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Hullo everyone, I am SonyHTCApple and I like all gadgets (Especially Phones)!. Please play my quizzes that I have created and please give your views and opinions on them. GOOD LUCK but the thing I want is you to have FUN!!!!
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Ancient Greece in Greek1Sep 17th, 2011
'Who wants to be a Millionaire' England1Sep 3rd, 2011
'U' Blitz1Sep 3rd, 2011
Stephen Fry's 100 Greatest Gadgets1Sep 3rd, 2011
'Who wants to be a millionaire' Maths1Sep 3rd, 2011
'Who wants to be a Millionare'NBA3Sep 3rd, 2011
Slogans for Food1Sep 2nd, 2011
The 8 Planets By Surface2Sep 2nd, 2011
Video Game Systems1Sep 2nd, 2011
100 Questions of Science1Sep 2nd, 2011
Largest UK Cities 1Sep 2nd, 2011
Car Logos (Hard)2Sep 1st, 2011
1 Word Hidden In Words3Sep 2nd, 2011
Every 2 Letter Word Minefield1Aug 31st, 2011
Most Well Known U.S. States (Minefield)1Aug 30th, 2011
Survive the Disasters!1Aug 30th, 2011
Cities with most Embassies1Aug 30th, 2011
'Who wants to be a millionaire?' Italy2Aug 31st, 2011
Stars in the reasonably priced Kia Cee'd1Aug 30th, 2011
Mini-Minefields II1Aug 29th, 2011
Solar system planets and moons1Aug 29th, 2011
Astronomy: A-Z1Aug 29th, 2011
guess the random letters1Aug 29th, 2011
Profile: Steve Jobs1Aug 29th, 2011
Car logos (advanced)3Sep 2nd, 2011
Famous Foursomes III1Aug 28th, 2011
Exotic Cars by Headlights1Aug 27th, 2011
US Presidents Birth State Minefield1Aug 21st, 2011
'Who Wants to be a Millionare' UK1Aug 21st, 2011
Daniel's Lunch Menu1Aug 20th, 2011
Human Bones1Aug 20th, 2011
Keyboard Blitz1Aug 18th, 2011
100 word typing challenge2Aug 20th, 2011
Math Homework1Aug 9th, 2011
English Words That Are Different In American1Aug 9th, 2011
Italian Cities in italian1Aug 9th, 2011
'Who wants to be a millionaire' Football5Aug 9th, 2011
US General Knowledge Quiz1Aug 8th, 2011
JLS or The Wanted1Aug 6th, 2011
Colors of the Rainbow1Aug 6th, 2011
Astronomy Close Up Pictures1Aug 6th, 2011
Celebrity Mix-Pics2Aug 6th, 2011
Car Logos1Aug 6th, 2011
Car Logos (Hard)1Aug 6th, 2011
International Car Registration Plates6Aug 7th, 2011
confusion2Aug 8th, 2011
The Idiot Test 31Aug 6th, 2011
Kings And Their Unfortunate Nicknames2Aug 8th, 2011
'Who Wants To Be A Millionare' Human Body8Aug 10th, 2011
Countries Ending With 'L'1Aug 5th, 2011
Missing Word: Fruit in the Blanks1Aug 5th, 2011
iProducts1Aug 5th, 2011
101 gadgets that changed the world1Aug 3rd, 2011
First Words of the Collins English Dictionary2Aug 9th, 2011
'Who wants to be a millionare' I.C.T3Aug 5th, 2011
Largest Countries Minefield1Aug 3rd, 2011
Video Games by Minor Characters1Aug 2nd, 2011
The 8 Planets1Aug 2nd, 2011
Top 10 Best Selling Video Game Consoles1Aug 2nd, 2011
Geography Bunker III3Aug 6th, 2011
Odd Geography1Aug 1st, 2011
A QI Quiz- Are You More Ignorant Than A 10 Year Old?2Aug 6th, 2011
'Who wants to be a millionare' Astronomy18Sep 5th, 2012
60 second blast1Jul 28th, 2011
sausage 21Jul 18th, 2011
qwerty backwards1Jul 13th, 2011
sausages1Jul 13th, 2011
Letters of the alphabet1Jul 13th, 2011
Guess Ojas' Surname1Jul 12th, 2011
what am i getting1Jul 11th, 2011
jamkit history1Jul 11th, 2011
Tinie Tempah 'Pass Out'1Jul 9th, 2011
HTC Phones1Jul 9th, 2011
French Numbers 1-202Jul 2nd, 2011
Touchscreen Tablets1Jun 29th, 2011
Sports Cars Manufacturers1Jun 27th, 2011
Phone Makes2Jun 27th, 2011