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Titles Won at WrestleMania1Apr 22nd, 2016
Barry Windham's WWF/E & WCW PPV Opponents1Apr 15th, 2016
Who These WWE Stars faced at Wrestlemania1Mar 7th, 2016
WWF Gimmicks of the Attitude Era1Dec 9th, 2015
WWE Raw Authority Figures1Nov 26th, 2015
The Wrestling Quiz - R1Nov 12th, 2015
WWF Gimmicks of the 80s/Early 90s1Oct 8th, 2015
Kurt Angle WWE PPV Opponents1Aug 17th, 2015
WrestleMania Curtain Jerkers1Aug 14th, 2015
The Roddy Piper Quiz1Aug 1st, 2015
WWE's Top 10 Matches of 2015 (so far)1Jul 17th, 2015
Every Survivor Series match ever!1May 4th, 2015
WWE Shooting Gallery1Apr 18th, 2015
Name wrestling theme songs from the 90's1Apr 16th, 2015
Every WWE Royal Rumble Entrant Ever! (1988-2015)1Apr 2nd, 2015
WWE PPV Opponents of Seth Rollins1Apr 1st, 2015
Pro Wrestlers: More Wins or Losses?1Mar 25th, 2015
WrestleMania 16 by Pictures1Mar 3rd, 2015
WrestleMania 15 by Pictures1Mar 3rd, 2015
WrestleMania 14 by Pictures1Mar 3rd, 2015
WON Worst Match of the Year1Jan 30th, 2015
WWE Royal Rumble Final 101Dec 29th, 2014
Famous Wrestlers by Picture1Dec 9th, 2014
WWE PPV Match Winners (2005)1Dec 8th, 2014
WCW 1998 Roster (Slideshow)1Nov 2nd, 2014
WWE WrestleMania Champions1Aug 27th, 2014
WWE 2010s Roster Scramble1Jun 24th, 2014
Complete the Card: Royal Rumble 20131Jun 15th, 2014
WWE Undertaker PPV Opponents Part 11Jun 12th, 2014
Every WWE Armageddon match ever1Jun 3rd, 2014
WWE Top 5 Wins (1985-2015)1May 26th, 2014
2000 WWE Royal Rumble1May 23rd, 2014
WWE Divas (Picture)1May 22nd, 2014
WWE Roster as of May 2014 (Picture)1May 22nd, 2014
WWE Raw 1000 Poster (Picture)1May 9th, 2014
Can You Name Mick Foley's PPV Opponents1May 9th, 2014
Wrestling Nicknames1May 7th, 2014
Wrestlers Entrance Themes1Apr 30th, 2014
Every WWE Diva Big 4 PPV match1Apr 23rd, 2014
Undertaker's streak chronologically (clickable)1Apr 12th, 2014
Guess the Pro Wrestling Rosters: 1998 - 19991Mar 25th, 2014
WWE Roster 20001Mar 22nd, 2014
All Title Matches since the WWE Brand Extension - part21Mar 14th, 2014
Every WWF/WWE Raw Match Winner Part 1- 19931Feb 17th, 2014
WWE Title or World Title First?1Dec 20th, 2013
WWE Iron Man Participants1Dec 5th, 2013
Favourite wrestling matches of Sporclers1Nov 6th, 2013
Wrestlers to defeat Hulk Hogan1Oct 19th, 2013
WCW Battlebowl Participants1Oct 1st, 2013
50 Greatest WWE Entrance Themes1Sep 22nd, 2013
WCW/nWo Revenge characters (pictures)1Sep 12th, 2013
Summerslam Title Winners1Aug 21st, 2013
Championship Match Participants on a WWE PPV1Aug 11th, 2013
Young WWE Wrestlers & Divas1Aug 6th, 2013
WWE Wrestlers Beginning With S ( Former and Current )4Aug 4th, 2013
Name that WWE Wrestler!1Jul 29th, 2013
WWE Wrestlers by '90s Action Figure1Jul 28th, 2013
Wrestling's 31 Scariest Superstars1Jul 8th, 2013
Fictitious Wrestling Families1Jul 8th, 2013
WWE Group Portrait 20132Jul 5th, 2013
PPV Main Eventers - WWE, WCW, ECW and TNA1Jul 4th, 2013
Intercontinental First, World Champ Second1Jun 28th, 2013
Championship Wrestlemania Debuts1Jun 26th, 2013
200 WWE Superstars By Finisher1Jun 23rd, 2013
Most Popular WWE/WWF Wrestlers by Era1Jun 20th, 2013
WWE Quiz 2: Tag Teams1Jun 20th, 2013
Every WWF/WWE Raw Match Winner Part 6-19981Jun 17th, 2013
200 WWE Superstars By Catchphrase1Jun 16th, 2013
PPV Main Eventers that never won WWE/WHC belt2Jun 15th, 2013
Champions in more than one Wrestling Promotion1Jun 15th, 2013
WWE World Title PPV Match participants1Jun 12th, 2013
Gimme Five: Wrestlers1Jun 10th, 2013
WWE's 50 Greatest Tag Teams1Jun 7th, 2013
WWF Pay-per-view cities (1985- Apr. 2002)1Jun 7th, 2013
Moustachioed Wrestlers, Part 3!1Jun 6th, 2013
WWE Countdown1May 26th, 2013
200 Wrestlers By Their Real Names5May 24th, 2013
History of the ECW TV Title1May 19th, 2013
Pro Wrestling World Champions - (Clickable Game)1May 10th, 2013
Premier League by Numbers I1May 7th, 2013
101 Tallest WWF/WWE Wrestlers Of All-Time1May 6th, 2013
Wrestlers on WWE's Attitude Era DVD cover (picture)1May 3rd, 2013
WWE Title Winners (2000-2009)2Apr 30th, 2013
Olympians in WWE or WCW3May 2nd, 2013
WWE Themes SNES Style1Apr 26th, 2013
WWE Five-Star Champions1Apr 25th, 2013
WWE/WWF/TNA/WCW Entrance Themes1Apr 25th, 2013
WWE Tallest Competitors2Apr 26th, 2013
World Leaders of 1942 (pictures)1Apr 17th, 2013
WWE Finishers by Technical Names2Apr 16th, 2013
IC Title Matches at WrestleMania1Apr 6th, 2013
WWE- Finish the Name! 12Jun 13th, 2013
Wrestlemania 2000 Characters (N64)1Mar 12th, 2013
First WrestleMania Opponent1Mar 12th, 2013
The Paul Bearer Quiz1Mar 7th, 2013
The Wrestling Quiz - M1Mar 5th, 2013
Every WWE Judgment Day match ever!2May 20th, 2013
Finishing Moves of WWE Champions1Feb 26th, 2013
Pro Wrestlers by Mug Shot 21Feb 25th, 2013
Monty Python sketches (pictures)1Feb 15th, 2013
The 20 Greatest WCW Matches Of All Time1Jan 24th, 2013
WWF/WWE Free For All Matches1Jan 23rd, 2013
Voices of Pro Wrestling 2 (audio)1Jan 20th, 2013
Great wrestling promos (audio)1Jan 18th, 2013
Wrestlemania Title Match Wrestlers 90's2Jan 17th, 2013
WWE Smackdown vs Raw Legends1Jan 14th, 2013
WWE Intercontinental Championship PPV matches part 11Jan 13th, 2013
Guess the Pro Wrestling Rosters: 2000 - 20022Jan 10th, 2013
Pro Wrestling Top 50 Wrestlers of All Time1Jan 9th, 2013
The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History DVD2Jan 9th, 2013
Every wrestler in the PWI Top 50 of the 2010s1Jan 7th, 2013
Every WWE One Night Stand/Extreme Rules Match Ever!2Jan 3rd, 2013
Every Male Particpant in a 1990s WWF PPV 2Jan 1st, 2013
All Things WWF Attitude1Dec 31st, 2012
Gimme Five: 3:16 edition1Dec 29th, 2012
Wrestled in a World Championship Match on PPV1Dec 26th, 2012
Name Steve Austin's WWE, WCW, ECW PPV Opponents.1Dec 24th, 2012
Wrestling Before and After1Dec 16th, 2012
Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top 50 of 19911Dec 10th, 2012
Can you name the 1999 PWI 500 Top 200?1Dec 6th, 2012
The Wrestling Quiz - S1Nov 28th, 2012
The 50 Most Beautiful People in WWE History1Nov 26th, 2012
Wrestlers to have wrestled on both WWE and TNA PPVs1Nov 20th, 2012
Complete the Card: Wrestlemania 151Nov 20th, 2012
Deceased Wrestling PPV Competitors3Jul 2nd, 2015
WWE Stables and Factions1Nov 19th, 2012
Scott Hall's WWF/E and WCW PPV Opponents1Nov 19th, 2012
WWE Most Overall Time Wrestled At SummerSlam1Nov 18th, 2012
WWE's Top 20 Attitude Era wrestlers1Nov 16th, 2012
WWF/WWE Hardcore Champions1Nov 14th, 2012
Steve Austin's 3:16 Promo1Nov 14th, 2012
Most WWE Raw Matches of All-Time1Nov 11th, 2012
Pro Wrestler Submission Move Rumble1Nov 9th, 2012
Every WWE Vengeance/Night of Champions match ever!2Nov 7th, 2012
Top 100 WWF/WWE Wrestlers (Personal Opinion)1Nov 7th, 2012
WWE Pay-Per-View's Headlined (2000-2009)1Nov 7th, 2012
Wrestler Picture Quiz: Commentators1Nov 6th, 2012
English Premier League Referees (1992-2012)1Nov 5th, 2012
WWE Survivor Series Team Members 1987-19991Nov 4th, 2012
Moustachioed Wrestlers, Part 2!2Nov 9th, 2012
Moustachioed Wrestlers3Nov 4th, 2012
Wrestler Picture Quiz: NWO1Nov 2nd, 2012
Appeared on WWE Raw and TNA Impact1Oct 30th, 2012
The British Bulldog/Davey Smith PPV Opponents1Oct 29th, 2012
Bond Girls1Oct 27th, 2012
Wrestler Picture Quiz: Tag Teams III1Oct 25th, 2012
WWE Wrestlers' Entrance Themes Openings (Audio)1Oct 25th, 2012
Most Titles Won in WWE, TNA, WCW, ECW and ROH2Oct 24th, 2012
WWF/E PPV Steel Cage Matches1Oct 19th, 2012
Wrestler Picture Quiz: 200 Wrestlers3Oct 18th, 2012
Wrestler Picture Quiz: Odd WCW Gimmicks1Oct 16th, 2012
Triple H's WWE opponents (2006 - 2009)1Oct 15th, 2012
Every TNA Slammiversary match ever!2Jan 3rd, 2013
Wrestler Picture Quiz: Close ups 22Oct 12th, 2012
Wrestler Picture Quiz: Close ups1Oct 12th, 2012
Wrestler Picture Quiz: Europe1Oct 9th, 2012
Most Combined WrestleMania Match Times2Oct 7th, 2012
WWE '13 Roster1Oct 7th, 2012
A's of WWE1Sep 30th, 2012
WWE wrestlers by picture1Sep 27th, 2012
Wrestler Picture Quiz: Random Wrestlers, Part II1Sep 25th, 2012
Wrestling Picture Quiz1Sep 24th, 2012
Goldust WWE PPV Opponents1Sep 24th, 2012
Wrestler Picture Quiz: Celebrities1Sep 12th, 2012
Complete the Card: SummerSlam 19901Aug 17th, 2012
Triple H's WWE PPV opponents (1995-2008)1Jul 23rd, 2012
WWE/WWF/WCW Most Titles Won 3Oct 16th, 2012
WrestleMania and Bound For Glory1Jul 20th, 2012
CM Punk's 'Pipe Bomb' Promo, Part I1Jul 18th, 2012
List of all WWF/WWE Titles1Jul 18th, 2012
WWE Armageddon Main Events1Jul 16th, 2012
Appeared on both WrestleMania and Starrcade1Jul 13th, 2012
WWE PPV Wins Leaders of the 2000's1Jul 13th, 2012
Most WWE PPV Dark Matches1Jul 4th, 2012
Jake Roberts's Speech at This Tuesday in Texas1Jul 2nd, 2012
Samuel L. Jackson by Letter1Jun 20th, 2012
Tag Title Success in WCW and WWF/WWE1Jun 19th, 2012
WWF/WWE Pay-Per-View Opponents of Honky Tonk Man1Jun 11th, 2012
WWE Opponents of Jerry 'The King' Lawler on TV and PPV1Jun 8th, 2012
Wrestling Finishing Moves Lost In Translation 1Jun 7th, 2012
Real or fake WCW storyline1Jun 3rd, 2012
Baby Names: 'A' Boy Names by Decade1Jun 3rd, 2012
Pro Wrestlers by Mug Shot1Jun 1st, 2012
Movies by Pro Wrestler1Jun 1st, 2012
Names of Undertakers WWE PPV opponents?1May 31st, 2012
Can you name the 2001 Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 Top 2001May 30th, 2012
WWF/WWE PPV Opponents of JBL/ Bradshaw1May 28th, 2012
Complete the card: King of the Ring 19982Dec 6th, 2012
Shawn Michaels WWE/WWF Most Frequent Competitors1May 21st, 2012
Steve Austin WWF/E PPV Opponents1May 19th, 2012
WWF/WWE PPV Opponents of Randy Savage1May 17th, 2012
Complete the card: Survivor Series 19972Oct 11th, 2012
Pro Wrestling Acronyms1May 12th, 2012
The Wrestling Quiz - B1May 6th, 2012
The Wrestling Quiz - A2Nov 15th, 2012
WWE Superstars - Wrestled in both the 90s and 2000s2May 2nd, 2012
Complete the Tag Team (clickable)1May 2nd, 2012
Complete the Card: Extreme Rules 20121May 1st, 2012
WWF/WWE PPV Opponents Andre the Giant1Apr 28th, 2012
British Isles Wrestlers in WWE/F1Apr 8th, 2012
NWA/WCW Champions (clickable)1Apr 5th, 2012
WWE PPV names (clickable)1Apr 4th, 2012
Gimme Five: WrestleMania edition1Apr 2nd, 2012
Champions League Winners (Clickable Mines)1Mar 30th, 2012
Every King of the Ring match ever!1Mar 24th, 2012
Every Starrcade match ever!1Mar 24th, 2012
WCW/NWA/WWE/WWF PPV Opponents Lex Luger1Mar 24th, 2012
Members of WWF's McMahon-Helmsley Faction1Mar 24th, 2012
WWE 90s Roster Scramble1Mar 20th, 2012
James Bond Film Casts1Mar 20th, 2012
Bond Villains1Mar 20th, 2012
James Bond Movie By Plot Description1Mar 20th, 2012
WWE Theme Song Quiz - Part 2 (51 to 100)-(Audio)4Apr 8th, 2012
WWE Theme Song Quiz - Part 1 (1 to 50)-(Audio)5Apr 8th, 2012
WWE Theme Song Quiz - Part 3 (101 to 150)-(Audio)2Mar 13th, 2012
The Ultimate Star Wars Quiz (Audio and Pics!)1Mar 11th, 2012
WWE/WWF Entrance Theme (Clips)2Feb 13th, 2014
WWF/WWE Smackdown Main Events 20001Mar 10th, 2012
WWE Wrestlers' Entrance Themes (Audio)1Mar 8th, 2012
Reverse Wrestling Themes 21Mar 5th, 2012
Every Wrestler to hold a WWF Title Belt1Mar 4th, 2012
Every WrestleMania Match 1-31!2Nov 14th, 2012
WWE title holders by nation of birth2Mar 4th, 2012
Shawn Michaels' WWE PPV Opponents 88-981Feb 23rd, 2012
Wrestler Picture Quiz: Random Wrestlers1Feb 22nd, 2012
WWF/WWE Wrestlers by common first names 1Feb 18th, 2012
(WWF/WWE) One Word Wrestling Names (Male only)1Feb 18th, 2012
1997 Survivor Series Teams1Feb 12th, 2012
Every WWE Hardcore Match Participant 1Feb 11th, 2012
100 Greatest WWE Superstars of All Time1Feb 10th, 2012
WWF/WWE Entrance Themes II (Music Clips)1Feb 10th, 2012
WWE List This! - The Greatest Tag Teams1Feb 8th, 2012
Best WWE Ring Entrances1Feb 8th, 2012
Football League Stadiums1Feb 6th, 2012
Complete the Card: Royal Rumble 20121Jan 29th, 2012
Complete the Card: Royal Rumble 20121Jan 29th, 2012
Royal Rumble Total Eliminations1Jan 29th, 2012
Wrestler Picture Quiz: Odd Gimmicks, Part II2Jan 30th, 2012
Complete the Card: Royal Rumble 19981Jan 29th, 2012
Complete the Card: Wrestlemania 181Jan 29th, 2012
Every playable character in a WWE videogame (Part 1)1Jan 23rd, 2012
Complete the Card: Wrestlemania 141Jan 23rd, 2012
Real or Fake Wrestling Gimmick?2Jan 23rd, 2012