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Jet's Pizza

506 N Main St Chelsea, Michigan 48118
Wednesdays, 7pm & 8pm (734) 433-9700

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Varies from week to week.


7pm & 8pm
Host: Turbo Tom
Hosting since Jun 2015
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League Scoreboard as of Oct. 7, 2015
Teams Weekly Game Scores TOTAL LEAGUE PTS
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Fighting Mongooses(Jet's)xxxxxxxxxx110948911711452460
Large Explosion Hypothesisxxxxxxxxxx115x11310414147354
Jerry's Teamxxxxxxxxxx17421114815937751
The Compoundxxxxxxxxxx803384368832136
Team Kaiservillexxxxxxxxxxxx1034761209
F&B Ranchxxxxxxxxxx19xxxx196
Season Standings for Jun 29, 2015 through Oct 9, 2015
y - qualified for tournament

Week 15 Final Questions

Game 1
Name three of the four U.S. state capitals with names ending in the letter ā€œDā€.
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Game 2
From 1967-1971, the governors of New York and Arkansas were brothers from what family?
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