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Novels in Chunks II
Favorited by 7 users
World Countries Border Blitz
Favorited by 469 users
Commonest Crossword Words A-Z
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Every 3 Letter Word
Favorited by 110 users
Populous Countries (Memory Minefield)
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British Monarchs Minefield
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Most Populous US Cities by ANY 3 Letters
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Harry Potter by Any 3 Letters
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A World Language Logic Puzzle
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European City Match
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Geography by Numbers V
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Pandora's Boxes Logic Puzzle
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US State Ranking Showdown
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World Border Quest
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Favorite User Created Games
Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test - Sample Questions
Created by: gloucester
Favorited by 7 users
It Happened One Decade (Forgiving Mines)
Created by: jyrops
Favorited by 4 users
A Zoo Animal Logic Puzzle
Created by: THEJMAN
Favorited by 3 users
U.S.A. Cities Logic Puzzle II
Created by: NYYanks
Favorited by 2 users
Logic: Ouch! Hot Plate!!!
Created by: serf_in_USA
Young to Old-Minefield (ASoIaF)
Created by: mic747
Favorited by 3 users
ASOIAF by any three letters
Created by: Lily7777777
Favorited by 12 users
Hogwarts Logic
Created by: shawnman
First Two Letters Game
Created by: MSUKent
Colour Mixing Logic Puzzle
Created by: sparkey77
Favorited by 3 users
Find Voldemort! A Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
Created by: gambitgambit
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Noah Webster Runs Out of Words
Created by: metashades
Another Country Trivia Logic Puzzle
Created by: erock23233
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⛄ Winter Logic Puzzle ⛄
Created by: beforever
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New Year's Eve Logic Puzzle
Created by: felix
Madrid Metro by Any 3 Letters
Created by: felix
Blood Type Logic Puzzle
Created by: metashades
Favorited by 6 users