Led Zeppelin Songs by Any Word

by jrage2009

Modern guitars just don't have enough necks.
Scientists by Biography Title

by Pushcake

Some men just want to watch the world learn.
First Word Children's Literature II

by lolshortee

Kids have to learn their first words somewhere.
One Subcategory in 15 Categories - Board Games

by MrWhiplash

This quiz would make for one odd board game.
Long Lasting Big 4 Players

by senordingdong

The grind never stops.
Click a Movie, Initially - Best Picture Nominees III

by B_Awesome_87

It's an honor just to be nominated, right?

by bhenderson79

If a robot does the robot, is it just dancing?
Thursday's QuizzesMay 23
Finish the Company Name

by strokes_static

Now this is how you build a company.
Anything but Bosnia and Herzegovina

by Flick

When Bosnia and Herzegovina play Trinidad and Tobago in the World Cup, is it a game, or a tournament?!
NBA Finals Slideshow

by BanjoZebra

Which player will have the final say?
Characters Reading in Movies II

by babymonkee

It seems like it would be really hard to read in the movies - they keep the theater lights so dim.
20th Century History in Graphs

by MirrorballMan

100 years of history condensed nicely into math.
The Unwelcome Guest VII

by Thebiguglyalien

We can't lie - some of these movies might actually be better with these guest stars.
'H' TV Character Match

by metashades

Some characters have a really easy time remembering their lines.
Category Cracker: Literature

by Purple_Parrot

What are you reading this for? Get cracking.
Flag Coloring Book

by kfastic

Bring your digital crayons!
Wednesday's QuizzesMay 22
TV to Movie Match-Up

by senordingdong

Match-up? More like M*A*S*H-up.
Don't Step on the Mines! III

by NO_r_WAY

This is like the most dangerous eye exam ever.
Hide Your 'I' Movies

by timmylemoine1

Isn't there a little bit of Iron Man in all of us?
9x9 Easy Sudoku

by minshkins

Grab your keyboard and start filling in numbers, it's Sudoku time!
Closest Countries to Israel

by NarwhalNukeYT

Take our word for it. This quiz Israeli fun.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Gaming III

by metakoopa99

You can invent a fun new game by just mixing up all the pieces from the other board games you own.
Disney Song Jamboree II

by LTH

Come along and sing the song and join the jamboree!
Prepositions in TV Shows IV

by aduchscher

Hopefully you took a few breaks from watching TV to study some grammar.
Tuesday's QuizzesMay 21
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: MLB

by Thebiguglyalien

You can't spell 'Minefield Blitz' without M, L, and B.
'UK' Countries

by DesertSpartan

Not to be confused with countries that are in the UK.
Plane, Train, or Automobile

by seanpat0

If only Uber had existed in 1987.
One of a Kind: Miscellaneous

by longboard

One-of-a-kind makes for a bad poker hand, but a good quiz.
10 Words, 20 Definitions XXI

by Arnott

Grab all the dictionaries you can find!
Draw a Badge: Blank Canvas

by bortoluka

Kudos if you manage to earn a badge by playing this quiz.
Crossword: Flattery

by BanjoZebra

Don't let this quiz flatten your ego.
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