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US in the World Study Guide Map: Asia1Mar 11th, 2013
Foreign-Born Population: Thailand1Mar 3rd, 2013
Quick Sort Minefield Blitz1Mar 1st, 2013
Most Guessed Capitals A-Z1Feb 7th, 2013
Countries by Area Multiplied by Population1Feb 7th, 2013
Straight to the USA1Feb 6th, 2013
Family Guy TV Parodies1Feb 6th, 2013
Oceania's Capital Cities A-Z1Feb 1st, 2013
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot1Feb 1st, 2013
Country by Its Drink1Feb 1st, 2013
UK/US Translation Match1Jan 30th, 2013
Countries With Most Endangered Species1Jan 29th, 2013
Biggest Arms Exporters & Importers1Jan 24th, 2013
Before Battling Brock1Jan 22nd, 2013
McDonald's Global Menu Match-Up1Jan 22nd, 2013
The Simpsons Minefield2Jan 22nd, 2013
Countries of Birth - Australia1Jan 21st, 2013
Reasons why video games are stupid1Jan 21st, 2013
Too Hot! Too Cold!1Jan 16th, 2013
Yet Another Country Logic Quiz1Jan 13th, 2013
Big, but not too big, countries3Jan 10th, 2013
Countries of the World1Jan 8th, 2013
Joy to the World (Nelson Muntz's Version)1Jan 4th, 2013
Babies Named for Countries1Jan 3rd, 2013
Portuguese Speaking Countries1Jan 3rd, 2013
Famous Replacements: Geography Edition1Dec 10th, 2012
Movie Pie Charts1Dec 8th, 2012
words that don't start the way they sound1Dec 6th, 2012
Algeria's Borders' Borders1Dec 6th, 2012
Rodents in the Food Court Logic Puzzle3Dec 10th, 2012
(-)How to Make a Bad Harry Potter Quiz(-)1Dec 5th, 2012
Laos's Borders' Borders1Dec 4th, 2012
Mystery TV Show1Nov 3rd, 2012
Onomatopoeia in Real Life1Nov 2nd, 2012
“That That Is Punctuated...”1Nov 2nd, 2012
Spongebob Characters by New Season Flaws1Oct 27th, 2012
Things I Am Embarrassed To Admit I Like (Images)1Oct 27th, 2012
Guess the Beanie Baby Animal 1Oct 26th, 2012
Carmen Sandiego Logic Quest1Oct 26th, 2012
Speaking the Lingo1Oct 25th, 2012
Name One Sibling1Oct 19th, 2012
Country by Haiku1Oct 14th, 2012
Springfield Squares1Oct 7th, 2012
Geography Suggested by Google1Oct 6th, 2012
Geography Shmeography1Sep 29th, 2012
Countries With No Consulates in the U.S.1Sep 25th, 2012
Name The Most Populous...1Sep 25th, 2012
Top 15 countries most at risk for natural disasters1Sep 25th, 2012
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Harry Potter DADA quiz!1Sep 8th, 2012
Detective game: follow the clues (country)1Sep 8th, 2012
Country Beginnings by Numbers1Aug 28th, 2012
Where's Waldo?1Aug 25th, 2012
South Park - All About Butters1Aug 20th, 2012
Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part One Character Montage1Aug 17th, 2012
Languages Spoken in Australia 20111Aug 11th, 2012
I wonder what to click...1Aug 8th, 2012
Marge vs. the Monorail Character Montage1Aug 6th, 2012
22 Short Films About Springfield Character Montage1Aug 4th, 2012
Misspelled Africa Blitz1Jul 27th, 2012
TV Title Missing Person1Jun 30th, 2012
Top 15 ethnicities in U.S. states (Part I, A-L)1May 25th, 2012
Killer Countries1May 25th, 2012
Countries - A,P,R,I,L,F,O,O,L,S1Mar 29th, 2012
Drawing A Blank Disney Movies1Mar 15th, 2012
Communist Countries Today1Feb 4th, 2012
Hottest Countries on Earth1Jan 11th, 2012
Can you name the not-so-famous cities?1Dec 9th, 2011
Gotta Miss Them All - Pokémon!1Dec 7th, 2011
Countries Labeled at 2nd Farthest Zoom on Google Maps BLITZ1Jul 25th, 2011
Unique Oceania Country Traits1Jul 14th, 2011
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Character deaths on The Simpsons1Jul 14th, 2011
European Border Bash with Booby Traps1Jun 30th, 2011
Well-known Character, Obscure Name 21Jun 23rd, 2011
Geography Spelling Bee Blitz1Jun 20th, 2011
Kyrgyzstan and Borders Pattern1Jun 11th, 2011
100 Smallest Countries1Jun 11th, 2011
Most Peaceful Nations1Jun 11th, 2011
Largest Urban Areas per Continent1Jun 10th, 2011
Marsupials1May 31st, 2011
World Geography Chain 11May 31st, 2011
Name a country...1May 31st, 2011
Around the World in 12 Minutes1May 30th, 2011
Countries you NATURALLY THINK OF1May 30th, 2011
Bordering Countries Bordering Countries Bordering Spain1May 6th, 2011
Countries by Most Uncommon Letter1May 4th, 2011
Countries With Most Shark Attacks1May 4th, 2011
World Tour1May 3rd, 2011
Australian Travel Warnings1May 3rd, 2011
Country From Their Demonym!1May 3rd, 2011
English-Based Creoles1May 3rd, 2011
Cities by Smart Cards1May 2nd, 2011
Most Watched Television Broadcasts Ever (UK)1May 1st, 2011
Modern Germanic Languages1Apr 30th, 2011
Country names in USA1Apr 30th, 2011
Countries of Asia1Apr 29th, 2011
Countries of Oceania1Apr 29th, 2011
Kiwi Producing Countries1Apr 28th, 2011
Most Killed/Eaten Animals1Apr 27th, 2011
Countries that end in Y1Apr 26th, 2011
The City of New York Vs. Homer Simpson1Apr 26th, 2011
Classic Simpsons episodes1Apr 26th, 2011
Antarctic Territorial Flags1Apr 26th, 2011
Top 10 most powerful countries in Europe1Apr 25th, 2011
Title Character Movies1Apr 23rd, 2011
Countries with 4 Different Vowels1Apr 18th, 2011
More Sheep Than People!1Apr 13th, 2011
Marge vs. the Monorail Town Questions1Apr 6th, 2011
Basics of Romance Languages1Apr 2nd, 2011
America Loving Countries1Apr 2nd, 2011
Daria Trivia1Apr 1st, 2011
Countries with No Military1Mar 30th, 2011
Merged Border Countries1Mar 27th, 2011
can you name the countries that begin with i1Mar 26th, 2011
10 countries that begin with m1Mar 26th, 2011
Things you ACTUALLY naturally think of.1Mar 24th, 2011
Countries in Asia Without a Map1Mar 24th, 2011