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Profile: Calvin and Hobbes
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Pokémon Theme
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Country Quiz: MORDOR
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LOTR vs Harry Potter
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Book Reviews By Cat
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Drug or Pokémon?
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Wild Word Spiral III
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Most Influential People Who Never Lived
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Ultimate Elder Scrolls Oblivion Quiz
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Countries grouped by letter
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The Mysterious Ticking Noise
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PokemonSpriteMaster! #5 Gen 1 (Picture)
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Things Sandal Can Do in Dragon Age
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Who's that Pokémon?
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Mulan: Be a Man!
Created by: SenorSeanler
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How to make a bad Sporcle quiz
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Disney's Periodic Table of Elements
Created by: Ellix
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Elder Scrolls IV Ingredients
Created by: PJsg1009
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My Little Pop Icons 2 (pics)
Created by: FearTheManatee
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Homestuck player details
Created by: Sorceror_Nobody
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Pokemon Types (Gen 5)
Created by: darksarcasm
Follow That Line: Jim Gaffigan
Created by: Puzzgal
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