To Our Loyal Great Lakes Trivia Players:

It is with great excitement that we officially announce that Great Lakes Trivia is now a part of the web and mobile’s top trivia destination – Sporcle.

In the past 3.5 years, you all have helped us grow this live trivia craze in Metro Detroit, Toledo, Northeast Ohio and West Michigan.  Without you, we would not be to the point we are now.  We are very proud of the business we built with Great Lakes Trivia and are even more excited about where it is now headed.

We’ve realized over the past few years that so many of you are trivia fanatics and we love that.  We’ve always tried to be an “out-of-the-box” company and have always tried to make your trivia experience better.  The new partnership between GLT and Sporcle now allows you all to play trivia based games on the web, on your mobile device and live – or as we are calling – “The Ultimate Trivia Experience.”  We are now the only company in the world that can offer trivia in such a wide variety of ways and to the extent that we are.

What you’ve come to love about GLT is not changing.  The only change to the game format is that we will be adding visual rounds to the game to enhance the experience, but other than that the only thing you’ll notice different about the game is our newly designed color game sheets!  (Oh, and the pickup question is going away!  Yes, we listen to your feedback)

Those of you who enjoy league play have nothing to worry about.  Our live leagues are still here and will continue to be one of the most financially rewarding free trivia leagues on the planet.

And the reason most of you like the live trivia experience in the first place is because of our live hosts.  All of our GLT hosts are here to stay and Sporcle Live will be managed by the same people who managed GLT.  We’re all here to stay!  We will continue to do our best to give every city we do business in a local feel to it.  We will have local management running each major market, individual Sporcle Live sub-sites and more.  We will be a local trivia company with a national reach.

Also, we want you all to know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We’ve already discussed so many cool enhancements to the live trivia world that we can’t wait to show in the coming years.

Maybe you aren’t familiar with Sporcle or perhaps you are.  Our hope is that you will soon have the same affection for Sporcle (if you don’t already) that you do for GLT.  If you aren’t familiar with their website, spend five minutes on it sometime soon and you’ll soon see why we’ve been hooked on it for years!

Again, we thank each and every one of you who have played GLT in the past.  We’re confident that we can continue to push the envelope and create an experience for you that you’ll truly enjoy.

Welcome to Sporcle Live – The Ultimate Trivia Experience.


The Great Lakes Trivia/Sporcle Live Staff