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Time's 100 Best Novels
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US/UK Words
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Modern Library 100 Best
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Classical Composers
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Official Languages of Europe
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Five Biggest US Cities...
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World Cities by Starbucks Count
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Shot or Not?
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Capital Location: Europe
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American Metros Over 1,000,000
Created by: Unidentifiedkiwi
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UN Declaration on LGBT Rights - Support
Created by: Tats
Most visited cities in Europe
Created by: France
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Most Oscar Nominations by Decade
Created by: mgroth
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Country Subdivisions by GDP Top 100
Created by: Roxelana
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Capital Name Length by Continent
Created by: TimeAndTide
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300 Largest Cities in US & Europe Combined
Created by: darinh
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Billion Dollar Movie Franchises
Created by: Sheldon
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Actor's Directors: Most Oscar ACTING Nominations by Director
Created by: rockgolf
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100 Best Characters in Fiction since 1900
Created by: metashades
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European Countries by Castles (Slideshow)
Created by: mykl
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There's a Word for That?
Created by: Chenchilla
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Top 10 Foreign Footballer Countries by European League
Created by: nikitakou
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Geography: Even/Odd
Created by: danielisaac09
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Best-selling bands (World)
Created by: pardyboi
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Country Quiz: Catalonia
Created by: Colin_F_Harkins
US States Without a Map
Created by: Chenchilla
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The Many Oscar Nominees of the 8 Batman Films
Created by: shawnmmilburn
U.S. States by...Autocomplete (Map)
Created by: druhutch
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Birth Cities of the Most Oscar Nominated Actors
Created by: jonesjeffum
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Actors Martin Scorsese has directed to Oscar Nods
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Oscar Winning Ladies
Created by: gvilleguy1124
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Which Word for Beer?
Created by: Alcas
Largest Metros per World Zones
Created by: pmada
Almost a Big 5 Oscar Movie
Created by: doggielover2579
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5x10 Largest World Cities
Created by: Rames
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Border Crossing Slideshow
Created by: mkkd
Most Spoken Languages of Europe Map Quiz
Created by: Bawm79
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US States by Popular Attractions (Slideshow)
Created by: MrChewypoo
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100 US Cities (Map)
Created by: markassonne
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One Word or Two?
Created by: MSUKent
Cities with Multiple UEFA Champions League Clubs
Created by: jonesjeffum
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Largest Cities in Europe's Proposed New States
Created by: Rames
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100 Busiest Airports in the World
Created by: ridd02
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Cities in Europe - Outside 25 Most Populous Countries
Created by: Onno
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Oscar Winning Actors on a First Name Basis
Created by: caramba
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Suicide vs. Homicide
Created by: evil_fruit_girl
2012 Immigration by US State*
Created by: sproutcm
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Macbeth: Plot
Created by: popestcyril
Wikipedia Autocompletes... A
Created by: salifou
Most Popular Desert Island Discs Artists
Created by: Tangocow
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Average Number of Languages Per EU Country
Created by: ThatSerbianGuy
Uncommon singing duos (slideshow)
Created by: manonthemoon
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Greek-To-Roman Gods
Created by: CJVDaBest
Donald Duck's Nephews
Created by: Ellie736
Mythical Creature/Country Matchup
Created by: Hejman
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