FridayAugust 8th
Name that Mammal!
Well, aren't these a bunch of cute little fuzzy critters.
Song Scenes in Movies
There are some things that are just too hard to you might as well just sing it out.
Shared Names: People & Places
Maybe if you're famous enough, you'll get a place named after you, too.
10 Largest US State Capitals
Large or small, we bet most of these have at least one building with a big old dome on it.
1-10 Letter Y Words
Poor Y, always getting grief about being a consonant and a vowel. Sorry about that Y!
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ThursdayAugust 7th
20 Largest Fast Food Chains
Eventually one of these fast food chains is going to be big enough to start its own country.
TV Roommates
Every episode description always ends with 'And hijinks ensue...'.
Novel First Lines A-Z II
You've gotta hook 'em with the first line, or else you'll never be Dan Brown.
Movie by Alien
Why do they have to make aliens so creepy?
Click the Country: 'A' Cities
These cities may not be the largest in the world, but they come in first place alphabetically.
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WednesdayAugust 6th
Upside Down US States
Something about this quiz is not quite right...
Just 3 Words: Movies
3 words would make for a very short movie.
Wasting Time in the '80s
Hopefully they were wasting it with jazzercise, but from the looks of this quiz, that wasn't the case.
Missing 'G' Quotes
When 'grandchildren' and 'gambling' meet in a quiz, only good things can happen.
40+ Homeruns After Age 35
These guys have a lot of gray hair for people who're blasting baseballs 400 feet.
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TuesdayAugust 5th
24 More 'C' Celebrities
Of course, only one of these celebrities can help you steal the Declaration of Independence...
Longest Coastlines: Asia
These countries offer a variety of coastal locales.
1930s Match-Up
The 1930s wasn't all doom and gloom.
Words Gone to Pot
As the pot stews, the words thicken.
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MondayAugust 4th
Summer Camp Logic Puzzle
Don't forget to bring some bug spray.
Song Lyrics Match-Up
We miss the old days when music was just some guy in tights wandering around with a lyre.
Nothing but N & B
These letters might not be anything special on their own, but when you put them together, you have something magical. Usually.
Entertaining Anagrams
We always suspected the entertainment industry was pretty mixed up.
NFL Hall of Fame QB Name Match
It's kind of amazing these guys' arms are still attached.
Movies of 1992
1992 was the year the Dream Team went to the Olympics. We can't say the same about these movies.

Even More Games

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SundayAugust 3rd
30 Male Movie Leads in 60 Seconds
You'll have to move fast, very fast, to get all these actors in the right spot.
Finish the Proverb
You never know when a short, pithy saying will come in handy.
World Heritage Site by Country
We can't wait for one day when a supervillain puts these all in one spot.
Big 4 Teams Named After Birds
We're pretty sure that geese are still the meanest birds. We need a team named after those terrible creatures.
'M' Pictures by Category
You might as well accept it: the letter M is here to stay.
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SaturdayAugust 2nd
21 or Bust
This quiz is for the aspiring Blackjack dealers out there. And anyone else who needs practice counting cards.
Fruit and Literature
There's nothing like fruit to make for a tantalizing literary title.
States Higher than Florida
We're talking about altitude here people!
Rhymes with BILL
The Beastie Boys would have really benefited from playing this quiz.
'D'-ifficult Images
The letter D is known to get unruly at times.
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