Russ M.



Often described as “kinda like Jesus, but not in a sacrilegious way” Russ has spent over a decade in and out of the seediest trivia halls in the City. When asked why he turned to hosting trivia he said “Is there something else that out of work broadcasters can do for money? I’m not that marketable as a prostitute.”

He later stated he needed the money to afford his addiction to prescription heart medication.
Russ’ tastes in music range from “I know you haven’t heard it before, but it’s good” to “No I will not play Pitbull”.
When he’s not snorting his own mixture of Lipitor and Coumadin while asking questions to complete strangers, Russ enjoys photography, riding his bike in the City and his wife at home. His voice can generally be found reading sports news at various broadcast frequencies. He has a particular weakness for people who make Archer and The Simpsons references.
He currently hosts at Como’s in Ferndale on Mondays and at Dooley’s in Clawson on Tuesdays.