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US Presidents
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Periodic Table
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Prime Ministers of Canada
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Olympics Cities
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American Idol Winners
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Language Basics
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Countries of the World
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Car Logos
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Capitals of the World
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Flags of the World
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Former Soviet States
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Countries by Capital
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American Idol Finalists
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Names in Other Languages
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Multi-Lingual Counting
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Religions in Canada
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Olympic Host Countries
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Summer Olympics: Nations by Sport
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Baby Names: Girls (2000s)
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Olympics by Emblem
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Successful American Idols
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Let's Call It a Day!
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1-10 In Which Language?
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Country Names in Other Languages
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10 Decades of Baby Names (Girls)
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1 through 10 Romantically
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European Language Colors
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Dog Breeds by Puppies
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You Better Lose Yourself
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Top 10 Artists Each Year (2000s)
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Countries by Unique Last 3 Letters
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Favorite User Created Games
Montreal Metro Stations
Created by: segacs
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So You Think You Can Dance dancers
Created by: marybethmllr
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So You Think You Can Dance Styles
Created by: katy_
So You Think You Can Dance Choreographers
Created by: katy_
Eurovision Winning Countries
Created by: Madknitter
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Eurovision Participants
Created by: thomizzle
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Surname Language Origin
Created by: hudson
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Premiers of Quebec
Created by: Matt714
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Language by Clip
Created by: 1447
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Countries of the World, in Spanish!
Created by: 1447
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Languages spoken in Montreal
Created by: segacs
X Factor Contestants (Series 1 -9)
Created by: xRosiee
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AMT Commuter Train Stations
Created by: joallard
So you Think you can Dance Canada
Created by: Mackadal
So You Think You Can Dance UK contestants
Created by: Tirose
One-Named People: Name Origins
Created by: sproutcm
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So You Think You Can Dance Australia contestants
Created by: Tirose
Star Académie contestants
Created by: Tirose
You Can Dance France contestants
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Star Académie - Albums' songs
Created by: Tirose
Top 100 Last Names from Quebec (2006)
Created by: Tirose
Eurovision 2012
Created by: borolad94
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American Idol contestants (by first OR last name)
Created by: wnts
Baby Names: Quebec (2011)
Created by: Tirose
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La Ronde's Rides
Created by: Tirose
2012 Olympic Gymnasts (Women)
Created by: celticpearl
Canadian Athletes at the 2012 Olympics
Created by: Tirose
Top 5000 Hits 1955-2011 (301-400, clips)
Created by: jmsr525
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