Europe Minesweeper III

by joeydeka

Microsoft wishes their version of the game was this cool.
1955 Social Studies Test

by bobinwilder1

People playing this quiz in 1955 will be shocked to discover that Ronald Reagan eventually becomes President.
Where Is That 'P' City? (USA)

by geronimostilton

Doing well on this quiz might be an act of divine Providence.

by pdigoe

Boo unto others as you would have others boo unto you.
-pan Definitions

by NO_r_WAY

This quiz is more than just a flash in the pan.
Click That Clock!

by geshmonkey

Time to punch the clock.
Mismatched MLB Team Names

by stevenmiller61

Apparently their socks are as mismatched as their names.
Profile: Severus Snape

by ninjaturtlegurl5

Ten points from Gryffindor.
Click a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

by Noldeh

For the men and women who lend a helping hand to the entire planet.
Monday's QuizzesOct 22
Ends in 'MAN' II

by LTH

Yeah, well, you know... that's just, like, your opinion, man.
Clever Halloween Costumes

by bowsntoys

Sometimes it's just not good enough to buy a costume off the rack.
Hidden Neighbors of Arkansas

by smac17

Can someone explain why Arkansas isn't pronounced like Kansas?
Click an ABC Sitcom (2010s)

by qlh27

Today, it stands for 'Always be clicking.'
Exclamatory Movies

by midnight_dreary

Movies! Movies! Movies!
17th Century Match-Up

by khands

Salem was a pretty hot destination in those days.
MLB Leaders by Year (2000s)

by blunders

We always love it when a sports quiz won't need to be updated.
Dumbledore's Last Will

by Hejman

We're hoping to get his collection of funny caps n' hats.
Sunday's QuizzesOct 21
TV Shows Missing 'D' Words

by kfastic

They may have "D" words, but we give these shows an A+.
Witch Equipment

by PrincessMartell

Also known as your official Diagon Alley shopping list.
Largest Cities on Central America Map

by jacana

Small countries, large cities - this quiz a perfect test for you.
Consonant Quadruplets

by XenoXTA

The more consonants in a row, the harder the word is to pronounce.
Historical Events Missing a Letter

by bhenderson79

What year was it when humans first set foot on the moo?
Big Cat Ranges

by Scuadrado

The big cat is out of the bag.
6 to 1: World

by mg10

If you don't get them all, it's not the end of the world.
1, 2, 3 or 4?

by MSUKent

Here's a quiz you can count on.
Sitcom Characters Sorting Blitz

by awesomeness365

Liz Lemon would fit in on any of these shows.
Saturday's QuizzesOct 20
Find the '80s Cartoon

by gingerlover

This quiz pairs well with a big bowl of sugary cereal and hours of free time.
Same Word, Different Movies VIII

by Larryholmes79

Put these words in a hat, draw three, make a movie, and put us prominently in the credits.
'A' Albums by 3 Singles

by ghcgh

Artists brought their A games for these ones.
Superheroes by Pint Glass

by alinrotundu

Superheros probably leave the drinking to their alter-egos.
'Road' Things

by babymonkee

Street things, avenue things, and lane things need not apply.
Harry Potter Chain: Half-Blood Prince

by lolshortee

Blood as a metaphor for ancestry is kinda weird. A self-given nickname is very weird.
'00s Animated Movies by Quote

by minshkins

Try to find a good groove on this one.
10 Closest Capitals to Juba, South Sudan

by Tom007

We thought about asking for the 10 furthest capitals, but that seems like a lot of math.
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