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I work in Fine Arts at a university, and I enjoy quizzes that pertain to Broadway and the arts. I also love dark comedy films, television and classic rock and making lists relating to all of these things.
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Harry Potter Logic Puzzle1May 3rd, 2016
3-Word '60s Movies1Apr 18th, 2016
Saturn Award Movies by Cast (1st Half)1Mar 16th, 2016
Follow That Line: Fargo, Season 21Mar 15th, 2016
Clickable Sporcle Celebrity Jeopardy! Special1Mar 14th, 2016
Celebrity Sorting Gallery: The Tonight Show1Feb 21st, 2016
Celebrities at Disneyland1Feb 5th, 2016
Can you name the Humanish Female Characters?1Jan 31st, 2016
Actress by Three Movies IV1Jan 28th, 2016
Disney by Last Three Letters1Jan 26th, 2016
Missing Word: Julie Delpy1Jan 18th, 2016
Any Doctors in the House? (Logic Puzzle)1Jan 15th, 2016
Holiday by Pez Dispenser1Jan 8th, 2016
Leonardo DiCaprio Oscars1Jan 8th, 2016
Best actors by supporting cast1Jan 8th, 2016
Project Runway Logic Puzzle1Jan 6th, 2016
Harry Potter Logic Quiz1Jan 3rd, 2016
Finding the Friend's House (Minefield)1Dec 18th, 2015
Quick Pick Five: -ohan1Dec 17th, 2015
Countries. Name Them. Go!1Nov 30th, 2015
Clickable Sporcle Jeopardy!1Nov 24th, 2015
Actors' Tractors II1Nov 14th, 2015
TV Shows That Debuted in 19891Jul 30th, 2015
10 to 1: TV Jobs2Jul 23rd, 2015
If These Movies Were Musicals1Jul 16th, 2015
Acting Dynasties1Jun 29th, 2015
Cluedo Mystery Logic Puzzle: The Sequel1Jun 29th, 2015
Child Actor Matching 31Jun 28th, 2015
Name the celebrity.1Jun 18th, 2015
74th Hunger Games Logic Puzzle1Jun 14th, 2015
Star Wars: Characters1Jun 12th, 2015
Brooklyn Nine Nine Criteria Quiz1May 30th, 2015
Into the Woods Lyrics: No More1May 21st, 2015
World of Warcraft Logic Puzzle1May 2nd, 2015
Muppets and Celebrities: Separated at Birth1May 1st, 2015
Follow That Line: Bottle Rocket1May 1st, 2015
5-Star Rom Coms, Part 11May 1st, 2015
Too Many Vowels - Movie Titles1May 1st, 2015
Child Actor Matching 21May 1st, 2015
Movies A-Z1Apr 24th, 2015
Letter Grid Logic Puzzle II (A-Z)1Apr 22nd, 2015
College Degree Logic Puzzle1Apr 16th, 2015
Colon Clicker1Apr 15th, 2015
Disney Animal Characters1Mar 24th, 2015
The Sound of Music characters photo1Mar 24th, 2015
I'm Flying Lyrics1Mar 10th, 2015
5-Star Best Picture Winners III1Feb 24th, 2015
Famous French Actor/Actress slideshow1Feb 24th, 2015
Spanish: Body Parts1Jan 7th, 2015
Human Disney Characters (Animated)1Jan 4th, 2015
Actor/Movie Match1Jan 1st, 2015
Stefon Movie Reviews1Dec 22nd, 2014
5-Star Star Trek1Dec 22nd, 2014
Christmas Carol Slot Machine, Part 31Dec 22nd, 2014
Disney Shooting Gallery1Dec 17th, 2014
Celebrities Whose First Name Starts With J1Dec 17th, 2014
5-Star Music Knowledge1Dec 10th, 2014
5+5 Movie titles - Map matching1Dec 9th, 2014
10 to 1 Beatles Countdown3Dec 10th, 2014
Missing Word: Meg Ryan1Dec 1st, 2014
Has This Actor Been Struck By a Vehicle On Screen?1Nov 18th, 2014
Logic Numbers 1 - 1501Nov 8th, 2014
Missing Word: Sam Rockwell1Nov 6th, 2014
Pie or Lie?1Nov 4th, 2014
Names That Sound Familiar1Nov 3rd, 2014
Halloween Quiz1Nov 2nd, 2014
Mixed Word: Bad Halloween Treats1Nov 1st, 2014
Missing Word: Kathy Bates1Oct 29th, 2014
Actor-Movie Connections I1Oct 27th, 2014
Disney Song Slot Machine1Oct 24th, 2014
Knight Logic Puzzle1Oct 23rd, 2014
10 to 1 Shooting Gallery: Classic Films2Sep 24th, 2014
Movie Title Hangman1Sep 13th, 2014
The Great Elimination Mystery!1Sep 5th, 2014
Movie Duo Match, Part 21Aug 27th, 2014
Movie Duo Match1Aug 22nd, 2014
Guess the Actress! 21Jul 22nd, 2014
Portlandia Milks1Jul 22nd, 2014
Frank Underwood Quotes II1Jul 21st, 2014
Video Game Jokes2Aug 11th, 2014
Supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus?1Jul 16th, 2014
More Embarrassing Superhero GIFs1Jun 30th, 2014
Disney Star Figures1Jun 20th, 2014
Movie Death Haikus1Jun 16th, 2014
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (Slideshow)1Jun 11th, 2014
Click-n-Fill: 7-Letter Movies1Jun 10th, 2014
'The Player' Cameos1Jun 10th, 2014
Join the Gang: Movie Character Grab Bag1Jun 9th, 2014
Actors Sharing a Character1Jun 3rd, 2014
Young Oscar Winners1May 31st, 2014
Instrument Logic Quiz1May 28th, 2014
Old Testament Logic Game1May 28th, 2014
Movies Currently Not in Theatres1May 24th, 2014
Categorize the Countries1May 22nd, 2014
QUICK! Set the Table1May 12th, 2014
Disney Character Slot Machine 31May 1st, 2014
Bluth Family Tree1Apr 30th, 2014
50 Best Movies of the '90s1Apr 30th, 2014
States with the Worst Roads1Apr 28th, 2014
Musicals by Female Characters1Apr 25th, 2014
X-Men: Days of Future Partying Logic Puzzle1Apr 23rd, 2014
Sounds the Same: Movies and Actors1Apr 17th, 2014
Disney Characters1Apr 14th, 2014
Celebrity Guests on 'What's My Line' (video)1Apr 12th, 2014
Broadway Song Sort 181Apr 11th, 2014
10 to 1 movie countdown V1Mar 31st, 2014
Broadway Song Sort 31Mar 29th, 2014
Click 5: Movies Featuring 'D' Actors1Mar 24th, 2014
Seussical Characters1Mar 24th, 2014
Banned Books by Author and Characters1Mar 2nd, 2014
Follow that line: Brooklyn Nine-Nine1Mar 1st, 2014
Missing Word: Maureen O'Hara1Feb 28th, 2014
Simple Math Trick1Feb 26th, 2014
Broadway Casts of Characters 171Feb 25th, 2014
Which Academy Award Did they win?1Feb 21st, 2014
Sporcle Crossword Quest1Feb 9th, 2014
Mean Tweets About Celebrities1Feb 8th, 2014
Spelling U4Benchmark1Feb 8th, 2014
2010s Featured Artists One-Hit Wonders in the US1Feb 8th, 2014
Jack Lemmon Characters1Feb 7th, 2014
Characters in Wes Anderson Films1Jan 30th, 2014
MLB Teams In ABC Order1Jan 27th, 2014
Away We Go Follow the Quote1Jan 27th, 2014
Follow That Line: The Importance of Being Earnest1Jan 11th, 2014
Tim Burton Movies without HBC1Jan 10th, 2014
Name the price!1Jan 10th, 2014
Follow That Line: Sleepless in Seattle1Jan 7th, 2014
All Time Movie and TV Slideshow Quiz1Jan 3rd, 2014
Broadway Characters by Musical 21Jan 3rd, 2014
The Office Olympics Logic Puzzle3May 1st, 2015
Astaire's Dance Partners1Jan 3rd, 2014
6 degrees1Jan 2nd, 2014
The Incredibles Follow by Line1Dec 28th, 2013
Home Alone Traps1Dec 28th, 2013
Secret Santa Logic Puzzle 21Dec 26th, 2013
Muppets Twelve Days of Christmas Voices1Dec 23rd, 2013
Follow That Line: Diamonds Are Forever1Dec 20th, 2013
Movies in Common1Dec 17th, 2013
Animal Sorting Blitz1Dec 9th, 2013
George Clooney Characters by Description1Dec 4th, 2013
Follow that Line: A Charlie Brown Christmas1Dec 3rd, 2013
Broadway Casts of Characters 41Nov 25th, 2013
Broadway Casts of Characters 31Nov 25th, 2013
Broadway main Character1Nov 24th, 2013
Finish the Into the Woods Quote1Nov 24th, 2013
TV and Movies1Nov 9th, 2013
South Park who said that line1Nov 8th, 2013
5-Star Movie Actors IV1Nov 6th, 2013
Name that Musical1Nov 5th, 2013
Oscar Nominations 10-11Nov 2nd, 2013
Favorite Songs of 300 Sporclers1Oct 31st, 2013
Favorite Films of 300 Sporclers1Oct 31st, 2013
Follow That Lyric: West Side Story1Oct 25th, 2013
Halloween Character Sorting1Oct 23rd, 2013
Follow That Line: The Cosby Show1Oct 14th, 2013
Things that are white and/or can be1Oct 12th, 2013
SNL Sketch-Character Match1Oct 9th, 2013
Follow That Line: Tootsie1Oct 7th, 2013
Honeymoon Safari Logic1Oct 5th, 2013
1-36 Logic Puzzle1Oct 3rd, 2013
Name That Movie By Actor2Oct 3rd, 2013
Mixed Word: Shakespearean Characters1Sep 4th, 2013
Entertaining Puppets1Aug 1st, 2013
6 Sitcoms: Character's Occupation1Jul 30th, 2013
Disney Trivia1Jul 27th, 2013
Mel Brooks Movie Quotes1Jul 27th, 2013
'Baby Got Back' in Movies1Jul 25th, 2013
Disney princesses1Jul 24th, 2013
Top 100 Actors of Alltime1Jul 24th, 2013
Movie antonyms1Jul 20th, 2013
Missing Word: Best Actor (Musical/Comedy)1Jul 18th, 2013
Kind of Obscure Movie Quotes Vol. 171Jul 16th, 2013
Movies by Character1Jul 14th, 2013
Vowel-less Broadway Musicals1Jul 12th, 2013
All the People Amanda Bynes has deem ugly.1Jul 12th, 2013
Musicals1Jul 12th, 2013
TV shows starring people who are now movie stars1Jul 12th, 2013
Word Ladder: Comedy Duos1Jul 12th, 2013
MST3K Many Names of David Ryder2Jul 10th, 2013
Disney Lyrics: After Today1Jul 3rd, 2013
Romeo And Juliet Characters1Jul 2nd, 2013
Vacation Logic Puzzle1Jul 2nd, 2013
Follow That Line: The Losers1Jun 18th, 2013
What are these fruits called1Jun 17th, 2013
Famous Faces with Tom Selleck's mustache1Jun 13th, 2013
Will & Grace Logic Puzzle1Jun 12th, 2013
Movies by quote1Jun 12th, 2013
Hey baby, wanna come back to my sex ___?1Jun 11th, 2013
Arrested Development Character Slot Machine3Jun 12th, 2013
Sixteen Candles Characters1Jun 10th, 2013
Crazy Number Logic Puzzle II1Jun 10th, 2013
Tolkien Races (Clickable)1Jun 8th, 2013
Ridiculous Sequel Names1Jun 7th, 2013
Categorize the Colors3Aug 30th, 2013
Verona's Prince (Clickable Shakespeare)1Jun 6th, 2013
Guess the Quintet: West Side Story1Jun 5th, 2013
Missing Word: Friends Episodes2Oct 30th, 2014
GOB Word Ladder1Jun 5th, 2013
Follow That Line: Zach Galifianakis1Jun 4th, 2013
'It's a Jungle Out There' Click-a-Long1Jun 3rd, 2013
Sitcom Wives and Kids1Jun 2nd, 2013
Word Ladder: Tony Awards1Jun 2nd, 2013
Sporcle User Typing Challenge II1Jun 2nd, 2013
Television Shows Set in Seattle1Jun 1st, 2013
One Oscar Goes To... (Part 1)1May 31st, 2013
SNL Actors Movie Match1May 29th, 2013
Dessert Logic Puzzle1May 29th, 2013
Word Ladder: TV Ad Executive1May 28th, 2013
Who are these actors 3 (images)1May 27th, 2013
The Six Ingredients of Coca-Cola1May 24th, 2013
Greek Gods and Goddesses1May 23rd, 2013
Follow That Line - Leon1May 23rd, 2013
Street Names in St. Louis1May 22nd, 2013
Famous & Infamous: Movie Villains1May 21st, 2013
Follow That Line... Twice: 30 Rock1May 20th, 2013
Groups of 31May 17th, 2013
Superhero Movie Actors1May 17th, 2013
Follow That Line: Mary Poppins1May 16th, 2013
Multiple Guess Seinfeld1May 16th, 2013
Follow That Lyric: Guys & Dolls1May 15th, 2013
Follow That Line: Borat1May 13th, 2013
Name the Actors1May 13th, 2013
Mythological Gods & Goddesses1May 9th, 2013
Novel Logic Puzzle1May 8th, 2013
Follow That Line: Robin Hood - Men in Tights1May 6th, 2013
Heroes/Villains Movie Match-up1May 6th, 2013
Logic: 80s Video Game2May 9th, 2013
Forms of the Same Name: P1May 1st, 2013
Can you name the Batman villains?1May 1st, 2013
Clicky-oke: Carry on Wayward Son1Apr 30th, 2013
Broadway Logic Puzzle5May 1st, 2015
Connecting movie titles (Missing Word Ladder)1Apr 28th, 2013
Better Book Titles II1Apr 18th, 2013
Follow That Line... Twice: Parks & Recreation1Apr 18th, 2013
Triple Chance Disney Lyrics1Apr 17th, 2013
Drum Intros1Apr 13th, 2013
Wrong & Too Long Book Titles1Apr 13th, 2013
Musicals In Other Words1Apr 11th, 2013
Follow That Line: Pushing Daisies1Apr 10th, 2013
Can you name the answers before time runs out?1Apr 1st, 2013
Movie Words in Common1Mar 20th, 2013
The Drowsy Chaperone Characters1Mar 19th, 2013
Name the Produced Product1Mar 18th, 2013
Glee, Smash or Neither1Mar 17th, 2013
'I've Been Framed!' Logic Puzzle1Mar 17th, 2013
Letterman Top Ten Lists1Mar 15th, 2013
Into the Woods Characters by Lyrics1Mar 13th, 2013
Broadway Character Surnames1Mar 11th, 2013
Pie Dessert Names1Mar 11th, 2013
Dutch Disney1Mar 9th, 2013
Sad Animals1Mar 8th, 2013
Guess the Musical 4 (Clips): Non-English Musicals1Mar 6th, 2013
50 Sitcoms by Male Actor1Mar 5th, 2013
Guess the Quartet: Into the Woods1Mar 5th, 2013
Best Picture Decade Match 21Mar 4th, 2013
The Star-Spangled Banner1Mar 4th, 2013
Clickable Actors/Actresses1Mar 1st, 2013
50 States NO MAP!1Mar 1st, 2013
Super Spies1Mar 1st, 2013
Sporcle Puzzle Hunt: Holiday1Feb 28th, 2013
Follow That Line: Murder by Death1Feb 28th, 2013
Typical Breakfasts1Feb 28th, 2013
Follow That Line: SNL1Feb 27th, 2013
Follow That Line: Hitchcock Edition1Feb 27th, 2013
Film 'Opposites'1Feb 26th, 2013
Follow That Line: Gangster Edition1Feb 26th, 2013
The Bible Logic Puzzle1Feb 23rd, 2013
I Went To The Supermarket and Bought1Feb 16th, 2013
Follow That Line: The Sandlot1Feb 16th, 2013
Broadway Musical Slot Machine 11Feb 16th, 2013
FRIENDS Who Did It...1Feb 15th, 2013
Broadway Characters by Musical1Feb 14th, 2013
Shakespearean Love Match3Apr 11th, 2013
Flower Logic Puzzle1Feb 13th, 2013
Follow That Line: Horror Edition1Feb 13th, 2013
Song Beginnings Slot Machine1Feb 13th, 2013
85 Years of Oscar Best Pictures1Feb 12th, 2013
Who is the actor? 31Feb 9th, 2013
Follow That Line: Fargo1Feb 9th, 2013
Match the Lyrics, Song, and Show1Feb 9th, 2013
Singer/Song Match-Up1Feb 8th, 2013
Follow That Line: The Wizard of Oz1Feb 6th, 2013
Can you pick the Jodie Foster movies?1Feb 3rd, 2013
Ted Mosby or John Dorian?1Feb 1st, 2013
Broadway's Lists1Jan 31st, 2013
Friends Tv Quiz1Jan 30th, 2013
Follow That Line: Jurassic Park1Jan 30th, 2013
Only Oscar Nominations1Jan 29th, 2013
Follow That Line: Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy1Jan 25th, 2013
Guess the Guys and Dolls Trio1Jan 23rd, 2013
Movie stars by Urban Dictionary definition1Jan 22nd, 2013
Movie Narrator Match1Jan 21st, 2013
Cereal Mascots1Jan 19th, 2013
4 letter words1Jan 19th, 2013
1-991Jan 19th, 2013
Name the Sex and the City Gals1Jan 16th, 2013
things you need to live1Jan 13th, 2013
Coen Brothers Keywords1Jan 9th, 2013
characters in disney movies1Jan 8th, 2013
Woody Allen Keywords1Jan 7th, 2013
Movie Musical by Clip 21Dec 31st, 2012
Family Guy Trivia1Dec 31st, 2012
Sister Wives Logic Puzzle1Dec 30th, 2012
click the multiple1Dec 28th, 2012
Born in South Carolina1Dec 26th, 2012
States by Quarter Description1Dec 25th, 2012
Kiddy Lit by Characters1Dec 25th, 2012
Nursery Rhymes1Dec 25th, 2012
Christmas Trivia Time!1Dec 25th, 2012
Read It and Hum: Christmas Carol Edition1Dec 21st, 2012
Actors with Double Letters: A-Z1Dec 21st, 2012
Countries with swag1Dec 14th, 2012
Disney Princces names1Dec 11th, 2012
20 Best Christmas Movies1Dec 11th, 2012
A Minute to Win it!1Dec 2nd, 2012
3 routes through the USA1Dec 1st, 2012
Movie Franchises by Gross and Fresh Rating1Nov 30th, 2012
Rings, Thrones, or Potter?1Nov 29th, 2012
Names of countries1Nov 29th, 2012
Christmas Clip (Redux)1Nov 28th, 2012
Danish-English Name Dictionary1Nov 28th, 2012
Monoply money prices1Nov 28th, 2012
Finish the Psych line (Next three seasons)1Nov 26th, 2012
Follow That Line: The Lion King1Nov 21st, 2012
States Without 'A'1Nov 21st, 2012
Broadway: As Good As Its Similes1Nov 13th, 2012
Totally Fabricated State Origins1Nov 13th, 2012
Numbers 1-1001Nov 11th, 2012
Follow That Lyric: Chicago1Nov 6th, 2012
Literal Girls Names1Oct 27th, 2012
Follow That Lyric: Wicked1Oct 26th, 2012
SNL Politicians1Oct 25th, 2012
Follow That Lyric: The Sound of Music1Oct 25th, 2012
follow that line: Star Trek 20091Oct 24th, 2012
Follow That Line: Hocus Pocus1Oct 24th, 2012
Broadway Shows by Antonym1Oct 23rd, 2012
Broadway Musicals with Title Songs1Oct 22nd, 2012
Clickable 1-100 Roman Numerals In Order1Oct 19th, 2012
Match the song to the artist1Oct 18th, 2012
Follow that Lyric: Les Mis1Oct 17th, 2012
Jim Carrey Characters1Oct 6th, 2012
Follow That Lyric: Rent1Oct 6th, 2012
Follow That Line: Friends1Oct 1st, 2012
Fiction or Nonfiction1Sep 30th, 2012
Follow That Lyric: Movie Musicals1Sep 26th, 2012
Movie Titles Said in Movie1Sep 24th, 2012
What Job did Homer have? (Part One)2Sep 26th, 2012
The First 151Sep 19th, 2012
Follow That Line: Auntie Mame1Sep 18th, 2012
James Bond Ripostes1Sep 16th, 2012
Mario Enemy Minefield1Sep 10th, 2012
Don't Cry For Me Argentina (clicky-oke)1Sep 10th, 2012
Giant Word Ladder #2 (Clickable)1Sep 2nd, 2012
Odd Character Out (Clickable Shakespeare)1Aug 24th, 2012
Friends- who said what?1Aug 24th, 2012
Musical/Film by Sondheim Lyric (clickable)1Aug 22nd, 2012
Ryan Lochte or Hansel from Zoolander1Aug 17th, 2012
Follow That Line: Daria1Aug 17th, 2012
Follow That Line: Clueless1Aug 14th, 2012
Follow That Line: Whose Line is it Anyway?1Aug 12th, 2012
Disney Character by Song1Aug 9th, 2012
Sweeney Todd Characters1Aug 8th, 2012
Clickable Concentration1Aug 8th, 2012
Follow that Line: Flight of the Conchords1Aug 4th, 2012
Men of High Standing (clickable)1Aug 4th, 2012
Follow That Line: Airplane!1Aug 1st, 2012
Follow That Line: Top Gun1Jul 17th, 2012
Musicals with Court Trials1Jul 16th, 2012
Mixed Word: Pixar Movies1Jul 15th, 2012
Follow That Line: The IT Crowd2Jul 19th, 2012
Movie Poster Monotony1Jul 14th, 2012
Click on Sporcle1Jul 14th, 2012
Actors Before Talkies1Jul 14th, 2012
True Colors1Jul 11th, 2012
x-men in the movies1Jul 10th, 2012
Disney Couple Names1Jul 6th, 2012
Months and Number of Days in Months Blitz1Jul 5th, 2012
Hitchcock Keywords1Jul 4th, 2012
Turn! Turn! Turn! Click! Click! Click!1Jul 3rd, 2012
Disney movie antonyms1Jul 3rd, 2012
name that movie1Jul 1st, 2012
Shakespeare protagonists1Jun 15th, 2012
Common Muppets Names1Jun 14th, 2012
Fill in the blank Movie Titles1Jun 13th, 2012
AFI Heroes and Villains1Jun 13th, 2012
Seven Dwarfs (Clickable)1Jun 12th, 2012
Numbers in Broadway Songs1Jun 12th, 2012
Broadway Word Ladder1Jun 12th, 2012
Real or Fake: Pixar Movies (Blitz)1Jun 11th, 2012
To Click or Not To Click1Jun 10th, 2012
Click Andrew Lloyd Webber's Shows2Jun 12th, 2012
Animated Movies Blitz1Jun 6th, 2012
Greatest Muppet ever1Jun 6th, 2012
Movies by Muppet Poster1Jun 6th, 2012
The Muppets1Jun 6th, 2012
Named the oscar's best films by year (clikcable)1Jun 4th, 2012
Mansfield Park characters1Jun 1st, 2012
Mythical Creatures1May 31st, 2012
Arrested Development famous quotes1May 30th, 2012
Missing Movie Military Ranks1May 30th, 2012
Goombario's Tattle Guide1May 30th, 2012
Original Broadway Roles1May 30th, 2012
OBC Broadway Actors1May 28th, 2012
Muppets Trivia1May 23rd, 2012
Oklahoma OK! Lyrics1May 23rd, 2012
New Typing Test!1May 23rd, 2012
Murderous Minefield1May 23rd, 2012
US States (Redux)1May 23rd, 2012
All London Underground Stations1May 22nd, 2012
Chapter 6 Verbal Learning1May 22nd, 2012
Movie Title Missing Person1May 18th, 2012
South Park Trivia (100 Questions)1May 18th, 2012
States by Movies1May 12th, 2012
Four of a Kind - U.S. States2Jul 9th, 2012
AFI's 100 Heroes and Villains: Heroes1May 11th, 2012
Hamlet To Be or Not To Be Fill in the Blank1May 1st, 2012
Which Arrested Development character...1Apr 30th, 2012
Arrested Development Name Chain (Clickable)1Apr 26th, 2012