ThursdayDecember 11th
Poker Hands: Best to Worst
You're gonna have to go all in if you want to beat this quiz.
Rock and Roll Hall of Famers
These artists show us what it truly means to be 'Rock n Roll'.
Wartime Movies
Who knew war movies could be so violent?
It's So Cold Jokes
It's so cold that Starbucks was serving coffee on a stick.
Angry TV Characters
We wouldn't want to get on these characters' bad sides.
Profile: The Grinch
We wouldn't touch him with a 39 and a half foot pole.
US to UK Spellings
People in the UK must really like their vowels.
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WednesdayDecember 10th
Doesn't Border a 'B' Country (Europe)
Big bad B borders benefit badgers?
Trading Places: Sports
This is bigger than trades. This is life.
Next 5 Words: Christmas Music
This isn't the time to forget your caroling book at home!
Don't Forget 'The' Movie II
If you forget, they'll never forgive you.
One of Two: U.S. Presidents
One of Two? That means you get two chances to rock this one.
20 Best Opening Lines From Novels
These novels got started on the right foot. Where they went after that, we can't say.
Celebrities in Plaid
These celebs wore plaid before it was cool.
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TuesdayDecember 9th
Starts With VAN
You're so VAN, you probably think this quiz is about you.
Geo Match-Up: Country, Capital, Language, Currency
It's time to go back to the basics. Or maybe the bank.
MLB Top 10 AL MVP Voting since 2000
The votes are in. These MLBers landed on top.
'J' Pictures by Category
Journey with us now, to the land of J. Just a short jaunt.
'Blank Space' Lyrics
There's a blank space waiting for all you Starbucks lovers.
Movies Directed by Women
You could say these films have a woman's touch.
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MondayDecember 8th
A Very Odd Quiz
We're not 'even' sure what it could be.
Memorable Movie Moments
What was this quiz about again, we totally forget.
20 Strange Signs & Billboards
These billboards might not be great, but at least they spelled everything correctly.
US States Without Dunkin' Donuts
We could really go for some donuts right now...oh, nevermind.
Famous TV Game Shows
Come on down and see what prizes you've won!
History Through My Grandfather
RIP Ralph Morse (1917-2014)
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SundayDecember 7th
Dead or Alive: TV Edition
Well, if a Game of Thrones character made this quiz the answer might be pretty obvious.
20 Famous Guitar Players
These musicians don't even look like real people without a guitar in hand.
US Holidays in Order
These holiday things are really good at sneaking up on you.
Honest Corporate Slogans
This is what they're really selling.
4-Letter Movies Slideshow
These titles are so short they'll just slide across your screen.
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SaturdayDecember 6th
'A'merican History
These facts put the "A" in "USA".
What Did You Call My Book?
Some of these books sound so much cooler in their original languages.
Loco Logos
Sometimes it's hard to remember which logo is real and which one's been changed. Can you get these ones right?
Big Geography (Europe)
We like big places in Europe and we cannot lie...
Most Popular US Websites (2014)
Oh, these ol' things? Never heard of 'em.
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FridayDecember 5th
United States of Pop 2014
Surprisingly, Taylor Swift is only here once.
What to Burn in a Fireplace
It's not the days of our neanderthal relatives. There's rules about these things.
Three Images: Guess the Historical Figure II
You're the detective. Who do these three images point to?
Popular Girls Names in 1913 and 2013
One hundred years later, some of these names are still going strong.
3-Letter Vocabulary
3 letters can sure pack a punch.
-Stan Country Borders
Stan called. He wants you to stop calling his neighbors' names.
5-Star Actresses III
You don't have to go to the Hollywood Walk of Fame to see film stars. Just play this quiz.
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