SaturdayMay 16th
Geography by Numbers VI
Fortunately, you shouldn't have to count on your fingers for any of these categories.
Common Mnemonic Devices
'Mnemonic' is a weird word.
Animals that Start with 'C'
Can you 'c' these animals?
Book Titles Missing a Number
We just hope there aren't any missing page numbers.
Slow Motion in Movies
Slow motion makes everything either really awesome or really corny.
The First Woman To...
Don't mess with these ladies.
Most US Top 10 Albums
You'll have to make some pretty great music to be a part of this list.
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FridayMay 15th
5-Star Movie Villains II
Villains are the underappreciated plot drivers.
More Author Riddles
Even serious writers have a funny side.
Southern Food Slideshow
Come into the kitchen, that's where the food is!
Tagline Twosomes
Some of these slogans are as familiar as your own name.
ANY European Metro A-Z
I think we can all agree that the ministry of tourism for Quimper France really needs to up their game.
The UK vs the USA in Television
At least they don't have to compete for ratings.
Magic Hexagon
More fun than a Magic 8 Ball.
Most NBA Finals Appearances
Some players make it to the finals over and over again.
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ThursdayMay 14th
Movie Title Overlaps II
Combine these movie pairs and you'll get some pretty strange plots.
1-10 Letter F Words
Just try saying these words in a row. That'll be a tongue twister.
TV Show Sets
The characters on these shows had some pretty nice homes.
State Capitals by Location
Planning a road trip? This map should help.
19th Century Literature Sorting Gallery
These books are from back in the day when authors were paid by the word.
Hanna-Barbera Character Match-Up
Hanna-Barbera created some of the most famous cartoon characters of all time.
Rodent or No-dent?
Just seeing the names of these rodents makes us jump up on our chairs and scream.
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WednesdayMay 13th
Letters Minefield: Countries of Africa
There are 54 African countries, but they only start with 15 different letters. Your chances are good on this one!
Multiple Choice Music Slideshow
So many choices, so little time...
Stupid Baseball Jokes
We wanted to just have the 'Who's on First' skit, but that might have gotten a little old...
Last 25 Years: 'A' Movies
These movies all got an A in our book.
First Amendment Freedoms
What would Americans do without these five freedoms? The world may never know.
Click an Ed
When it comes to people named Ed, we like 'em!
4x4 Word Blitz
These words are ready to go off-road.
The Last Word: Book Titles II
Those literature people always like to have the last word.
Family Guy Historical Figures
Who knew that Family Guy could be so...old?
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TuesdayMay 12th
Sorting Blitz: Musicians
Singing makes sorting more fun.
Follow That Line: Friends II
If you get one wrong, Monica will be sure to correct you.
Islands of the United Kingdom
Didn't there used to be a few more of these?
4-Letter States
The few, the proud, the 4-letter states.
'O' Vocabulary
Do you think the letter 0 and the number zero ever get confused as twins?
Place or Food?
Want to eat that here or take it Togo?
MLB Most 20-Win Seasons
It's a tricky feat, but these pitchers were up to it several times.
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MondayMay 11th
Clickable Pulp Fiction: Ezekiel 25:17
Just one question: What does Marcellus Wallace look like?
Multi-Category History Blitz
History is sort of a broad topic, when you really think about it.
5 Most Popular Websites per Year
Sporcle juuust missed the cut.
Inside Famous Landmarks
Sure, the outside of these famous places are amazing, but no one ever talks about what's inside.
Drop an A
Lucky for you, A is not an especially fragile letter.
Ultimate Harry Potter Character Slideshow
Good luck telling the twins apart... Hint, one is missing an ear.
Shakespeare Character by Tweet
We are starting to think that Will Shakespeare really would have taken to Twitter.
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SundayMay 10th
Almost Useless Movie Trivia V
Almost useless doesn't mean 'completely useless', and that's good enough for us!
17 Ways Not to Say 'Bing'
Sorry Chandler, you're gonna have to sit this one out.
Song Lyrics Match-Up III
Song lyrics might be the most bizarre things on the planet.
“I Got It!” Infamous Sports Images
Sometimes you hit the ball and, well, sometimes the ball hits you.
X, Y and Z TV Shows by Picture
These shows might be last in the alphabet, but they are first in our hearts.
25 Literary Mothers
To all of the real mothers out there - Happy Mother's Day!
Famous Australians
These famous people grew up with Vegemite. We don't really know how to process that.
Is It That US City?
Sounds like a piece of cake.
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