SaturdayMarch 7th
Musicians by Lego
All you need to be in a band is a guitar and a snarl. This applies to Lego people, too.
50 Flicks to Click (1996)
Any movie with both Bill Murray and Bugs Bunny is a winner in our book.
Match 'Em Up Blitz - US States
Type fast... but not so fast you break the speed limit.
Come On 'Bro'!
Bro, can you define these words that all start with the word 'bro'?
Almost Premier League
Missed it by that much.
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FridayMarch 6th
I Go Both Ways
These phrases are the same backwards and forwards. Weird as ever.
Artist & Song Pictograms
This quiz is way better than a silent music video. Because those are the worst.
Story-Altering Events
Spoiler Alert: Anakin Skywalker wasn't the one who unintentionally killed the Wicked Witch of the East.
Knife, Fork or Spoon?
Fun fact: 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' was originally called 'Knife, Fork or Spoon' until the Spork came along and just ruined everything.
World's 50 Best Restaurant Countries
Imagine our surprise when Hungary didn't make the list.
Ends in 'G' per Letter
'G' we wonder how this quiz will end. *cough cough* Is this thing on? Don't forget to tip your waitress.
Magical Disney Characters
Walt Disney probably ate magic for breakfast, which probably made for a very uncomfortable time in the bathroom.
Same Author, Different Characters
A quiz where authors and characters mingle.
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ThursdayMarch 5th
Jenny's Phone Number
Why not just look up Jenny on Facebook?
Songs by Second Verse
This is the part of the song when the artist stops enunciating.
Big 4 Sport Positions Blitz
Good thing there are so many positions in these sports, it'd be hard for one person to do alone.
Bread or Brat?
One's a carb, one's a protein, but combine them and you get something so tasty, it doesn't have a name.
Movie Set in a Single Day
It would be even more impressive if these movies were filmed in a single day.
US Presidential Events Match-up
Every US President had a major historical event happen while they were in office. Why can't any presidents have a calm, relaxing presidency?
Hello World Languages
Fun Fact: If you can say 'Hello' in another language, 9/10 times, you can convince someone you're fluent in that language.
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WednesdayMarch 4th
TV Comedies by Cast
Making mundane things hilarious since the beginning of cable television!
Who by What, Where, When
Forget about the why and the how, there's no time to explain!
Police Vehicles Around the World
We'd almost consider breaking the law to get in some of these sweet rides.
30 Facts that Start with 'P'
Perusing the shelves for some cool facts? You've come to the right place!
Parts of Speech Sorting Blitz
Don't fear, it's not all the parts! Just three of the fun ones.
Movies of 1986
For Tom Cruise, it can't get any better than 1986.
Decades by Literature
This would be easier if books aged as noticeably as some celebrities.
Anything But China
This is the only time it's acceptable to ignore 1/6 of the world's population.
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TuesdayMarch 3rd
Red Wine or Not?
Enjoy this quiz responsibly.
Click Me a River
Who knew identifying rivers at high speeds could be so fun?!
Most Top 10 Hits by Decade
These artists were our favorites over and over.
Astoundingly Big Things
There's big, and then there's BIG.
1-10 Letter K Words
This quiz is k-tastic.
Hidden Talents of Famous People
You shouldn't underestimate people. Especially when those people are already famous.
Movie Geography: National Films
Movies with subtitles seem so sophisticated.
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MondayMarch 2nd
Movie by Famous One-Liner
I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.
Sitcoms by T-Shirt
If you're going to have a successful TV show, you must create an awesome t-shirt.
NCAA Final Four Teams (2000s)
The road to the Final Four is always fraught with peril.
One Word Per Song
Usually, you need more than one word to write a great song, but these artists beg to differ.
Progressively Harder Country Outlines (Europe)
Devoid of other elements, countries begin to resemble strange alien organs.
Avoid the 'N' Presidents
The one nice thing about the letter 'N', if you have a bunch of them you can build a pretty nice fence.
Lord of the Rings Rulers Match-up
Middle-Earth just wasn't into democracy.
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SundayMarch 1st
Almost Useless Movie Trivia III
And people said spending hours on IMDB would be a waste of time...
European Country A-Z Blitz
Much faster than backpacking through Europe.
Tiny Word Typing Challenge
This quiz is so tiny it can fit in the palm of your hand.
Famous TV Couples
Television kindles romance. Sometimes it's better than a romantic dinner, in that regard.
'Named' Song Titles
Nothing endears you to a new acquaintance like singing their name to them.
History Haikus
If history class was presented in haiku we'd remember a whole lot more of it.
Athlete By Sports Card II
Why can't our driver license photos ever look this good?
4-Letter Missing Letter Match-Up
At least they're in good company until someone returns their letters.
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