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Which game scored higher on 12th, 2012
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Half life 2 chapters you find weapons {clickable}3May 21st, 2012
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Age of Empires II Units2Feb 7th, 2013
All Things SimCity (Original)1Dec 22nd, 2011
All the Countries1Dec 22nd, 2011
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B1Dec 21st, 2011
Countries by Meanings1Dec 21st, 2011
Youngest World Leaders1Dec 21st, 2011
Capitals by Meanings1Dec 21st, 2011
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Countries with TOP500 Supercomputers1Dec 19th, 2011
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Can You Name All 10 Ke$ha Songs?1Dec 18th, 2011
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Lonely Island Song By Line1Dec 17th, 2011
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Named Books1Dec 3rd, 2011
Protagonists by Novel1Dec 3rd, 2011
Official 2012 Presidential Candidates1Nov 25th, 2011
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100 Novelists1Oct 30th, 2011
D.H. Lawrence Novels1Oct 27th, 2011
Hand Drawn Movies1Oct 23rd, 2011
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Emperors of Rome1Apr 7th, 2011
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James Bond Theme Songs1Feb 9th, 2011
Ubuntu Default Applications1Feb 9th, 2011
Esperanto: 20 commonest English words1Feb 5th, 2011
James Bond Locales1Feb 4th, 2011
Esperanto Numbers1Feb 4th, 2011
Ebony and Ivory1Dec 10th, 2010
Flags of non sovereign countries1Nov 30th, 2010
Largest Islands by Country1Nov 27th, 2010
Musical Instruments A to Z1Nov 24th, 2010
4 common neighbors1Nov 24th, 2010
Chilean Cities and Communes1Nov 24th, 2010
Countries at War1Nov 22nd, 2010
Countries with Most Zoos1Nov 22nd, 2010
Video Game Quotes1Nov 21st, 2010
Splinter Cell Characters2Nov 21st, 2010
Ending conditions in chess1Nov 21st, 2010
Playing Cards1Nov 21st, 2010
Card Suits1Nov 21st, 2010
Random geography 1Nov 21st, 2010
Countries with Multiple Capitals1Nov 21st, 2010
The Anti-Harry Potter1Nov 20th, 2010
Genesis Albums1Nov 19th, 2010
100 Most Populous Islands1Nov 19th, 2010
Not America-Centric1Nov 17th, 2010
straight to Russia1Nov 17th, 2010
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Who Died Here on This Date? Part II1Nov 16th, 2010
Modern countries of the Achaemenid empire1Nov 16th, 2010
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'T' geography sampler1Nov 15th, 2010
Countries traveling from India to London1Nov 15th, 2010
World's Total Pipeline Length1Nov 15th, 2010
Find That Country: Hot or Cold VII4Sep 28th, 2012
No Airport Countries1Nov 15th, 2010
movie by picture (intimate scene)1Nov 15th, 2010
Walking in the dark1Nov 15th, 2010
The best (and worst) read US states1Nov 15th, 2010
Fruit Producing Countries1Nov 14th, 2010
10 most misspelled words L to M1Nov 14th, 2010
Countries with the most Pakistanis1Nov 14th, 2010
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Straight Line from Italy4Nov 20th, 2010
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Typing Test1Nov 14th, 2010
famous ryans 1Nov 14th, 2010
Floodable World Capitals1Nov 14th, 2010
Largest/Smallest Countries per Continent1Nov 14th, 2010
Who Owns This Territory 3 (easy)1Nov 14th, 2010
Home Cities of Age of Empires 32May 11th, 2012
Fewest Internet Hosts1Nov 13th, 2010
Official Names of Countries1Nov 13th, 2010
20 Iconic Photographs (with warning)1Nov 13th, 2010
Modern Country Names1Nov 13th, 2010
Countries A-Z1Nov 13th, 2010
Know Your Memes II1Nov 13th, 2010
Videogame Final Bosses1Nov 13th, 2010
Fifa October World Ranking1Nov 13th, 2010
Which Athlete Doesn't Fit?1Nov 12th, 2010
Fastest Internet Countries1Nov 12th, 2010
Straight to the USA1Nov 12th, 2010
Largest Empires by World Percentage1Nov 12th, 2010
Sport by Boundary Lines1Nov 12th, 2010
Country Quiz: Ascension Island1Nov 12th, 2010
Giant Borders1Nov 12th, 2010
Countries hosting most refugees 2Nov 12th, 2010
2-word world capitals2Nov 12th, 2010
Geography Grab Bag: Europe1Nov 12th, 2010
Rock Paper Scissors!!!1Nov 11th, 2010
Rock! Paper! Scissors! Lizard! Spock!1Nov 11th, 2010
Global Cities1Nov 10th, 2010
Peggle Masters Specials1Nov 10th, 2010
Most Dangerous Countries For Journalists1Nov 10th, 2010
Countries ending in A but not IA1Nov 9th, 2010
Borders of Non-Sporcle Countries4Oct 11th, 2014
Countries Sponsoring Terrorisim1Nov 9th, 2010
'IN' Countries1Nov 7th, 2010
Countries by Wikipedia facts (2/5)1Nov 7th, 2010
Unique Starting Letter for Countries1Nov 7th, 2010
UnPatriotic Presidents1Nov 4th, 2010
One-Word Countries ending in 'an'1Nov 4th, 2010
countries of the world with a clue1Nov 4th, 2010
Exact Same Borders4Nov 15th, 2010
World Countries With The Most Forest Area1Nov 4th, 2010
Nearest Countries With The Same Initial1Nov 4th, 2010
Hogwarts Professors1Nov 3rd, 2010
The Stan Quiz1Nov 3rd, 2010
The Easy Quiz 21Nov 3rd, 2010
Countries Bordering the Same Countries2Nov 4th, 2010
Songs About Memphis, Tennessee1Nov 3rd, 2010
Around the world in 60 seconds *HARD*1Nov 3rd, 2010
Most powerful countries1Nov 3rd, 2010
World Hops Production ...mmm Beer!1Nov 2nd, 2010
After They Were...DEAD!1Nov 1st, 2010
Languages Spoken in Australia1Nov 1st, 2010
Towns in Denmark1Nov 1st, 2010
Mystery Countries (Global Edition)1Nov 1st, 2010
Top Three Countries: Europe1Oct 31st, 2010
'Meaning Of Life' Scenes - What's Missing?1Oct 30th, 2010
Short border countries relative to size1Oct 30th, 2010
Clockwise Around Countries1Oct 30th, 2010
6 Gifts Men Hate to Receive1Oct 30th, 2010
☽ Best Cities for Trick-or-Treating ☾1Oct 30th, 2010
Populous Island Nations1Oct 29th, 2010
Number of Borders by Continent8May 4th, 2013
The Frankenstein Country!1Oct 29th, 2010
20 Least Populated Countries of the World1Oct 29th, 2010
Wrong Football Continent1Oct 29th, 2010
Top Ten Feature Film Production Nations1Oct 28th, 2010
News Stories 1900-20001Oct 28th, 2010
the nationality of Man U's 2010 1st Team1Oct 28th, 2010
Top 10 Cell Phone Manufacturers1Oct 28th, 2010
Biggest Cities in Denmark2Nov 2nd, 2011
Unknown Country5Nov 7th, 2010
Deadliest 20th Century Wars1Oct 27th, 2010
Alphabetically Between Capitals1Oct 20th, 2010
Least developed Countries outside Africa1Oct 19th, 2010
Yellow in Video Games1Oct 19th, 2010
Countries with Limited Recognition1Oct 16th, 2010
Famous Doctors1Oct 16th, 2010
Unscramble Europe1Oct 16th, 2010
the smiley quiz1Oct 16th, 2010
Recommend a Book!1Oct 16th, 2010
Age of Empires Series Civilizations3Oct 11th, 2014
Adventure Quest1Oct 16th, 2010
Z: Capital-Country Doubles1Oct 16th, 2010
US States Named After Individuals1Oct 16th, 2010
Geography SA to SZ1Oct 16th, 2010
Opening lyrics1Oct 16th, 2010
Monty Python French Insults1Oct 15th, 2010
different credit cards, and card endorsers1Oct 15th, 2010
Birth Defects1Oct 15th, 2010
World's Largest Countries1Oct 15th, 2010
World Geography1Oct 15th, 2010
Chapters of the Half-Life series1Oct 15th, 2010
HL and Portal characters1Oct 15th, 2010
Countries in German1Oct 15th, 2010
Movies based on songs in them1Oct 14th, 2010
most dangerous airports1Oct 14th, 2010
Medieval Literature Quotes1Oct 14th, 2010
Top Ten European Travel Destinations1Oct 14th, 2010
Top Guessed Countries1Oct 14th, 2010
One Vowel Countries1Oct 13th, 2010
'Countries' not on Sporcle1Oct 13th, 2010
runescape areas1Oct 13th, 2010
Country Capital Length2Oct 12th, 2010
Islands of multiple countries1Oct 12th, 2010
Left 4 Dead Items1Oct 12th, 2010
Major European Cities1Oct 12th, 2010
Progressively Tougher Border Route II3Oct 14th, 2010
Country that...1Oct 11th, 2010
Foreign Lyrics in Pop Songs1Oct 11th, 2010
Orange in Video Games1Oct 11th, 2010
Occasions in which to wear a tie1Oct 8th, 2010
Left 4 Dead Infected1Oct 8th, 2010
Left 4 Dead Campaigns1Oct 8th, 2010
City States in Civilization V1Oct 8th, 2010
Definition of Trust1Oct 8th, 2010
Pieces that Checkmate1Oct 7th, 2010
Lake Bordering Countries1Oct 7th, 2010
Playing Cards and Suits1Oct 7th, 2010
Names of Peopl1Oct 7th, 2010
Korean War Trivia1Oct 7th, 2010
World Population 20501Oct 6th, 2010
Top 25 Visited Web Sites in America1Oct 6th, 2010
Open Source Software and Language Logos1Oct 6th, 2010
Languages of South Africa1Oct 6th, 2010
Agency Acronyms1Oct 6th, 2010
PacMan1Oct 6th, 2010
Video Game Currencies1Oct 6th, 2010
History by Bobblehead1Oct 6th, 2010
Troops in Afghanistan1Oct 6th, 2010
Multi 'U' Countries1Oct 5th, 2010
Name that country2Oct 4th, 2010
Progressively Tougher Border Route6Oct 12th, 2010
No Visa Required (US)1Oct 2nd, 2010
Deepest Oceans and Seas1Oct 2nd, 2010
Bioshock2Oct 14th, 2010
Standard FPS Controls1Sep 28th, 2010
Bordering Countries II1Sep 26th, 2010
Linux Distributions1Sep 18th, 2010
Inventions of the Century 1Sep 18th, 2010
Mainland Asian coastline by country1Sep 18th, 2010
World's Richest Football Clubs1Sep 15th, 2010
Big And Uninhabited1Sep 15th, 2010
Danish Words1Sep 13th, 2010
Largest Cities in the Eastern Bloc1Sep 12th, 2010
Standalone AP Cities1Sep 12th, 2010
Half-Life weapons1Sep 7th, 2010
Half Life 2, and it's expansion's chapters1Sep 7th, 2010
The Impossible Quiz1Sep 5th, 2010
Modern World Leaders A-Z1May 11th, 2010
Empire Magazine Top 10s (2010)1Apr 24th, 2010
Best reviewed PC games1Apr 21st, 2010
Valve Games2Oct 24th, 2010
Half Life 1 Chapters 1Apr 21st, 2010
Tosca Characters1Apr 21st, 2010
Hitman: Blood Money Disguises1Apr 20th, 2010