WednesdayAugust 13th
'Stan Country Spelling Bee
We love it when the 'Stans host the spelling bee.
5-Star Actresses II
Our favorite actress is still Jack Lemmon in drag.
Famous Historical 'H' First Names
You can't say hello without the letter 'H'.
Flipped Images
Something about these famous pictures seems a little off. Or does it?
Commonwealth on a Map
Some of these countries are anything but 'common'.
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TuesdayAugust 12th
Movies Cut Off at M
These movie titles were halted mid-sentence. How rude!
High School TV Shows by Image
Despite how terrible high school can seem in real life, at least you didn't have to spend yours on a TV show.
Fishy Countries
Remember all those tiny island nations? Apparently people there eat a lot of fish.
Clicking Through the 19th Century
The 19th century was pretty eventful, but you can't just go attributing everything to that era.
Add a Letter Pair II
Reverse alphabetically-consecutive letters - they're a thing! And you can fill them in the gaps to create words.
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MondayAugust 11th
Pixar Bunker
Since you've probably seen all these movies multiple times, this should be easy, right?
Word Hourglass
Like words through the hourglass, these are the days of our Sporcle.
Are You Ready to Rock? III
This might be the easiest question to answer in the entire universe.
Countries by Water Borders
We have to assume these places have great seafood.
Military Leader Names Match-Up
Pro tip: To look like you're in charge, just wear a cool pair of sunglasses and point at the horizon a lot.
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SundayAugust 10th
Something Is Wrong With This Picture
We don't know what's wrong, but we're sure that it's actually something.
The only awkward part of this quiz is that most of these shows are actually shot in LA.
Shark Attack!
You know what we always say: Live every week like it's shark week.
Classic Clickable Jokes VII
Ah yes, jokes only your dad could love.
24 More 'R' Movies
These movies are widely beloved by all pirates.
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SaturdayAugust 9th
Vocabulary Blitz
This is like rifling through the shortest dictionary of all time.
Two Clues: 'T' Words
These words really know how to throw a punch. Take that!
Fictional Characters by Description
Whole books have been written on these characters, but we've got them summed up in a few phrases.
Movies by Bald Characters
This quiz has a little extra shine to it.
Israel's Borders
How familiar are you with Israel and its borders?
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FridayAugust 8th
Name that Mammal!
Well, aren't these a bunch of cute little fuzzy critters.
Song Scenes in Movies
There are some things that are just too hard to you might as well just sing it out.
Shared Names: People & Places
Maybe if you're famous enough, you'll get a place named after you, too.
10 Largest US State Capitals
Large or small, we bet most of these have at least one building with a big old dome on it.
1-10 Letter Y Words
Poor Y, always getting grief about being a consonant and a vowel. Sorry about that Y!
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ThursdayAugust 7th
20 Largest Fast Food Chains
Eventually one of these fast food chains is going to be big enough to start its own country.
TV Roommates
Every episode description always ends with 'And hijinks ensue...'.
Novel First Lines A-Z II
You've gotta hook 'em with the first line, or else you'll never be Dan Brown.
Movie by Alien
Why do they have to make aliens so creepy?
Click the Country: 'A' Cities
These cities may not be the largest in the world, but they come in first place alphabetically.
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