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Englishmen in europe during the Heysel ban1Aug 2nd, 2014
100 greatest Goalscorers in Europe1Jun 25th, 2014
British Internationals: Non British Clubs1May 9th, 2014
Football 50-50s: Most Goals in the big 4 leagues2Nov 19th, 2013
Countries of the American Empire1Nov 16th, 2013
Best Footballers born in the British Isles3Nov 28th, 2013
Premier League Top 10s1Nov 14th, 2013
English Football: Most Trophies by Birth Country1Nov 11th, 2013
Football: Managers by Players1Nov 5th, 2013
Not into Soccer2Nov 5th, 2013
Played in Premier League, Serie A and La Liga1Nov 1st, 2013
Association Footballers born on Islands1Oct 30th, 2013
Clubs of World Cup Goalscorers1Oct 29th, 2013
Footballers' country of birth (Clickable)1Oct 28th, 2013
Leading Scorers - Big 5 Leagues1Oct 24th, 2013
International footballers born abroad1Oct 19th, 2013
Football 50-50s: Most Goals in Europe2Oct 9th, 2013
Top National Team Goalscorers: England1Sep 19th, 2013
English top flight: Top goalscorer by county of birth1Sep 18th, 2013
Country by Famous Person1Sep 16th, 2013
FIFA 100 (slideshow)1Sep 16th, 2013
Premier League 2013-14 Players ★ Flash ★1Sep 12th, 2013
English footballers: Most goals in europe1Sep 12th, 2013
English goalscorers in the Cup Winners Cup1Sep 11th, 2013
Premier League's best and worst travelling goalscorers1Sep 11th, 2013
English Goalscorers in Minor Continental Cups1Sep 11th, 2013
Premier League Goalscorers by Surname Length1Sep 10th, 2013
Alphabet Words1Sep 7th, 2013
Teams involved in world record transfers1Sep 4th, 2013
Premiership Players Whose Names End In 'O'1Sep 3rd, 2013
Football Clubs by last Brit signed1Sep 2nd, 2013
Premier League: Highest international strike rates1Aug 14th, 2013
Clickable Football: World Record Transfers2Sep 10th, 2013
English Top Flight Managers: Nationalties1Aug 12th, 2013
UEFA Club Competitions: Last 8 nations2Dec 1st, 2014
English League Managers (as of August 2013) by Trophies1Aug 11th, 2013
Pre Prem English Football: Foreigners in Europe2Aug 9th, 2013
Premier League: 100+ combined Goals/Assists1Aug 9th, 2013
Drawing a Blank in soccer1Aug 6th, 2013
Actors of Doctor Who and their Companions1Aug 5th, 2013
English football clubs' first £1million player1Jul 30th, 2013
Sport Legends : France (Slideshow)1Jul 15th, 2013
Premier League Nationalities 2013-141Jul 12th, 2013
Soccer Managers When They Were Players (Slideshow)1Jul 12th, 2013
Top XIs: Real Madrid1Jul 11th, 2013
CONCACAF Gold Cup1Jul 11th, 2013
Champions League winning nations minefield (clickable)1Jul 10th, 2013
World Cup Supplying Leagues: Only native players1Jul 4th, 2013
International Footballers : Who are they ?1Jun 12th, 2013
English Domestic Football Competition Winners1Jun 10th, 2013
Football Teams By Last Relegation/Promotion1Jun 6th, 2013
Ballon d'Or winning World Cup winners1Jun 5th, 2013
British players in European Cup/Champions League finals2Jun 4th, 2013
European Football League Multiple Winning Cities1May 29th, 2013
Everton Internationals1May 26th, 2013
Everton Champions XIs1May 24th, 2013
Best World Players in Football1May 23rd, 2013
Football In Numbers1May 23rd, 2013
European Cup Braces: For English sides2May 23rd, 2013
UEFA Cup-Winners' Cup defeated managers1May 21st, 2013
Manchester United All Players ★ Scores Flash ★1May 14th, 2013
English clubs' managers during Alex Ferguson era1May 8th, 2013
Wenger's Brits3Oct 1st, 2013
Premier League by Numbers V1May 1st, 2013
Chelsea Champions XI1May 1st, 2013
Ballon d'Or : Every Spanish Player1Apr 30th, 2013
Premier League Latin Americans1Apr 29th, 2013
Everton or Liverpool Non European Players2Apr 29th, 2013
English football by numbers I1Apr 22nd, 2013
English teams that have won a major trophy1Apr 11th, 2013
Footballers with +150 goals in the 4 big soccer leagues1Apr 6th, 2013
Overall topscorers in the 4 best football leagues1Apr 2nd, 2013
English internationals in non english speaking leagues1Mar 30th, 2013
MINES - League Cup Winners1Mar 29th, 2013
best players of each team premier league 2012/20131Mar 28th, 2013
The Guardian's 100 Best Footballers2Mar 29th, 2013
Click a Rick1Mar 27th, 2013
Ballon d'Or: Non European born players3Mar 25th, 2013
FIFA National Teams: Manager Nationalities1Mar 25th, 2013
Ballon d'Or complete voting : 1993 - 20001Mar 20th, 2013
Ballon d'Or complete voting : 1984 - 19921Mar 13th, 2013
Players that Revolutionized Soccer1Mar 6th, 2013
Iraq's Borders1Mar 1st, 2013
English league players: Scoring vs England1Feb 25th, 2013
UEFA Champions League Quiz1Feb 20th, 2013
Ryan Giggs v Football managers of the world1Feb 20th, 2013
Manchester United - cup scorers under Alex Ferguson1Feb 20th, 2013
UEFA Top Division Football Clubs ★ Scores Maps ★1Feb 17th, 2013
English Football Statistics1Feb 14th, 2013
England Footballers (Images)1Feb 12th, 2013
Worst International Football Teams4Oct 29th, 2013
Premier League players - common debut clubs1Feb 12th, 2013
Everton FC Squad by Initials (2012-13)1Feb 12th, 2013
Former British Empire's Largest Cities1Feb 9th, 2013
Most loyal and still active football players1Feb 6th, 2013
International Footballers (Clickable)1Feb 4th, 2013
UEFA Nations: Most Consecutive Domestic League Wins1Jan 26th, 2013
Premier League team by cost of squad1Jan 24th, 2013
Newcastle United Top Premier League Scorers by Nation1Jan 20th, 2013
Manchester City Top Premier League Scorers by Nation1Jan 18th, 2013
Players with EPL and SPL titles1Jan 15th, 2013
Premier League Englishmen abroad since 19921Jan 10th, 2013
Who Set Up That Famous Goal? (Football)1Jan 9th, 2013
Premier League Goalscorers ★ High Scores Flash ★1Jan 7th, 2013
Arsenal Premier League braces - MINEFIELD1Jan 7th, 2013
Top 100 football (soccer) players1Jan 4th, 2013
Top 30 FIFA Ranked Nations without 2012 Olympic Medal1Jan 3rd, 2013
Premier League - goals in most consecutive games1Jan 2nd, 2013
Everton: Appearances under David Moyes1Dec 28th, 2012
Top European Cup Goalscorers in England1Dec 26th, 2012
Premier League Teams' Top Scorers per Season since 20011Dec 23rd, 2012
Football Pantheon's Greatest Players1Dec 20th, 2012
Scored for 3+ Teams in the Premier League2Dec 20th, 2012
FIFA World Cup Awards1Nov 25th, 2012
Players with longest goal-less runs in Premier League1Nov 21st, 2012
African Premier League Players1Nov 18th, 2012
Asian and Antipodean Premier League Players1Nov 18th, 2012
Premier League double agents2Nov 18th, 2012
First English Football Club (2)1Nov 12th, 2012
European Cup/Champions League yearly Top 3 goalscorers1Nov 12th, 2012
Premier League Angels - who's never been sent off?1Nov 12th, 2012
Sunderland Premier League Players1Nov 9th, 2012
European Cup/Champions League Competitors1Nov 9th, 2012
Premier League: 2+ red cards per club1Nov 9th, 2012
60 Second SPORCLE Blitz: Premier League All-Time1Nov 7th, 2012
100 Soccer Legends of the 70's1Nov 7th, 2012
Premier League hat-trick scorers1Nov 7th, 2012
EVERY Premier League penalty scorer1Nov 6th, 2012
French international footballers since 19901Nov 3rd, 2012
Top 100 AllTime Champions League Teams by Points (HARD)2Oct 24th, 2012
Premier League All Time XIs1Oct 16th, 2012
2014 FIFA World Cup Qualification: Unbeaten Nations1Oct 13th, 2012
Everton - oldest and youngest1Oct 10th, 2012
Which pair of countries...?1Oct 5th, 2012
European Cup/Champions League Winners by Nationality1Oct 3rd, 2012
Played in 4 Different Decades in the English Top-Flight1Oct 2nd, 2012
Premier League - managers' most expensive signings1Oct 2nd, 2012
Manchester United - goals v other Premier League clubs1Sep 28th, 2012
3+ Premier League Appearances for Chelsea since 1997/981Sep 25th, 2012
African Premier League goalscorers2Sep 23rd, 2012
Most Successful English league footballers by nation3Nov 17th, 2012
Football - Most England caps by club1Sep 14th, 2012
Non UEFA goal scorers in the English Top Flight4Jul 4th, 2013
English Football Teams: First player by place1Sep 5th, 2012
Every Liverpool Premier League Goalscorer1Sep 2nd, 2012
International Soccer Cup Winners1Aug 24th, 2012
Every Everton Premier League Goalscorer1Aug 23rd, 2012
Every Chelsea Premier League Goalscorer1Aug 23rd, 2012
English football runners up minefield1Aug 22nd, 2012
Goal.com Top 50 Players of 20121Aug 7th, 2012
Scored 2+ Goals in Premier League match for Man City1Aug 4th, 2012
Foreign Players in England: Cup Final Goals1Aug 2nd, 2012
Best Footballers in England (Multiple Sources)1Aug 2nd, 2012
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episodes1Aug 1st, 2012
Big 4 European Top Flights: Top Goalscorer by Nation3Aug 12th, 2013
Scotland post-war international goalscorers1Jul 27th, 2012
Everton Premier League Players1Jul 21st, 2012
Premier League 1998/1999 Opening Day Line Ups1Jul 21st, 2012
Best Foreign Players1Jul 16th, 2012
European Soccer/Football Teams By Stadium1Jul 14th, 2012
England Internationals To Have Played Abroad1Jul 14th, 2012
Scandinavian Ballon D'or nominees1Jul 12th, 2012
Foreign footballers in England: 20th Century World Cups3Nov 18th, 2013
Copa Libertadores Winner's Nationalities1Jul 5th, 2012
Past Countries of Europe1Jul 4th, 2012
UEFA Champions League 5+ Goals ★ Flash Quiz ★1Jun 30th, 2012
Every England Goalscorer At A Major Tournament1Jun 26th, 2012
All 1,122 FIFA World Cup Goalscorers ★ Flash Quiz ★1Jun 23rd, 2012
Win the Champions League!!1Jun 20th, 2012
UEFA European Championship Top Goalscorers1Jun 18th, 2012
Euro 2012 Goalscorers1Jun 8th, 2012
European Football Teams with 35,000+ Stadium Capacities1Jun 8th, 2012
Euro 2012 Player Grab Bag1Jun 7th, 2012
Top 5 Scorers at the European Championships by Country1Jun 6th, 2012
Since Liverpool won the league... 2Jun 6th, 2012
Most Expensive Footballer by Nation5Nov 28th, 2012
ALL Players Scoring in Multiple FIFA World Cups1May 24th, 2012
Top English,Irish,Scottish & Welsh PL Scorer per season1May 23rd, 2012
European football season 2011-121May 22nd, 2012
Most Successful Foreign Movies in North America1May 19th, 2012
English Players With More Goals Than Andy Carroll1May 17th, 2012
FIFA World Cup Country or Not?1May 15th, 2012
European Championship Final Scorers1May 12th, 2012
FIFA World Cup Final Goal Scorers1May 10th, 2012
Post War Football: English Leagues with multiple clubs1May 8th, 2012
Everton Players to have:1May 4th, 2012
European Football: Runner up Nations in Domestic Cups3Aug 31st, 2013
EPL Top Scorers Without An International Goal1May 1st, 2012
Clickable Captains1Apr 25th, 2012
Players with a Premiership winners medal1Apr 21st, 2012
Croatian Premier League Players1Apr 18th, 2012
The neverending soccer quiz (Part 1)1Apr 14th, 2012
Clickable: Footballers to have won a Major Trophy1Apr 13th, 2012
All-time Premier League grounds1Apr 13th, 2012
Post-war Liverpool F.C. cup finals1Apr 5th, 2012
FIFA Nations to provide Champions League Teams1Apr 2nd, 2012
World Cup Final Goalscorers (clickable minefield)2Mar 30th, 2012
More than one goal for England (clickable)1Mar 30th, 2012
English Domestic Trophies Clean Sweep (Players)2Mar 20th, 2012
Everton Multi-Million Pound Transfers1Mar 19th, 2012
UEFA Top Flights: Lonely Footballers1Mar 11th, 2012
Minefield: Nations with Brazilian footballers2Mar 1st, 2012
EPL: Player of Month v Team of Year1Feb 28th, 2012
English Top Flight: Most appearances by Nation4Feb 13th, 2012
Minor UEFA Cups: British or Irish Club, foreign goalscorer1Feb 8th, 2012
UEFA club cups: British/Irish goalscorers abroad1Feb 6th, 2012
England Number Nines1Feb 5th, 2012
Premier League Yearly Top 10 Goalscorers 1990 - 20151Jan 19th, 2012
Serie A award-winning players1Jan 13th, 2012
FA Cup Goalscorers1Jan 12th, 2012
Four-letter England stars1Jan 11th, 2012
500 Largest European Cities ★ Map Quiz ★1Jan 11th, 2012
20 most popular football teams in Britain1Jan 9th, 2012
Best non European 20th Century Footballers1Jan 9th, 2012
European Football Goalkeepers 2011/121Jan 8th, 2012
La Liga Yearly Top 10 Goalscorers 1990 - 20151Dec 28th, 2011
National soccer teams that are sovereign states1Dec 26th, 2011
Sporting Years1Dec 19th, 2011
1966 World cup- England winning squad1Dec 17th, 2011
English League Players: Top Scorers in other Leagues3Sep 3rd, 2013
UEFA Finalists at Everton1Dec 15th, 2011
Footballing Legends1Dec 12th, 2011
Premier League World Cup selections1Dec 3rd, 2011
Premier league players past and present1Dec 2nd, 2011
Ballon d'Or yearly Top 51Dec 2nd, 2011
Famous firsts1Dec 2nd, 2011
Villa's Fab 50 top players - avfc.co.uk1Nov 30th, 2011
Continental Football Champions1Nov 28th, 2011
Mexico World Cup & Qualifier opponents1Nov 22nd, 2011
Top International goalscorers by Language2Nov 21st, 2011
Premier League/Division 1 runners-up1Nov 20th, 2011
FIFA World Cup Team Records1Nov 20th, 2011
Youngest Countries - 20111Nov 18th, 2011
Every Meaningful Word in the Twilight Saga1Nov 16th, 2011
History Of Premier League1Nov 15th, 2011
European Championship goalscorers in Britain1Nov 15th, 2011
Footballers to win Leagues in three or more countries2Nov 21st, 2011
Premier League Winning Nations3Dec 6th, 2012
Biggest cities without football success per country (UEFA)1Nov 3rd, 2011
Heaviest Flighted Birds1Oct 31st, 2011
Territories of the UK1Oct 30th, 2011
EPL players who have... (Part 2)1Oct 30th, 2011
FA Cup final goalscorers1Oct 28th, 2011
Religions per Continent (percentage of total population)1Oct 26th, 2011
British Football Rich-List1Oct 25th, 2011
Rugby World Cup Games1Oct 18th, 2011
Champions League: Best Strike Partnerships2Dec 10th, 2011
UEFA Champions League Final Host Cities1Oct 6th, 2011
English players in the Premier League 2010-111Sep 30th, 2011
Ten Top 10s (Sports Edition!)1Sep 29th, 2011
Word Ladder: British Soccer Teams1Sep 28th, 2011
Top 100 Footballers of 20111Sep 24th, 2011
England players whose names are also...?1Sep 21st, 2011
Soccer - England's finals 'nearly men'1Sep 19th, 2011
Most successful football players1Sep 15th, 2011
10 Most Expensive Soccer Players per Country1Sep 13th, 2011
Most goals - top fives - updated 20161Sep 9th, 2011
English top flight: Top 31 Mainland European goalscorers3Sep 9th, 2011
Biggest Premier League losers - updated 20131Sep 9th, 2011
Top 31 African goalscorers in the English Top Flight1Sep 8th, 2011
Merseyside Football Teams: Who finished Higher?2Jul 4th, 2013
World Cup Safe Cracker1Sep 1st, 2011
Minefield: English Top Flight Hattrick Nations1Aug 31st, 2011
Champions League 2011-2012 Teams1Aug 27th, 2011
European defeated managers1Aug 27th, 2011
Top 50 Premier League Goal Scorers1Aug 27th, 2011
Premier League - Home Nations goals A-Z1Aug 25th, 2011
Premier League 1998/1999 Goalscorers1Aug 24th, 2011
Top scorers in FA Cup Finals1Aug 24th, 2011
Liverpool Top Scorers1Aug 24th, 2011
English Footballers by trophies won1Aug 24th, 2011
Non-relegated teams in EPL1Aug 20th, 2011
European Countries by 1940 Leaders1Aug 18th, 2011
Most Capped footballers by Major Club1Aug 18th, 2011
Premier League's Best Striking Duos1Aug 17th, 2011
World Cup Finalists Minefield2Aug 16th, 2011
English Top Flight: top goalscorers by first name A-Z1Aug 15th, 2011
Premier League: Players with 3+ Titles1Aug 13th, 2011
Premier League Penalty Goalscorers1Aug 11th, 2011
Football (Soccer) Trebles1Aug 11th, 2011
English football teams by their best ever league position1Aug 10th, 2011
Clubs by Football Manager: 2011/2012 Season1Aug 7th, 2011
Football (Soccer) Team by Stadium1Aug 6th, 2011
BCFC and Premiership Appearances1Aug 6th, 2011
English Football Club Rivalries1Aug 4th, 2011
Most Populous Islands of Europe1Aug 3rd, 2011
Top 5 Goal Scorers Per Country2Aug 1st, 2011
British/Foreign Premier League A-Z1Jul 28th, 2011
Top Foreign born scorers in the English League1Jul 25th, 2011
Smallest FIFA World Cup Countries1Jul 17th, 2011
More or Less (Sports edition)1Jul 15th, 2011
World Soccer Grab-Bag1Jul 10th, 2011
Premier League 30 Top Scorers 2010-20111Jul 9th, 2011
Premier League Goalscorers Minefield1Jul 4th, 2011
Justin Bieber or Mohandas Gandhi?1Jul 3rd, 2011
most populous cities in the UK starting with these prefixes1Jul 1st, 2011
World Cup winning Clubs1Jun 27th, 2011
Nations to provide World Cup winning players2Jun 26th, 2011
Europa League Winning Nationalities1Jun 23rd, 2011
FIFA World Cup Participants Minefield1Jun 20th, 2011
Premier League Teams for Dummies1Jun 11th, 2011
World Cup '98 Players playing in 2010/111Jun 1st, 2011
Everton Squad 2011/121May 27th, 2011
Premier League 20111May 25th, 2011
Best British Footballers1May 25th, 2011
Premier League Who Wants To Be A Millionaire1May 22nd, 2011
Champions League Finals with Multiple Clubs1May 21st, 2011
Top 31 England International Goalscorers1May 19th, 2011
Football: related to the previous answer1May 18th, 2011
Best Footballer (By Country)1May 16th, 2011
Bicoastal Countries1May 11th, 2011
The Ultimate Sports All-Rounder1May 10th, 2011
Non-British or Irish footballers to win trophies1May 6th, 2011
Top European Cup scorers by Country2May 17th, 2011
50+ Appearances: Everton1May 6th, 2011
Foreign Nations by English Football trophies won2May 7th, 2011
Top scorers in Champions League Finals1May 4th, 2011
FA Cup Winner's Nationalities4May 14th, 2011
The Americas: Biggest Non Capital Cities by Capital1May 1st, 2011
All time Top Goal Scorers by League1May 1st, 2011
Premier League Highest Finish1Apr 30th, 2011
Blackburn Rovers All time Scorers1Apr 27th, 2011
Clubs Premierhip players began their careers1Apr 27th, 2011
British European Cup Finalists Teams1Apr 27th, 2011
List of Trophy Winning European Clubs1Apr 23rd, 2011
Who Are They Lookin' At? (Sports)1Apr 23rd, 2011
World Soccer Players of the 20th Century1Apr 22nd, 2011
Teams to reach a European final4May 4th, 2011
Top Flight Football Clubs by City1Apr 15th, 2011
Top Leagues' Scorers of the 80s1Apr 15th, 2011
LIVERPOOL Most Appearances by Country1Apr 14th, 2011
MANCHESTER UNITED Most Appearances per Country1Apr 13th, 2011
All-Time European Cup Quarter-Finalists1Apr 11th, 2011
100 Best Young Footballers (soccer players) 20011Apr 11th, 2011
Most EPL Appearances1Apr 9th, 2011
Most goals in single Premier League season, updated '142Apr 7th, 2011
All Time England XI1Apr 5th, 2011
Euro Cup: British Club, Foreign goalscorer2Apr 11th, 2011
European Cup Players with Foreign Clubs2Jul 17th, 2012
Europe in 14001Apr 1st, 2011
Soccer Traitors1Apr 1st, 2011
Black England footballers1Apr 1st, 2011
Champions League Players 2010/111Mar 23rd, 2011
Record attendances of English football clubs1Mar 21st, 2011
Longest Careers In Each Sport1Mar 21st, 2011
top 20 liverpool goalscorers1Mar 21st, 2011
England Football Debuts - Last 1001Mar 20th, 2011
Yorkshire Football League Teams1Mar 20th, 2011
Scottish European Cup Goal Scorers2Mar 8th, 2011
Tottenham players 1992-20151Mar 7th, 2011
Never relegated from top tier1Mar 6th, 2011
Top flight football: never relegated5Sep 1st, 2013
Premier League Winners' First XI1Mar 5th, 2011
Top 31 'L' Premier League Goalscorers1Mar 5th, 2011
English 1st Div 1888-1992: Foreign scorers2Oct 24th, 2011
FIFA Century club in England2Mar 3rd, 2011
Quickfire: English Players who won the EPL1Mar 1st, 2011
Most ENGLAND World Cup Finals Appearances1Feb 22nd, 2011
Football Teams in Leeds1Feb 15th, 2011
Tottenham Hotspurs top goal scorers 2011-20121Feb 15th, 2011
Shortlist for FIFA World XI 20101Feb 11th, 2011
Top Non German Bundesliga goalscorers2Jul 10th, 2011
Top 5 top flight goal scorers per nation1Feb 10th, 2011
Premier League Managers 2000-10 (pics)1Feb 9th, 2011
Top Goalscorers for Germany1Feb 9th, 2011
English teams playing in UEFA competitions1Feb 7th, 2011
Top Non English goal scorers in England2May 5th, 2011
20th Century WC Goal Scorers in England1Feb 6th, 2011
Can you name Budgie Burridge's clubs?1Feb 5th, 2011
Top National Soccer Teams of the 2000s1Feb 4th, 2011
Ballon D'Or top 3 in England1Feb 3rd, 2011
Premier League Goalkeepers 2000-10 (Pics)1Feb 2nd, 2011
Champions League Top Scorers 1994-20151Feb 1st, 2011
21st Century WC Goal scorers in England2Feb 1st, 2011
Continental Brits in the European Cup2Feb 4th, 2011
Premiership Nationalities1Jan 26th, 2011
Top Premier League Players1Jan 24th, 2011
Asians in UEFA competition finals1Jan 22nd, 2011
FA Cup Winning Captains1Jan 18th, 2011
Best Footballers of the 20th Century1Jan 15th, 2011
English European cup goal scorers3Jan 24th, 2011
British based Ballon d'Or nominees1Jan 13th, 2011
English top-flight goalscorers by nation5Nov 15th, 2011
Football Champions Across Europe1Jan 7th, 2011
Top English Top-Flight goalscorers1Jan 3rd, 2011
Goal.com 501Dec 26th, 2010
Soccer Dream Team1Dec 26th, 2010
Sunderland Premier League Goalscorers1Dec 26th, 2010
Linked Footballers by Name (Hard)1Dec 20th, 2010
Movie Title Bar and Line Graphs1Dec 20th, 2010
Teams Darren Bent has Scored Against1Dec 18th, 2010
Champions of Europe1Dec 14th, 2010
Premier League Winners (Players)1Dec 13th, 2010
Times top 50 Manchester United Players1Dec 12th, 2010
English Football League Grounds (2010-2011 season)1Dec 12th, 2010
Guess the Disney Television Show!1Dec 12th, 2010
Worst FIFA countries (bottom 50)1Dec 11th, 2010
21st Century England Caps1Dec 11th, 2010
Top Goalscorers For Every European Nation1Dec 11th, 2010
Champions League Nationalities11Dec 6th, 2011
Africans in UEFA competition finals2Dec 15th, 2010
British European Cup runners up1Dec 8th, 2010
Non Independent FIFA countries1Dec 8th, 2010
Current FIFA rankings (Top 50)1Nov 28th, 2010
Lifters of the World Cup1Nov 28th, 2010
Ballon d'Or winners1Nov 28th, 2010
European Golden Boot2Nov 24th, 2010
Premier League's Nastiest 92/93 - 09/101Nov 20th, 2010
PFA Team Of The Year 92/93 - 10/111Nov 19th, 2010
Largest Urban Areas per Continent1Nov 18th, 2010
World Football Rivalries2Nov 18th, 2010
Djimi Traore1Nov 18th, 2010
Soccer Team By Player (3)1Nov 16th, 2010
Soccer Team By Player1Nov 11th, 2010
Champions League XIs: Arsenal1Nov 5th, 2010
Two borders from France1Nov 4th, 2010
Towns and Cities of Hist. British Counties1Oct 23rd, 2010
All Time La Liga Top Scorers 1Oct 19th, 2010
Allusions To People1Oct 12th, 2010
Top 10 Greatest Ever Football Players1Oct 4th, 2010
PFA Player Of The Year Winners1Sep 26th, 2010
Bordering Country Capitals2Sep 25th, 2010
Films based on Comic Books5Sep 26th, 2010
Largest non-capital city per country4Sep 27th, 2010
Champions League Cities2Jan 9th, 2011
English international footballers abroad2Sep 19th, 2010
Most Appearances for England Football1Sep 14th, 2010
Top 200 Premier League Assists1Sep 11th, 2010
aa1Sep 5th, 2010
Top International goalscorers Alltime1Sep 4th, 2010
Most EPL Player of the Month Awards1Sep 3rd, 2010
Top 3 Scorers by Club in England (2009-10)1Aug 25th, 2010
Top 200 (English) EPL Scorers2Aug 21st, 2010
Large Metro, Small Country1Aug 21st, 2010
Premier League Top Goalscorers by Club1Aug 21st, 2010
Countries by 1990 Footballer of the Year1Aug 19th, 2010
Around the world in 60 seconds *HARD*1Aug 17th, 2010
UEFA Intertoto Cup Winners1Aug 17th, 2010
Confederate Cities (1860)1Aug 10th, 2010
Countries that look like a circle1Aug 10th, 2010
TARDIS travellers (2005-2010)1Aug 10th, 2010
100 Authors by Their Characters 1Aug 10th, 2010
Premiership Club by New Signing 2010/111Aug 10th, 2010
Top 31 South American Scorers in the English Top Flight2Nov 15th, 2011
Longest Running DC Comic books3Aug 24th, 2010
UEFA Europa League 09-101Jul 30th, 2010
Premier League Standings1Jul 28th, 2010
English Football Quiz1Jul 26th, 2010
Football Clubs by Former Name1Jul 21st, 2010
'M' Game - Premier League Edition1Jul 14th, 2010
TV Couples2Jul 13th, 2010
English Football Hall of Fame1Jul 12th, 2010
Football (Soccer) Stars on Crest1Jul 12th, 2010
Manchester United signings under Ferguson1Jul 10th, 2010
Famous Movie Trilogies1Jul 9th, 2010
Farthest Apart Neighbours2Jul 8th, 2010
Goalscorers at the 2010 World Cup1Jul 8th, 2010
Netherlands vs. Spain1Jul 7th, 2010
Manchester City Most Expensive Players1Jul 7th, 2010
Club Teams represented at the World Cup 2Jul 7th, 2010
All-Star Football (soccer) Team1Jul 7th, 2010
FIFA World Cup 2006 Goalscorers1Jul 6th, 2010
Ongoing series published by Vertigo1Jul 4th, 2010
Country Quiz: Kyrgyzstan1Jul 2nd, 2010
Brazil Top Goalscorers1Jun 30th, 2010
Everton Prem all time team1Jun 23rd, 2010
Comics by 'Marginal' Characters1Jun 22nd, 2010
FIFA Players of the Year1Jun 17th, 2010
Top Scorers in European Club Competition1Jun 17th, 2010
Football Teams of the World1Jun 15th, 2010
First season top goalscorers1Jun 13th, 2010
Fifa teams of the year1Jun 9th, 2010
World Cup Survivors1Jun 7th, 2010
Champions League winners in order1Jun 4th, 2010
World Football Rivalries2Jun 5th, 2010
Arrested Premier League Players 1Jun 4th, 2010
Premier League Scorers 09/101May 31st, 2010
Europe's Largest Cities1May 30th, 2010
EPL players who have...2Oct 19th, 2011
150 Most Capped England Players1May 26th, 2010
Clubs Arsenal Played at Highbury3May 26th, 2010
Most Premier League Goals in a Season1May 24th, 2010
English Players in EPL5May 16th, 2010
Famous Last Words1May 11th, 2010
Last Three Managers (Premier League) *UPDATED 2012/131May 1st, 2010
Obscure Footy Knowledge1Apr 28th, 2010
Rugby World Cup Winners1Apr 23rd, 2010
Premier League Chelsea's Top Scorers3Apr 25th, 2010
FA Premier League Summer 2009 Transfers1Apr 22nd, 2010
Blackburn's Title Winning Squad 1994/951Mar 23rd, 2010
Soccer Team Cities1Mar 17th, 2010
English Premiership Trivia1Mar 15th, 2010
Less Exciting Movies1Mar 15th, 2010
Countries in Space1Mar 15th, 2010
Newcastle United Premier League Goalscorers1Mar 12th, 2010
Greatest Midfielders (2000-2010)1Mar 10th, 2010
29292921Mar 7th, 2010
Top scorers in the English Premiership1Mar 6th, 2010
Top Scorers per Nationality1Feb 27th, 2010
Cities of England1Feb 27th, 2010
Animaniacs: Good Idea, Bad Idea1Feb 23rd, 2010
Premier League Scorers - The Next 2001Feb 23rd, 2010
Periodic Table Movies1Feb 15th, 2010
Top 10 Uk football teams1Jan 16th, 2010
Fulham Squad 2009/101Jan 15th, 2010
Premier League Goal Scorers2Nov 15th, 2011
FA Cup Winners1Nov 29th, 2009