Now Hiring Hosts!

What we’re looking for in our Trivia Hosts:

  • People who are entertaining, engaging and reliable.
  • People who get satisfaction in seeing more and more people attend their shows each night, and will do the things required to make that happen.
  • Being fun and/or funny are a huge bonus – actually, that’s a requirement!
  • Someone that if every one of our trivia questions was awful/wrong/horrible/boring, people would still come back each week because the host is so awesome.

What’s in it for you?

Stardom, fame, new friends…and cold, hard cash.  Our hosts make a minimum of $50 per two-hour show, but those hosts who build up a successful show make up to $75 per night.  We often raise those amounts and give out the occasional bonus for top performers.

If you’ve never played Sporcle Live before, the first thing we’ll tell you to do during an interview is to go to a show.  Do yourself a favor and go to a show first to get the experience and to make sure this is something you’d be good at doing.

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