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Jimmy Green's

825 South State Street Chicago, Illinois 60605
Wednesdays, 7:30pm & 8:30pm (312) 386-9000

Prizes Every Show

1st Place - $50 Gift Card
2nd Place - $25 Gift Card
Venue Tournament Winner - Victory Party


7:30pm & 8:30pm
Host: John C.
Hosting since Jan 2014
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League Scoreboard as of Mar. 25, 2015
Teams Weekly Game Scores TOTAL LEAGUE PTS
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
STEM Fatales1109392109xxxxxxxxxxx40445
Team Hat115121x110xxxxxxxxxxx34642
Melort of the Rings77147x94xxxxxxxxxxx31833
Chili Dogs60100xxxxxxxxxxxxx16012
50 Shades of Gary6876x71xxxxxxxxxxx21510
The Jimmy Green's Center for Kids Who Can't Trivia Goodx79x83xxxxxxxxxxx1629
Season Standings for Mar 2, 2015 through Apr 1, 2015
y - qualified for tournament

Week 4 Final Questions

Game 1
What Asian country is home to the world’s current longest-reigning monarch? He has served since June 9, 1946, more than five years longer than Queen Elizabeth II.
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Game 2
Put the following women's firsts in the United States in chronological order:
First to serve in the U.S. Senate
First to graduate law school
First to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court
First to ride in space
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