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Rulers of Russia
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States of Mexico
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States of Brazil
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Monarchs of France
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Emperors of Rome
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Western Roman Emperors
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Eastern Roman Emperors
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Monarchs of Spain
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Regions of Italy
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Regions of Spain
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Sultans of the Ottoman Empire
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States of Germany
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States of India
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Famous People by First Language
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Favorite User Created Games
Pre-Conquest English Kings
Created by: Tomyris
Holy Roman Emperors
Created by: Preussen1837
Kings of Poland
Created by: thenastyaetolian
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Monarchs of Scotland
Created by: efavery0
Can you name the Monarchs of Portugal?
Created by: Joltie
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China's Ethnic Groups
Created by: Juvo415
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Monarchs of Germany
Created by: PayneIsGod
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Early Kievan Rus Princes
Created by: Azrael
Monarchs of the Low Countries
Created by: Azrael