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Doc Watson’s

1515 South Byrne Rd Toledo, Ohio 43614
Thursdays, 8:30pm & 9:30pm (419) 389-6003

Prizes Every Show

1st Place - $10 gift card or swag (team choice)
2nd Place - $10 gift card or swag (remaining option)

Game 2:
1st Place - $20 gift card or swag (team choice)
2nd Place - $20 gift card or swag (remaining option)


8:30pm & 9:30pm
Host: Bobby Storm
Hosting since Dec 2010
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League Scoreboard as of Mar. 26, 2015
Teams Weekly Game Scores TOTAL LEAGUE PTS
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Amish Rake Fight8112093123xxxxxxxxxxx41737
Trivial suspension of the ethical11811086125xxxxxxxxxxx43933
One Of Americas Greatest Trivia Teams127xx117xxxxxxxxxxx24424
P. Frey124727076xxxxxxxxxxx34217
Booger Brains105x110xxxxxxxxxxxx21516
Lee Chestnutsx121xxxxxxxxxxxxx12115
Inglewood Jack11990xxxxxxxxxxxxx20910
The Clamburglarsxx88xxxxxxxxxxxx889
Kebert Xela108110xxxxxxxxxxxxx2187
Uncle Touchys puzzle basementx99x102xxxxxxxxxxx2014
Goon Squad116xxxxxxxxxxxxxx1163
officer Naughty & Sheriff Sexy Pantsxxx100xxxxxxxxxxx1001
Me & my Bitchesxxx84xxxxxxxxxxx841
Yoouurr Kidding Mexxx70xxxxxxxxxxx701
Michaels Dirty Tie67xxxxxxxxxxxxxx671
Pugs not Drugsxxx65xxxxxxxxxxx651
Better Late Than Pregnant(Doc Watson's)36xxxxxxxxxxxxxx361
Season Standings for Mar 2, 2015 through Apr 1, 2015
y - qualified for tournament

Week 4 Final Questions

Game 1
Which U.S. Interstate passes through the most states, traveling through 15 states?
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Game 2
During the decade of the 1990s, Stephen King had nine different novels that reached #1 on The New York Times Fiction Best Sellers list. John Grisham had eight #1 novels in the 90s. Who was the only author to have more best sellers during the 90s, with 13?
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