Is It in the Constitution?

by Hejman

What constitutes the Constitution? You be the judge!
Corgi or Loaf of Bread

by sproutcm

Just don't try to walk your loaves of bread.
Cornered Countries

by gazzso

Is that what they mean when they say, "Every corner of the globe"?
Movie Franchise Character Sorting IV

by WalshyMusic

If you can't remember whether Luke Skywalker was a Hogwarts professor, this quiz might give you some trouble.
1980s: Animated Series

by DIEGO1000

We feel somehow drawn to these shows.
Asian Capitals Armageddon!

by geshmonkey

This quiz is a veritable mine of information.
Movie Posters By Directors

by samduuude

To be clear, they directed the movies, not the posters.
Company Homographs - Find the Logo

by whssox

Technically the logos are found for you. You just have to know which one is right.
Premier League Teams with 'B'

by eyes355

Does that make them a collective B team? Genuinely asking.
Monday's QuizzesDec 9
Europe Map by Largest Non-Capital City

by kfastic

Because capitals would be just way too easy.
'S' Sorting Gallery

by alinrotundu

The 'S' may or may not stand for "sort."
Guess What in 3 Words

by MSUKent

We're keeping our hints short and sweet.
Big 4 Sports Champs of the 1980s

by philly_phan

4 leagues, 10 years, 40 clicks.
Best Picture Winners: 1950s

by tootsierph

We're guessing Tom Hanks probably wasn't in any of these.
Christmas Songs Missing a Letter

by bhenderson79

It's hard to play this and not sing along to them in your head.
Star Wars Episode by Death

by puckett86

It goes without saying, but big spoilers for basically every Star wars movie.
Social Media Screenshots

by LyndonG

For an added bonus, livestream yourself playing this quiz.
Sunday's QuizzesDec 8
10 to 1: Cats

by senordingdong

Think you can get a purr-fect score?
Sunday Crossword: Royal Flush

by Purple_Parrot

Make sure to place your bets before you play.
Country Per Letter: South America

by NO_r_WAY

With only 12 countries, it seems like there will be some letters feeling left out.
Pick 3 Movie Actors

by shirleyalpha

If you could only pick 3 actors, who would you pick?
Building Bridges VI

by jyrops

But breaking things is just so much more fun.
Who Wrote That 'E' Book?

by El_Dandy

Just because it's an 'E' book doesn't mean it's also an e-book.
Water Pokémon (Gen. 1)

by beforever

You can lead a Pokémon to water, but you can't make it drink.
Louisiana Cities

by Jig

You'll have an advantage here if you were born on the bayou.
Follow That Line: Rick and Morty

by Chenchilla

We're pretty sure Rick and Morty don't follow many lines. Too busy getting up to weird interdimensional shenanigans.
Saturday's QuizzesDec 7
Find the European Artist's Birthplace

by bhenderson79

Probably somewhere in Europe. We've cracked the case wide open.
Lowercase Greek Alphabet Symbols

by kfastic

Not only is it all Greek to us... it's all Greek to everyone else, too.
50 Hits to Click: 1977

by caramba

Or is it 50 clicks to hit?
Florida Panthers Leaders by Position

by mrom

You wouldn't think Panthers would be too fond of the ice.
Football on TV Shows

by aduchscher

Rarely as good at capturing our primal sports filled rage as real football, though.
Saturday Sudoku XXVI

by aaditya08-08-05

At some point we'll need a specific quiz just for the roman numerals attached to these quizzes.
Secret Country XXV

by goc3

Do secret countries have secret governments and fight in secret wars?
European Soccer Teams 'B'

by Flick

Who can it 'B' now?
Top Grossing Movies by Letter

by Sheldon

These movies pretty much all start with the letter $.
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