Blog Spot – Sweeping Up at the Hurricane
By MC Derek “D” Bodurka


The competition is heating up at the Hurricane Grill & Wings in Burnsville!  Our original league team, Quiz Pants, was missing from action this week, but two of our new league teams, Team Fox and The Shockers, stepped up to the plate and knocked some answers out of the park to sweep up some wins.  Also, shout out to those new teams who said that Sporcle T

rivia is their favorite format in the Twin Cities area.  We think so too:)  Looking forward to all of our teams returning next week for another trivia battle!









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Blog Spot – Jedi Mind Tricks at Gluek’s
By MC Jon Berry


At Gluek’s this past Thursday night it came down to team Logamann versus the Help at the end of Game 1. The Help took a four point lead in to the final question. Both teams answered the final round question incorrectly, but The Help wagered enough to keep their lead and the first place win. The Dilaceraters joined in Game #2 to take on our teams from Game 1 and they looked unstoppable taking a 3 point lead into the final wager round, however, the Logamann’s were the only team to get the final question right, giving them first place and leaving the other teams in their trivia dust.

Glueks2    Gluek's1

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$300 Cash Prize Tournament Winners!


Twelve teams battled it out at our League Kickoff Tourney this past Saturday at Welsch’s Big Ten Tavern, but only one team finished victorious, winning by a nail-biting 2.5 points!  Congrats to The Idiots for taking 1st place and winning our $300 cash prize!  Bob Loblaw’s Law Blogs took 2nd place and won 6 movie passes to AMC Theater, and Team Discovery Channel took 3rd place and won a $30 gift card to Cooper Irish Pub.

welsch's3 Welsch's1 welsch's2

A huge THANK YOU to all of our other participating teams for competing:

69ers – Goby’s Grille & Pub (5th place)

Douche Canoes – The Park Tavern (4th place)

Love Tunnel – Courtside Bar & Grill (6th place)

Potato Party – Goby’s Grille & Pub

Potent Potables – Goby’s Grille & Pub

Quiz Pants – Hurricane Grill, Burnsville

The Dumb Dumbs – Courtside Bar & Grill

The Unforgettables – Courtside Bar & Grill

Workaholics – Blue Fox Bar & Grill


Blog Spot – Gettin’ Weird at Goby’s
By MC Alex “Good” Knight

Another good (k)night at Goby’s in St. Paul, where everybody knows your name.  Big shout out to some of my favorite teams that come every week, the 69′rs and Potent Potables, as well as Potato Party.  We had a few new teams and it was great to meet all you sexy people.  The drinks were flowing and players had liquid courage when it came to wagering.  The Potent Potables came out on top the first round after some smart wagering, beating the reigning champs the 69′rs from last week.  The next round was the same, but the 69′rs came out on top (no pun intended) and won the 2nd round after answering almost all of the questions correct, including the final question.  Props go out to the 2nd place teams tonight, too.  They both went home with a bottle of vodka and I hope those bottles are gone already!  I would also like to say that I’m in love with the beautiful server at Goby’s.  Ok, things got weird. I’m done talking now.

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