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Favorite Published Games
Around the World in 12 Minutes
Favorited by 43 users
Mario Character Line-Up
Favorited by 61 users
Pixar by Number of Lines
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South Park Celebrities
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Killer Robot Attack
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Every 4 Letter Word
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Toy Story 3 Eyes
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Graphic Novel Movies
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Movie Cops
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Movie Scars
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Favorite User Created Games
France '98 on Stickers
Created by: mpsz
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Big Screen Bunnies (pics)
Created by: FearTheManatee
Favorited by 3 users
Ultimate Star Wars Lightsaber Quiz!
Created by: dconti23
Favorited by 9 users
Picture Match: *Ghostbusters*
Created by: druhutch
Favorited by 7 users
Only Collaboration: Directing and Acting Legends
Created by: Platonicus
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Chipmunked: 80s Songs
Created by: Skint1987
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Premier League Teams' Top Scorers per Season since 2000
Created by: aidanbby
Favorited by 15 users
Premier League Name Overlap!
Created by: maaxwell
Favorited by 5 users
ASOIAF - Most Mentioned Supporting Characters by POV
Created by: doctrine_duke
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Oscar Nominated Actors And Their Unnominated Co-Stars
Created by: B_Awesome_87
Favorited by 3 users