TuesdayNovember 4th
(Not) A First-Letter of the Americas Minefield
First of the line, these letters are not. But choosing them won't give you a shock.
Slightly Wrong Movie Misquotes
These quotes just didn't quite get it right. Points to them for trying, though.
TV Dad Occupations
These are their occupations after being a dad.
Animal Expressions II
Keep your friends close and your anemones closer.
Born in Oklahoma
A mighty fine group of Oklahomans we have here.
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MondayNovember 3rd
30 Second Tourist: London
This quiz is way cheaper than a plane ticket to London.
Really Bad Analogies
The quiz was unexpected but greatly appreciated, like a flock of pigeons attacking a mime.
Names That Sound Familiar
Didn't we hear about this before?
This Means War
C'mon guys, let's not fight.
Mystery Themed Movies
Would you like to play a game?
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SundayNovember 2nd
Click a Knight
We'll be sure to ask these people where the best blacksmith is in town.
'W' Books by Cover
These covers would make a great patchwork quilt.
Song by Opening Lyrics (1990s)
How many times did you hear these lyrics on cassette tape? And yes, we said 'cassette tape' because that was a thing.
History in Color
For those of you who thought Lincoln lived in black and white, this is the quiz for you.
Countries Who Don't Relate with North Korea
These are the countries that aren't getting invited to Kim Jong-Un's birthday party.
More A-Z Word Beginnings
We're beginning to think these words didn't want the first letter all along.
The Answer is a Film Title II
If you like literal, you'll like this.
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SaturdayNovember 1st
Famous Foursome Safe Cracker
We knew those burglar tools would come in handy eventually.
Japanese Words You Probably Know
Say sayonara to only knowing one language.
Countries: Before 'Z'
It doesn't matter if you pronounce it "zee" or "zed". All you have to know is names of countries that contain this letter.
'B' Television Characters
'B' seeing you in front of the television.
Types of Bread
We think this quiz is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
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FridayOctober 31st
America's Favorite Sandwich Fillings
We at Sporcle HQ know firsthand that sandwich debates can get heated. Grilled maybe? Or perhaps you'd prefer it to-go.
Five Geographical Features
There's many faces to geography and some of them are quite steep...
Halloween Movies from A-Z
Halloween is the perfect holiday for watching movies. Who wants to go get candy, anyway?
Sporcle-Man and Bonus Boy
A special comic for this end-of-October holiday.
President by Penultimate Letter
This penultimate letter business is what the presidents are all about.
Constant Consonants: 'R' Matey!
We wonder if the letter R ever gets tired of all these pirate jokes.
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ThursdayOctober 30th
Nine Number Logic Puzzle
You only need nine numbers, that's not even all of them.
30 Famous Movie Taglines
It helps when a good movie is also well-marketed.
'P' Vocabulary
We're just so glad to have a picture of a pug here. It's not on the quiz, but just look at that thing.
Asian Cities on a Map (A-Z)
Watching Temple of Doom too many times has really skewed our view of Asian geography.
How Many Squares Are There?
We really hope Huey Lewis loves this quiz.
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WednesdayOctober 29th
NFL Chain Game
They're always trying to 'move the chains' in the NFL, so we thought we'd help them out.
Same Letter Pattern
All these letters are making us rethink the alphabet.
Halloween Character Sorting
If you don't sort these correctly, one might come after you.
Monopoly Board Words
The only words that come to mind concerning Monopoly are not appropriate for Sporcle.
Movies with Astronauts
This quiz proves that everyone looks cooler in a space suit.
Ultimate Geography Challenge '-ia'
Well, these places all seem to fit the criteria.

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