Corporate Mascots

by gingerlover

If you know these mascots, then it means that their advertising worked.
Click the 2018 FIFA World Cup Countries

by gazzso

Let's see if you actually paid attention during the World Cup this year.
Occupational Names Picture Click

by babymonkee

We're just waiting for someone to have the surname "Sporcler".
Who's That With Nelson Mandela?

by MrWhiplash

Happy 100th Birthday, Nelson!
Mark Twain Book: Any Word A-Z

by Flick

Pick a word, any word.
Movie Match: Swapped First Letter

by joelorr

We're not even sure how you'd pronounce these new movie titles, much less what they'd be about.
Marvel Picture Find: Fantastic Four

by MitchellGoosen

Wouldn't it be great if they made a Fantastic Four movie?
Movies Through the Kaleidoscope!

by BigAl1994

If you play this quiz through a kaleidoscope, does it turn the images back to normal?
-al -el or -le?

by nabean

We hope you're able to get all of these right.
Absent Letter US Cities

by RobFitz

We know it was you, Pac-Man. We have photo evidence.
Tuesday's QuizzesJul 17
Who Was Top Billed? V

by g_norm

If you don't know movies, you might do Superbad at this.
Sorting Blitz: Currency Symbols

by pecheneg

This will leave you feeling like a million bucks.
Presidential Surname Letter Pairs

by sproutcm

Is this what they mean by bipartisanship?
Match the Alias

by bobinwilder1

Even regular celebrities can have an alter ego.
Pieces of Maps (Oceania)

by AuroraIllumina

Can you make it through this in one piece?
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'P'

by kfastic

Not to be confused with songs about 'P'.
Complete the Title: 1950s TV Shows

by DIEGO1000

This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call... The Sporcle Zone.
Alphabetical Capitals of Europe

by Exodiafinder687

Good luck sorting your way through this.
Writing Systems of the World

by Thebiguglyalien

You'll either be write or wrong.
Monday's QuizzesJul 16
Top Grossing 'L' Movies

by Sheldon

We don't think these movies are gross at all.
European Country by Two Hints

by matthijsbp

You really only need one hint, the second one is just because we're feeling nice.
Actors By Movie 7-to-1: 2002

by samc67

Has it really been 16 years since these movies came out?
NFL Passing 30,000 Yards 250 TDs

by Joshie_the_great

Perfect passing is positively prolific for these pigskin players.
Click the Band Members: The Beatles

by NO_r_WAY

We had lots of Beatles puns, but that was Yesterday.
Harry Potter Memory Minefield

by druhutch

Remembrall not included.
Are You There, X? It's Me, Y

by ZYX

Are you there, Sporclers?
One-Minute Crossword XVIII

by Qaqaq

We're just glad that newspaper crosswords don't have time limits.
Sunday's QuizzesJul 15
30 Movies from 2016

by briskt

Hollywood, if you're reading this, please deliver more catnapping movies ASAP!
World Cup Runners-Up

by TeabagYokel

The World Cup: the thrill of victory; the agony of da-feet.
10 to 1: Classic Rock Songs XII

by metakoopa99

"You know I'm born to lose, and gambling's for fools. But that's the way I like it baby, I don't wanna live forever!"
Biblical Figure by Biography Title

by Pushcake

When you really think about it, the Gospels are basically a biography of Jesus.
Sitcom by IMDb Description II

by gingerlover

Is "Oh-ho-ho-ho...Uh-huuuh" descriptive enough?
Code Cracker! XVII

by hockeystix3

It's up to you to break the code.
Africa: That Doesn't Border Chad!

by christopherjulia

It's pretty rad being next to Chad.
Movie Gents Without Sense

by stevenmiller61

Maybe there IS more to life than being really, really good looking.
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