TuesdayMay 6th
Films That Are Full of Themselves
As if being on the big screen wasn't enough of a rush, these movies go by lofty names, too!
It All Started in the Garage
The unsung heroes are the cars that sacrificed their place in the garage, giving up space for their entrepreneurial owners.
4, 5 and 6 Letter Grab Bag
These 4, 5 and 6 letter words describe everything from countries to chess pieces.
Food Rainbow Slideshow
Taste the *healthy* rainbow.
Surname Bands
Need inspiration for a band name? Look no further than your last name.
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MondayMay 5th
ANYONE but US Presidents
There haven't been all that many US Presidents, so it's not like this is some exclusive club.
100 Movies from the 2000s
The most disappointing thing about the 2000s was the serious lack of flying cars.
Classic Rock from A to Z
The only thing you usually need in classic rock is tight pants and a crazy head of hair.
Famous Toms
These guys should start a band, too bad the Tom Tom Club is already taken.
NBA MVP Teammates
The only problem with having two MVPs on one team is that it's very likely one of them is *really* old.
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SundayMay 4th
Literal Celebrities' Names III
Basically, these celebrity names mean exactly what they sound like.
10 Closest Capitals to Sweden
We hear this Scandinavian country makes some mean pancakes.
Common Household Items
When it comes to things in your house, these items are about as common as they come.
'Layla' Lyrics
It sounds like this Layla person has this Derek person right where she wants him.
Missing Middle Letter
We think these words are missing something...but what?
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SaturdayMay 3rd
Continents and Oceans in 60 Seconds
Give some love to the land and water of our planet.
Click a Stan
There's something about this quiz we just can't Stan.
Movies that Shouldn't be Shown on Planes
Sometimes, a movie just hits too close to the emergency exit.
100 Most Powerful Celebrities by Any 3 Letters
If you're going to name-drop, this list will give you an idea of who to mention first.
Where in the World is the Royal Family?
Those royals, they just love to travel.
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FridayMay 2nd
Three Movies: 'F' Actors
These actors all get an 'F' in the last name department.
Website by Homepage (2013)
You know what they say: The homepage is where the heart is.
Word Smuggling III
Sure these words are great smugglers, but can they do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs?
European Countries by 1st and Last 2 Letters
For those of you are interested in the piping hot center of Europe, this is the quiz for you.
Dr. Seuss by First Lines
Dr. Seuss wasn't afraid to invent a word to make a rhyme, we'll have to try that some blyme.
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ThursdayMay 1st
Falling Asleep at the Movies
Not all of these characters are looking for a good night's sleep.
World Capitals That Start with 'P'
P is the 16th letter of the alphabet, but there are 17 capitals that begin with it. This seems like a conspiracy.
Images that Rhyme with 'NEAT'
This quiz is not for the elite.
Bands on Album Covers
It's very likely that these artists are just afraid you'll forget what they look like.
20th Century Author Match-up
This century started with typewriters and ended with laptops.
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WednesdayApril 30th
Fictional Characters by Nationality
There are thousands of new fictional characters created every year, so why can't any of them be from Kiribati?
20 Famous Improvised Movie Scenes
Movies cost millions of dollars to make, but it seems like they make up a lot of things right on the spot.
NOT American History
We've always taken the history of the Marvel universe as fact. This has been an eye-opener.
Vacation Destinations Gone Wrong
There are 29 Springfields in the United States alone. This is why we can't have nice things.
There Can Be Only 'N'
If you wear a kilt while playing this, we guarantee you will do twice as well.
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