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Answers in Common
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Book Titles by Antonym
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Children's Literature Characters
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Common Bonds
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American-Style Pub Trivia
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Book Reviews By Cat
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Polish Movie Poster Extravaganza!
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Word Patterns
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Literal Chinese Animals
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Shakespeare's Animal House
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Laddyrinth Adventure
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Rock Songs by Words in Movie Titles
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Song Opposites
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Pun-tastic Matchups
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Classic Plays from Rhyming Clues
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Word Play with Country Names
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Chess Trivia Chessboard
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No Rhyme, No Reason
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'Q' in Every Category
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SIA Puzzle Hunt: Land and Sea Adventure
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Missing Word: Anagrammed Song Pairs
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Word common to definitions
Created by: Tahnan
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Famous Politicians by Caricature
Created by: ElectricalBrain
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Periodic Table of Rejected Elements
Created by: Tahnan
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Indistinguishable on Sporcle
Created by: Tahnan
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Canadian History A-Z
Created by: treblat
Famous Paintings - What's Missing?
Created by: MrChewypoo
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Coded Message
Created by: Tahnan
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Mixed Word or Word Jumble?
Created by: druhutch
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Modern-Day Latin Coinages (Clickable)
Created by: survivor
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Shakespearean movies as we saw them
Created by: Q_Pheevr
Sung titles: Leonard Cohen
Created by: Q_Pheevr
Harry Potter in the Oxford English Dictionary
Created by: Q_Pheevr
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Not Dirty Quotes
Created by: opusthepenguin
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Phonemes of RP English
Created by: Vaurien
A _ _ K to Z _ _ K
Created by: Flick
Bard Games?
Created by: BombaySapphire
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U.S.-centric area comparisons
Created by: Q_Pheevr