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Shakespeare Plays
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Periodic Table
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Top Food Chains (US)
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Top MLB Starting Nines (by WAR)
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Top Moneymaking US Magazines
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MLB Players with 200+ Home Runs
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120 AP Literary Terms
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AL Teams' All-Time Lineups
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200 Best Career WAR's in MLB
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Investing Acronyms
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MLB Players with 2000+ Hits
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MLB Best All-Time Franchise Starting Nines (by WAR)
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⚛ All 649 Pokémon ⚛
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MLB All-Time WAR Pitching Rotations
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Members of the Swoodilypoopers
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Top 500 HR Hitters ★ Flash Quiz ★
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Ultimate US City ★ Map Quiz ★
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1000 Largest US Cities ★ Google Maps ★
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Tallest Buildings in New York City
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MLB Top 1000 Career HR's ★ Scores Flash ★
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MLB 2000-13 Most Common Starters ★ Flash ★
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