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About me:I'm Erin, and ironically not that clever. Former curator (mixed word, definition, numbers, rugby). Willing to help anyone improve any quiz or just talk about Sporcle in general. OR Twitter: @SporclerErin.
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Periodic Table
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Anything But the UK
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World's Happiest Countries (According to N. Korea)
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Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (clicky-oke)
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UK cities by Urban Dictionary definition
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Info Quiz for Keistler
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European Flag Colour Logic
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Del Boy's Dictionary
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Men's Tennis Logic Puzzle
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Flaggy Faces
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Countries of the World by Location
Created by: Colin_F_Harkins
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Animated Olympics
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Similar Flags (slideshow)
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Only Fools and Horses Test 1 - Slideshow
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Win Wimbledon! (An Interactive Quiz)
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Movies That Wouldn't Be As Good
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Inter-connecting Safe Cracker
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Now he's Literature Editor, but what came before(ver)?
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