz should be easy to capitalize on.
Find the Brown Things (Blitz)

by Rackie

Quick! Do it before the chocolate melts!
Find the '90s Cartoon

by gingerlover

Is that when the people still used pen and paper?
Number Grid IV

by Purple_Parrot

Let's take a walk through the world of numbers.
One Letter, Half a Name Countries

by verdao

These countries are just a cut above the rest.
Out of the OrdinARY!

by needapausebutton

Now this is extraordinary!
Movie Word Quintets XIII

by Larryholmes79

You had us at Bill Murray.
Thursday's QuizzesJul 19
Completely Hidden Countries of Europe

by teedslaststand

Ask the locals to take you to the truly hidden destinations.
Ruined By A Letter: Songs (1990s)

by samc67

Who doesn't love Grange rock?
Disney Animated Films Containing 'A'

by beforever

These Disney movies earned the top grade.
Find the Grumpy TV Characters

by ghcgh

Someone tell these characters that takes more muscle effort to frown than to smile.
Images for Every Subcategory: Gaming

by El_Dandy

Grab a 1-up mushroom and get ready to jump on some heads.
Republican Presidential Candidates

by qlh27

Those red elephants sure know how to party.
Movie Title Actors (A-Z) II

by LTH

Practically perfect in every way.
Wednesday's QuizzesJul 18
Absent Letter US Cities

by RobFitz

We know it was you, Pac-Man. We have photo evidence.
Movies Through the Kaleidoscope!

by BigAl1994

If you play this quiz through a kaleidoscope, does it turn the images back to normal?
-al -el or -le?

by nabean

We hope you're able to get all of these right.
Click the 2018 FIFA World Cup Countries

by gazzso

Let's see if you actually paid attention during the World Cup this year.
Occupational Names Picture Click

by babymonkee

We're just waiting for someone to have the surname "Sporcler".
Tongue Twister Typing Challenge

by Bratista

Make sure to get your tongue all stretched out first.
Corporate Mascots

by gingerlover

If you know these mascots, then it means that their advertising worked.
Who's That With Nelson Mandela?

by MrWhiplash

Happy 100th Birthday, Nelson!
Movie Match: Swapped First Letter

by joelorr

We're not even sure how you'd pronounce these new movie titles, much less what they'd be about.
Marvel Picture Find: Fantastic Four

by MitchellGoosen

Wouldn't it be great if they made a Fantastic Four movie?
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