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Northernmost World Capitals
Favorited by 31 users
Let's Call It a Day!
Favorited by 30 users
Monty Python 'Dead' Euphemisms
Favorited by 6 users
Stopping By Woods On a Snowy Evening
Favorited by 19 users
The Road Not Taken
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Shakespeare in Plain English
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Elements in Their Element
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Follow That Line: Monty Python/Holy Grail
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Around the Coast of the World
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Happy Animals!
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Countries of Europe by Name in Official Language
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Groups of Five
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Groups of Four
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Continental Geography Match
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I'd Like You To Meet My Neighbors...
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World Traveler: Animated Map Voyage
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15 Misnamed Flag Colors
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Favorite User Created Games
WORLDMAPPER: The World as you've never seen it!
Created by: rockgolf
Favorited by 53 users
☭ Asian Puzzle ☭
Created by: tobley
Favorited by 69 users
Boys of Summer Lyrics
Created by: Megan129
Favorited by 6 users
Catching Home Bets (Matching Some Sets)
Created by: sproutcm
Favorited by 3 users
Progressively Harder World Outlines Slideshow
Created by: Spacemaniac
Favorited by 44 users
Countries of the World by Location
Created by: Colin_F_Harkins
Favorited by 109 users
17+ Letter Vocabulary (Hard)
Created by: iglew
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World Traveler: Tough (Animated Map Slideshow)
Created by: MrChewypoo
Favorited by 4 users
WORLDMAPPER: The World as you've never seen it
Created by: rockgolf
Favorited by 9 users
European Country by surrounding capital cities
Created by: nopurplesky
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Countries: First Letter Same as Last Letter of Capital
Created by: otcpsychedelics
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Europe says 'red'
Created by: xyz_