SundayApril 13th
30 Countries With Lots of Old People
If you're selling warm sweaters and comfortable shoes, these countries are buying.
Celebrity Siblings III
We didn't know some of these celebrities had siblings, let alone famous ones!
Books that Start with 'F' by Cover
Frankly, these covers are fancy!
Memorable Historical Encounters
On a bucket list of people we'd like to meet before we die, many appear on this quiz.
OutKast's 'Hey Ya!' Lyrics
If this doesn't bring you back a decade or so, try cleaning out your ears and listening again.
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SaturdayApril 12th
Disney Character Match
Disney characters run the gamut of lovable protagonists to wily villains.
Famous Historical 'C' First Names
These people certainly knew how to make a name for themselves.
Wikipedia Word Clouds
Nowadays, there's just so much information stored in the cloud.
Cop Shows by Image
The police get quite a lot of representation on TV.
Ends in 'AO' to 'ZO'
Right-O! Time to rattle off some top-of-the-line words.
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FridayApril 11th
Countries by Any Spoken Language
Sure, you know the countries of the world. But do you know all the languages spoken in them?
I Spy…in Threes
These trios make some of the most terrific match-ups.
Movie Grab Bag Slideshow
With so much movie trivia out there, sometimes you want a little bit of everything.
Abbreviated Countries
When you have a multi-word country, abbreviations are the way to go. As long as everyone knows what the letters stand for.
NFL - Drafting Your Own Winning QB
Sometimes the first choice is the right choice.
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ThursdayApril 10th
Rejected Movie Titles
Sometimes you have a great idea for a movie and your first shot at the title is...less than good.
Rhymes with Truck
If you're in public you're going to seem mighty crazy as you come up with a bunch of nonsense words for this quiz.
Match 'Em Up Pairs II
We always thought these strange symbols would make an awesome couple.
Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame (A-Z)
Clearly, the R&R Hall of Fame has something against XTC.
Artwork A-Z
We'll take 1 art please!
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WednesdayApril 9th
Largest to Smallest: Most Populous Countries
The first answer is easy enough, but then things start to get a little less crowded.
Behind the Scenes (Movies) II
There are all sorts of shenanigans that go on at a movie set, but there's just never enough cameras...
'#' TV Shows by Picture
There aren't many TV shows that start with a number, but who's counting?
Medieval History Match-up
This quiz can also be played with your eyes closed in a swimming pool: Marco...
1980s Artists on Their Album Cover
The amount of hairspray and lipstick used on the covers of these '80s albums is terrifying.
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TuesdayApril 8th
TV Show By Flashback Photo
Everybody loves a good flashback.
(Parenthetical) Song Titles II
A parentheses in a title is like a whispered secret. Or, you know, an explanation for an overly vague title.
20 Highest Countries in the World
Looking for a high-altitude vacation? These countries offer the world's highest locales.
HELLO...My Name Is...'G'
Gee, these people sure have great names.
Choose the Larger Number
Seems like an easy task, right?
Two Clues: 'N' Words
No nose knows like a gnome's nose knows.
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MondayApril 7th
US States With Under 30% Gun Ownership
11 states in the US have a gun ownership rate of less than 30%, can you name them?
Multi-Mini-Word Ladder Match
This is an interesting way to go about playing a word ladder.
Twins in Movies II
Something about these movie characters seems familiar...
24 More 'H' Celebrities
This is the B-list of H-celebrities if you're scoring at home.
Click a John II
There are so many famous people named John we had to make a second quiz!
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SundayApril 6th
5-Star Actors III
These actors are snobs and only work in groups of five, so if you're looking for one of the Three Amigos here, you're looking in the wrong place.
City by Headline
EXTRA! EXTRA! These headlines are begging to be read!
Car Logos Close-Up
We'd like to get up close and personal with some of these car models.
Top 300 Boy Names (1963)
We're as shocked as you are that some of these names made it to the top of any list.
BEFORE or AFTER: Literature
We knew some of these books were old, but we didn't know they were THAT old!
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