WednesdayJanuary 22nd
Whatever Floats Your Boat!
They say the 2 best days in boat ownership are the day you buy it and the day you sell it, but the day you give it a weird name seems like a lot of fun too.
Movie By Opening Credits
We have to give credit where credit is due.
Crayola Color Images
Crayola's choices in color are...well, colorful.
Songs That Mention Other Musicians
Flattery will get you everywhere.
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TuesdayJanuary 21st
Smallest-to-Largest Planets
Poor Pluto was so small it got booted out of the group.
Ready, Set, 'GO'!
Where to? You'll have to play the quiz to find out!
Historical Figures by A/S/L
Based on these criteria, we're all historical figures!
Ends with 'END'
It's the end of the word as we know it.
Which Nordic Country?
There's more to the Nordics than skiing and vikings.
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MondayJanuary 20th
Greek Gods Logic Puzzle
This is one wacky family.
Fast Food Matchup
We could hear our arteries slowly clogging as we played this.
Sports Logo Timeline
Sometimes we think they only change sports logos so they can sell retro jerseys.
Movies by their Drinking Games
We always thought these movies should come with a warning label.
North American Capital Search
Where is North America hiding all its capitals? Such a sneaky continent.
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SundayJanuary 19th
Pictorial Phrases
Let's see if you can capture these meanings, if ya know what we mean...
Multiple 'T' Countries
If only Timbuktu were a country...
Follow That Line: Sherlock (BBC)
You might have to consult your mind palace to remember all the answers.
Men with their Oscars
We've heard Oscars are heavy, but these guys don't seem burdened at all.
3-Part Historical Figures
With three names, it's three times more likely you'll remember them.
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SaturdayJanuary 18th
Events that Happened in 2013
2013 was a pretty eventful year. That's why we're still talking about it.
Last Lines of Famous Novels
Reading the last line of a great book invokes a melancholy usually reserved for the last bite of a delicious sandwich.
Big Nouns
Nouns think they're all that, just because they are people, places and things.
14 Countries Bordering Russia
Russia sure has a lot of neighbors!
Movie Titles: Triple Translator
This is what happens when a translator has a nervous breakdown in a movie theater.
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FridayJanuary 17th
Let Me Hug You, TV
Cause a hug is just a strangle you haven't finished yet.
Historically Small US States
In the population game, states that joined the Union late had their work cut out for them.
Literal Celebrities' Names II
No symbolism here--what you see is what you get!
Countries Ending in Vowels (A-Z)
When it comes to country endings, the letter A dominates the field.
NFL Leaders (2013)
The 2013 NFL regular season has come to an end, and these players finished on top.
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ThursdayJanuary 16th
Was I Assassinated?
Not all historical figures died of natural causes.
Missing 'R' Acronyms
The letter 'R' seems like it would make a really comfortable chair.
TV Show Characters II
Animated or human, there's a wide array of strange characters on TV.
Dead or Alive: Literary Edition
It can be a short road to the end when you're a just a literary character.
Nicolas Cage Needs A Job
Nicolas Cage is one movie actor who actually might have too many jobs.
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WednesdayJanuary 15th
'C' Food Pictures
Chocolate cake sounds perfect right about now.
25 Least Populous European Countries
If Sealand were a country it would certainly make this list.
'L' Is All We Need
These words are just obsessed with 'L'.
Way, Way Off Broadway
The quality of these shows might be slightly...different...than the original.
Movie Rebels With a Cause
He's so troubled, but we can change him!
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