Harry Potter: Chapters in Order - Book 5

by lilypad22

AKA the one where Harry is unnecessarily angsty.
6 to 1: Capital

by mg10

Every capital counts.
Find That Movie! VI

by AdamL

These movies are lost. Can you find them?
Sunday's QuizzesApr 22
Three Hits in One Year III

by ghcgh

They say the heart of rock and roll is the Billboard charts.
True or False Blitz: Sports

by Smeddlesboy

Be sure to bring your bat, racket, or club to this quiz.
More Last Names in TV Shows?

by JoeBeta

If you get in trouble, use your Lasso of Truth.
Most Abundant Elements in Earth's Crust (A-Z)

by caramba

Elements? We thought the Earth's crust was made up of "dirt and stuff."
Fix the Middle East Map

by mikenew

Can we fix it? Yes we Canaan!
An Introduction to Climate Change

by bhenderson79

Live every day like it's Earth Day.
Secret Country IX

by goc3

Our lips are sealed.
Typing Challenge: Isograms Only

by Scott

You'll probably need to use two hands for this one.
'W' Vocabulary (Medium)

by beforever

Most of these words don't bite.
Saturday's QuizzesApr 21
Crossword Blackout! V

by hockeystix3

Please crossword responsibly.
Famous... with Mouth-Eyes!

by MrChewypoo

Trypophobes should probably skip this one.
The Only One: The Solar System

by stepheash

It's a planetary party.
Did They Make It?

by KingPhoebus

Walk around without shoes, and it will quickly become a hobbit.
Italian: “The Godfather” Style

by needapausebutton

"I'm going to make him a Sporcle quiz he can't refuse."
Identify the Midwestern States

by scole9179

These are the states where strangers will actually say "hello" to you.
Geography 'S' Blitz

by nspyred

Bonus points if the geographic place actually looks like an 'S'.
'80s Song Title Match-Up II

by babymonkee

"Don't Worry Start the Fire" is our new favorite song match-up.
Friday's QuizzesApr 20
Criteria 'B' Cities

by BoggelTeam

This is sure to 'B' a lot of fun.
Image Word Wheel V

by JoeBeta

Try this out for a spin.
MLB Team by M-L-B

by sproutcm

Are you ready to play ball?
Wiki Geography Picture Click

by metashades

When in doubt, look it up on Wikipedia.
Breakfast at the Movies

by Nacchi

Breakfast is the most important scene of the day.
Moms Around the World

by MTwhiz

And you thought your mother yelling at you in one language was bad.
Not Quite Federal Holidays

by El_Dandy

So you don't quite get the day off.
Was I a Dictator?

by alinrotundu

I was going to make a pun, but Iran out of ideas.
Spectacular NBA Players

by gazzso

These players have great court vision.
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