Rhymes with 'DOUG'

by sproutcm

It's time for another rhyme quiz.
Hidden Neighbors of Russia

by markassonne

Sometimes we feel like we're Putin too much time into writing these puns.
Binary Logic Puzzle VI

by Susan300

Since when have the words "logic" and "easy" gone together?
Tuesday's QuizzesApr 24
US States Minesweeper IV

by joeydeka

Welcome to the United States of A-mine-ica.
15 Categories: Letter 'D' Blitz

by Flick

How many of D's do you know?
This, But Not That XII

by Arnott

Someone really needs to make up their mind.
Missing Alphabet: Companies

by LTH

Someone's getting fired.
1990s Movies A-Z

by ghcgh

This quiz is sooooo last millennium.
Anyone but LeBron James

by aglick

How about taking your talents to Sporcle?
Presidential Candidates that won 45-50% of Popular Vote

by hscer

It's not exactly a 'popular' vote if less than half the country votes for you.
Organism by Population

by senordingdong

If ants ever decided to rise up against us, we'd be in pretty big trouble.
Spanish, French or Italian?

by FilipinoBreloom

Are you an expert in romance?
Monday's QuizzesApr 23
Find That Movie! VI

by AdamL

These movies are lost. Can you find them?
6 to 1: Capital

by mg10

Every capital counts.
Odd One Out: Presidents by Name

by jyrops

One of these names is not like the others.
Top 15 NFL Rookie Passing Yards

by Hooby

You could say these players had a decent rookie year.
Science... By Other 14 Categories!

by Pastor_Maldonado

It's a non-scientific science quiz.
Harry Potter: Chapters in Order - Book 5

by lilypad22

AKA the one where Harry is unnecessarily angsty.
TV Shows Cut Off At 'D'

by DIEGO1000

Good thing we didn't include Dawson's Creek.
Countries: First 4 Alphabetical

by MSUKent

No country left behind! Although quite a few letters will be...
Find the Pairs of Rubber Duckies

by timmylemoine1

Check out the cutest pairs you'll ever see.
Sunday's QuizzesApr 22
Three Hits in One Year III

by ghcgh

They say the heart of rock and roll is the Billboard charts.
True or False Blitz: Sports

by Smeddlesboy

Be sure to bring your bat, racket, or club to this quiz.
More Last Names in TV Shows?

by JoeBeta

If you get in trouble, use your Lasso of Truth.
Most Abundant Elements in Earth's Crust (A-Z)

by caramba

Elements? We thought the Earth's crust was made up of "dirt and stuff."
Fix the Middle East Map

by mikenew

Can we fix it? Yes we Canaan!
An Introduction to Climate Change

by bhenderson79

Live every day like it's Earth Day.
Secret Country IX

by goc3

Our lips are sealed.
Typing Challenge: Isograms Only

by Scott

You'll probably need to use two hands for this one.
'W' Vocabulary (Medium)

by beforever

Most of these words don't bite.
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