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Find the 'B' Capitals (Picture Click)1May 2nd, 2016
History Books: The Subtitles III1May 1st, 2016
Top Scorers of their Nation (clickable minefield)1Apr 30th, 2016
British Empire: 1914 Borders1Apr 28th, 2016
FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2015 (UK)1Apr 20th, 2016
Scored For the Champions League Winners1Apr 14th, 2016
Border Chain: Guatemala to Timor-Leste1Apr 14th, 2016
countries by independence year1Apr 8th, 2016
Facts by 'K' Country1Apr 4th, 2016
Grand Slam tournament hasn't won1Apr 4th, 2016
Batman Vs Superman... At Sports1Mar 25th, 2016
Dutch Sports Team Slideshow1Mar 24th, 2016
Disgraced Sunderland Players1Mar 24th, 2016
Sovereign States of the world: 18051Mar 17th, 2016
Was He Batman? Yes or No1Mar 15th, 2016
Podium of losers : FIFA Women's World Cup1Mar 11th, 2016
Podium of losers : FIFA World Cup1Mar 11th, 2016
Popular Soccer Players by decade (birth) on Wikipedia1Mar 8th, 2016
The Greatest1Mar 8th, 2016
History of Dahomey/Benin: Missing Word1Mar 4th, 2016
Podium of losers : Primeira Liga1Mar 1st, 2016
Premier League Nationalities - South America(Map Click)1Feb 28th, 2016
Top Premier League Scorers Since 20101Feb 24th, 2016
Podium of losers : Ballon d'Or1Feb 24th, 2016
Famous Leader by Predecessor1Feb 19th, 2016
England's 'T' Surname Football Internationals1Feb 19th, 2016
Former British Colonies in Africa (picture click)1Feb 18th, 2016
Sovereign States of the World: 18901Feb 6th, 2016
'C' English History1Feb 2nd, 2016
Book Based Movie Posters1Jan 30th, 2016
Users who commented on this quiz.1Jan 29th, 2016
Significant Seven Superheroes1Jan 26th, 2016
Premier League Clubs by Legends (2015-16)1Jan 23rd, 2016
The 41 nationalities to have scored a PL hat-trick1Jan 2nd, 2016
Premier league most consistent top 4 teams1Dec 23rd, 2015
Pantheon: Most notable person per American country1Dec 17th, 2015
Players With The Most Amount Of World Cup Goals1Dec 13th, 2015
The Greatest Military Leaders1Nov 29th, 2015
Clubs of World Cup winners : Brazil 19941Nov 23rd, 2015
World Cup,Champions League, and Domestic League Winners1Nov 22nd, 2015
'B' TV Shows by Cast Photo1Nov 21st, 2015
Rugby: Upsets by non World Cup Teams2Nov 20th, 2015
Sunderland Players in Tournament Squads (1990-)1Nov 19th, 2015
EPL Top Assists Per Season1Nov 17th, 2015
Norwegian Allies and Enemies1Nov 16th, 2015
Match European Countries with their Largest Ex City1Nov 12th, 2015
Everton Most Capped1Nov 11th, 2015
Ex Cities of Shrinking Latin American Countries1Oct 30th, 2015
20th Century Match-Up1Oct 30th, 2015
Military Alliances1Oct 23rd, 2015
Multi Sport World Cups: Best African Team1Oct 22nd, 2015
Multi Sport World Cups: Best Asian Team1Oct 21st, 2015
Eurozone countries by former currency1Oct 7th, 2015
20th century European capitals1Sep 23rd, 2015
Northern Ireland World Cup squads 82 and 861Sep 21st, 2015
Most Expensive Premier League Player by Country1Sep 16th, 2015
Footballers with more top level goals than Rooney1Sep 11th, 2015
Country by 1920 leader1Sep 9th, 2015
Countries by First and Second Religions1Aug 27th, 2015
The Countries that have been Controlled by ...3Aug 21st, 2015
Top XIs: England (1980s/1990s)1Aug 13th, 2015
2015 Premier League Managers as Players - Map1Aug 13th, 2015
Soccer legends who never played a World Cup (Slideshow)1Aug 8th, 2015
Countries that have Always been Independent1Jul 22nd, 2015
20 Famous Movie Flashbacks1Jul 19th, 2015
Royal Houses: The Tudors1Jul 10th, 2015
Cartoon Characters Slideshow (A-Z)1Jun 30th, 2015
Celebrities at Wimbledon1Jun 30th, 2015
First Football League Grounds1Jun 27th, 2015
Alliterative Character to Novel1Jun 27th, 2015
Most Visited Cities of Asia1Jun 25th, 2015
Forgotten Civilizations, Empires and Peoples1Jun 25th, 2015
The 100 Club: Barcelona1Jun 12th, 2015
Terry Pratchett Discworld Novel Covers - Slideshow1Jun 11th, 2015
Which map shows this Ancient Empire?1Jun 10th, 2015
James Bond Map quiz1Jun 9th, 2015
Norway goes to war1May 29th, 2015
La Liga Winning Teams, Managers, Captains1May 12th, 2015
ASOIAF: Point of View Characters Logic Puzzle1May 3rd, 2015
Cities of the Portuguese Empire1May 2nd, 2015
Europe Map: Capitals Not Welcome2Apr 29th, 2015
English Monarchs by Criteria1Apr 27th, 2015
Champions League Finalists1Apr 27th, 2015
Copa America Final Cities (map)1Apr 26th, 2015
Older than the USA1Apr 24th, 2015
Top 10 Foreign Languages in the US1Apr 20th, 2015
Kosher Animals1Apr 4th, 2015
British Land Holders of Yore1Mar 28th, 2015
Football: England goalscoring debutants since 19751Mar 28th, 2015
-stan cities match up1Mar 27th, 2015
Famous Women When They Were Young1Mar 23rd, 2015
20th Century World Leaders1Mar 19th, 2015
European Countries in 19001Mar 11th, 2015
Aston Villa famous players by photo (Slideshow)1Mar 2nd, 2015
Famous Native Americans (Clickable)1Feb 25th, 2015
Europa Universalis IV 1444 Nations (Pre-Art of War)1Feb 24th, 2015
Biggest Modern Day Cities ruled by Pre-British Kings2Feb 23rd, 2015
Champions League winning Footballers and their Clubs2May 22nd, 2015
16th Century Names Match-Up1Feb 20th, 2015
British Clubs Pictograms1Feb 19th, 2015
10 Closest Capitals to Japan1Feb 19th, 2015
Popular Boxers on Wikipedia1Feb 7th, 2015
Popular Tennis Players on Wikipedia1Feb 6th, 2015
Country Populations Century by Century1Feb 5th, 2015
Popular people on Wikipedia born in Ireland1Feb 2nd, 2015
'T' Movie Characters1Jan 19th, 2015
Apart from Ethiopia1Jan 16th, 2015
Offend your way around the UK1Jan 16th, 2015
Independence From Whom? II1Jan 3rd, 2015
Largest Metros in Each Country of the World1Dec 17th, 2014
Historical People In Movies1Dec 17th, 2014
Wartime Movies1Dec 11th, 2014
LFC Champion Goal Scorers1Dec 10th, 2014
Is It Offside?1Dec 9th, 2014
Popular African Born People on Wikipedia1Dec 8th, 2014
Top 100 Highest Paid Football Players1Dec 5th, 2014
AFC Members (Redux)1Dec 2nd, 2014
All Participating FIFA Nations1Nov 21st, 2014
UEFA Nations with 100+ teams in their Domestic Cup1Nov 13th, 2014
5-Star Movie Characters1Nov 12th, 2014
Map: Populous Cities in Western Europe1Nov 5th, 2014
Cities with World Cup Quality Stadiums1Nov 3rd, 2014
20 Anti-Jokes1Oct 29th, 2014
How to get to British Territories & Dependencies1Oct 29th, 2014
Mega Sporcle Fifty Fifty Quiz1Oct 15th, 2014
Misconceptions: True or False1Oct 15th, 2014
Allies AND Enemies!1Oct 11th, 2014
Top 300 Passwords1Oct 3rd, 2014
Mapped Islands and Their Cities1Sep 29th, 2014
Rep. of the Congo or Dem. Rep. of the Congo1Sep 28th, 2014
Countries by Endemic Animals (Slideshow)1Sep 25th, 2014
Historic Geography of the Middle East1Sep 22nd, 2014
One Half of a Country1Sep 22nd, 2014
Countries' owned territories1Sep 21st, 2014
Wars involving England1Sep 21st, 2014
United Kingdom Declares War!1Sep 21st, 2014
Famous Americans Shooting Gallery1Sep 21st, 2014
Mapped Asian Football1Sep 19th, 2014
Religions of Historical Figures1Sep 16th, 2014
Last Foreign City to Own ...2Feb 23rd, 2016
'And' Countries Blitz1Sep 16th, 2014
Africa: Armies by Battles2Sep 15th, 2014
Three Clues: Which Monarch?1Sep 6th, 2014
In What Century...1Aug 17th, 2014
Most Succesful Soccer Coaches1Aug 17th, 2014
Empire by Ruler1Jul 30th, 2014
22 Regrettable Gaming Tattoos1Jul 29th, 2014
Historical Countries by Continent1Jul 15th, 2014
English Puns2Jul 3rd, 2014
England World Cup Foreign-based players1Jun 30th, 2014
World Cup Geography Logic1Jun 29th, 2014
FIFA World Cup: Defending Champion Losses1Jun 29th, 2014
You Probably Read It in High School1Jun 26th, 2014
A Very British NBA Quiz1Jun 21st, 2014
Animals in Space1Jun 20th, 2014
Name A Footballer Who.. (2000s)1Jun 12th, 2014
'Don't go there', say the British1Jun 6th, 2014
The Winter War: Countries that Fought For Finland1May 26th, 2014
Great Conquerers: Biggest Modern Day Metros Ruled6May 27th, 2014
Rugby League World Cup Host Cities1May 8th, 2014
Where were these famous people born? (Slideshow)1May 7th, 2014
Wikipedia article about Slovenia by 3 headings1May 7th, 2014
Cities by Human Namesake of Airport (Slideshow)3May 18th, 2014
Communist Cuban Troops Abroad4May 6th, 2014
Languages of Historical Figures1Apr 12th, 2014
Countries by Any Spoken Language1Apr 11th, 2014
Criteria Empires1Apr 9th, 2014
1-100 in Different Terms1Apr 8th, 2014
Chess players by criteria1Apr 1st, 2014
Played for Everton and Manchester United1Mar 28th, 2014
Largest Nordic Settlements Map1Mar 27th, 2014
Birds by Criteria1Mar 20th, 2014
British Towns & Cities by Criteria4May 24th, 2014
African Colonies outside Africa3Oct 8th, 2014
From Scotland to the World1Mar 8th, 2014
20 Biggest Australian Cities Minefield1Mar 6th, 2014
Countries of the World : 1870 edition1Mar 5th, 2014
Historical Map Quiz1Feb 20th, 2014
Countries Not Invaded by Britain on a Map2Feb 19th, 2014
Which Animal Is It?2Mar 3rd, 2014
Association Footballers by Criteria1Feb 13th, 2014
Missing on the Map1Feb 12th, 2014
Capitals of South America: 19th Century1Feb 12th, 2014
15 newest countries not from the USSR or Yugoslovia2Feb 12th, 2014
Countries of the Iberian Peninsula1Feb 10th, 2014
English Leaders not born in England1Feb 10th, 2014
Leaders who Opened Winter Olympics1Feb 6th, 2014
It's ELEMENTARY my dear, Watson1Jan 31st, 2014
Arab League members who have not declared war on Israel1Jan 30th, 2014
Club to Country match-up1Jan 30th, 2014
20 Most Visited Countries1Jan 22nd, 2014
5 most populous Metros to:5Feb 10th, 2014
Cities Ruling Land on 3 or More Continents7Apr 4th, 2015
Two Famous People and a Year1Jan 3rd, 2014
Foreign Powers to fight on US Territory1Jan 2nd, 2014
Independence Givers2Dec 18th, 2013
Animals That Aren't Really Animals1Dec 11th, 2013
Countries with Colonies in Africa5Dec 27th, 2013
Methodist or Muppet?1Dec 9th, 2013
Films: Original or Adapted?1Dec 8th, 2013
Animals in Nature: Photos of the Year1Dec 7th, 2013
Sporting nations not in the UN1Dec 6th, 2013
Unoriginal TV2Nov 29th, 2015
Sports rankings: Top ten by flags1Dec 4th, 2013
Sports Crazy Countries: Most Teams Supported6Jan 30th, 2014
Mystery Cities1Nov 29th, 2013
Birth Places of British Citizens1Nov 28th, 2013
Fictional Scottish People1Nov 26th, 2013
Dependencies2Sep 21st, 2013
UK Festival Headliners (Slideshow)2Jul 26th, 2014
Clickable Matching Compound Animal Names1Jul 18th, 2013
Cities by Countries: 1000-20001Jul 2nd, 2013
IMDB: Best rated female dominated films1Jun 23rd, 2013
Continental Borders1Jun 23rd, 2013
Spoken Languages (US or UK?)5Nov 17th, 2013
British Animal by Foreign Relative1Jun 21st, 2013
Premier League brothers1Jun 19th, 2013
Criteria Countries (Europe)1Jun 17th, 2013
Independence From...1Jun 14th, 2013
Irish players and coaches in Italian football1Jun 12th, 2013
Countries by wars with the English1May 21st, 2013
FIFA World Cup Goal Scorers: England1Apr 8th, 2013
Daves in Television1Mar 26th, 2013
Clickable: Comic Characters and Creators1Mar 1st, 2013
Failed Countries: 20th Century4Mar 1st, 2013
Reprised Characters in The Hobbit1Dec 18th, 2012
Birthplaces of Horatio Nelson's sailors2Aug 13th, 2012