TGI Friday’s Southfield – 2/20/12

TGIF – Southfield (2/20)

Ok, this is my very first time using one of these online blog things.  Let’s see how it goes.  Gonna try doing these things single show as well, instead of the whole week at a time.

TGIF – Southfield (Motor City Division): Season 9 Week 2

Team Names:
Team Boogie
The Dolphins
Perfect 10
The Maneaters
So Many of Us
The Ques
Team B Square
The Lions
The Hot Couple
Team MIA
Miss Understood
Go Gettas
Lovely Ladies

Best Answers:

Q:  From 1995-2000, what company was Dick Cheney the CEO of, before George W. Bush asked him to be his running mate?
A:  a gun company

Q:  In 2010, what company that typically provides “shape wear” for women, introduced their first line of products for men?
A:  Playtex

Q:  In the film “Wedding Crashers” what nickname does Jane Seymour want Owen Wilson to call her while she is seducing him?
A:  Medicine Woman
A:  Burger King
A:  Zombie Man
A:  Kinky Master

Game 1 was a real nail biter!!  Going into the final question, The Detroit Dominators had a perfect score of 69 points (for the second week in a row!!) with Good People and 4u2nv tied for second only 3 points behind them, and Wild Turkey only 2 points behind them with 63.  Good People and Wild Turkey were both able to put the four elements in order according to their abbreviation on the periodic table, which pushed them up to first and second place respectively.  4u2nv wisely wagered zero and held on to the third place prize.  The Detroit Dominators won the gold medal in game 2, with Good People claiming the silver, and 4u2nv grabbing her second bronze of the night.

Team Name Total 13-Feb 20-Feb
Detroit Dominators 258 126 132
Good People 223 102 121
4u2nv 210 93 117
Wild Turkeys (formerly Give Us a Break) 156 65 91
Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda 64 64
Team Jackson, Get Some! 63 63