Reed hosts at South End Grille on Tuesdays at 7pm, Sidelines Maumee on Wednesdays at 8pm, Mucky Duck Pub Perrysburg on Thursdays at 8pm, & Sidelines Maumee on Fridays at 8pm.

Reed Rockwell was born in Torrance, California in the 1970s. His family moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota when Reed was a youngster. As a boy, Reed had an aptitude for dancing and singing. His father and brothers were afraid and worried Reed would be picked on for his gregarious personality and long beautiful wavy hair. Reed’s sisters and mother, on the other hand, were supportive in Reed’s endeavors and passion for entertaining. By the time Reed was 12 years old, his family moved once again. This time they moved to the Pacific Northwest. Reed discovered his talent for singing and dove into the Seattle Grunge scene of the early 1990s. As a teenager, Reed was the lead singer in many different garage bands in the Seattle area. On a cold rainy night in a Seattle club, Reed met Kurt Cobain. Kurt saw Reed sing that night and became his mentor. “I’ll never forget what Kurt did for me. He was like a brother to me. Courtney was like a big sister. A big sister that kicks ass and could rock with the best of the dudes.”

Reed went on to open for such bands as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, and Alice in Chains. Reed Rockwell fronted two different bands. He was best known for his work with Bath Salts and Grain Elevator, both out of Seattle in the 90s. At one point Reed was asked to sing for Stone Temple Pilots. Reed declined due to his relationship with their lead singer Scott. “I couldn’t do that to a buddy of mine. He’s a much better singer than me anyway. I would have just been a Scott sound alike. I love that dude.” After the death of his friend Kurt, Reed began to lose his passion for the grunge scene. And after a weekend with Eddie Vedder and some soul searching, Reed moved to the Ohio area by the late 90s. “I just needed a break man. I was burned out bro.”

After a few years of alone time and finding his Zen, Reed found his love for entertaining again. This time in the form of going to karaoke bars and singing his old songs, singing the songs of his old buddies from his days in the Seattle scene. Then, he discovered Sporcle.

“This trivia stuff is cool bro. Comin’ at cha!!