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Mitch Hedberg Jokes
Favorited by 51 users
Rock-Paper-Scissors Minefield
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Bar Code Minefield
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Click A Bro
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Classic Clickable Jokes
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Airplane! Jive Talk
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Follow That Line: Airplane!
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Clickable Concentration
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Diner Slang Match-Up
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'90s Music Without Lyrics
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Click to Your Next Clue
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Shakespeare in Plain English II
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Superhero Party Logic Puzzle
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Favorite User Created Games
Clark Griswold's Last-Minute Gift Ideas
Created by: EMD710N
British vs. American English
Created by: brdecker
Big 4 Champs of the last 40 years (click the year)
Created by: SleapeeHed
Favorited by 4 users
100 Song Intro Rapid Fire
Created by: AuroraIllumina
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Arrow Labyrinth
Created by: Purple_Parrot
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In Plain English: The Tempest
Created by: druhutch
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Hot 100 55th Anniversary: The All-Time Top 100 Songs
Created by: magicalkidd
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Criteria Bands (British)
Created by: serf_in_USA
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Ferris Bueller Economics Lecture
Created by: diplomatt
Mastermind Logic Puzzle (Image)
Created by: MrChewypoo
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Dartboard Logic Puzzle
Created by: sparkey77
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Every Billboard #1 from 1955 to 2014
Created by: Spacemaniac
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Click Through U.S. History
Created by: MSUKent
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'How Videogames Changed the World' Screenshots
Created by: machotrouts