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For over five years, bar owners have turned to Sporcle to host a fun, engaging and profitable trivia night. Trivia is all we do and we go above and beyond to do it better than anyone else. Both bars and players of our game have made us the go-to name in pub trivia.

Engaging Hosts

We spend a lot of time and money investing in hiring the best possible hosts for your bar. We realize that our Trivia MC represents your establishment when they are hosting and we’ll only send you top notch talent.


  • Thoroughly trained on how to build trivia nights
  • Bring all the sound equipment and game supplies needed


  • Paid by Sporcle based on how many people they get playing at your bar
  • Dedicated social media pages used to promote their shows
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Detroit, Michigan

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Reed Rockwell
Toledo, Ohio


Ann Arbor, MI

Pricing that Works For Your Bar

For the last five years, bars have enjoyed Sporcle’s unique “per-player-pricing” option. We only charge you for the number of patrons who actually play our game, thus making your trivia nights with us profitable every single night. There is a minimum and maximum rate to pay and those rates vary by area. Sporcle only profits when we work as hard as possible to fill your trivia night with as many people as possible. Flat rate pricing is also available by request. Want to just give it a try at a discounted rate? Give us a call and we’ll offer you a low discounted introductory rate to prove to you that this can work at your bar.

Per Player Pricing

Unique Game Format

Trivia MC Back to Back Games Team Strategy

Trivia MC
Sporcle Live’s format consists of a lively and engaging Trivia MC who asks a series of diverse trivia questions and plays music in between to entertain your patrons.

Back to Back Games
We offer two separate games per evening, each lasting approximately one hour, with prizes rewarded after each round. This allows more chances to win and for late comers to join in at anytime.

Team Strategy
Unlike many other trivia companies games, our game has a unique strategy element to it, which involves more engagement among the teams.

Advertisement and Promotions

We are extremely active on social media promoting our weekly shows. We also do paid ads from time-to-time to promote our events. As a partnered venue, you’ll also receive a dedicated page on our high-traffic site promoting your menu, specials, social media pages and more. Of course, signs, table tents and banners for your venue will be provided as well.

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