'T' Cities by Picture

by william2

Hopefully you can find Mr. T in one of them.
Figure Out the Classic Novel II

by caseyw690

At this point you might as well write the whole book.
Poster Portions (2008)

by Sheldon

It's all about portion control.
Vocabulary Blitz LIV

by iglew

Not quite enough time to pull out that dictionary.
Sunday Crossword: Golf

by Purple_Parrot

Sunday is an ideal time for a round of golf.
MLB Top Home Run Duos By Year

by sultanofswing

Double the players, double the power.
Anything But Capitals

by JohnFran

so without capitals, do we have to type everything lowercase now?
Logos Through the Ages: AT&T

by Darzlat

Don't worry, you won't get an unnecessary phone bill at the end of this.
Saturday's QuizzesJul 20
Historical People on Socks

by JackDots

Wearing the socks doesn't give you their accomplishments, but at least you'll be fancy.
Musicians: Real Name or Stage Name?

by wildebeest

At what point does one's stage name consume their identity?
Where Is That 'O' City?

by geronimostilton

Finding the city might also make you say, "Oh."
The NASA Astronaut Quiz

by MoMosMoProblems

This isn't how NASA decides who gets to go to space, but things can always change.
Saturday Sudoku VI

by Robinh2

It's all a numbers game.
Almost Useless Europe Trivia

by bhenderson79

We say almost because we don't want them to feel insecure.
Find the US States in Greek

by mhershfield

We're helping Zeus build a map. Don't tell him, it's a surprise.
Voldemort, This Is Your Life

by WalshyMusic

Not many people have 'disembodied spirit hiding in Albania' as part of their life history.
Friday's QuizzesJul 19
Countries of the World Venn Diagram III

by awesomeness365

Venn can we start using these as maps in daily life?
Absent Letter Classic Novels

by RobFitz

Time for you to assemble your summer reading list.
Image Word Wheel IX

by JoeBeta

We don't think we'll ever tire of this quiz series.
Finish the Movie with a TV Show

by strokes_static

Normally it's cancelled TV shows that get finished off as movies.
European Soccer Teams 'A'

by Flick

But in Europe, nobody's calling it 'soccer'.
Historical Figures in Comic Books

by shorlin

With all the time travel happening in comic plots, it's bound to come up now and again.
6-Letter Word Scramble

by razorz

Scrabble has some 87,150 of these, so enjoy figuring that out.
Summer of '69 (A-Z)

by Pilgab

Hey, that summer was 50 years ago!
Thursday's QuizzesJul 18
Trivia Pyramid: Religion & Mythology

by Purple_Parrot

Are you up to the task? We believe in you.
4 Decades of Music Hits IV

by kfastic

Taking you from vinyls to cassettes to CDs.
4 Language Foursomes

by sproutcm

We know a few 4-letter words, but we'll keep it PG.
European Countries by Landmark

by PrincessMartell

Print this quiz out when you finish and you'll have a handy little guide map.
Mark Who?

by wilycub

Oh hi, Mark.
An Elemental Sorting Blitz

by lollipopfreak

This is probably far less elementary than it appears at a glance.
Disney Lyrics: I Just Can't Wait to Be King

by jencon117

'I Just Can't Wait to Be President' didn't have quite the same ring to it.
Most Mentioned Slytherins

by titanjmg

Are they mentioned in English or in Parseltongue?
1840s Match-Up

by khands

Back when dying of dysentery was still a major concern.
Lost for Words: Comic Books

by bhenderson79

Comics are mostly pictures anyway, so who needs the word part?
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