African 'M' Blitz

by sproutcm

Sorry, Mufasa doesn't count as an answer.
Code Cracker! XXI

by hockeystix3

Time to get cracking again!
Find Five: Christmas Things

by eyes355

This is basically Sporcle's Christmas wish list.
Thursday's QuizzesDec 13
Games by Novelty Playing Card

by WillieG

For when you need to play two different games at the same time.
Anything but the NHL

by JohnFran

For when you're just not in the mood for hockey.
Heroes, Villains and Actors

by aquascape

The good, the bad, and the dramatic.
16 Little Christmas Pictograms

by bhenderson79

Rain + deer = a very wet deer.
2010s Movies A-Z II

by ghcgh

Go slowly and you'll do just fine.
Countries By First & Last Letter

by tomschmo

If you never thought you could name all the countries in under 5 minutes, now is your chance.
4 Decades of TV Show Premieres IV

by kfastic

Here's a hint: the Netflix shows are NOT from the 1980s.
'Shake It Off' Lyrics

by sophieisnotakise

Happy birthday, Taylor!
Wednesday's QuizzesDec 12
Secret Country XV

by goc3

Shhhh.....don't tell anyone!
Celebrities Venn Diagram III

by awesomeness365

So Tilda Swinton, Keith Urban, and Sia walk into a quiz together...
Best Picture First Letter Blitz

by El_Dandy

Even if you only know a few Best Picture winners, you can still do pretty well here.
5 by 5 Disney Animals

by lolshortee

No wonder one of their parks is called Animal Kingdom.
What's in a Holy Name?

by pdigoe

This quiz is holy, but not holier-than-thou.
TV Teenagers By Show Blitz

by Doctor_Arzt

These aren't 90210 style thirty-somethings pretending to be teenagers.
Flashing MLB Logos!

by FilipinoBreloom

Much like an Aroldis Chapman fastball, blink and you'll miss these logos.
Presidential Christmas Trees

by BetterThanKate

The White House gets a little green.
Tuesday's QuizzesDec 11
Two-Word Movie Quotes

by LTH

Even the shortest quotes can be memorable.
Find the 'U' Countries

by teedslaststand

Nothing compares to 'U'.
Music Idioms

by alinrotundu

It's time to face the music... idioms.
One Subcategory in 15 Categories - Europe

by MrWhiplash

Fifteen categories, forty-seven countries.
First Name: Super Bowl MVP Blitz

by Sports987

These guys are going to Disney World.
Pick the Brad Pitt Movie

by beforever

Time to make a Pitt stop.
England & France: At War?

by Tasi

Allies or enemies? Well, it's complicated.
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