Matt C.



Matt Chiaramonte was born in a small cabin outside of Reno, Nevada. From an early age, Matt’s parents forced him to host trivia games in his crib. As soon as he was able to walk, he would spend 14 hours a day lugging a P.A. system up and down a nearby hill. By the age of 7 he knew virtually everything there is to know about hosting trivia. In 1997, Matt had a chance meeting with Thadeus T. Sporcle, the founder of the Sporcle empire. He told Matt, “One day, all this will be yours.”

Flashforward to 16 years later, Matt hosts a couple trivia games in Wrigleyville and Rogers Park. Sure, he hasn’t quite lived up to his potential. But at least he moved out of that cabin. They used to make him eat mice.