NBC Shows by Three Cast Members

by gingerlover

This works really well when you've only got like 3 main characters.
Mixed Word: How to Be a Pirate

by MoMosMoProblems

We're pretty sure there was no pirate trade school to get a pirate degree, but this will definitely help you study for that.
Missing Word Crossword: Best Picture Winners

by BookishGirl98

Now you can do crosswords for movies, perhaps while you watch them.
Flower Girls

by HPGirl

You might not be able to get any of them to show up to your wedding, though.
Musician By S-O-N-G

by jrage2009

In case you weren't listening to the music, we'll spell it out for you.
Saturday Sudoku LXVII

by LyndonG

It would probably be a lot harder to actually fill out the Sudoku grid using roman numerals.
Asia 7-to-1

by samc67

Sorry, 8. Your services won't be needed in this quiz.
NBA Small Forward Photo Minefield

by gazzso

Put these next to all the large backwards photos, whatever those are.
20 Ways Not to Open Your 'Eyes'

by timmylemoine1

This quiz is a real eye opener.
Profile: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

by mhershfield

May her memory be a blessing. Justice Ginsburg (1933-2020).
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Friday's QuizzesSep 18
TV Shows Missing 'R' Words

by kfastic

The shows aren't rated 'R', though. That's only for movies.
Growing Grid: Authors

by timschurz

Growth and knowledge go hand in hand.
Find the Mario Characters FAST!

by MSUKent

Just make sure to keep an eye out for the blue shell coming for you.
16 Little World Leader Pictograms

by bhenderson79

Are any of these world leaders attempting to submit legislation written in pictograms?
Cover the Alphabet - Asian Capitals

by PenguinsMeercats

Well there's no reason to focus on the lowercase places right?
Anagram Word Building VI

by biggs364

Some people make anagrams by being smart. We use construction and other building equipment.
MLB Team Wins Leaders (2010s)

by caramba

You could say that we've picked out all the winners of the winners.
Oscar Nominated Performances - 2014

by MrWhiplash

With 20 acting nominations, they can't all be winners.
Thursday's QuizzesSep 17
10 Largest European Countries in Order

by apchilds

Advance warning: don't forget about Greenland being part of Denmark.
4-Letter Movie Women

by El_Dandy

Here are some memorable characters with concise names.
5 to 1: Spanish

by mg10

Do you know your parts of speech? Or in this case, partes de la oración?
Actors to Badly Drawn Movie (2000s)

by MoMosMoProblems

If you're worried about your art skills, just put it on the fridge and say someone else's kid made it.
NFL 100 All-Time Team

by mhershfield

Maybe it's just us, but a team with 100 players and 10 coaches seems like cheating.
15 Seconds: Mount Rushmore Presidents

by Flick

15 seconds? I guess that means you'll have to rush more.
Wonder Woman Character Blitz

by Thebiguglyalien

Try your hardest and don't be a Cheetah.
Hockey on TV Shows

by aglick

For a quiz about hockey, Canadian characters are woefully underrepresented.
Wednesday's QuizzesSep 16
Have They Performed at the Super Bowl?

by mszzz

Sometimes there are so many people on stage at once, you wonder who hasn't performed at the Super Bowl.
'I' Cities by Picture

by william2

We're waiting for Apple to patent them as the "iCity".
Crossword: Windows to the World

by BanjoZebra

Here's a quick crossword that's approved by Bill Gates.
One-Star Movie Musicals

by emberly13

A spoonful of sugar helps the one-star reviews go down.
Pick the Anagram II

by strokes_static

Fun fact: 'Pick the Anagram II' is an anagram of 'Magic Piranha Kite'.
Chess Pieces (Redux)

by 31415926535

Apparently putting Monopoly tokens on the board in place of pawns is considered bad form.
Continental Extremes - Countries by Population Density

by RuiOliveira

Billy Joel loves these countries because they go to extremes.
Eleven-Letter Words in Movie Titles

by aduchscher

These movies go to eleven....letter words.
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