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NCAA FBS Nicknames
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Baseball Hall of Fame Members
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MLB Hitting Streaks
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MLB Stolen Base Leaders (Career)
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MLB Cy Young Winners
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College World Series
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MLB Retired Jerseys
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ESPN Greatest Athletes
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MLB Walk Leaders
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NCAA FBS Colleges
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NFL 100 Yard Rushers (2008)
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Opening Day Lineups: Pirates
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MLB World Series Winning Managers
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NFL Super Bowl Passers
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MLB All-Stars (2000s)
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Rose Bowl Teams
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MLB One-Team Hall of Famers
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MLB Worst Hall of Famers
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College Football Wins by Decade
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All FBS College Football Teams
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NFL Last Five 70+ Catch Seasons
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NFL Top 100 Rushers (2010)
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NFL Passing Leaders by Draft Year
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TV Guide's 60 Greatest Comedies
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Pittsburgh Pirates Home Runs Since 2000
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NFL Playoffs (1980-2009)
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Most Complete Games
Created by: Ben
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Pittsburgh Pirates of the 2000s
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1970s AP college football rankings
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Single Season Yard Leaders By Franchise
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100 HR for Current (2011) Team
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Pittsburgh Pirates of the 2010s
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Pittsburgh Pirate HR leaders
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Cleveland Indians MVP Votes (Since 1990)
Created by: dabbas
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MLB Most Hits By Batting Order Position (2000's)
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MLB First Basemen 1980-2014
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Can you name every Pittsburgh Pirates player from 2013?
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100 Americans You (Probably) Have Heard Of
Created by: purplebackpack89
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2014 MLB Top 10 Salaries Per Team
Created by: tmxicon84
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Mount Rushmore of MLB
Created by: mnsportsfan
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Top 100 MLB Position Players in 2014 (fWAR)
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Top 10 All Time Hit Leaders for each MLB Franchise
Created by: Zongo
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Passing TD Seasons per Team (AFC)
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Passing TD Seasons per Team (NFC)
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NFL Top 5 in MVP Votes by Franchise
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Highest WAR in each Draft by NL Team 2000-2009
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MLB: WAR leaders by division
Created by: ckrubin
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MLB 2014 Team Leaders (Batters)
Created by: AgentJ
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MLB - 1000 Games Played By Position, NL
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Every Teams RBI Leader 2010-
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Every NFL offensive 1st round pick from 2000-2014
Created by: jakewhoa
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