Song Title Overlaps V

by ghcgh

This is a mash-up we've never heard before.
Identify the Landmark/Landform Decoy

by senordingdong

Uluru, or a sound stage in California...?
Sunday's QuizzesJun 17
Flag Selection: Oceania

by jyrops

Fly your flag high!
Right or Wrong Author?

by Joshie_the_great

This quiz will get a lot easier when all our books are written by computers.
Vowel-less Fast Food Chains

by WalshyMusic

We're feeling pretty hngry.
World Leaders: Multiple Choice VI

by Thebiguglyalien

Voting is just a high-stakes multiple choice quiz.
TV Father & Daughter

by CalibanBrona

“The key to parenting is don’t overthink it. Because overthinking leads to…what were talking about?”
'J' in Geography

by RobPro

Grab a piña colada and join us on the beach.
1990s Movie Taglines II

by janbednarczuk

Looks like an entire decade of movie taglines, dontcha know.
Trivia Grid Blitz - Numbers II

by goc3

Graph paper may be of some help here.
Saturday's QuizzesJun 16
Marvel Comics: 100 Tiny Villains

by MitchellGoosen

It's one massive crossover shrink-ray episode.
Disney/Pixar Films by Socks Click

by JackDots

Twenty-three nine...! Sock alert!
TV Shows by Lego

by Darzlat

Putting together the pieces of a successful TV show seems simple now.
Scrabble Tile Point Values

by Purple_Parrot

With the right set of coffee cups, you'll rule this quiz!
World Cup Hosts by Year

by christopherjulia

What's the over/under on Mars hosting in the next 300 hundred years?
Pick That Color!

by Qaqaq

Cyan and cerulean are NOT the same, okay?
Mini Paint-By-Numbers VIII

by sproutcm

Then put your mini-art in a mini-gallery!
Unrecognized UN Members

by yashcmarathe

It's like when you can't quite recognize someone important...but for a whole country.
Friday's QuizzesJun 15
Not These Actors!

by BigAl1994

It must have been their doubles.
'BUT' in Words

by slipkid

Give this a play. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
One, Two...not Three VI

by Tasi

Hopefully you are good at making connections!
Lost for Words: Musicians

by bhenderson79

Being at a loss for words doesn't seem conducive to becoming a successful musician.
Logo Grab Bag II

by BanjoZebra

Grab yourself a big 'ol bag of logos.
FIFA World Cup - Group Winners (98-14)

by Charuas

These teams were all able to advance. Hopefully in the right direction.
US States in Squares

by FlamedZeppelin

Keeping states in squares makes storing them much easier.
The Incredibles Characters

by FearTheManatee

This quiz is incredible.
Any NFL Team Besides the Packers

by sathyamc

The Packers must have a bye this week.
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