Ten Pin Trivia is the game you will find being played at most of our venues.  It’s just enough trivia and just enough strategy to make the game enjoyable.  Ten Pin Trivia was developed from scratch by Great Lakes Trivia.

The Rules

1)  You will have 2.5 minutes to bring your answer to each question the Trivia MC

2)  Each answer should will be assigned a point value of 1-10, but those point values can only be used once per game.

3)  The “Pick Up Question” is a question where the answer is a number.  The top 50% of teams that get closest to the correct answer will earn 3 bonus points.  The one team is who closest to the answer receives 5 bonus points.

4)  The Mystery Round is always four questions and all four questions are worth two points each.  The Mystery Rounds are always changing and are a way for us to keep you guessing and to keep things fresh.  Click Here to see potential Mystery Rounds or to learn the Mystery Rounds for your show.

5)  On the “Final Frame” question, you may wager up to 20 of the points you have earned so far.  However, you must do so only knowing the category.

The Game Sheet

Beware of Cheating Robot – He is at all GLT shows -

If you plan on cheating to win, please do not come play

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