ThursdayOctober 16th
Band Names by Literal Images
Literal doesn't have the same pizzazz now that it doesn't mean anything.
Cocktail Match
We'll have them shaken, not stirred.
Fictional Characters by Nationality III
The characters may be fictional, but these countries are real. At least we hope they are.
Images that Start with 'C' III
There are so many great things that start with C, but cookie is probably still #1.
Actors Kill Actors II
Who died and made these characters king? Oh, right...
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WednesdayOctober 15th
Monsters I've Met (Logic Puzzle)
We don't fancy meeting ANY monsters, thank you very much!
30 Facts That Start with 'S'
Generally speaking, these 'S' things should all be at the top of your list!
Movies Based on TV Shows
These things upgraded from the regular screen to the big screen!
Presidential First Name per Letter
We're waiting anxiously for the first 'X' president to come along, but we won't hold our breath.
Colors in Different Languages
Languages are really going to have to get more creative with the word orange.
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TuesdayOctober 14th
50 Flicks to Click (1999)
5 minutes. 50 films. Get ready to party like it's 1999.
Similarly Populated Country Blitz
It might be time for these countries to have a good old-fashioned tug of war.
US TV Show Geography
This is a TV buff's favorite way to study geography.
HELLO...My Name Is...'M'
It's a well known fact that people whose names start with M are the most excellent.
Body Language
You definitely don't want to screw up your nasal and your dorsal.
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MondayOctober 13th
Tricky State Capital Click
We'd honestly really rather have a treat than a trick.
Figure Out the Lyrics: TV Theme IV
As soon as you figure it out, it's going to be stuck in your head all day.
McDonald's or Burger King?
This feels like some sort of monumental decision, doesn't it?
Word Hourglass II
These are the Sporcles of our lives...
20 More Movies That Start with E
When it comes to movie titles 'E' is a more rare letter than you might think.
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SundayOctober 12th
20 Famous Movie Friendships
These movie characters are best friends, at least until the credits roll.
1960s Match-Up
Pull out your lava lamps, this is the quiz the hippies have been waiting for!
NBA Multiple-Team States
For the fans who have a hard time choosing favorites, we can imagine this is torture.
Not the Obvious IV
Who wants the obvious stuff when you can get rid of it and have some real fun?
'T' Is All It Can Be
Mr. T did not pay us to make this quiz, but that would have been really cool
Rivers of Europe
Hop on your cruise ships for this one!
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SaturdayOctober 11th
John Paul II Countries
Pope John Paul II visited 40 countries more than one time. How many can you get?
Literary Sixes
If good things come in threes, we can only imagine what must come in sixes.
Book, Movie, Song: 'A' Words
For those who like to sort their media alphabetically, this quiz is for you.
God, Jesus and the Devil Go to the Movies
Can we all agree that the price of popcorn at the movies is a sin?
Countries Containing 'EN'
We hope you EN-joy this quiz.
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FridayOctober 10th
Fill-in-the-Blank Movie Names
We'd like to get to know these movies on a first name basis.
Blitz: Does It Contain 'P'?
Please tell us you can pick out the letter P from the crowd.
A History of War
Can you pick the wars that took place during each of these centuries?
Borders of Greece
You might think of Greece as a bunch of islands, but it does have a few neighbors.
Born in Pennsylvania
It's a little known fact that Pennsylvania is French for 'The Fresh Prince'.
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