Sitcom Recurring Jokes 7-to-1

by MovieGuru

Ah well-timed callback is always good for a laugh.
In the Middle: History Edition

by GeoEarthling

Aren't we always in the middle, between history and the future?
Terrible Jokes XIII

by ZYX

We can hear you groaning through the internet.
The Last Word: Albums III

by Flick

We all have that one friend who needs to have the last word.
13 Ways Not to Take a 'Hint'

by timmylemoine1

Hopefully you do know how to take a hint normally, though.
Sunday Crossword: Coloring Paper?

by AuroraIllumina

As crossword puzzles go, we can consider this one a bit of a litmus test.
Comedy Movies Venn Diagram

by chaosBEE

Are you the sort of person who finds diagrams to be hilarious?
Dudley Dursley, This Is Your Life

by WalshyMusic

Presumably a life that involves many snacks and tantrums.
North American Flags by Color Blitz

by jackaronson23

When we say 'North America', we mean more than just the top half of the United States.
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Saturday's QuizzesJul 31
Pick the Denzel Washington Movie

by beforever

If you watch them all back to back you may accidentally create a cinematic universe.
Given a Letter: US Presidents

by diffusion

We generally expect Presidents to give us more than just a letter.
Click the Band Members: Red Hot Chili Peppers

by NO_r_WAY

Extra credit if you take this quiz while under a bridge.
Steampunk Movies

by babymonkee

They usually don't have much punk on their soundtracks, though.
5-Star Literary Mythical Characters

by ddd62291

Are the 5-stars because they're so well-reviewed?
Saturday Sudoku CVII

by 468178

It's Saturday. You know what that means.
Winged Logos

by t_rev19

We thought you might be in the mood for some wings.
A-N-I-M-A-L Animals

by Slinenfest

Maybe next time we'll give you some W-I-L-D B-E-A-S-T-S.
North America Backwards Alphabetically

by mynameisowen13

We'll give you a hint: start with the USA. The rest is up to you.
Friday's QuizzesJul 30
How Close Can You Get To...? IX

by gazzso

It's time to do some zooming on that map!
One-Star Teen Movies

by emberly13

Sometimes there's no bigger ouch than a one-star rating.
Identify the Famous Misters

by senordingdong

If they're so famous shouldn't they be able to identify themselves?
Hidden Neighbors of Wisconsin

by smac17

What did Wisconsin do to make all the neighbors hide this time?
Olympic Years TV Shows

by Pilgab

When will Binge-Watching become an Olympic sport?
1-10 Letter Q Words II

by El_Dandy

Also known as "a bunch of extra Scrabble words to keep in your back pocket."
San Diego Padres 25+ HRs Single Season

by jgrub7

We need more sports teams named after Spanish family members. Let's petition for the Chicago Abuelitas.
The Swinging '60s!

by DIEGO1000

Can we make a full park too? Get some slides for the '70s and monkey bars for the '00s?
Thursday's QuizzesJul 29
Clickable Begins and Ends: Harry Potter Characters

by SidharthSN

Time to get our your wand and cast 'Clickophelius Maxima!"
Anything but Olympic Cities

by JohnFran

This is like the 100 meter dash for knowing where the Olympics have been held.
War Movies by Poster

by midnight_dreary

While war is never a good thing, war movies are often incredible.
Big 4 Champions of the 1970s

by Anne13

From way back before many of today's current expansion teams existed...
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Television II

by Chenchilla

Sorting galleries are always fun, so this one should be mega-fun.
Giant Honeycomb II

by Barbecue

It must have been made by giant bees, right?
Word Wheels XVI

by hockeystix3

Are you ready to get behind the wheel?
Finish the Three-Word Band II

by LTH

Pretty Hate Blank by the Nine Inch Blanks is one of our favorite albums.
MCU Behind the Scenes III

by I-Am-Batman

It's always cool to take a peek behind the CGI curtain.
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