Jennice O.


My name is JenniceĀ (Jen-NIECE), but my good friends call me Baby J (but I don’t fight UFC). Unless you’re the 2 year-old I babysit- she calls me Guhneice (life’s hard when you’re 2). I moved to Chicago from LA last year because I hate sunshine, warm weather, and myself. JK — Chitown is an amazing city and I’m excited to call it home these days. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree and I was a double major in Theatre & Communications Arts and Business Administration. Fun fact- upon graduation I had 5 medals from my college. One of them is in jello wrestling.

I love playing games- some of my most fond memories growing up in Albuquerque, NM (that’s NEW Mexico, and yes it is in the United States) were playing board games with my parents and two older sisters. Once we played a game that my step-mom wouldn’t let us play until we were all 14+ and included a VHS that hosted the game- he was a scary old guy (think crypt keeper) who kept calling us maggots. That game was nuts- we still have it. Bonus points if you can tell me the name of it. Soooo hosting Trivia with Sporcle is straight up my alley, but I never call anyone maggot. Unless it’s their team name.