SaturdayMay 17th
US Cities In Song Lyrics
We can't imagine that any of these songs are catchier than 'Fifty Nifty United States'.
Five Events per Century
This might be your first chance to give history a high five.
Hoofed Mammals
You can thank The Lion King for helping you out on a few of these.
Click 50: Synonyms
Something about these words just seems so familiar.
30 Second Blitz: V, Y and Z Countries
These countries have a nice, conclusive ring to them. Probably comes from their spot at the end of the alphabet.
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FridayMay 16th
Hello...My Name Is...'J'
People whose names start with J get to use all the fun cursive.
European Countries - Fit the Pattern
Yes, all these countries are located in Europe, but that is not the pattern.
Movie Cast Match (1999)
1999 was a fantastic year for movies, and Prince.
Next 5 Words: 'B' Artists
Don't get too attached, after 5 words you'll have to move on to another song.
Choose One! Company Headquarters
If you think about it, headquartered as a verb could be pretty gruesome. Good thing it really means the company's main office.
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ThursdayMay 15th
Frequent & Familiar Film Forays
If it wasn't for sequels, remakes and re-imaginings we'd have about 4 new movies a year from Hollywood.
Famous Fictional Bars
Finally there's a quiz where everybody knows your name.
Weird Websites of the World
There are certain things you might see on the Internet that you cannot unsee.
'G' Books by Their Cover
Surely it's acceptable to judge a few books by their cover, right?
Top 5 NBA Playoff Scorers Since 1990
Scoring the most points in the NBA Playoffs doesn't guarantee you a championship, but it can't hurt.
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WednesdayMay 14th
Landmarks by Painting
With enough Bob Ross videos, we think you could replicate these pretty easily.
30 Strange Facts That Start With 'I'
There is no I in team, because we used them all on this quiz. We were super wasteful, and we apologize.
12 MLB Teams With All-Time Winning Records
The Cleveland Spiders were sooo close to making this quiz. So close.
TV Shows That Debuted in 2011
The one thing we learned from this quiz is that TV executives LOVE cancelling shows as quickly as possible.
Celebrities Who Refuse to Change
Some people are born with a name so amazing they have to become celebrities.
False Starts: Movies
Somebody seriously screwed up these movie titles. We blame management. Yes, management, that's the ticket.
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TuesdayMay 13th
Harry Potter Bunker II
Bring it on, Voldemort!
Complete the Conspiracy
What if this quiz...isn't really a quiz.
Five for Five of Six II
Six categories. Five questions each. Your time starts now.
Actors by Mixed Up Characters
If the actors themselves are confused, we don't feel quite so bad.
Philadelphia 76ers All-Time Leaders
Some amazing basketball players have passed through the city of brotherly love.
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MondayMay 12th
Disney By ANY Word
Strange as it may seem, none of them actually contain the word 'Disney'.
Food Clichés
We go together like peas and...uh...some other thing?
'E' Countries on a Map
It's time to begin your hunt for the secretive country of Eyrgyzstan.
Premier League Hat-Trick Minefield (2013-2014)
Do they actually give you a new hat when you get a hat-trick? Seems like it would be a nice gesture.
20 Frightening Fruits & Veggies
The reasons for giving fruit an MRI are unclear, but the results are exceptionally creepy.
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SundayMay 11th
3 Movies, 1 Missing Word
Hmm, something's missing, and we can't quite put our finger on it.
Who's Your Mommy?
We'll refrain from making 'Yo Mamma' jokes for the duration of this quiz.
Whose Hat Is It Anyway?
Some of these impressive hats have had less than impressive wearers. Others, the opposite.
MLB Without Baseball
These team names are missing a very important component, but that won't stop them from trying!
Animals with David Attenborough
We can't tell what's cuter, the animals or David Attenborough!
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