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Historical US City Populations
Favorited by 34 users
Alphabetical Capitals
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50 Riddles
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Populous Towns in the 14th Century (England)
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Words About Words
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Spelling Test: U.S. vs British English
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Element Symbols Ending in Vowels
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HTML Color Names
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Word Ladder: Mild Expletives
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Flags of the World: Progressively Harder
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The Onion: Our Dumb World Countries
Created by: cardspartan
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Rhymes with 'Tough'
Created by: jamesj0324
Greek & Latin Roots
Created by: Treverbeast454
Mixed Word: Stuck in the Middle 'C'
Created by: bowsntoys
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☰ Scrabbler ☰
Created by: tobley
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Created by: tobley
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Slice It!
Created by: HenryFieldstone
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Rhetorical Figures & Devices (Clickable)
Created by: iglew
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All Current Sporcle Curators
Created by: NYYanks
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Criteria Languages
Created by: mic747
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It's ..... Monty Python's Flying Slideshow (lyrics)
Created by: needapausebutton
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Countries of the World... In Italian (Redux)
Created by: Mateo56
13-Letter Vocabulary (Hard)
Created by: Scott
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Valentine's Day Translation Mayhem
Created by: CCCP
January Language Match-up
Created by: khands
Top 20 Unusually Long and Interesting Words
Created by: popestcyril
Words People Look Up and Why!
Created by: popestcyril
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Top 10 Words for Unusual Colors Worth Looking At
Created by: popestcyril
Add-a-Letter Word Equations (A-Z)
Created by: Purple_Parrot
Top Most Used Four-Letter Words in English
Created by: longboard
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Homonym Slideshow II
Created by: slipkid
Rhymes with CUFF
Created by: eyes355
Starts with 'Th'
Created by: catwoman0526
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'Religious' Expressions (Missing Word)
Created by: triviahappy
Match the Middles
Created by: mrsmith
Word Vetting
Created by: manonthemoon
S-P-O-R-C-L-E Wheel of Fortune
Created by: jamesj0324
'Brain' Words and Phrases
Created by: sproutcm
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Get Rid of BO
Created by: mrsmith
Thank You: A Languages Word Cloud (Map)
Created by: william2
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Ec-chhh! Another 'Begins With' Quiz! (EC)
Created by: caramba
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Shortest Words A-Z
Created by: teggers
'Sorting tHat' Blitz: -LY Words
Created by: jyrops
Three-Letter Words Ending in 'W'
Created by: minshkins
European National Anthems by translated first line
Created by: BGCollector
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Up, Down, In or Out? II
Created by: danmart1n
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