Anagram Pair Minefield

by BetterThanKate

This quiz is a minefield - not a dim feline or a lime fiend.
Any NFL Team Besides the Broncos

by sathyamc

The only team that gets off to a Rocky start every season.
15 in 15: Countries of Africa

by pecheneg

One country per second? Better warm up that clicking finger!
Pick the Movie Title Character

by MoMosMoProblems

If you pick the wrong Lebowski, that's a bummer, man.
Monday's QuizzesDec 17
NBA Teams by State

by FilipinoBreloom

Washington and New Jersey Sporclers have reason to be salty.
Color Crisis at Pixar

by Caltac

Hue-ston, we have a problem.
The 3rd Thing You Need to Know: TV Shows

by MrWhiplash

We're assuming the first two things are the channel and the time it airs.
Find the Female Television Hall of Fame Inductees

by Noldeh

Lucy's not the only one having a ball.
Painted Drama Movie Posters

by WillieG

Do we have to paint you a picture?
What Child Is This?

by goc3

Apparently, typing the lyrics to Greensleeves won't work here.
Missing Alphabet: Christmas Lyrics

by LTH

Hopefully the letters that got skipped will still get to Santa.
The 17th Century A-Z

by olivergecko

Bonus points if you play this quiz while wearing a wig.
Sunday's QuizzesDec 16
Picture Me III

by PenguinsMeercats

This is one way to develop a picture.
Even More Pop Culture Christmas Sweaters

by El_Dandy

If a model wears a Christmas sweater, is it still considered ugly?
That Song in the Movie IV

by MoMosMoProblems

It's almost impossible to not sing along when watching these movie scenes.
Prepositions in Video Games

by aduchscher

It's time for some gamer grammar.
Pick the NBA Teams Alphabetically

by eyes355

Hint: You might not want to start with Washington.
Rhymes with 'Time'

by TIMBO15

The title of this quiz gives you one of the answers.
Ruined By A Letter: Movies (2000s) II

by samc67

Just one bad letter can ruin a whole movie.
Periodic Table of US States

by wilycub

Despite what the title says, you don't need to know anything about chemistry.
Saturday's QuizzesDec 15
Secret Element II

by goc3

Cold... warmer... hot... radioactive!
College Football Disappointments

by naqwerty3

Sometimes teams fail to live up to expectations.
Pictorial President Multiple Choice

by Hejman

It's a lot harder with the ones from a couple hundred years ago.
Find the Cards!

by Rackie

Still easier than 52 card pick-up.
Christmas Movies A-Z

by william2

You'd better not leave cookies out, or this little guy might eat them after midnight.
Official National Languages of the World

by sourpickle

Apparently, Pig Latin isn't official anywhere.
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'G'

by kfastic

This quiz ain't nothin' but a 'G' thang, baby!
5 to 1: US States

by mg10

The other 35 states are so jealous.
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