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NBA scoring leaders by birth hemisphere1Aug 19th, 2010
Only US President Who...1May 21st, 2010
Exclamation!1May 13th, 2010
Ends in 'DA'1Apr 22nd, 2010
Postseason MVPs on non-championship teams2Apr 3rd, 2010
original state capitals2Aug 20th, 2010
Five Consonants in a Row1Jan 11th, 2010
Silent 'P'1Jan 1st, 2010
Border Countries1Nov 30th, 2009
Same Start - Different Country1Nov 24th, 2009
All-Time Professional Sports Cities4Nov 22nd, 2009
Jets Superbowls1Nov 22nd, 2009
NHL Top Defensemen by Decade1Nov 20th, 2009
Scrabble words with no vowels1Nov 18th, 2009
American East Champions1Nov 16th, 2009
Big Ten Rivalry Trophies1Nov 15th, 2009
MLB Perfect Games Catchers1Nov 15th, 2009
Musical Chords by Notes1Nov 15th, 2009
MLB Interlocking Letter Logos1Nov 15th, 2009
NHL Top Seasons (Goals)1Nov 15th, 2009
Capitals beginning with 'C'1Nov 15th, 2009
super bowl teams in last teams 10 years1Nov 15th, 2009
Misc. Sports Grab Bag1Nov 15th, 2009
NBA Annual Points Leaders1Nov 15th, 2009
Jazz Artists by Album1Nov 15th, 2009
Big Ten Rivalries1Nov 15th, 2009
ABA Teams1Nov 15th, 2009
US Capitals East to West1Nov 14th, 2009
Pro Teams (1960s)1Nov 14th, 2009
Football Penalties1Nov 14th, 2009
Boxing: Undisputed Heavyweight Champions1Nov 14th, 2009
African Capitals North to South2Nov 10th, 2009
NBA Franchise All-Time Leaders1Nov 8th, 2009
Population Vacation II: Maine1Nov 8th, 2009
Population Vacation5Nov 13th, 2009
Nations that lie on 49th parallel north1Nov 7th, 2009
US Capitals from North to South2Nov 10th, 2009
US Capitals West to East2Nov 6th, 2009
MLB Rookie No-Hitters1Oct 26th, 2009
Oceania by Capital1Oct 22nd, 2009
NHL Point Scoring Leaders1Oct 21st, 2009
American Football Scoring1Oct 10th, 2009
Country by Athlete1Sep 12th, 2009
Landlocked US States1Sep 2nd, 2009
Computer Acronyms1Jul 17th, 2009
7-Letter Cities (US)1Jul 13th, 2009
MLB .400 Hitters1Jul 7th, 2009
Plastic Surgery Procedures1Jul 7th, 2009
MLB All-Star Appearances1Jun 27th, 2009
Baseball Hall of Fame Members1May 29th, 2009
Animal Bands1Apr 23rd, 2009
PBA Greatest Bowlers1Apr 16th, 2009
NFL Receiving TDs Leaders (Season)1Apr 6th, 2009
NFL Rushing TD Leaders (Season)1Mar 10th, 2009
NHL All-Time Scorers1Mar 8th, 2009
MLB Stolen Base Leaders (Career)1Mar 7th, 2009
NCAA and NBA Title1Mar 5th, 2009