Kush G.

Kush hosts Sporcle Live after playing in several finals in Michigan as a member of the notorious Wolfpac. Known as a savant of all things about the NFL and Saved by the Bell, Kush has always known he was destined for something greater.  Now that he’s back in his hometown of Cleveland, he’s on the other side of the microphone.  He has the gift of gab, and get him to tell you the story of how he scored 4 TDs in the High School Championship football game…ok maybe not 4 TDS but he played the same position as his sports idol Barry Sanders. You can see Kush playing some smooth R&B and asking everything trivial at Bob Golic’s on Thursdays. If you dont recognize him, he’s the one wearing a sports blazer or Browns “Soldier” jersey. Just don’t ask if he’s a Buckeye or a Wolverine.