Sporcle Live Leaderboards

Teams that have the highest cumulative score after 10 weeks at a single weekly show will share this cash prize pool.*

Includes scores submitted up to May 27, 2015 at 1:00pm, EST.

1The MoopsGrand TavernRochester Hills1842$97.40
2Y U No Know TriviaMad RiverChicago1782$94.22
3Sexy UglyWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor1764$93.27
4Tanooki SuitsDan's Downtown TavernSaline1757$92.90
5T MoneyHeartbreaker's Bar & GrillChaska1679$88.78
6Group W BenchWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor1665$88.04
7Skydiving GrandmasWyatt's Twisted AmericanaHastings1662$87.88
8What the ShibbolethRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti1650$87.24
9Anustart (aka The Cable Guys)Ashley'sWestland1637$86.56
10Prestige Worldwide (Woodhaven)Buffalo Wild WingsWoodhaven1630$86.19
11Tonto's CowboyWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor1629$86.13
12I Am Jack's Trivia TeamMad RiverChicago1627$86.03
13Hungarian Hungarian HipposAshley'sAnn Arbor1623$85.82
14Double J And FredCurragh Irish PubSkokie1622$85.76
15Moby GrapeAugie's Bar and GrillMadison Heights1611$85.18
16Woefully UnpreparedGrand TavernRochester Hills1603$84.76
17Irish Exits, LLCWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor1594$84.28
18Topical & FunnyBad Albert's Tap & GrillSeattle1594$84.28
19We Remember Lots of StuffMad RiverChicago1577$83.38
20Fear BonersThe Hub Sports BistroMacomb Twp1576$83.33
21The BS'ersSidelines IIToledo1576$83.33
22Honey SpottersDerby Bar & GrillChicago1574$83.23
23Scotty Doesn't KnowOn TapCuyahoga Falls1572$83.12
24Aunt FlowGreat Baraboo Brewing CompanyClinton Township1571$83.07
25Sparty OnRosie O'Grady'sSouthgate1568$82.91
26Totes InnappropesWyatt's Twisted AmericanaHastings1568$82.91
27Absolutely UnsureMax & Erma'sPerrysburg1567$--
28Cool People and JeffArbor Brewing Company MicrobreweryYpsilanti1567$--
29Frank Venner's All StarsSidelines IIToledo1566$--
30Expendables 2Grand TavernRochester Hills1556$--
31Farmers MarketSouth End Bar & GrilleToledo1554$--
32Beats By Ray(Seattle)A Pizza MartSeattle1553$--
33EnnuiArbor Brewing Company MicrobreweryYpsilanti1547$--
34Normal Park Trivia TigersMaiz Mexican CantinaYpsilanti1541$--
35Batteries Not IncludedCurragh Irish PubSkokie1537$--
36What was that?Wolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor1528$--
37Don't Forget To Strip Your BartenderArbor Brewing Company MicrobreweryYpsilanti1526$--
38The GlassmenSidelines IIToledo1526$--
39Bert Macklin, FBIBuffalo Wild WingsMt. Clemens1525$--
40Spaceballs: The Trivia TeamMax & Erma'sPerrysburg1522$--
41Barrack Obama Zombie HunterHermann's Olde Town GrillePlymouth1519$--
42Titty RooseveltThe Green TopKalamazoo1511$--
43Red DelishScratch Kitchen & LoungeForest Park1503$--
44HubrisChurch Key PubEdmonds1498$--
45Bacon Wrapped FTWAugie's Bar and GrillMadison Heights1496$--
46Pour HouseMr. B's Food & SpiritsRoyal Oak1496$--
47Rock Hard TimesThe Mucky DuckPerrysburg1493$--
48The ClavinsBuffalo Wild WingsLake Orion1491$--
49Wise Beyond Our BeersHermann's Olde Town GrillePlymouth1491$--
50Ric Flair's Nature BoysMoose MacGregor'sBrownstown Township1485$--
51Maize and Blue BallersMr. B's Food & SpiritsRoyal Oak1483$--
52Rex Ryan's Foot FetishBayside Sports GrilleWalled Lake1482$--
53Calrissian RhapsodyBasement Burger BarFarmington1480$--
54Four Letter NerdsGroundswellSt. Paul1479$--
55Tempura Shelter For Lightly Battered WomenJamboozies Sports Bar and GrillSterling Heights1478$--
56Average JoesBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor1472$--
57The RedemeersSouth End Bar & GrilleToledo1470$--
582 For The ShowDiag Bar & GrillChicago1466$--
59Bees?Day Block Brewing Co.Minneapolis1464$--
60The MalcontentsOn TapStow1462$--
61It's Always Sunny in WestlandAshley'sWestland1456$--
62Candy Gram for MonoBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor1454$--
63Floppy FishCurragh Irish PubSkokie1451$--
64Too Cool For SchoolBuffalo Wild WingsMt. Clemens1451$--
65Miskatonic University Fighting CephalopodsMaiz Mexican CantinaYpsilanti1450$--
66Holy SchlitzStella's Black Dog TavernPlymouth1449$--
67The WigleysBlue Door LongfellowMinneapolis1447$--
68Moist Chocolate LadlesA Pizza MartSeattle1446$--
69Everything DiesBuffalo Wild WingsGrand Rapids1444$--
70It's Only TuesdayMad RiverChicago1444$--
71Larry's Bald SpotWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor1443$--
72ANUSTART(Toledo)Max & Erma'sPerrysburg1440$--
73Growler ServiceNew BohemiaMinneapolis1438$--
74Eberwits featuring the No Talent Ass ClownsWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor1437$--
755 Minute MenBar 145Kent1434$--
76Shrine Of The Silver Monkey(Falling Down Weds.)Falling Down Beer Co.Warren1426$--
77Seven Twenty SixMax & Erma'sCanton1425$--
78Look At The Brain On BradRalphie'sHolland1423$--
79Dumb and Dumber(Chicago)A.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago1419$--
80Watch Your Own BobberVillage Sports BarWhite Bear Lake1415$--
81More Beer Less PantsMaiz Mexican CantinaYpsilanti1410$--
82Drunks @ End Of BarA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago1409$--
84Everybody Hates MitchBad Albert's Tap & GrillSeattle1402$--
85The Den MenOn TapStow1401$--
86InebriatiOn TapStow1398$--
87Anal Bum Covers (NEO)Bar 145Kent1396$--
88Better Late Than Never(Minnesota)Day Block Brewing Co.Minneapolis1396$--
89Teach Me How To SnuggieArenaAnn Arbor1394$--
90Queefer SutherlandAugie's Bar and GrillMadison Heights1393$--
91Tres ChicasFreddy's BarClinton Twp.1392$--
92D-BonersFreddy's BarClinton Twp.1383$--
93The Trivia Chainsaw MassacreWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor1383$--
94Little Lebowski Urban AchieversRosie O'Grady'sSouthgate1382$--
95Julio's Green CardBar 145Kent1380$--
96Kayla's CrewWyatt's Twisted AmericanaHastings1374$--
97Spectacled BearsOn TapStow1370$--
98That's What She Said (Ralphie's Holland)Ralphie'sHolland1370$--
99SeekampThe Green TopKalamazoo1365$--
100RO Bo BUTT FloBuffalo Wild WingsGrand Rapids1364$--
101Sexual ChocolateMoose MacGregor'sBrownstown Township1364$--
102Stormy KromersGreat Baraboo Brewing CompanyClinton Township1364$--
103Lucky 7'sStella's Black Dog TavernPlymouth1361$--
104The ProspectsBirch LodgeGrand Rapids1361$--
105BorisesDiag Bar & GrillChicago1359$--
106Chin StrapsBirch LodgeGrand Rapids1356$--
107Less Is MoreMcShane's Irish Pub & Whiskey BarDetroit1356$--
108Periodic Table DancersSwigPerrysburg1354$--
109The MunsonsRumkins Bar & GrillAllen Park1351$--
110Mac DaddyDay Block Brewing Co.Minneapolis1349$--
111Tequila Mockingbird (Toledo)Ziggy Zoomba'sBowling Green1346$--
112Wibbly Wobbly Timey WimeyThe NookSt. Paul1346$--
113Nation of DominationMulligan's TavernHighland Heights1345$--
114Slowdance ChubbieCaptain Joe's GrillWhitmore Lake1345$--
115Clinton LumberKingsMo Dailey's Pub & GrilleChicago1343$--
116Polish MafiaWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor1343$--
117Voodoo EconomicsFalling Down Beer Co.Warren1343$--
118The Guatemalan GringosSidelinesMaumee1342$--
119Who CaresAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City1342$--
120Bomb SquadFreddy's BarClinton Twp.1340$--
121Dingle, Ready to MingleA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago1336$--
122Muggle, PleaseGroundswellSt. Paul1336$--
123Nine Inch Males(Toledo)The Mucky DuckPerrysburg1336$--
124Connor Peterson's Fishin' BuddiesBuffalo Wild WingsLake Orion1335$--
125Captain Crunch and the Cereal KillersRalphie'sOregon1334$--
126Village IdiotsCoach's CornerLivonia1333$--
127Team TARDISVillage Inn PizzeriaSkokie1329$--
128Hoof HeartedFifty Nine West Entertainment ComplexHighland1328$--
129Rubber Dinghy RideFifty Nine West Entertainment ComplexHighland1328$--
130GlitterTD's Tailgate GrillCanton1325$--
131Wet Burrito BanditsCrow's Nest Bar & GrillCanton1325$--
132Inappropriate sundressTim's TavernSeattle1321$--
133Let the Wookie Win(Basement Burger Bar)Basement Burger BarFarmington1320$--
134CurmudgeonsRumkins Bar & GrillAllen Park1317$--
135Your Resume SucksArbor Brewing Company MicrobreweryYpsilanti1316$--
136Beer TeamMad RiverChicago1313$--
137NOT Moby GrapeGrand TavernRochester Hills1309$--
138Team Discovery ChannelMcHugh's Public HouseSavage1309$--
139Uncles With Benefits (Minnesota)New BohemiaMinneapolis1307$--
140ScoutsBroadcast BoothAllen Park1305$--
141Hamtramik tries harder-erMcShane's Irish Pub & Whiskey BarDetroit1302$--
142Goat RodeoBirch LodgeGrand Rapids1301$--
143My Name is Betty Joe...And My Back Sweats!SidelinesMaumee1301$--
144The Tick TurdsWaldenburg BarMacomb1298$--
145Beer Me FiveFalling Down Beer Co.Warren1297$--
146Little ChechnyaPaddy JacksToledo1297$--
147Team #2Blue Door LongfellowMinneapolis1296$--
148Cell Phone BanditsMcShane's Irish Pub & Whiskey BarDetroit1295$--
149Smarty PintsMax McQ'sAkron1295$--
150The Henry Ford HottiesBroadcast BoothAllen Park1294$--
151Amish Rake FightDoc Watson'sToledo1291$--
152Kids n GoatsAugie's Bar and GrillMadison Heights1289$--
153SOBHudson's RestaurantAkron1286$--
154Off In A CornerCleatsStrongsville1284$--
155PlayboysCurragh Irish PubGlenview1284$--
156Brew MastersPaddy JacksToledo1283$--
157Buster Hymen & The PenetratorsDan's Downtown TavernSaline1283$--
158The GingersMr. B's Food & SpiritsRoyal Oak1281$--
159No PriorsShamrocks Irish NookSt. Paul1280$--
16021 Hump StreetHome Slice PizzaToledo1277$--
161Erotic Friend FictionPeterlin's Restaurant & BarFarmington1276$--
162Quiz In My Pants(Jamboozie's)Jamboozies Sports Bar and GrillSterling Heights1276$--
163Red Cross Fund for Victims of SharknadoCurragh Irish PubEdison Park1275$--
164Step DadsHermann's Olde Town GrillePlymouth1274$--
165Prestige Worldwide(BWW Mansfield)Buffalo Wild WingsOntario1273$--
166Sweatpants BonerArenaAnn Arbor1273$--
167Cat Head EagleMax & Erma'sPerrysburg1272$--
168Ho DawgsStella's Black Dog TavernPlymouth1269$--
169We're Just Here For The BeerHeartbreaker's Bar & GrillChaska1267$--
170Take Care of Your ShoesTim's TavernSeattle1265$--
171Cherry PoppinsPeterlin's Restaurant & BarFarmington1264$--
172I'm a peacock & you gotta let me flyBlarney Irish PubToledo1264$--
173Quiz on Your Face(Rosie's)Buffalo Wild WingsWoodhaven1264$--
174All About That Action BossCoach's CornerLivonia1263$--
175The Iron CurtainGrand TavernFarmington1263$--
176Large Explosion HypothesisDan's Downtown TavernSaline1260$--
177Mister ChefsThe Hub Sports BistroMacomb Twp1260$--
178What Do We Look Like, A Team That's Not Lazy???McHugh's Public HouseSavage1260$--
179The Prince SymbolThe Hub Sports BistroMacomb Twp1259$--
180Turtles All The Way DownDiag Bar & GrillChicago1259$--
181Siblings With Benefits(Chicago)A.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago1258$--
182Too Sexy for Sesame StreetMulligan's TavernHighland Heights1257$--
183Hot Tay MollysAugie's Bar and GrillMadison Heights1256$--
184The SnailsBroadcast BoothAllen Park1255$--
185Franks N BeansGreat Baraboo Brewing CompanyClinton Township1253$--
186Nacho ProblemHexagonMinneapolis1252$--
187RANTHarmon's PubCanton1251$--
188HospitalizedOuttakes Bar & GrillNew Hope1250$--
189Fisted SisterThe Stones ThrowBowling Green1248$--
190T SquaredBrick N' BrewNapoleon1247$--
191Uranus Vs The WorldTGI Friday'sBurnsville1247$--
192Classic McGruberBirch LodgeGrand Rapids1246$--
1932001 Lb GorillaMax & Erma'sFairlawn1242$--
194GimpsVillage Inn PizzeriaSkokie1242$--
195Another Day at the OfficeBuffalo Wild WingsAshland1241$--
196Boat DrinksHarmon's PubCanton1240$--
197My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem(Des Moines)Felix & Oscar'sDes Moines1240$--
198PopeyeHome Slice PizzaToledo1240$--
199Long Story Short51 North BreweryLake Orion1238$--
200Trivia On Our Sweaters Already, Mom's SpaghettiWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor1238$--
201Princess Consuela BananahammockRalphie'sOregon1236$--
202SharktopusThe Hub Sports BistroMacomb Twp1236$--
203Quiz in my Pants (JT's Porch)JT's Porch Saloon & EateryLombard1234$--
204Slick Rock RumbleJohnny's Grill on the LakeBelleville1234$--
205DAsHERSVillage Inn PizzeriaSkokie1233$--
206Let's Get QuizzicalOn TapStow1233$--
207The Brain Quest PosseGreat Baraboo Brewing CompanyClinton Township1231$--
208Oingo BoingoMax McQ'sAkron1230$--
209Rob's Econ Study GroupBasement Burger BarFarmington1228$--
210Elmer's GlueBuffalo Wild WingsAshland1223$--
211Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jr. Jr.McShane's Irish Pub & Whiskey BarDetroit1223$--
212Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap(BWW Ypsi)Buffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti1222$--
213Those Aren't PillowsJamboozies Sports Bar and GrillSterling Heights1214$--
214PotterheadJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids1211$--
215Quiz In my Pants(West MI)Buffalo Wild WingsGrand Rapids1209$--
216Speed DatingArenaAnn Arbor1207$--
217Portly GibbonsVillage Sports BarWhite Bear Lake1206$--
218Suh MeMulligan's TavernHighland Heights1205$--
219Uno DosBiff's Sports Bar & GrillSpring Lake Park1204$--
220OhiowaDoc Watson'sToledo1203$--
221Red HorseSidelines IIToledo1203$--
222RockaholicsSal's Pizza PubLombard1202$--
223RoloBasement Burger BarFarmington1200$--
224Vandelay IndustriesBuffalo Wild WingsAshland1199$--
225Coming Up MilhouseMcShane's Irish Pub & Whiskey BarDetroit1198$--
226Brain PoliceAshley'sWestland1195$--
227Money BadgersArbor Brewing Company MicrobreweryYpsilanti1195$--
228H to the IzzoStella's Black Dog TavernPlymouth1193$--
229I Love LampBuffalo Wild WingsFairview Park1192$--
230Celtic PrideBowery Grille & PubCanton1190$--
231Multiple Scoregasms(El Camino)El Camino RealToledo1190$--
232Rural Jurors (Wolverine)Wolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor1186$--
233Vending Machine HookersBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor1186$--
234Guessn'Dave and Buster'sWestlake1184$--
235Jerk and TossCurragh Irish PubGlenview1184$--
236O-Trivia Newton JohnJamboozies Sports Bar and GrillSterling Heights1184$--
237Sofa King AwesomeOn TapStow1183$--
238The NomadsTGI Friday'sBloomington1183$--
239Definitely Not 1st PlaceA Pizza MartSeattle1182$--
240Forbidden PizzasMad RiverChicago1182$--
241Misfits(Toledo)South End Bar & GrilleToledo1182$--
242Consistently Inconsistent (NEO)Max McQ'sAkron1181$--
243Jesus, Party Of 12Biff's Sports Bar & GrillSpring Lake Park1181$--
244Work Hard Twerk HardBuffalo Wild WingsCleveland Heights1180$--
245Zip-Up HoodieSidelinesMaumee1180$--
246Blue Barracudas(Boston's)Boston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township1176$--
247StrategeryJW Hollstein'sTinley Park1176$--
248Baseball CoachesBuffalo Wild WingsAshland1175$--
249Pen Is MightierAshley'sAnn Arbor1172$--
250Dr. Sheldon CooperMax & Erma'sMiddleburg Heights1170$--
251Tequila Mockingbird(Red Rock)Red Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti1169$--
252ZiggiesMax & Erma'sCanton1167$--
253pink skullsCleatsStrongsville1167$--
254TigersBunker BarHolland1166$--
255Vatos LocosFelix & Oscar'sDes Moines1166$--
256The Queef Before TimeRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti1165$--
257Full Frontal Nerdity (NEO)CleatsStrongsville1164$--
258ShullbitDan's Clinton TavernClinton Village1164$--
259Don't Worry We'll Blow the Final QuestionRalphie'sPerrysburg1161$--
260flyngblndBuffalo Wild WingsAvon Lake1161$--
261KaymocksCurragh Irish PubSkokie1159$--
262Thinkin' and Drinkin'McShane's Irish Pub & Whiskey BarDetroit1159$--
263Abraham DrinkinBayside Sports GrilleWalled Lake1157$--
264KumquatsOn TapStow1157$--
265ArflebarkTGI Friday'sBloomington1156$--
266Detroit DieselsMoose MacGregor'sBrownstown Township1156$--
267Alpha QBuffalo Wild WingsAshland1154$--
268Wild CardRosie O'Grady'sSouthgate1154$--
269Got WoodsJ&M CafeSeattle1152$--
270Bed Bath and BeyonceBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor1151$--
271Quizzly Bears(Jamboozie's)Jamboozies Sports Bar and GrillSterling Heights1151$--
272Two Trivias To ParadiseArbor Brewing Company MicrobreweryYpsilanti1150$--
273Dobis P RNew BohemiaGolden Valley1149$--
274Mr. T-Rex And His Fancy PantsPeterlin's Restaurant & BarFarmington1149$--
275The Turd Fergusons(Toledo)Paddy JacksToledo1149$--
276Chet HarperMulligan's TavernHighland Heights1148$--
277P.H. DuhBuffalo Wild WingsGrand Rapids1148$--
278Queef CatchersMt. ChaletRoyal Oak1147$--
279Party Till She's CuteThe Hub Sports BistroMacomb Twp1145$--
280Team Ramrod(Doc's)Doc's Sport RetreatLivonia1145$--
281Erin NiezogskiMoose MacGregor'sBrownstown Township1142$--
282John Snow-It-AllsBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township1141$--
283Triple DThe Stones ThrowBowling Green1140$--
284And in First Place(Detroit)Fraser's PubAnn Arbor1139$--
285Baby PigliaBarley HouseAkron1139$--
286Loose Seal!JD Reardon'sGrand Rapids1139$--
287Blue Moon InvestigationsWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor1138$--
288Pole PositionersJamboozies Sports Bar and GrillSterling Heights1138$--
289Blaha's Moose KnuckleMcShane's Irish Pub & Whiskey BarDetroit1137$--
290FijilicousOn TapCuyahoga Falls1137$--
291Trivia Newton Jon(Sal's)Sal's Pizza PubLombard1137$--
292Detroit DominatorsMr. B's Food & SpiritsRoyal Oak1134$--
293Tesla CoylesBasement Burger BarFarmington1134$--
294My Friend From High School, EricGroundswellSt. Paul1133$--
295Null Reference ExceptionBuffalo Wild WingsAurora1133$--
296We're Glad We Brought A PenBroadcast BoothAllen Park1131$--
297That FamilyBunker BarHolland1130$--
298The Gummies(Bowery)Bowery Grille & PubCanton1129$--
299Midway MojoGroundswellSt. Paul1127$--
300The Cunning LinguistsVillage Inn PizzeriaSkokie1127$--
301Gross CornHermann's Olde Town GrillePlymouth1126$--
302#midwestcoastJT's Porch Saloon & EateryLombard1124$--
303OdysseyBuffalo Wild WingsAshland1124$--
304Gr8Lk8 MatesAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City1121$--
305Settlers Of CatanBlarney Irish PubToledo1120$--
306Team Ramrod(Chanticlear)Chanticlear PizzaMinneapolis1120$--
307Touch Me Where I PeeMaiz Mexican CantinaYpsilanti1120$--
308Rowdyruff BoysAshley'sWestland1118$--
309The Brainy MischiefsThe Mucky DuckPerrysburg1118$--
310Alabama Hot pockets(NEO)Buffalo Wild WingsOntario1117$--
311Talk Nerdy To Me(Wyatt's)Wyatt's Twisted AmericanaHastings1117$--
312One is the Loneliest NumberBasement Burger BarCanton1116$--
313SweatlodgeBlue Door LongfellowMinneapolis1113$--
314You're Killing Me SmallsJohnny's Grill on the LakeBelleville1113$--
315Ass WhispersDiag Bar & GrillChicago1110$--
316Competitive ScribblersOn TapCuyahoga Falls1110$--
317I'm OK With That51 North BreweryLake Orion1108$--
318The Unsinkable Molly BrownsHamlin CornerRoyal Oak1107$--
319Phlynders UnitedBasement Burger BarFarmington1104$--
320Yuengling Bros. CircusDorr St CafeToledo1102$--
321Bill & Ted's Excellent Trivia TeamBuffalo Wild WingsKent1101$--
322Sweet Teams are Made of ThisBlarney Irish PubToledo1100$--
323ANUSTART(Hermann's)Hermann's Olde Town GrillePlymouth1099$--
324Shark Sandwich(BWW Fairview)Buffalo Wild WingsFairview Park1099$--
325Soul GloThe Stones ThrowBowling Green1097$--
326PEN 15Buffalo Wild WingsWoodhaven1096$--
327On a scale of "Casey Anthony" to "Jerry Sandusky," how much do you love kids?Felix & Oscar'sDes Moines1092$--
328shim shamShamrocks Irish NookSt. Paul1092$--
329Mad Math and the ThunderdomesThe Mucky DuckPerrysburg1090$--
330Trivia MercenariesNew BohemiaGolden Valley1088$--
331Try AgainFraser's PubAnn Arbor1088$--
332Fish TacosBuffalo Wild WingsMt. Clemens1087$--
333KelevinGreat Baraboo Brewing CompanyClinton Township1086$--
334STEM FatalesJimmy Green'sChicago1084$--
335Form A Fn WallGreat Baraboo Brewing CompanyClinton Township1082$--
336The Bobby DariosBagger Dave'sEast Lansing1081$--
337Beavers and Tree TrunksWaldenburg BarMacomb1079$--
338Crisco & The Can KickersBayside Sports GrilleWalled Lake1078$--
339TRAFDan's Downtown TavernSaline1078$--
340Stylin, Profilin, Jet-Flyin, Limousine-Ridin, Kiss-Stealin, Wheelin-Dealin, Straight-Shootin Son of a Gun Ric FlairBuffalo Wild WingsAshland1076$--
341Gotham City RoguesBuffalo Wild WingsPort Huron Twsp1073$--
342Marks MadnessPaddy JacksToledo1071$--
343IndiansBuffalo Wild WingsAvon Lake1069$--
344Les QuizerablesThe Paramount Pub & GrilleAkron1067$--
345Little Lebowski: Urban Achievers(NEO)On TapStow1067$--
346Unexplained VibrationThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.1066$--
347MNOBuffalo Wild WingsWoodhaven1065$--
349Hole in One(BWW Woodhaven)Buffalo Wild WingsWoodhaven1064$--
350The RegularsBunker BarHolland1064$--
351VikingsBuffalo Wild WingsOntario1063$--
352Stranz & FairchildBuffalo Wild WingsBrighton1062$--
353Muy MalpracticeDorr St CafeToledo1061$--
354Party AnimalsOn TapStow1060$--
355Progressively DrunkerOn TapAkron1060$--
356That Sucking SoundHermann's Olde Town GrillePlymouth1060$--
357Twisted SisterPintsElmhurst1060$--
358John C.U. Next TuesdayPintsElmhurst1058$--
359Original BucketheadsBuffalo Wild WingsFairview Park1056$--
360Team TwoSal's Pizza PubLombard1056$--
361If Trivia were easy, it'd be your momCrow's Nest Bar & GrillCanton1055$--
362No Country Buffet for Old MenVillage Sports BarWhite Bear Lake1053$--
363The CompoundJet's PizzaChelsea1053$--
364Static EncephBasement Burger BarCanton1052$--
365Absolute FirecrackersDan's Downtown TavernSaline1050$--
366Better Late Than Never (Detroit)Buffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti1050$--
367If I Agreed With You We'd Both Be WrongBroadcast BoothAllen Park1049$--
368Inglorious BlastersFloodz Sports BarClinton Tsp1049$--
369Menace II SocietyFifty Nine West Entertainment ComplexHighland1049$--
370McHugh's GurusMcHugh's Public HouseSavage1048$--
371NessieMax & Erma'sCanton1048$--
372Trivia WizardsBuffalo Wild WingsOntario1048$--
373S.O.L.Johnny's Grill on the LakeBelleville1047$--
374We're Probably CheatingShamrocks Irish NookSt. Paul1047$--
375Little Lebowski's Urban Achievers (Mt. Clemens)Buffalo Wild WingsMt. Clemens1046$--
376Minocracy(Doc's)Doc's Sport RetreatLivonia1045$--
377UnfalconbelievableSouth End Bar & GrilleToledo1045$--
378Quiz In My Pants(Minnesota)Biff's Sports Bar & GrillSpring Lake Park1044$--
379The Martin Van Buren Fan ClubBowery Grille & PubCanton1043$--
380And That's a GuessFloodz Sports BarClinton Tsp1042$--
381Jerry's TeamJet's PizzaChelsea1037$--
382Algae BloomersDorr St CafeToledo1036$--
383DarksideFreddy's BarClinton Twp.1036$--
384Hoptimus PrimeThe Mucky DuckPerrysburg1036$--
385No Guts, No GloryThe Hub Sports BistroMacomb Twp1036$--
386Trivia CrackersBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township1033$--
387Sparty's PartyThe Hub Sports BistroMacomb Twp1032$--
388Our Drinking Team has a Trivia Problem(Rumkins)Rumkins Bar & GrillAllen Park1031$--
389HYPEMad RiverChicago1029$--
390Team BeerBuffalo Wild WingsKent1025$--
391The Lannisters of Castlery RockOn TapStow1025$--
392Whyze FellazCoach's CornerLivonia1025$--
393RambosMax & Erma'sCanton1024$--
394At Dawn We RideWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor1023$--
395Impersonating TurtlesBuffalo Wild WingsFairview Park1021$--
396Machine Gun Don KellySidelinesMaumee1017$--
397P. FreyRalphie'sHolland1017$--
398Elsinore BreweryCoach's CornerLivonia1015$--
399Dumb and DumberRalphie'sOregon1014$--
400Flyer faithfulMax & Erma'sFairlawn1011$--
401DUMB LUCKOuttakes Bar & GrillNew Hope1008$--
402OldtimesBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon1006$--
404Detroit FistonsGrand TavernFarmington1004$--
405The AwesomesDan's Clinton TavernClinton Village1003$--
406Jurassic PorkJohnny's Grill on the LakeBelleville1002$--
407Earl FlynnsGreat Baraboo Brewing CompanyClinton Township1000$--
408Izzy & The PeepsRumkins Bar & GrillAllen Park1000$--
409Simple MindsBuffalo Wild WingsGrand Rapids998$--
410Cuyahoga Cray CrayMax McQ'sAkron997$--
411JV All StarsMax McQ'sAkron997$--
412Katie's on the couchMr. B's Food & SpiritsRoyal Oak996$--
413Chainsaws for HandsBagger Dave'sEast Lansing995$--
414Bar SpiesBuffalo Wild WingsAshland994$--
415Max KnowledgeNew BohemiaGolden Valley992$--
416Rust Belt FairytaleMax McQ'sAkron988$--
417The ProphetsDan's Clinton TavernClinton Village988$--
418Chalupa Batman(Crunchy's)Crunchy'sEast Lansing987$--
419Answers on TapBasement Burger BarFarmington986$--
420You Just Got JammedRalphie'sOregon986$--
421Erik's FootOffice Pub & GrillMinneapolis984$--
422ISIS ISIS BabyHermann's Olde Town GrillePlymouth983$--
423Avondale MamasGrand TavernRochester Hills981$--
424Ebola-FreeMax McQ'sAkron979$--
425Liquid BreadFalling Down Beer Co.Warren979$--
426Rhymes W/AsiaBuffalo Wild WingsLake Orion979$--
427If You're Not 1st, You're Us!Boston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township977$--
428Involuntary TwerkoutsJT's Porch Saloon & EateryLombard977$--
429Donkey Schlong CountryShamrocks Irish NookSt. Paul976$--
430Extraordinary ChickensBasement Burger BarCanton975$--
431Jovi MadnessVillage Inn PizzeriaSkokie974$--
432Night ShiftGrand TavernFarmington974$--
433Tasteful Side Bob(Groundswell)GroundswellSt. Paul973$--
434The Ol' Mississippi StraddleCoach's CornerLivonia973$--
435Go Big or Go HomeBuffalo Wild WingsMt. Clemens972$--
436My PerogatveCoach's CornerLivonia969$--
437One Of Americas Greatest Trivia TeamsDoc Watson'sToledo967$--
438Mirage à TroisRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti966$--
439Samsonite, I Was Way OffEl Camino RealToledo966$--
440The FellowshipBar 145Kent965$--
441The IntrovertsDetroiter BarDetroit965$--
442Goonies Never Say DieBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon964$--
443Grille MatesTrotters TavernToledo963$--
444The Street Sharks of WarrenGreat Baraboo Brewing CompanyClinton Township963$--
445Day NineHermann's Olde Town GrillePlymouth961$--
446Brian Williams HelicopterBuffalo Wild WingsKent960$--
447The Gummy WormsSidelinesMaumee958$--
448Wisconsintration CampNew BohemiaMinneapolis956$--
449ZimsBuffalo Wild WingsAurora956$--
450ChunksCrow's Nest Bar & GrillCanton955$--
451Hyzer FlipBuffalo Wild WingsBrighton955$--
452Minds of MinutiaeEl Camino RealToledo955$--
453Righteous Rapmaster RocketshipHermann's Olde Town GrillePlymouth955$--
454Suck It Trebek (Chicago)JT's Porch Saloon & EateryLombard955$--
455The 87'sTGI Friday'sBurnsville955$--
456I Like Ur D n B SetThe Hub Sports BistroMacomb Twp954$--
457River RatsBrick N' BrewNapoleon954$--
458Wayne the Main Brain McClain(Chicago)Diag Bar & GrillChicago954$--
459stephen hawkings dance crewNext Door Pub & GrubToledo953$--
460Max PowerOn TapAkron952$--
461Spam, Eggs, Sausage, and SpamOn TapStow952$--
462Zombies of Carne EvilSouth End Bar & GrilleToledo951$--
463Shane Falco and the ReplacementsJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids950$--
464The AxisFloodz Sports BarClinton Tsp950$--
465Fuzzy BunniesHarmon's PubCanton949$--
466MathturbatersBuffalo Wild WingsCleveland Heights948$--
467Suds & BudsMax McQ'sAkron948$--
468Circle GangMo Dailey's Pub & GrilleChicago947$--
469We Told The Girls We're BowlingMcHugh's Public HouseSavage946$--
470Abby NormalVillage Sports BarWhite Bear Lake945$--
471Stephen Hawking's Football BootsCaptain Joe's GrillWhitmore Lake945$--
472HamsterdamOffice Pub & GrillMinneapolis944$--
473E = MC VaginaBad Albert's Tap & GrillSeattle940$--
474Manticore Hunting 201Falling Down Beer Co.Warren938$--
475Trivia CrackheadsRumkins Bar & GrillAllen Park937$--
476SlothMax & Erma'sPerrysburg936$--
477The Shitty BeatlesGreat Baraboo Brewing CompanyClinton Township936$--
478RainbowArenaAnn Arbor935$--
479We are having a fire sale a butler a rose and a kaneCurragh Irish PubGlenview935$--
480Whateva's ClevaAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City934$--
481MitoteSal's Pizza PubLombard933$--
482Perfect StormBuffalo Wild WingsAvon Lake933$--
483beer cheeseCurragh Irish PubGlenview932$--
484For the Love of JorgeOffice Pub & GrillMinneapolis929$--
485The Smartest Kids on the Short BusBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township929$--
486O-HBuffalo Wild WingsOntario928$--
487The Center for Kids that Can't Read GoodRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti926$--
488Hold Onto Your ButtsEl Camino RealToledo922$--
489Melort of the RingsJimmy Green'sChicago922$--
490Team VoldemortAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City916$--
491Better Call Saul HudsonA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago915$--
492RovinhalesBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti915$--
493Prestige Worldwide(Territorial)Territorial Brewing CompanySpringfield913$--
494Storm ChasersBunker BarHolland913$--
495Mark Cuban SandwichKieran's Irish PubMinneapolis912$--
496REIHermann's Olde Town GrillePlymouth912$--
497I Named My Dick Cheney Because It Shoots People In The FaceSticksYpsilanti910$--
498Nada ChanceBuffalo Wild WingsAshland910$--
499TheJasonRumkins Bar & GrillAllen Park910$--
500Late ArrivalFelix & Oscar'sDes Moines909$--
501Lissa's Always LateDooleys Irish TavernClawson909$--
502The Java BeansBiff's Sports Bar & GrillSpring Lake Park908$--
503Ann Arbor is a nice respectable ladyAshley'sAnn Arbor907$--
504JOE!Felix & Oscar'sDes Moines905$--
505We Thought This Was Speed Dating(Basement Burger Bar)Basement Burger BarFarmington905$--
506Anchors AwaySidelinesMaumee904$--
507EwoksBuffalo Wild WingsFairview Park903$--
508Smells Like Team SpiritSouth End Bar & GrilleToledo900$--
509Da DingusAugie's Bar and GrillMadison Heights899$--
510lick-emBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon899$--
511Magic Score 3000Harmon's PubCanton898$--
512Suck it Trebek (Woodhaven)Broadcast BoothAllen Park898$--
513Winter? I Hardly Even Know HerHermann's Olde Town GrillePlymouth898$--
514Guy in the Dark Suit with GlassesJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids897$--
515GrapeSidelines IIToledo895$--
516The AnticiperectionsGreat Baraboo Brewing CompanyClinton Township895$--
517HIV AladeenCrow's Nest Bar & GrillCanton891$--
518Pork Chop ExpressJT's Porch Saloon & EateryLombard891$--
519Red Headed Step MonkeysBagger Dave'sEast Lansing891$--
520SmartfellersRumkins Bar & GrillAllen Park891$--
521Car Ramrod(Sidelines)SidelinesMaumee889$--
522Who Does Number 2 Work ForBad Albert's Tap & GrillSeattle889$--
523Sprinkles Are For WinnersHermann's Olde Town GrillePlymouth888$--
524I Hate My Ex WifeFalling Down Beer Co.Warren886$--
525IndecisiveNew BohemiaGolden Valley885$--
526Red Winged PenguinsOn TapStow884$--
527Drunken MonkeysNew BohemiaGolden Valley883$--
528San Francisco Bird FeedersBuffalo Wild WingsBrighton883$--
529Bastard Sons of Alex TrebekFront Row BarBrook Park882$--
530The Metric Systen Makes It Look BiggerA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago879$--
531Morgan Freeman's Freckles FanclubBlue Door LongfellowMinneapolis876$--
532Pictures Of Ryan SleepingMcShane's Irish Pub & Whiskey BarDetroit876$--
533Total WrongnessHamlin CornerRoyal Oak876$--
534Jeffrey Dahmer's House of Ribs(Detroit)Grand TavernRochester Hills875$--
535White EaglesMax & Erma'sMiddleburg Heights875$--
536Spanks & SquirtsAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City874$--
537Double G'sHarry BuffaloParma Heights871$--
538nankensteinBuffalo Wild WingsPort Huron Twsp871$--
539Club Sandwiches, Not SealsHarry BuffaloParma Heights869$--
540Dead Mans CurveCrow's Nest Bar & GrillCanton869$--
541Breaking Up With NyquilWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor864$--
542MinoriteamHome Slice PizzaToledo863$--
543That's What She Said(Perrysburg)Ralphie'sPerrysburg863$--
544skolzBuffalo Wild WingsAvon Lake862$--
545Secret CubaBuffalo Wild WingsBrighton860$--
546She Don't Think Fat Meat GreazyHome Slice PizzaToledo860$--
547Family StonedPeterlin's Restaurant & BarFarmington857$--
548Los Pollos HermanosBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor857$--
549SamsoniteOuttakes Bar & GrillNew Hope857$--
550WolfpacMr. B's Food & SpiritsRoyal Oak857$--
551Your MomMax & Erma'sCanton856$--
552Peeter SkeeterHarmon's PubCanton855$--
553Balloon TrashA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago854$--
554Siblings w/BenefitsDerby Bar & GrillChicago854$--
555The Brandon Inge Funk ExplosionDoc's Sport RetreatLivonia854$--
556The Junior DandiesCurragh Irish PubEdison Park854$--
557Walking WoundedGroundswellSt. Paul854$--
558Taco Corp.(Harry Buffalo)Harry BuffaloParma Heights852$--
559Will & GraceLocal ThymeWhitehouse846$--
560Yes I'm Serious and Don't Call Me ShirleyWyatt's Twisted AmericanaHastings845$--
561Clueless(JW Hollstein's)JW Hollstein'sTinley Park843$--
562Empty NestersBuffalo Wild WingsFairview Park842$--
563Buncha DrunksFloodz Sports BarClinton Tsp841$--
564Last Place(Toledo)Blarney Irish PubToledo840$--
565Pugs not DrugsDoc Watson'sToledo840$--
566Too SoonChanticlear PizzaMinneapolis839$--
567Yukon2Buffalo Wild WingsAvon Lake836$--
568Your Mom Says HiBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti835$--
569Gangstasaurus RexBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti834$--
570May The Schwartz Be With YouSouth End Bar & GrilleToledo834$--
571Test IciclesFraser's PubAnn Arbor834$--
572Jerks & SquirtsMax McQ'sAkron833$--
573Masters of QuizlamLocal ThymeWhitehouse831$--
574PudsHideout Brewing Co.Grand Rapids831$--
575FloDoCaptain Joe's GrillWhitmore Lake829$--
576Ebeneezer SploogeNew BohemiaMinneapolis826$--
577It's Fun To Do Bad ThingsBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti825$--
578D CupsScratch Kitchen & LoungeForest Park824$--
579$megmastersPanini's Bar & GrillCleveland Heights820$--
580Rex Manning DayFraser's PubAnn Arbor817$--
581Team AbbyMax & Erma'sCanton817$--
582This Week TonightHermann's Olde Town GrillePlymouth817$--
583I Don't Care (Detroit)Buffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti816$--
584'96 PriusBuffalo Wild WingsCleveland Heights815$--
585Four GoalsMoose MacGregor'sBrownstown Township815$--
586Hey Denise!Howie's on the LakeAkron814$--
587The Legend of Swagger VanceDerby Bar & GrillChicago814$--
588Sporcle StanRalphie'sOregon812$--
589Bad GrandpaSidelinesMaumee811$--
590Golden SnitchesNew BohemiaMinneapolis811$--
591boliciousNext Door Pub & GrubToledo811$--
592Mongo JenkinsBuffalo Wild WingsFairview Park810$--
593KangarooBuffalo Wild WingsOntario809$--
594Little Lebowski Urban Achievers(Toledo)Campus Quarters Sports BarBowling Green804$--
595Probably Too Young For ThisBroadcast BoothAllen Park803$--
596Rebel ScumBlue Door LongfellowMinneapolis803$--
597WAlleyed PikeThe Green TopKalamazoo803$--
598Awesome Sauce(Dooley's)Dooleys Irish TavernClawson802$--
599Juice In The GooseJT's Porch Saloon & EateryLombard801$--
600She Told Me Size Doesn't Matter51 North BreweryLake Orion799$--
601PoopcatHamlin CornerRoyal Oak797$--
602Wumpus Inc.Max & Erma'sFairlawn795$--
603My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't(Campus Quarters)Campus Quarters Sports BarBowling Green793$--
604Eight Multiple ScoregasmsDoc's Sport RetreatLivonia792$--
605Gaza StripteaseBlue Door LongfellowMinneapolis792$--
606SandbaggersHarmon's PubCanton790$--
607Inappropriately HardWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor789$--
608Seattle Meri-nerdsBill's on GreenwoodSeattle789$--
609Team SpanglerBayside Sports GrilleWalled Lake787$--
610Recreational KnowledgeFraser's PubAnn Arbor783$--
611Bruiser BrigadeRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti782$--
612Hey Traci!Bill's on GreenwoodSeattle782$--
613Panty Droppers & Their WivesGrand TavernFarmington782$--
614Game StarsBlarney Irish PubToledo780$--
615Sweaty BirchesBuffalo Wild WingsWoodhaven780$--
616Define StatutoryJW Hollstein'sTinley Park779$--
617#BillsucksJT's Porch Saloon & EateryLombard778$--
618OTH GangWaldenburg BarMacomb778$--
619E = MC HammeredHodge'sCleveland774$--
620The Canonical BabblersNew BohemiaMinneapolis774$--
621Too Much TunaCleatsNorth Royalton774$--
622Primate NewsDave and Buster'sWestlake766$--
623Broke College KidsJamboozies Sports Bar and GrillSterling Heights763$--
624Chapter 9 MileGrand TavernRochester Hills763$--
625Feta CheeseHarry BuffaloParma Heights763$--
626Alpha Kenny BodyOn TapAkron762$--
627We Keep ComingSouth End Bar & GrilleToledo762$--
628Jeopardy DropoutsHudson's RestaurantAkron761$--
629Tig Ol' BittiesAshley'sWestland761$--
630Kelly KidsBowery Grille & PubCanton760$--
631Mojo JojoCleatsNorth Royalton759$--
632Grey & CompanyFelix & Oscar'sDes Moines758$--
633Gentlepeople Who Say "Ni!"GroundswellSt. Paul757$--
634Umpires Strike BackRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti757$--
635Fighting Mongooses(Jet's)Jet's PizzaChelsea756$--
636we were on a breakEl Camino RealToledo756$--
637Chairman of the Federal ReserveAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City754$--
638If it was easy, it would be your mom!(Ziggy's)Ziggy Zoomba'sBowling Green750$--
639Screw ASUJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron750$--
640Your Mom's Chest HairHideout Brewing Co.Grand Rapids748$--
641Twerkin Hard or Hardly TwerkinPintsElmhurst747$--
642We Got SmurfedPete's PlaceTaylor747$--
643Doctor Who's On FirstMax & Erma'sWestlake746$--
644Shrine of the Silver Monkey(Falling Down Thurs.)Falling Down Beer Co.Warren746$--
645Stupid DummiesD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling746$--
646Caged WisdomMt. ChaletRoyal Oak737$--
647SacageweaNew BohemiaMinneapolis737$--
6483 MosMo Dailey's Pub & GrilleChicago736$--
649Booger BrainsDoc Watson'sToledo735$--
650My Wife Thinks I'm at the GymArbor Brewing Company MicrobreweryYpsilanti735$--
651ShananigansTrotters TavernToledo734$--
652It's Us AgainAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City733$--
6535 PintsDan's Clinton TavernClinton Village732$--
654Blue FlamingoDoc's Sport RetreatLivonia732$--
655The Big GreenHodge'sCleveland732$--
656#2 LeftoversBad Albert's Tap & GrillSeattle726$--
657Army Had a Half-DayBar Louie - Dearborn StationChicago726$--
658My Favorite TeamPete's PlaceTaylor725$--
659Rosa Parks Should've Called Shotgun (Toledo)Ralphie'sHolland724$--
660Dirty ThirtyRalphie'sFindlay721$--
661Wage Against The MachineBasement Burger BarFarmington721$--
662We Don't Know What We're Doing!On TapStow721$--
663Weird Science FridayArenaAnn Arbor721$--
664Shark Sandwich(MN)TGI Friday'sBloomington719$--
665LafontaineBuffalo Wild WingsBrighton718$--
666RebosShamrocks Irish NookSt. Paul715$--
667Shuck It TrebeckMax & Erma'sFairlawn714$--
668Junga LoveSidelinesMaumee713$--
669Corn FrittersArbor Brewing Company MicrobreweryYpsilanti712$--
670Anne Frank's Hide & Seek ClubChanticlear PizzaMinneapolis709$--
671#ballsackFreddy's BarClinton Twp.707$--
672Beef SupremeDoc's Sport RetreatLivonia705$--
673Will Play Trivia For FoodBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti705$--
674Yes! Yes! Yes!The Mucky DuckPerrysburg705$--
67510/2Pete's PlaceTaylor704$--
676Alpha Kenny OneSwigPerrysburg704$--
677Geeks in the Streetz, Freaks in the SheetzNew BohemiaMinneapolis702$--
678Coitus InteruptusHarry BuffaloParma Heights701$--
679Brett and Becky vs. EvilShamrocks Irish NookSt. Paul700$--
680Mystery GangTGI Friday'sBurnsville698$--
681Are You There God, It's Me MargaritaBill's on GreenwoodSeattle694$--
682My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't(Joe's Prime Time Pub)Joe's Prime Time PubGibraltar694$--
683Fallopian Swim TeamSticksYpsilanti693$--
684Doc's MelismasPintsElmhurst691$--
685Ramrod(Grand Tavern Farmington Hills)Grand TavernFarmington691$--
686Mike Hunt ...PintsElmhurst686$--
687MellowsDan's Clinton TavernClinton Village685$--
688Rad DadzSticksYpsilanti684$--
689Suck It Trebek(Max McQ's)Max McQ'sAkron684$--
690Team Guppy51 North BreweryLake Orion684$--
691Benedict Arnold's Drive-InTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor683$--
692Buster MuffinRalphie'sFindlay679$--
693Oedipus and the MotherfuckersAshley'sAnn Arbor679$--
694Furry TuxedosThe Green TopKalamazoo678$--
695Hondo 17Harry BuffaloParma Heights675$--
696Concealing a boner at churchCampus Quarters Sports BarBowling Green674$--
697Tits and Chocolate MilkSwigPerrysburg669$--
698Shark Punchers (Toledo)South End Bar & GrilleToledo668$--
699It's Definitely Not A Fishing HoleHexagonMinneapolis667$--
700L+R=JNew BohemiaMinneapolis666$--
701BG Sharpe ShootersRalphie'sPerrysburg665$--
702LamaHeartbreaker's Bar & GrillChaska662$--
703You Had Me at AnnyongGreat Baraboo Brewing CompanyClinton Township662$--
704Chips AhoyBasement Burger BarFarmington661$--
705Tiger's WoodArenaAnn Arbor661$--
706Pecan SandiesThe Stones ThrowBowling Green660$--
707Colonel AngusBasement Burger BarFarmington659$--
708Multiple Score-Gasms(Grille on Waterloo)The Paramount Pub & GrilleAkron658$--
709Fat ChanceBuffalo Wild WingsOntario657$--
710My BaronasCoach's CornerLivonia657$--
711I Quizzed In My Pants(Hamlin Corner)Hamlin CornerRoyal Oak656$--
712Maker's MarkHudson's RestaurantAkron654$--
713Dr. Potter ManMax & Erma'sFairlawn653$--
714Meet Me Up ScottyOn TapStow652$--
715Toledo BagmenSidelinesMaumee652$--
716$600 PantsBuffalo Wild WingsCanton650$--
717These lips are made for something elseCoach's CornerLivonia650$--
718Marx BrosRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti649$--
719Pup 'N Suds(Derby)Derby Bar & GrillChicago648$--
720Team PrepsiMt. ChaletRoyal Oak647$--
721Exit 239Fifty Nine West Entertainment ComplexHighland646$--
722I'll Have Another (Detroit)51 North BreweryLake Orion646$--
723Pharmers and PhriendsBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor646$--
724Ba-Ba-Ba-Bairdy And The JetsSwigPerrysburg644$--
725GrelajaBuffalo Wild WingsOntario643$--
726Little Chocolate DonutsCurragh Irish PubEdison Park643$--
727Sporcle With Little TimmyJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron642$--
728Whiskey Business(Floodz)Floodz Sports BarClinton Tsp641$--
729A Blessing of UnicornsFraser's PubAnn Arbor640$--
730Kelly GreenCurragh Irish PubGlenview640$--
731Bad MoonRisin'Hideout Brewing Co.Grand Rapids639$--
732McHale's NavyRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti639$--
733Tequila Mockingbird(A Pizza Mart)A Pizza MartSeattle636$--
734Aggressively AverageWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor634$--
735Good GuessersFelix & Oscar'sDes Moines634$--
736Super PantsHamlin CornerRoyal Oak634$--
737Rodgers Dodgers(Birch Lodge)Birch LodgeGrand Rapids629$--
738Brad & TonyJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids628$--
739PotatoBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor628$--
740Darty MindsHeartbreaker's Bar & GrillChaska625$--
741Financial PanthersMax & Erma'sPerrysburg625$--
742My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem(TD's Tailgate)TD's Tailgate GrillCanton624$--
743Super Freaks....Yow!Thee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.620$--
744Get On My LevelBasement Burger BarCanton619$--
746Cluster FluxAshley'sAnn Arbor616$--
747Miss Chandler BongO'Gara's Bar & GrillSaint Paul616$--
748Cool RunningsCoach's CornerLivonia615$--
749No, this is PatrickDoc's Sport RetreatLivonia614$--
750CleaversCleatsNorth Royalton612$--
751Sunnyvalle SamsquanchesSidelinesMaumee612$--
752WawaweeBasement Burger BarCanton612$--
753Jim AnnaAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City609$--
754Zero to BeardHideout Brewing Co.Grand Rapids606$--
755cummingtoniteMaiz Mexican CantinaYpsilanti606$--
756Don't Drop the SoapCaptain Joe's GrillWhitmore Lake605$--
757Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem(BBB Canton)Basement Burger BarCanton604$--
758Line on the Left, One Cross EachWyatt's Twisted AmericanaHastings603$--
759Pope StoodNew BohemiaMinneapolis603$--
760Carpe BonerMt. ChaletRoyal Oak602$--
761Quizteama AguileraJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron602$--
762Here for Beer(Moose MacGregor's)Moose MacGregor'sBrownstown Township601$--
763Miss New DjiboutiTim's TavernSeattle598$--
764Despicable WeCoach's CornerLivonia597$--
765Nick BailedBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor597$--
766Smarty Pints(BWW Lyndhurst)Buffalo Wild WingsLyndhurst597$--
767StrumpettesGrand TavernRochester Hills597$--
768Trivia Newton John(Falling Down)Falling Down Beer Co.Warren597$--
769Two Drink MinimumChanticlear PizzaMinneapolis597$--
770Designated DrinkersThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.596$--
771Heatherwood HerosPeterlin's Restaurant & BarFarmington596$--
77250 Shades of GaryJimmy Green'sChicago595$--
773And the winner is...Bunker BarHolland594$--
774TMZFront Row BarBrook Park593$--
775Roastin' BarracudasMr. B's Food & SpiritsRoyal Oak589$--
776See You Next TuesdaySidelines IIToledo589$--
777The RumpsMax & Erma'sFairlawn588$--
778Baby Back BibbsSidelinesMaumee587$--
779Ziggy StardustPintsElmhurst586$--
780Tits McGeeJT's Porch Saloon & EateryLombard585$--
781sclsu mud dogsBuffalo Wild WingsPort Huron Twsp585$--
782Walking Talking Stephen Hawking(Floodz)Floodz Sports BarClinton Tsp584$--
784Madden FactorHudson's RestaurantAkron583$--
785Rural JurorsHodge'sCleveland583$--
786The Big Bang TheoryCleatsNorth Royalton583$--
787Amigos!Scratch Kitchen & LoungeForest Park581$--
788Fuge CampersCaptain Joe's GrillWhitmore Lake581$--
789Prognosis NegativeTD's Tailgate GrillCanton581$--
790Too Husky For SanduskyGrand TavernFarmington581$--
791Rack City BitchesNew BohemiaMinneapolis577$--
792Honey Badgers (Toledo)Dorr St CafeToledo572$--
793One Trick PonyJet's PizzaChelsea572$--
794SuedeCladdagh Irish PubLivonia572$--
795DuhonabitchDoc's Sport RetreatLivonia571$--
796Matt Foley & The Motivational SpeakersPintsElmhurst571$--
797quiz-tel methMulligan's TavernHighland Heights571$--
798Team HatJimmy Green'sChicago570$--
799Knights of the Round TableLegends of Notre DameNotre Dame569$--
800Balls DeepArenaAnn Arbor568$--
801Dewey Wanna PartyAshley'sAnn Arbor568$--
802Team ClevelandMulligan's TavernHighland Heights561$--
803Us 2The Paramount Pub & GrilleAkron561$--
804Glitz GangCoach's CornerLivonia558$--
805Man Bear PigMulligan's TavernHighland Heights557$--
806Hart AttackSidelinesMaumee556$--
807Blind Squirrels NutsTD's Tailgate GrillCanton555$--
808Disco VolanteTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor552$--
809Those Idiots @ the BarWyatt's Twisted AmericanaHastings550$--
810Spruce Willis in Pine HardJT's Porch Saloon & EateryLombard549$--
811The Jizz Free FicusSidelinesMaumee547$--
812Murphys Law(MN)TGI Friday'sBloomington546$--
813Not Really SureSidelines IIToledo546$--
814A House DividedDorr St CafeToledo545$--
815Doog After DarkBuffalo Wild WingsCanton543$--
816Double JeopardyJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron541$--
817Kicking HabitThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.541$--
818Nerd AlertBuffalo Wild WingsOntario541$--
819CelticsShamrocks Irish NookSt. Paul540$--
820Downriver Rat(s)Moose MacGregor'sBrownstown Township536$--
821K TeamNext Door Pub & GrubToledo535$--
822SurviorCleatsNorth Royalton535$--
823The Life Aquatic with R KellyThe Stones ThrowBowling Green534$--
824Lindberg's Missing BabyDan's Downtown TavernSaline533$--
825ShithawksThe Stones ThrowBowling Green533$--
826Team VagDay Block Brewing Co.Minneapolis532$--
827The Wolf PackBuffalo Wild WingsBrighton532$--
828Catalina Wine Mixer(Bostons)Boston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township531$--
829Tom FooleryFelix & Oscar'sDes Moines531$--
830Great White BuffalosAngry BeaverSeattle530$--
831Sigourney SarandonOn TapStow529$--
832Aquatic TubesteakBiff's Sports Bar & GrillSpring Lake Park528$--
833Drunk & DisorderlyJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron528$--
834I Think We All KnowBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti528$--
835Fab 5Max & Erma'sCanton527$--
836My Vinegar StrokesBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti527$--
837Team Awesome(Johnny's)Johnny's Grill on the LakeBelleville527$--
838Better Late Than Pregnant (Detroit)ArenaAnn Arbor524$--
839If this were easy it'd be your mom(Campus Quarters)Campus Quarters Sports BarBowling Green524$--
840EdgarFalling Down Beer Co.Warren522$--
841Every Wrong Answer is a DrinkRosie O'Grady'sSouthgate522$--
842The ExpendablesGrand TavernFarmington522$--
843Off in Church(Grille on Waterloo)The Paramount Pub & GrilleAkron520$--
8442 Chicks QuizzeringMr. B's Food & SpiritsRoyal Oak519$--
8452 Drunk GuysSal's Pizza PubLombard518$--
846Teacher's PetOn TapAkron517$--
847Go Big Blue BallsPanini's Bar & GrillCleveland Heights516$--
848QQQQHeartbreaker's Bar & GrillChaska516$--
849Sweep The LegBuffalo Wild WingsFairview Park515$--
850Fact HuntBlarney Irish PubToledo512$--
851JelloBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti512$--
852Maibu Pudding GirlsMcShane's Irish Pub & Whiskey BarDetroit512$--
853Quiz In My Pants(Toledo)SidelinesMaumee512$--
854Sigourney's BeaverNew BohemiaMinneapolis511$--
855Supersonic Snail ShepherdsGreat Baraboo Brewing CompanyClinton Township509$--
856Channel 4 News TeamGrand TavernRochester Hills506$--
857Xtra Xtra CrispyBuffalo Wild WingsCanton506$--
858Bier BitteThe NookSt. Paul505$--
859Perpetual Motion Squad (PMS)Floodz Sports BarClinton Tsp503$--
860We Are the WalrusAshley'sWestland503$--
861This shit is goldThe Stones ThrowBowling Green500$--
862Legen, Wait For It.....DARY!Coach's CornerLivonia499$--
863J-Web and the All-StarsBuffalo Wild WingsLake Orion498$--
864Gay Bacon HorseTerritorial Brewing CompanySpringfield497$--
865Rags to RichesCleatsStrongsville497$--
866Burning SensationsWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor495$--
867Misfits(On Tap)On TapStow493$--
868Hank N' Pat N' BrandonPaddy JacksToledo492$--
869Jordin Tootoo's CompanyWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor492$--
870Friar Tuckin'The NookSt. Paul484$--
871I Thought This Was Speed Dating(Hamlin Corner)Hamlin CornerRoyal Oak484$--
872#octothropeBuffalo Wild WingsCleveland Heights483$--
873PYTsFreddy's BarClinton Twp.482$--
874The GummiesPete's PlaceTaylor482$--
875Ghost WritersDan's Clinton TavernClinton Village481$--
876Limp RichardsCurragh Irish PubGlenview481$--
877Quiz In My Pants (Detroit)Stella's Black Dog TavernPlymouth480$--
878What would Brian Boytano Do?The Stones ThrowBowling Green480$--
880The Three SporcateersDoc's Sport RetreatLivonia475$--
881Wish We Were SmarterCoach's CornerLivonia475$--
882Givem the Heater Ricky!CleatsNorth Royalton474$--
883Crash LandingsBroadcast BoothAllen Park473$--
884Rose Jung, bitchesDoc Watson'sToledo473$--
885Just the Right Amount of MoistBasement Burger BarCanton471$--
886Slightly Above AverageAshley'sWestland470$--
887S & KBrick N' BrewNapoleon469$--
888Taco PantsMcShane's Irish Pub & Whiskey BarDetroit468$--
889EmpireJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids467$--
890Let's be honest. Who wants to carry two cell phones.Mad RiverChicago466$--
891I Got WormsChurch Key PubEdmonds463$--
892Beer Make Smart(Detroit)Floodz Sports BarClinton Tsp460$--
893BLANK STARENew BohemiaGolden Valley458$--
894Free Candy VanHarry BuffaloParma Heights458$--
895We Lose We Still BoozeHermann's Olde Town GrillePlymouth457$--
896Butterfly KnucklesSidelinesMaumee455$--
897CPJBuffalo Wild WingsAvon Lake451$--
898Quiz On My Face(Stones Throw 3)The Stones ThrowBowling Green449$--
899I'm Not Gay But My Boyfriend IsThe Mucky DuckPerrysburg447$--
900Team ShakeCrow's Nest Bar & GrillCanton447$--
901CobrasMax & Erma'sFairlawn446$--
902Fake IUDsBirch LodgeGrand Rapids446$--
903Gilded ArmadilloThe Green TopKalamazoo445$--
904With OurselvesScorcher's in the ValleyAkron445$--
905Small-KaldMoose MacGregor'sBrownstown Township444$--
906Team Awesome(BBB)Basement Burger BarFarmington443$--
9073...2...1 ContactBasement Burger BarFarmington442$--
908GamestersHarry BuffaloParma Heights442$--
909That's What She Said(Cleat's)CleatsStrongsville442$--
910Werwolf BarmitzvahGroundswellSt. Paul442$--
911Quiz Girls Chillin'Bar 145Kent441$--
912Sticky BanditsMax McQ'sAkron440$--
913Roger PodacterMax & Erma'sMiddleburg Heights439$--
914Trivial suspension of the ethicalDoc Watson'sToledo439$--
915I Eat Mop WhoCurragh Irish PubEdison Park437$--
916Holmes 4 BeerMoose MacGregor'sBrownstown Township436$--
917We Don't Play for ThirdDoc's Sport RetreatLivonia436$--
918Catalina Wine Mixer(BWW Mt. Clemens)Buffalo Wild WingsMt. Clemens435$--
919Four Score and Seven BeersMaiz Mexican CantinaYpsilanti435$--
9201.21 Jigga WattsBasement Burger BarFarmington434$--
921Jet HeatWaldenburg BarMacomb434$--
922Kim Jong IllestWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor429$--
923Tm. Tiny ForkDoc Watson'sToledo428$--
924RazzmatazzBarley HouseAkron427$--
925#TrevorsMisfitsChurch Key PubEdmonds426$--
926Son of a bitch! I'm sick of all these dolphinsBuffalo Wild WingsFairview Park426$--
927The James K. Polka DancersBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor426$--
928The 3 AmigosRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti424$--
929The PikachusGrand TavernRochester Hills424$--
930There's Always Next WeekScorcher's in the ValleyAkron422$--
931no typeShamrocks Irish NookSt. Paul419$--
932Been There Done That...TwiceFelix & Oscar'sDes Moines417$--
933Johnny Five is Alive!Buffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor414$--
934Big booty bitchesBar Louie - Dearborn StationChicago413$--
935I Should Be WritingWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor413$--
936RTFMThe Green TopKalamazoo413$--
937Best CanadaDorr St CafeToledo412$--
938Kool & The Gang GreenMcHugh's Public HouseSavage412$--
939Cool WhipsHome Slice PizzaToledo411$--
940Howling CommandosScorcher's in the ValleyAkron411$--
941Nan PD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling411$--
942Poke the BearGrand TavernFarmington411$--
943The PenetratorsCaptain BlacksSeattle411$--
944Just. the. Two. of. Us.On TapStow409$--
945#freecarlGroundswellSt. Paul408$--
946You Brought A Baby To The Bar?Basement Burger BarCanton408$--
947The ClamburglarsDoc Watson'sToledo406$--
9482 Outcasts From PleasantvilleWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor401$--
949Bro's NestCrow's Nest Bar & GrillCanton401$--
950The Jimmy Green's Center for Kids Who Can't Trivia GoodJimmy Green'sChicago400$--
951Ander-MorrowBuffalo Wild WingsKent399$--
952Kyle SucksSidelinesMaumee399$--
953JAW51 North BreweryLake Orion397$--
954Crow's NestCrow's Nest Bar & GrillCanton394$--
955Sweater PuppiesBuffalo Wild WingsLake Orion394$--
956Titanic Swim ClubArbor Brewing Company MicrobreweryYpsilanti394$--
957Trevor Phillips IndustriesBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon394$--
958TassholesBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township393$--
9592015 Pants OptionalRalphie'sOregon390$--
960we're here for the gang bangBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor389$--
961Planet ExpressBuffalo Wild WingsMt. Clemens388$--
962SpartyHarry BuffaloParma Heights388$--
963A Brunette, A Redhead & A Bald GuyJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron387$--
964Nasty MidnightersMulligan's TavernHighland Heights387$--
965Nestle TollhouseBar Louie - Dearborn StationChicago387$--
966Peaky BlindersBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township387$--
967Two Flew to KzooThe Green TopKalamazoo387$--
968Itchy PalmsMax McQ'sAkron384$--
969Seriously Why Are We HereRalphie'sOregon384$--
970$240 Worth Of PuddingBuffalo Wild WingsGrand Rapids382$--
971Neverland Ranch Hands51 North BreweryLake Orion381$--
972People of InterestHamlin CornerRoyal Oak381$--
973Get Your Hands off My Lobby Boy51 North BreweryLake Orion380$--
974The Credible HulksCJ's Brewing CompanyPlymouth379$--
975do You Come Here Often?SidelinesMaumee379$--
976Am I Missing Something?Wolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor378$--
977Can You Dig That? I Knew That You CouldBlarney Irish PubToledo377$--
978ShitshowSal's Pizza PubLombard377$--
979PK & the HeartbreakersOn TapStow376$--
980Nipple, Our Team Name Is NippleBad Albert's Tap & GrillSeattle375$--
981They All Left MeBurgers 2 BeerSolon375$--
982Where's NoahWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor374$--
983Never Nudes(JD Reardon's)JD Reardon'sGrand Rapids372$--
984Emily's ArmySouth End Bar & GrilleToledo369$--
985Liquor StallionsBurgers 2 BeerSolon369$--
986Ebony & IvoriesOn TapAkron368$--
987Club 1012New BohemiaGolden Valley366$--
988HoppyOn TapCuyahoga Falls366$--
989Jenny Gets Attacked By Monkeys EasilyDerby Bar & GrillChicago366$--
990Michigan Journal of Business (MJB)Buffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor366$--
991Skeet SkeetPeterlin's Restaurant & BarFarmington366$--
992Google and I vs The WorldFalling Down Beer Co.Warren365$--
993Pork Chop Express (Curragh)Curragh Irish PubEdison Park365$--
994F&B RanchJet's PizzaChelsea362$--
99540 Million $ LegsJ&M CafeSeattle361$--
996Washer Dryer ComboAngry BeaverSeattle358$--
997Hans YoloDan's Downtown TavernSaline357$--
998Pinball WizardsOuttakes Bar & GrillNew Hope354$--
999Sparkle SectionBiff's Sports Bar & GrillSpring Lake Park353$--
1000Lloyd BraunD'Agostino's Pizza & PubChicago352$--
1001Tits r radCampus Quarters Sports BarBowling Green352$--
1002The She-Ra-Ra'sArbor Brewing Company MicrobreweryYpsilanti351$--
1003Cherry TomatoesJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids350$--
1004Full PiTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor348$--
1005Jacked & LiftedBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township346$--
1006Giraffes... too tall?SticksYpsilanti345$--
1007Nathan Hale Alumni AssociationA Pizza MartSeattle345$--
1008BonzaiBuffalo Wild WingsAvon Lake344$--
1009Sea Cayers51 North BreweryLake Orion344$--
1010The Destructors!SidelinesMaumee344$--
1011Awkward SilenceBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor343$--
1012Goose McGilly, the First Man of EuropeCurragh Irish PubEdison Park343$--
1013Irish SuitorsGroundswellSt. Paul343$--
1014Justice League(Dooley's)Dooleys Irish TavernClawson342$--
1015NE Yacht ClubChanticlear PizzaMinneapolis342$--
1016Acid TripsAshley'sWestland341$--
1017Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem(Floodz)Floodz Sports BarClinton Tsp340$--
1018The RedeemersTrotters TavernToledo339$--
1019Uncle Touchys puzzle basementDoc Watson'sToledo339$--
1020Flaccid BonerHermann's Olde Town GrillePlymouth337$--
1021Team Ramrod(On Tap)On TapStow335$--
1022Hedwig & the Angry SnitchAshley'sWestland333$--
1023Rainbow SparklesSidelines IIToledo331$--
1024Funky PelicanMax & Erma'sWestlake330$--
1025Horace Mann CrushWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor330$--
1027SophocleesLocal ThymeWhitehouse330$--
1028All Aboard The Shania TrainArenaAnn Arbor329$--
1029Eternal Struggle Btwn Blackness of Shane's Soul & Pure Whiteness of Shane's BumThe Stones ThrowBowling Green327$--
1030I Knew ThatGrand TavernFarmington327$--
1031BaconationMax & Erma'sCanton325$--
1032Don BeaupreThe NookSt. Paul325$--
1033The Ironic ButholeThe Paramount Pub & GrilleAkron324$--
1034NuttgatesHarry BuffaloParma Heights323$--
1035ConandoNew BohemiaMinneapolis322$--
1036Girls UnitedSidelinesMaumee321$--
1037Crew of 2Max & Erma'sMiddleburg Heights320$--
1038IC GirlsMo Dailey's Pub & GrilleChicago320$--
1039Kissing KousinsMad RiverChicago319$--
1040Ron SwansonCurragh Irish PubGlenview319$--
1041It's not gay if it's in a three-waySticksYpsilanti318$--
1042Sour KrautsSidelinesMaumee317$--
1043WKRP In CincinnatiMt. ChaletRoyal Oak317$--
104418th nervous breakdownThe Stones ThrowBowling Green316$--
1045Betty Ford's Vibrating MustacheArenaAnn Arbor316$--
1046Mighty Joe MoonMt. ChaletRoyal Oak316$--
1047Nefertiti's FjordBad Albert's Tap & GrillSeattle316$--
1048QuizinatorsCoach's CornerLivonia316$--
1049Back MambasHideout Brewing Co.Grand Rapids314$--
1050Quiz in My Pants(New Bohemia Golden Valley)New BohemiaGolden Valley313$--
1051Space Monkey Mafia(Tim's Tavern)Tim's TavernSeattle313$--
1052The Bear CaveBar 145Kent309$--
1053baby mushroomsNext Door Pub & GrubToledo309$--
1054Bar FlysCaptain Joe's GrillWhitmore Lake308$--
1055Slogdedding SherpasAshley'sWestland307$--
1056Just Wingin' ItBuffalo Wild WingsMt. Clemens306$--
1057Oxy moronsSidelines IIToledo306$--
1058Zookeeper 2 ZookeepierBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti304$--
1059We're modelsCurragh Irish PubGlenview302$--
1060Darn PiggiesRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti301$--
1061ErkinmaysPeterlin's Restaurant & BarFarmington301$--
1062MoochersBunker BarHolland300$--
1063Swanky YamsCurragh Irish PubEdison Park300$--
1064Reach AroundsJet's PizzaChelsea298$--
1065#TeamBad Albert's Tap & GrillSeattle297$--
1066#cocounleashedAngry BeaverSeattle297$--
1067BruuuuuceAngry BeaverSeattle297$--
1068RubiconHeartbreaker's Bar & GrillChaska297$--
1069Taco TicklersAugie's Bar and GrillMadison Heights297$--
1070Labia MinoraBlarney Irish PubToledo296$--
1071Me & my BitchesDoc Watson'sToledo296$--
1072McClanOn TapCuyahoga Falls295$--
1073Dade Murphy Was Zero CoolA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago294$--
1074Cleveland SteamersBuffalo Wild WingsKent293$--
1075Irish SpringQuarters Bar & GrillPerrysburg293$--
1076JN GroupRalphie'sOregon293$--
1077Crazy Dutch BastardsAshley'sWestland290$--
1078Hangin' With David CarradineWyatt's Twisted AmericanaHastings289$--
1079Platypus RexGreat Baraboo Brewing CompanyClinton Township289$--
1080Lot LizardsMulligan's TavernHighland Heights288$--
1081KroneFraser's PubAnn Arbor287$--
1082Vandelay Industries WoodhavenBuffalo Wild WingsWoodhaven286$--
1083Christopher Walken On SunshineAshley'sWestland285$--
1084RajeTGI Friday'sBloomington284$--
1085Porkchop SandwichesMr. B's Food & SpiritsRoyal Oak283$--
1086AlchoholicsDoc Watson'sToledo282$--
1087Look me up at totallyfuckingawesome.com backslash we ruleBasement Burger BarCanton282$--
1088Part-Time Grown UpsAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City282$--
1089Quiz Team-a AguileraJoe's Prime Time PubGibraltar281$--
1090Gentleman KangaroosArbor Brewing Company MicrobreweryYpsilanti280$--
1091Religion of PeasMulligan's TavernHighland Heights279$--
1092ToHagsBuffalo Wild WingsPort Huron Twsp279$--
1093Cheeky MonkeysBuffalo Wild WingsAvon Lake276$--
1094The Brew MeistersBuffalo Wild WingsLyndhurst276$--
1095The BarMt. ChaletRoyal Oak275$--
1096Bet it all!!!Wyatt's Twisted AmericanaHastings274$--
1097F BombsJT's Porch Saloon & EateryLombard274$--
1098Can We Keep This Pen?Wolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor272$--
1099Dirty Dental DumpBuffalo Wild WingsCleveland Heights272$--
1100Two GingersOuttakes Bar & GrillNew Hope272$--
1101pretty pretty pansiesHexagonMinneapolis272$--
1102Blue MountainCoach's CornerLivonia271$--
1103Loose WheelJT's Porch Saloon & EateryLombard271$--
1104Meeples and BaconSal's Pizza PubLombard271$--
1105Chicken DinnerOn TapAkron269$--
1106Havin' FunRalphie'sHolland269$--
1107Mommaz BoyzBunker BarHolland268$--
1108SNLBill's on GreenwoodSeattle268$--
1109KillfaceBasement Burger BarFarmington267$--
1110AlcrunkwinHome Slice PizzaToledo266$--
1111Magic ManD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling266$--
1112Team OglethorpeFraser's PubAnn Arbor266$--
1113Manee & MeD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling264$--
1114TriviAvengers: AssembePeterlin's Restaurant & BarFarmington264$--
1115McTislersOn TapStow263$--
1116Corn DogsThe Mucky DuckPerrysburg262$--
1117Thank God We Aren't Team 6The NookSt. Paul262$--
1118Danger Zone(Sidelines Maumee)SidelinesMaumee261$--
1119Quiz in My Pants (Mad River)Mad RiverChicago261$--
1120release the krakenCurragh Irish PubGlenview261$--
1121MusclesGrand TavernFarmington260$--
1122The dreaded rear admiralsArenaAnn Arbor260$--
1123Circle of JerksSwigPerrysburg259$--
1124Full MontyArbor Brewing Company MicrobreweryYpsilanti259$--
1125The Doug WozniaksArbor Brewing Company MicrobreweryYpsilanti259$--
1126kasey's krewCampus Quarters Sports BarBowling Green258$--
1127misinformedFifty Nine West Entertainment ComplexHighland256$--
1128DobieOn TapStow255$--
1129Dyslexic 96SidelinesMaumee255$--
1130First and LastTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor255$--
1131Freaks n' GeeksHarmon's PubCanton254$--
1132Is It In Yet(Toledo)Campus Quarters Sports BarBowling Green253$--
1133DarkhorseOuttakes Bar & GrillNew Hope252$--
1134LongshotsBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon252$--
1135Purple HootersZiggy Zoomba'sBowling Green252$--
1136Quad FatherFreddy's BarClinton Twp.252$--
1137Smarty Pints(Detroit)Mr. B's Food & SpiritsRoyal Oak252$--
1138DJ RoombaBill's on GreenwoodSeattle251$--
1139Quiche McGeeSwigPerrysburg250$--
1140Casually LateOn TapAkron249$--
1141SMUKBuffalo Wild WingsLake Orion247$--
1142Tequila Mockingbird(Hub)The Hub Sports BistroMacomb Twp246$--
1143Esoteric PhilistinesDerby Bar & GrillChicago244$--
1144sprechen sie dickNew BohemiaGolden Valley244$--
1145Team of onenessBuffalo Wild WingsPort Huron Twsp241$--
1146Clueless(Paddy Jack's)Paddy JacksToledo240$--
1147Jolly & Hen51 North BreweryLake Orion239$--
1148The ScroungesGrand TavernRochester Hills239$--
1149TopherDetroiter BarDetroit239$--
1150My Other Ride Is Your MomPete's PlaceTaylor238$--
1151Suck It, Trebek(NEO)Buffalo Wild WingsAshland238$--
1152Voss InnLocal ThymeWhitehouse238$--
1153Dirty SanchezRalphie'sPerrysburg237$--
1154PenguinosBuffalo Wild WingsCleveland Heights237$--
1155MatmanBuffalo Wild WingsAurora235$--
1156The Michael Bay 'SplosionsTGI Friday'sBloomington234$--
1157Better Late Than Pregnant(Doc Watson's)Doc Watson'sToledo233$--
11583 women & a babyFreddy's BarClinton Twp.232$--
1159Frosted FleshlightsMad RiverChicago232$--
1160MichaelKieran's Irish PubMinneapolis230$--
1161Dead PresidentsAshley'sWestland229$--
1162Lando SystemThe Green TopKalamazoo229$--
1163More Than HandfullSidelinesMaumee229$--
11644 HorsemenThe Paramount Pub & GrilleAkron228$--
1165Estamos ListosNew BohemiaGolden Valley227$--
1166Phirst Place TeamCJ's Brewing CompanyPlymouth227$--
1167Error 404Doc's Sport RetreatLivonia226$--
1168Full of BlarneyThe Stones ThrowBowling Green226$--
1169Team Titan ForceSouth End Bar & GrilleToledo226$--
1170bitcoinsBuffalo Wild WingsAvon Lake225$--
1171I am so smart- SMRTWyatt's Twisted AmericanaHastings224$--
1172Trebek's MoustacheCleatsStrongsville224$--
1173The Clam SlappersDooleys Irish TavernClawson222$--
1174UtinniAshley'sAnn Arbor222$--
1175BraingasmDorr St CafeToledo221$--
1176The LocalsHudson's RestaurantAkron221$--
1177Trivial Pursuit of HappinessPintsElmhurst221$--
1178ArithmeticsLocal ThymeWhitehouse219$--
1179Wood BoogersCleatsNorth Royalton219$--
1180Kebert XelaDoc Watson'sToledo218$--
1181Prestige Worldwide(On Tap Stow)On TapStow218$--
1182Team LJRumkins Bar & GrillAllen Park218$--
1183Prestige Worldwide(Ashley's Westland)Ashley'sWestland217$--
1184SwardoJW Hollstein'sTinley Park217$--
1185Cougar Hunters(BWW Woodhaven)Buffalo Wild WingsWoodhaven216$--
1186The AvengersPeterlin's Restaurant & BarFarmington216$--
1187We probably lostDorr St CafeToledo214$--
1188Grey MatterMax & Erma'sPerrysburg213$--
1189NEW name, same dead armThe Hub Sports BistroMacomb Twp213$--
1190Hart BreakersBunker BarHolland211$--
1191Strictly SillyCleatsNorth Royalton211$--
1192Half Assed ForeplayMax & Erma'sPerrysburg210$--
1193Inglewood JackDoc Watson'sToledo209$--
1194Responsible SauceDoc's Sport RetreatLivonia208$--
1195The StevetatorshipGrand TavernFarmington208$--
1196See Ya BoysBasement Burger BarFarmington207$--
1197Team 6.5Mad RiverChicago205$--
1198Patrick StarBuffalo Wild WingsAvon Lake203$--
1199Sad PandaJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids203$--
1200Booze CluesCampus Quarters Sports BarBowling Green201$--
1201Nato's BombersGrand TavernFarmington200$--
1202It's a Two Day ClambakeMax & Erma'sWestlake199$--
1203Debautchery aka Fetus GuyMt. ChaletRoyal Oak198$--
1204EbrolaGrand TavernFarmington198$--
1205Gladiators in SuitsOn TapCuyahoga Falls198$--
1206The PeasantsDave and Buster'sWestlake198$--
1207We're Not Cheating We're Looking At PornCrow's Nest Bar & GrillCanton196$--
1208Seeing Eye CowOn TapCuyahoga Falls195$--
1209The Smarty PintsAshley'sWestland195$--
1210And Still In Last Place...Ashley'sAnn Arbor194$--
1211brainiacsBuffalo Wild WingsPort Huron Twsp194$--
1212renegadesFront Row BarBrook Park193$--
1213What about SARS?PintsElmhurst192$--
1214BogartBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon191$--
1215Da BaesBuffalo Wild WingsPort Huron Twsp191$--
1216Jims' BitchesBuffalo Wild WingsMt. Clemens191$--
1217Team EnvelopeCurragh Irish PubEdison Park191$--
121869 PointsDoc's Sport RetreatLivonia189$--
1219Gordon Ramsay's Quiz Show NightmaresThe Paramount Pub & GrilleAkron189$--
1220RKO Outta NowhereHermann's Olde Town GrillePlymouth189$--
1221That's How You Get AntsDan's Downtown TavernSaline188$--
1222The InternsWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor188$--
1223Duck duck Grey GoosePeterlin's Restaurant & BarFarmington187$--
1224Maize and Blue StrikesCrow's Nest Bar & GrillCanton187$--
1225Shake Weight What Your Mama Gave You: Michigan ChapterRumkins Bar & GrillAllen Park187$--
1226Cup O'PicklesWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor185$--
1227Dropped BallzNew BohemiaMinneapolis185$--
1228Save A Tree, Eat A BeaverMax McQ'sAkron185$--
1229The Brown StripesAshley'sAnn Arbor185$--
1230Traffic LightGreat Baraboo Brewing CompanyClinton Township185$--
1231BTMDerby Bar & GrillChicago184$--
1232Snow SpidersFloodz Sports BarClinton Tsp183$--
1233Zombie CosbysJT's Porch Saloon & EateryLombard182$--
1234Birch PleaseA Pizza MartSeattle180$--
1235Baba GanoushCurragh Irish PubEdison Park178$--
1236Beer Me, BroAshley'sAnn Arbor178$--
1237Captain Blindy the PirateBasement Burger BarCanton177$--
1238Trixie's FacialsBuffalo Wild WingsKent177$--
1239Carnac'sPeterlin's Restaurant & BarFarmington176$--
1240Pinot NoirCrunchy'sEast Lansing176$--
1241Are You Sure That Rash Isn't Something More SeriousWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor174$--
1242Ducky Mash BangersThe Mucky DuckPerrysburg174$--
1243Fart PrizeHideout Brewing Co.Grand Rapids174$--
1244G Marks the SpotHamlin CornerRoyal Oak174$--
1245Intents and purposesThe Stones ThrowBowling Green174$--
1246Jolly Green GiantHeartbreaker's Bar & GrillChaska174$--
1247Twice, On the BackHarry BuffaloParma Heights171$--
1248Adios AmigosMaiz Mexican CantinaYpsilanti170$--
1249SpiteChurch Key PubEdmonds170$--
1250Blue QuesadillaDetroiter BarDetroit169$--
1251I Got My D Stuck in ItalyMad RiverChicago169$--
1252Norfolk-In-ChanceOn TapStow168$--
1253The RoopsOn TapStow168$--
1254HawksNew BohemiaMinneapolis167$--
1255Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?ArenaAnn Arbor166$--
1256B-NutzBuffalo Wild WingsBrighton165$--
1257Blue Barracudas (Toledo)Max & Erma'sPerrysburg165$--
1258Dewey Cheatum & HoweSal's Pizza PubLombard165$--
1259Lets Talk ReligionThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.165$--
1260Quiz on Your Face(Red Rock)Panini's Bar & GrillCleveland Heights165$--
1261Team SliceA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago165$--
1262The Joe MamasHamlin CornerRoyal Oak165$--
1263Trogdor Goes to MordorJet's PizzaChelsea165$--
1264We Suck!SidelinesMaumee165$--
1265#ThanksObamaStella's Black Dog TavernPlymouth164$--
1266Powerman 4999HexagonMinneapolis164$--
1267Lots of Degrees, No AnswersJohnny's Grill on the LakeBelleville163$--
1268NickbobCurragh Irish PubSkokie163$--
1269Seventeen AgainMad RiverChicago163$--
1270Sammy Davis Jr JrAshley'sWestland162$--
1271Team X-MenJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron162$--
1272Fancy DandiesGrand TavernFarmington161$--
1273Rural Jurors(Detroit)Mad RiverChicago161$--
1274Chili DogsJimmy Green'sChicago160$--
1275BC BuddiesBasement Burger BarCanton159$--
1276Wedding CrashersHudson's RestaurantAkron159$--
1277You Can Derelict My BallsBill's on GreenwoodSeattle159$--
1278majesticlesBuffalo Wild WingsAurora159$--
1279C2 (C Squared)Ashley'sAnn Arbor158$--
1280Jesus Christ Sporcle Star!New BohemiaMinneapolis158$--
1281Super Power Action SquadArenaAnn Arbor158$--
1282Truffle Butta!Ashley'sWestland158$--
1283Pup N Suds(Thee Sportz Zone)Thee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.157$--
1284WhateverStella's Black Dog TavernPlymouth156$--
1285OsvaldoOn TapCuyahoga Falls155$--
1286Stranger DangerAngry BeaverSeattle154$--
1287$6 MacA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago153$--
1288Fighting IrishBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon153$--
1289Hot ButterArenaAnn Arbor153$--
1290Queen BBuffalo Wild WingsWoodhaven153$--
1291Shark Attack(MN)New BohemiaGolden Valley152$--
1292Si? Que!Basement Burger BarFarmington152$--
12937 psychopaths 3 peopleThe Stones ThrowBowling Green151$--
1294Booze and Hot PantsRalphie'sHolland151$--
1295Red Hot Trivia PeppersBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor151$--
1296Team ClooneyNew BohemiaGolden Valley151$--
1297Quiz In My Pants(Scratch Kitchen)Scratch Kitchen & LoungeForest Park150$--
1298The A TeamThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.150$--
1299I Put My Pants on for ThisMad RiverChicago149$--
1300King CobrasBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township149$--
1301Never Not NudesNew BohemiaMinneapolis148$--
1302Handjobs Across AmericaMaiz Mexican CantinaYpsilanti147$--
1303Suck Me Dry(SMD)Bar Louie - Dearborn StationChicago147$--
1304Team Stonewall JacksonCrunchy'sEast Lansing147$--
1305The Bell ConspiracyRalphie'sPerrysburg147$--
1306Moby's DickThe Stones ThrowBowling Green146$--
1308Toxic RaccoonsTGI Friday'sBloomington146$--
1309007Buffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti145$--
1310University Of Phoenix Deans ListBasement Burger BarCanton145$--
1311Better Late Than Pregnant(Falling Down)Falling Down Beer Co.Warren144$--
1312Lake Effect SnowSidelinesMaumee144$--
1313Spacely SprocketsOn TapCuyahoga Falls144$--
1314Threat Level: MidnightMr. B's Food & SpiritsRoyal Oak144$--
1315Dave Valley Drink NightZayda Buddy's Pizza & BarSeattle143$--
1316My mom has NOT seen all my tattoosArenaAnn Arbor143$--
1317We Can See Through Your ClothesRalphie'sSylvania143$--
1318Devil's RejectsD'Agostino's Pizza & PubChicago142$--
1319I'll Have Another (Toledo)SidelinesMaumee142$--
1320It's-a Me, Bario!Joe's Prime Time PubGibraltar142$--
1321Oh That's GreasyBurgers 2 BeerSolon142$--
1322Rumkin PumpkinsRumkins Bar & GrillAllen Park141$--
1323HillaryRodham69@ohsohotmail.comA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago140$--
1324Jilians BirthdayDoc Watson'sToledo140$--
1325Canadian BeltbucklesCoach's CornerLivonia139$--
1326Grip N ZipsBarley HouseAkron139$--
1327Out of TownersTGI Friday'sBurnsville139$--
1328Penguin PowerBuffalo Wild WingsCleveland Heights139$--
1329Prestige Worldwide (Detroit)Coach's CornerLivonia139$--
1330Mitch's B-B-B-bitchesAshley'sAnn Arbor138$--
1331My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem (JT's Porch)JT's Porch Saloon & EateryLombard137$--
1332First TimersThe Paramount Pub & GrilleAkron136$--
1333Mouths Like SailorsAshley'sWestland136$--
1334Euchre-No It's TriviaAshley'sAnn Arbor135$--
1335HornetsDan's Downtown TavernSaline135$--
1336Regression To The MeanWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor135$--
1337Awesomesauce(West MI)Birch LodgeGrand Rapids134$--
1338Brian Williams Honor SocietyChurch Key PubEdmonds134$--
1339Muff DynastyHarry BuffaloParma Heights134$--
1340Trevor & Corey LaheyBlue Door LongfellowMinneapolis134$--
1341Double JerkCoach's CornerLivonia133$--
1342Fighting Mongooses(Falling Down)Falling Down Beer Co.Warren133$--
1343RadJ&M CafeSeattle133$--
1344The Angry DougsThe Atlantic CrossingSeattle133$--
1345centers of attentionEl Camino RealToledo133$--
1346Quizzly Bears(Angry Beaver)Angry BeaverSeattle132$--
1347Rodger DodgerHideout Brewing Co.Grand Rapids132$--
1348Team HeadMoose MacGregor'sBrownstown Township131$--
1349Team 3Buffalo Wild WingsAurora130$--
1350The Dik Dik's last standHexagonMinneapolis130$--
1351Burger BuddiesGrand TavernFarmington129$--
1352ferocious fourCurragh Irish PubGlenview129$--
1353Ram Rods(New Bohemia)New BohemiaGolden Valley128$--
1354blue devilsBuffalo Wild WingsPort Huron Twsp128$--
1355Pooty Tang Fun ClubDan's Downtown TavernSaline127$--
1356You're Killin Me ManSouth End Bar & GrilleToledo127$--
1357OnomatopoenisArenaAnn Arbor126$--
1358Oops I Sporcled AgainArenaAnn Arbor126$--
1359The Silver DaddiesThe Mucky DuckPerrysburg126$--
1360Bros KnowsAshley'sAnn Arbor125$--
1361Team PterodactylVillage Inn PizzeriaSkokie125$--
1362Turtle + FishGrand TavernRochester Hills125$--
1363Vegas NightsThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.125$--
1364Birds of War(A Pizza Mart)A Pizza MartSeattle124$--
1365Hot Damn BiscuitsDay Block Brewing Co.Minneapolis124$--
1366Quiztina AgularaO'Gara's Bar & GrillSaint Paul124$--
1367Suck It Trebek(Doc's-Detroit)Doc Watson'sToledo124$--
1368Team XtremeMax & Erma'sPerrysburg124$--
1369The PoopsiclesNew BohemiaGolden Valley124$--
1370Two Guys with Nothing Betta To DoBasement Burger BarCanton124$--
1371Better Late Than Pregnant(Curragh Edison Park)Curragh Irish PubEdison Park123$--
1372Pittsfield TownshipRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti123$--
1373Ramrod (New Bohemia)New BohemiaGolden Valley123$--
1374Team UnistrutAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City123$--
1375Shady AcresD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling122$--
1376Weekend BoatersBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon122$--
1377Car ramrod(Curragh Glenview)Curragh Irish PubGlenview121$--
1378Da HuskiesD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling121$--
1379Lee ChestnutsDoc Watson'sToledo121$--
1380Team IrishDan's Clinton TavernClinton Village121$--
1381The Smartie PintsBuffalo Wild WingsCanton121$--
1382The Spank DaddiesMad RiverChicago121$--
138323 DegreesChanticlear PizzaMinneapolis120$--
1384Better Than SexCleatsStrongsville120$--
1385The NeighborsA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago120$--
1386Wheeling JayceesD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling120$--
1387Angry CabbagesThe Atlantic CrossingSeattle119$--
1388Bracelets & BallsFifty Nine West Entertainment ComplexHighland119$--
1389Password Is Taco(Dooley's)Dooleys Irish TavernClawson119$--
1390Ski Lodge DistrictWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor119$--
1391Girl GeorgeAshley'sWestland118$--
1392The Red Elephant in the RoomGrand TavernRochester Hills117$--
1393We Made It To RegionalsHudson's RestaurantAkron117$--
1394Beez (pronounced bee-nuts)Moose MacGregor'sBrownstown Township116$--
1395Big SexyTD's Tailgate GrillCanton116$--
1396BlazersDerby Bar & GrillChicago116$--
1397Goon SquadDoc Watson'sToledo116$--
1398Hair of the DogThe Atlantic CrossingSeattle116$--
1399Johnny BananasCurragh Irish PubEdison Park116$--
1400Just Regular BananasCJ's Brewing CompanyPlymouth116$--
1401Sour Patch KidsHarry BuffaloParma Heights116$--
1402TwinzeesMcHugh's Public HouseSavage116$--
1403team11ArenaAnn Arbor116$--
14049 Inch MalesDoc's Sport RetreatLivonia115$--
1406Dingleberries(Front Row)Front Row BarBrook Park115$--
1407Eagle ToothHamlin CornerRoyal Oak115$--
1408Some People Call me MauriceBirch LodgeGrand Rapids115$--
1409Trivia Newton John(Grand Tavern)Grand TavernFarmington115$--
1410Variations of "Steve Nash"ArenaAnn Arbor115$--
1411Millennium FaulknersBagger Dave'sEast Lansing114$--
1412The Flying DutchmenBasement Burger BarCanton114$--
1413The GooniesCoach's CornerLivonia114$--
1414The Six Degrees of Kevin BaconPintsElmhurst114$--
1415Adrian Peterson's All Day Day CareNew BohemiaMinneapolis113$--
1416Obtuse BeaglesBuffalo Wild WingsLake Orion113$--
1417The SimpsonsCrunchy'sEast Lansing113$--
1418We Used to Come A Lot MoreLocal ThymeWhitehouse113$--
1419When In DoubtPanini's Bar & GrillCleveland Heights113$--
1421SevenMcHugh's Public HouseSavage112$--
1422Six Jerks And A SquirtRalphie'sPerrysburg112$--
1423Stan the ManNew BohemiaMinneapolis112$--
1424Walter Das PoohBar 145Kent112$--
1425Good JokeJoe's Prime Time PubGibraltar111$--
1426Just The Two of UsCaptain Joe's GrillWhitmore Lake111$--
1427Naked & FamousGrand TavernFarmington111$--
1428Non-AthleticaWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor111$--
1429SproutsKieran's Irish PubMinneapolis111$--
1430To the CloudBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor111$--
1431Questionable NIU DegreesD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling110$--
1432Mark It ZeroBasement Burger BarFarmington109$--
1433My Trivia Partner Doesn't Know This is a Date!Curragh Irish PubEdison Park109$--
1434NBHLRumkins Bar & GrillAllen Park109$--
1435Wyld StallynsSidelinesMaumee109$--
1436wet dream catchersNext Door Pub & GrubToledo109$--
1437BearoCrunchy'sEast Lansing108$--
1438Draw to the ButtonDay Block Brewing Co.Minneapolis108$--
1439Finite Simple Group of Order 2Bar Louie - Dearborn StationChicago108$--
1440New Bohemia is the WurstNew BohemiaGolden Valley108$--
1441Paul Walker: One For My HomieAshley'sWestland108$--
1442Stanly's MistressCurragh Irish PubEdison Park108$--
1443The Chubby Pugz with a ZThe Atlantic CrossingSeattle108$--
1444The Hyrule WarriorsBasement Burger BarFarmington108$--
1445BCTD's Tailgate GrillCanton107$--
1446Jeffery Dahmer's House of Ribs(Seattle)Bill's on GreenwoodSeattle107$--
1447Occom's TazerGroundswellSt. Paul107$--
1448Phil,Claire, Alex & LukeBasement Burger BarFarmington107$--
1449ScuzBuffalo Wild WingsGrand Rapids107$--
1450The BelchersBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township107$--
14512 Melons and a CucumberRalphie'sFindlay106$--
1452Army AntsBuffalo Wild WingsAvon Lake106$--
1453Aurora's Blue DragonThe NookSt. Paul106$--
1454Bazinga'sTD's Tailgate GrillCanton106$--
1455Fantastic DanielPintsElmhurst106$--
1456Grey Hoodie GuysFalling Down Beer Co.Warren106$--
1457Nippless CageRalphie'sSylvania106$--
1458Orange CrushFraser's PubAnn Arbor106$--
1459Pink Eye PartyA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago106$--
1460Robots, Guns, and MoneyNew BohemiaMinneapolis106$--
1461The Great American ChallengeDay Block Brewing Co.Minneapolis106$--
1462Tuesday's TacosSidelinesMaumee106$--
1463Wrecking BallsonyaBuffalo Wild WingsFairview Park106$--
1464'Lizabeth!Hideout Brewing Co.Grand Rapids105$--
1465Alex Trebek's Illegitimate ChildrenMad RiverChicago105$--
1466La American PulgaThe Atlantic CrossingSeattle105$--
1467My Drinking Team has a Trivia ProblemD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling105$--
1468Sic FrostCurragh Irish PubEdison Park105$--
1469The Holy TrinityA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago105$--
1470The WhigsBasement Burger BarFarmington105$--
1471We demand to be taken very very seriouslyBasement Burger BarCanton105$--
1472BazingaBirch LodgeGrand Rapids104$--
1473DolphinBuffalo Wild WingsLyndhurst104$--
1474J-ZillanThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.104$--
1475RuthlessNew BohemiaGolden Valley104$--
1476Shrek & DonkeyAshley'sWestland104$--
1478The Smarty PantsBlarney Irish PubToledo104$--
1479Backstage KrewFalling Down Beer Co.Warren103$--
1480Goat Cheese PizzaNew BohemiaMinneapolis103$--
1481MagicThe Paramount Pub & GrilleAkron103$--
1482McGurk EffectJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids103$--
1483Ramrod(BWW AA)Buffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor103$--
1484Steve is LateBasement Burger BarCanton103$--
1485Iggy QuizaleaArenaAnn Arbor102$--
1486James and the Giant PeachesPete's PlaceTaylor102$--
1487Mauve AvengersBuffalo Wild WingsLyndhurst102$--
1488Snap Crackle & PopSouth End Bar & GrilleToledo101$--
1489The Rebel AllianceHodge'sCleveland101$--
1490Trivia Newton JohnDerby Bar & GrillChicago101$--
1491Anything but SpiderA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago100$--
1492Call of BootyRalphie'sSylvania100$--
1493Is It Friday YetBuffalo Wild WingsLyndhurst100$--
1494Raw Dog & CompanySidelines IIToledo100$--
1495Sir Digby Chicken CaesarBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon100$--
1496TBHSidelines IIToledo100$--
1497The MaroonsCurragh Irish PubEdison Park100$--
1498Trivia NatzisBowery Grille & PubCanton100$--
1500officer Naughty & Sheriff Sexy PantsDoc Watson'sToledo100$--
1501Big KnobKieran's Irish PubMinneapolis99$--
1502Dunder-Mifflin B TeamJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids99$--
1503Super Awesome Ninja Task Force 5Thee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.99$--
1504Swamp Donkey's(NEO)Barley HouseAkron99$--
1505TDKFelix & Oscar'sDes Moines99$--
1506The Fun SuckersThe Stones ThrowBowling Green99$--
1507Wayne the BrainQuarters Bar & GrillPerrysburg99$--
1508Ghost of Ginger's AlehouseA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago98$--
1509Here For Beer(On Tap Akron)On TapAkron98$--
1510The Clayton StonersHeartbreaker's Bar & GrillChaska98$--
1511CaninesBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor97$--
1512Murder City Mad MenDoc's Sport RetreatLivonia97$--
1513Sterling Archer Draper PryceThe Mucky DuckPerrysburg97$--
1514Team ZissouO'Gara's Bar & GrillSaint Paul97$--
1515Tribe Time NowRalphie'sSylvania97$--
1516Heifer BisonNew BohemiaMinneapolis96$--
1517Knights of MarsArenaAnn Arbor96$--
1518ScallywagsSouth End Bar & GrilleToledo96$--
1519Target SucksThe Mucky DuckPerrysburg96$--
1520Team B&E SuperstarsKieran's Irish PubMinneapolis96$--
1521Trivia Newton-JohnJoe's Prime Time PubGibraltar96$--
1522$15 PretzelsNew BohemiaMinneapolis95$--
1523Bad MonkeysGrand TavernRochester Hills95$--
1524Better Late Than PregnantCrunchy'sEast Lansing95$--
1525BrittanyTGI Friday'sBurnsville95$--
1526Hanky PankyWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor95$--
1527JYD SkillsRalphie'sSylvania95$--
1528mc127@yahoo.comThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.95$--
1529212Red Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti94$--
1530Brains, Fava Beans, and ChiantiRalphie'sHolland94$--
1531Don't Cook Me BroNew BohemiaMinneapolis94$--
1532Somebody's Getting Pregnant TonightJohnny's Grill on the LakeBelleville94$--
1533CruisinMax & Erma'sPerrysburg93$--
1534Little Lebowskis Urban Achievers(Hamlin Corner)Hamlin CornerRoyal Oak93$--
1535Reverse CowboyJT's Porch Saloon & EateryLombard93$--
1536Single EnteandreD'Agostino's Pizza & PubChicago93$--
1537The Unholy ThreeThe Atlantic CrossingSeattle93$--
1538We Don't Need To Be FirstMulligan's TavernHighland Heights93$--
1539A Doctor a day keeps the apple awayArenaAnn Arbor92$--
1540It Is KnownSouth End Bar & GrilleToledo92$--
1541Multiple Scoregasms (Perrysburg)Ralphie'sPerrysburg92$--
1542Raspberry BeretAshley'sWestland92$--
1543RoundballersPaddy JacksToledo92$--
1544The Furious HardonsThe Hub Sports BistroMacomb Twp92$--
1545The SpecialistsHamlin CornerRoyal Oak92$--
1546Thunder BuddiesMax & Erma'sMaumee92$--
1547Hit It & Quiz ItBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township91$--
1548I'm Here So I Won't Get FinedBad Albert's Tap & GrillSeattle91$--
1549I am your huckleberryBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon91$--
1550WallyProfessor Joe's Sports PubLafayette91$--
15514 LadiesCurragh Irish PubEdison Park90$--
1552Attractive NuisanceDoc Watson'sToledo90$--
1553In First Place With 69 PointsGrand TavernFarmington90$--
1554Nessie(BBB)Basement Burger BarFarmington90$--
1555Ramrod (Paramount)The Paramount Pub & GrilleAkron90$--
1556Talk Nerdy To Me(Hamlin Corner)Hamlin CornerRoyal Oak90$--
1557Tennis For DummiesBiff's Sports Bar & GrillSpring Lake Park90$--
1558Dancing QueensMo Dailey's Pub & GrilleChicago89$--
1559Farm Animal ChristmasRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti89$--
1560Frugal ShepherdsRalphie'sOregon89$--
1561Rattle Snakes & Rubbers Are Two Things I Don't Fuck WithAngry BeaverSeattle89$--
1562The Nittany'sJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron89$--
1563TitoRosie O'Grady'sSouthgate89$--
15646 to MidnightBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti88$--
1565Boomski BoysD'Agostino's Pizza & PubChicago88$--
1566The Answer NapkinsGrand TavernFarmington88$--
1567brick squadBuffalo Wild WingsAvon Lake88$--
1568Can someone check on my kid in the car?New BohemiaMinneapolis87$--
1569Sauce BossBlarney Irish PubToledo87$--
1570Team CharlieChurch Key PubEdmonds87$--
1571Two SnailsAngry BeaverSeattle87$--
1572Limp RichardCurragh Irish PubEdison Park86$--
1573Mediocre at BestHideout Brewing Co.Grand Rapids86$--
1574Quail Earnhardt Jr Jr Jr'sArenaAnn Arbor86$--
1575Team PusheenAshley'sAnn Arbor86$--
1576Best Friend's GangKieran's Irish PubMinneapolis85$--
1577Dighty MucksA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago85$--
1578GawesomeBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon85$--
1579Master Of PuppetsMcHugh's Public HouseSavage85$--
1580Team America World PoliceThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.85$--
1581Team BeaverAngry BeaverSeattle85$--
1582Tripel DFalling Down Beer Co.Warren85$--
1583#BillSucksSal's Pizza PubLombard84$--
15843 GenerationsBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon84$--
158699th and BroadwayDerby Bar & GrillChicago84$--
1587Cunning LinguistThe Hub Sports BistroMacomb Twp84$--
1588Over My Ted BodyBad Albert's Tap & GrillSeattle84$--
1589Pita Bread & HummusDerby Bar & GrillChicago84$--
1590Sweet Rice MangoChurch Key PubEdmonds84$--
1591Cacklin HensSidelinesMaumee83$--
1592Cat TranniesScratch Kitchen & LoungeForest Park83$--
1593Dan MeyerBuffalo Wild WingsPort Huron Twsp83$--
1595mama's boysRalphie'sHolland83$--
1596FireballFifty Nine West Entertainment ComplexHighland82$--
1597Golden Girls (M&E)Max & Erma'sWestlake82$--
1598KG Can't Block LayoffsKieran's Irish PubMinneapolis82$--
1599Kiss Kiss Bang BangDoc Watson'sToledo82$--
1600Lindsay & CallieghBuffalo Wild WingsAurora82$--
1601Man-BunsBuffalo Wild WingsGrand Rapids82$--
1602Michigan Debate and Gun ClubBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor82$--
1603Murphy's Law(Toledo)Trotters TavernToledo82$--
1604BraingasmDorr St CafeToledo81$--
1605Goin' GorillaThe Stones ThrowBowling Green81$--
1606Shots?Church Key PubEdmonds81$--
1607ZJMr. B's Food & SpiritsRoyal Oak81$--
1608Dippy the GoofKieran's Irish PubMinneapolis80$--
1609Gruesome TwosomeBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti80$--
1610Need More Beer to do BetterNew BohemiaGolden Valley80$--
1611PandemoniumCrow's Nest Bar & GrillCanton80$--
1612Ragin Cajun Nicholas CageJ&M CafeSeattle80$--
1613Team MamacitasMad RiverChicago80$--
1614WTF FTWBasement Burger BarCanton80$--
1615LL Cool JSal's Pizza PubLombard79$--
1616Margaret Thatchers MoistAshley'sWestland79$--
1617Potato FamineDoc Watson'sToledo79$--
1618Team UGBar Louie - Dearborn StationChicago79$--
1619This Microphone Looks like a weinerHideout Brewing Co.Grand Rapids79$--
1620C and FPete's PlaceTaylor78$--
1621Green Eggs & HamDan's Downtown TavernSaline78$--
1622Lone GunCaptain Joe's GrillWhitmore Lake78$--
1623Nine Inch CelinesMax & Erma'sMiddleburg Heights78$--
1624Smarty Pints(New Bohemia)New BohemiaMinneapolis78$--
1625Stephen Hawking School of DanceBasement Burger BarFarmington78$--
1626red dogRalphie'sHolland78$--
1627Americans for Burt ReynoldsMad RiverChicago77$--
1628Cat PawsBuffalo Wild WingsGrand Rapids77$--
1629Colonel Angus(Seattle)Bad Albert's Tap & GrillSeattle77$--
1630KreaturesPanini's Bar & GrillCleveland Heights77$--
1631Team Jaffe'New BohemiaGolden Valley77$--
1632Team VoughtMax & Erma'sPerrysburg77$--
1633Three's CompanyCurragh Irish PubEdison Park77$--
1634Trebek's RegretAngry BeaverSeattle77$--
1635Dirty WaterDan's Downtown TavernSaline76$--
1636I Give UpNew BohemiaGolden Valley76$--
1637No Big DillThe Hub Sports BistroMacomb Twp76$--
1638Physical ChemistryBurgers 2 BeerSolon76$--
1639TaytankenGroundswellSt. Paul76$--
1640Tequila Mockingbird(Green Top)The Green TopKalamazoo76$--
1641Twisted MentantsGroundswellSt. Paul76$--
1642B-Team(Burgers 2 Beer)Burgers 2 BeerSolon75$--
1643Graham Crackers(TD's Tailgate)TD's Tailgate GrillCanton75$--
1644Heisenberg (Detroit)Ashley'sWestland75$--
1645JungleNew BohemiaGolden Valley75$--
1646McWeinersteinBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti75$--
1647Prom Night Dumpster BabiesBar 145Kent75$--
1648SCLSU Mud DogsBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon75$--
1649Snitches Get StitchesSal's Pizza PubLombard75$--
1650Soft 5SticksYpsilanti75$--
1651Sparkle Motion(Sidelines II)Sidelines IIToledo75$--
1652The Muffin TopsRalphie'sSylvania75$--
1653Banana SplitBarley HouseAkron74$--
1654Fleetwood mac sex pantsNew BohemiaMinneapolis74$--
1655Flight 815Buffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor74$--
1656Holy Shit! Bill Cosby is a rapist?A.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago74$--
1657MJIABuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor74$--
1658Prestige WorldwideSwigPerrysburg74$--
1659ROVBuffalo Wild WingsPort Huron Twsp74$--
1660Oh No U Diii-entCurragh Irish PubEdison Park73$--
1661Petty CashBuffalo Wild WingsAurora73$--
1662Red KnightsNew BohemiaGolden Valley73$--
1663Silver Snakes(BWW AA)Buffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor73$--
1664The Double EntendresDay Block Brewing Co.Minneapolis73$--
1665Traffic LightGreat Baraboo Brewing CompanyClinton Township73$--
1666WafflestompersMo Dailey's Pub & GrilleChicago73$--
1667Come & knock on our doorThe Stones ThrowBowling Green72$--
1668Cream TeamCampus Quarters Sports BarBowling Green72$--
1669Need A Trivia Fix!Rumkins Bar & GrillAllen Park72$--
1670Off in the Corner(Augie's)Augie's Bar and GrillMadison Heights72$--
1671Sm ASwigPerrysburg72$--
1672Steve's Not HereCrunchy'sEast Lansing72$--
1673The RotandasBasement Burger BarFarmington72$--
1674We're fuckedThe Stones ThrowBowling Green72$--
1675CC Music FactoryAngry BeaverSeattle71$--
1676LeBron James headbandNew BohemiaGolden Valley71$--
1677My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't (Red Rock)Red Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti71$--
1678My Dixie WreckedMt. ChaletRoyal Oak71$--
1679No G-Strings AttachedNew BohemiaMinneapolis71$--
1680Puck BuddiesAngry BeaverSeattle71$--
1681Team DumpD'Agostino's Pizza & PubChicago71$--
1682Cobra BloodBuffalo Wild WingsCleveland Heights70$--
1683Legit Nerd ShitFelix & Oscar'sDes Moines70$--
1684MILFsBuffalo Wild WingsCleveland Heights70$--
1685Randy Pipe Grigg Hannah'sAshley'sWestland70$--
1686ST. FURalphie'sPerrysburg70$--
1687SnoozersNew BohemiaGolden Valley70$--
1688The AdministratorsA Pizza MartSeattle70$--
1689The Futt BuckersThe Stones ThrowBowling Green70$--
1690The Manley ClanAshley'sWestland70$--
1691Yoouurr Kidding MeDoc Watson'sToledo70$--
1692Blue Barracudas(Maiz)Maiz Mexican CantinaYpsilanti69$--
1693Girth Of A NationBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor69$--
1694Maddy MayDerby Bar & GrillChicago69$--
1695Rehab is for QuittersMax & Erma'sPerrysburg69$--
1696The Safe Word Is... PicklesQuarters Bar & GrillPerrysburg69$--
1697Wanna go to Brooklyn?A.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago69$--
1698What the hell happened to the rest of my team?Bunker BarHolland69$--
16992 for 2D'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling68$--
1700Fat AnimalsJT's Porch Saloon & EateryLombard68$--
1701JackwagonsMax & Erma'sMaumee68$--
1702Kelly & KerryBuffalo Wild WingsLyndhurst68$--
1703Kool-AidzBar 145Kent68$--
1704Seven 10sCurragh Irish PubEdison Park68$--
1705The ReunionBuffalo Wild WingsCleveland Heights68$--
1706Too many cooksThe Stones ThrowBowling Green68$--
1707Tres SpeedosKieran's Irish PubMinneapolis68$--
1708Brain FartsAshley'sAnn Arbor67$--
1709Cleveland CheetahsBurgers 2 BeerSolon67$--
1710Crackerjacks(Curragh Edison Park)Curragh Irish PubEdison Park67$--
1711Michaels Dirty TieDoc Watson'sToledo67$--
1712Team FoxThe Paramount Pub & GrilleAkron67$--
1713The NinniesRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti67$--
1714We're Not Gay, but $20 is $20Augie's Bar and GrillMadison Heights67$--
1715Cyclone YepBuffalo Wild WingsLyndhurst66$--
1716Eagle's NestAshley'sWestland66$--
1717Meat SandwichJ&M CafeSeattle66$--
1718Quiz In My Pants(Chicago)Derby Bar & GrillChicago66$--
1719Silt Team 6Basement Burger BarFarmington66$--
1720The gay holeThe Stones ThrowBowling Green66$--
1721Casper & FriendsZiggy Zoomba'sBowling Green65$--
1722Dawson's CrackRumkins Bar & GrillAllen Park65$--
1723FiveMax & Erma'sPerrysburg65$--
1724GUJJU & COMPANYBar Louie - Dearborn StationChicago65$--
1725Junior MintsHeartbreaker's Bar & GrillChaska65$--
1726On Our WayPete's PlaceTaylor65$--
1727Rock ChalkFelix & Oscar'sDes Moines65$--
1728Team No KeysSwigPerrysburg65$--
1729The Blind Leading The BlindBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township65$--
1730The PeopleO'Gara's Bar & GrillSaint Paul65$--
1731Better Late Than Pregnant(JT's Porch)JT's Porch Saloon & EateryLombard64$--
1732Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem(Maiz)Maiz Mexican CantinaYpsilanti64$--
1733Small FriesBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon64$--
1734The BandKieran's Irish PubMinneapolis64$--
1735The CatsBuffalo Wild WingsAurora64$--
1736The HubsProfessor Joe's Sports PubLafayette64$--
1737A Drop of LuckNew BohemiaGolden Valley62$--
1738B.S.Basement Burger BarFarmington61$--
1739Den JayKieran's Irish PubMinneapolis61$--
1740Here For the Beer(BWW Cleveland Hts.)Buffalo Wild WingsCleveland Heights61$--
1741Hey Oh'sBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township61$--
1742LSDD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling61$--
1743Mac HinesBrick N' BrewNapoleon61$--
1744Pimpin Ain't PariseNew BohemiaMinneapolis61$--
1745Team AnustartBasement Burger BarFarmington61$--
1746Throwin' the Hammer DownBarley HouseAkron61$--
17475 plus a BabyRalphie'sSylvania60$--
1748Better Late Than Pregnant(Mt. Chalet)Mt. ChaletRoyal Oak60$--
1749Calvin(NEO)Max & Erma'sMiddleburg Heights60$--
1750Me & my SisterRalphie'sSylvania60$--
1751Nicki's Minaj-a-troisMad RiverChicago60$--
1752Renegade BlocNew BohemiaGolden Valley60$--
1753Sexual FrustrationPanini's Bar & GrillCleveland Heights60$--
1754Something CleverSal's Pizza PubLombard60$--
1755Tim SucksNew BohemiaGolden Valley60$--
1756We Dominate Kids WeekPeterlin's Restaurant & BarFarmington60$--
1757AppetizerBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township59$--
1758Ayatollah of RockinrollaNew BohemiaGolden Valley59$--
1759BrachytherapyBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township59$--
1760My WoesD'Agostino's Pizza & PubChicago59$--
1761The Fenomenal FourThe Stones ThrowBowling Green59$--
1762The Max Fisher PlayersMaiz Mexican CantinaYpsilanti59$--
1763When It Rains, It PoursCrunchy'sEast Lansing59$--
1765Eeyore-LessD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling58$--
1766Pair of Keith'sOn TapStow58$--
1767BelievelandBuffalo Wild WingsAurora57$--
1768BudHensBunker BarHolland57$--
1769TactileneckFraser's PubAnn Arbor57$--
1770Bud Light DraftMax & Erma'sCanton56$--
1771MadhouseHarry BuffaloParma Heights56$--
1773Team ForestCurragh Irish PubGlenview56$--
1774The NAFTA AgreementsStella's Black Dog TavernPlymouth56$--
1775Toy Story ManiacsCurragh Irish PubEdison Park56$--
1776dee jayBuffalo Wild WingsAvon Lake56$--
1777LIPNew BohemiaGolden Valley55$--
1778Mo's HouseNew BohemiaGolden Valley55$--
1779Rogers Tocho's w/ BaconD'Agostino's Pizza & PubChicago55$--
1780Team FubarBuffalo Wild WingsWoodhaven55$--
1781The Raging RhinosCrow's Nest Bar & GrillCanton55$--
1782Wet Dream Catchers(Detroit)Grand TavernFarmington55$--
1783AnesynesthesiaThe Green TopKalamazoo54$--
1784Magellan Like A Felon BitchesAugie's Bar and GrillMadison Heights54$--
1785Shark Attack(BWW Canton)Buffalo Wild WingsCanton54$--
1786Space Monkey Mafia (NEO)Buffalo Wild WingsAurora54$--
1787Students of the Stephen Hawkin's School Of DanceBasement Burger BarFarmington54$--
1788Team WillatukChurch Key PubEdmonds54$--
1789Blue & GoldHarry BuffaloParma Heights53$--
1790Dom FockersFloodz Sports BarClinton Tsp53$--
1791Going GorillaRalphie'sOregon53$--
1792JaxMcHugh's Public HouseSavage53$--
1793MichaelangeloWyatt's Twisted AmericanaHastings53$--
1794Pup N' Suds(West MI)Buffalo Wild WingsKent53$--
1795Rocket!Buffalo Wild WingsLake Orion53$--
1796Cardio TrampsO'Gara's Bar & GrillSaint Paul52$--
1797DiabesityArenaAnn Arbor52$--
1798Fish in a BucketA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago52$--
1799Lobster MafiaMad RiverChicago52$--
1800The 37 ChambersJ&M CafeSeattle52$--
1801The MLG No Scope Pro TeamBuffalo Wild WingsCleveland Heights52$--
1802Tony Danza is Very UnderratedMcShane's Irish Pub & Whiskey BarDetroit52$--
1803$hitkicker$Brick N' BrewNapoleon51$--
1804HanguyJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron51$--
1805I like turtlesNew BohemiaMinneapolis51$--
1806LosersCleatsNorth Royalton51$--
1807Smokes and ChipsBirch LodgeGrand Rapids51$--
1808Spider PachycephalosaurusAugie's Bar and GrillMadison Heights51$--
1809Tequila Soccer MomsTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor51$--
1810The GoosesHexagonMinneapolis51$--
1811The Rouge ScholarsThe Stones ThrowBowling Green51$--
1812To Bill BraskeyBuffalo Wild WingsAvon Lake51$--
1813Dirty GirlzDan's Downtown TavernSaline50$--
1814Dr. Quinn, Bromedicine WomanArenaAnn Arbor50$--
1815Like a BossScorcher's in the ValleyAkron50$--
1816SavagesJimmy Green'sChicago50$--
1817ScooterDoc Watson'sToledo50$--
1818ShoultsBuffalo Wild WingsAurora50$--
1819Sparty's RevengeRalphie'sSylvania50$--
1820Vonnie & MuMuHarry BuffaloParma Heights50$--
1821No Means Yes, And Yes Means AnalAshley'sWestland49$--
1822The best around, nothing's ever gonna keep us down!!!Basement Burger BarCanton49$--
1823Fashionably LateBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor48$--
1824Kent State SteamersBuffalo Wild WingsAurora48$--
1825Knowledge Bomb 4.1D'Agostino's Pizza & PubChicago48$--
1826The Boy Who Blocked His Own ShotJet's PizzaChelsea48$--
1827The Pump 'n' MunchNew BohemiaMinneapolis48$--
1828Adam CircleHeartbreaker's Bar & GrillChaska47$--
1829Quiz In My Pants(Albert's on the Alley)Albert's on the AlleyGarden City47$--
1830Team Tiger NancyNew BohemiaGolden Valley47$--
1831The TrivettesWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor47$--
1832This team name is the longest bleeping one I've ever read and now I'm out of breath, yeahArenaAnn Arbor47$--
1833402A.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago46$--
1834Cpt. Miles & his Shipmen51 North BreweryLake Orion46$--
1835Ghost BustersNew BohemiaGolden Valley46$--
1836Lunch Bunch LadiesD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling46$--
1837NoobsGroundswellSt. Paul46$--
1838Plan BBuffalo Wild WingsAshland46$--
1839Team Couldn't Even Think of a NameMad RiverChicago46$--
1840The FuryCoach's CornerLivonia46$--
1841The Newfound OaksMax & Erma'sWestlake46$--
1842The ProspectsCurragh Irish PubEdison Park46$--
1843Trivia Newton John(Angry Beaver)Angry BeaverSeattle46$--
18443 is a CharmTD's Tailgate GrillCanton45$--
1845Are We Not Doing Phrasing Anymore?Buffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti45$--
1846BAMF(West MI)Birch LodgeGrand Rapids45$--
1847Bunz N GunzCurragh Irish PubEdison Park45$--
1848Craig's White Ass and the StreakersArenaAnn Arbor45$--
1849Cream TeamThe Stones ThrowBowling Green45$--
1850Makin Up For Last WeekBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township45$--
1851One Sad, Lonely ManAngry BeaverSeattle45$--
1852Quiz in My Pants (BBB-Farmington)Basement Burger BarFarmington45$--
1853Team NorthwesternSidelinesMaumee45$--
1854Team ShitshowBowery Grille & PubCanton45$--
1855The Coin-Operated BoysBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor45$--
1856The No Drama MamasFalling Down Beer Co.Warren45$--
1857The United NationsMcShane's Irish Pub & Whiskey BarDetroit45$--
1858At least our moms love usThe Stones ThrowBowling Green44$--
1859Four Forks SakeBar Louie - Dearborn StationChicago44$--
1860Go Blue(Thee Sportz Zone)Thee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.44$--
1861Knopes It AllThe Mucky DuckPerrysburg44$--
1862Renegades of FunkBasement Burger BarFarmington44$--
1863The SusanSuesSal's Pizza PubLombard44$--
18643 AmigosDan's Clinton TavernClinton Village43$--
1865Callahan Auto PartsMt. ChaletRoyal Oak43$--
1866Danger Zone(Bowery)Bowery Grille & PubCanton43$--
1867Eat you up like a SnakPakFraser's PubAnn Arbor43$--
1868FourplayMo Dailey's Pub & GrilleChicago43$--
1869FromundaTerritorial Brewing CompanySpringfield43$--
1870Insert Clever Team Name HereO'Gara's Bar & GrillSaint Paul43$--
1871JPIDorr St CafeToledo43$--
1872Jurassic BarkA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago43$--
1873Muffalo ShaversCoach's CornerLivonia43$--
1874No Kids TonightMcHugh's Public HouseSavage43$--
1875Revenge of the FifthMad RiverChicago43$--
1876Bear FightersNew BohemiaGolden Valley42$--
1877Fat People Are Harder to KidnapRalphie'sOregon42$--
1878Just the Tip (Arena)ArenaAnn Arbor42$--
1879My Friend's BedNew BohemiaGolden Valley42$--
1880Tandem AssetsNew BohemiaMinneapolis42$--
1881The OstrichesD'Agostino's Pizza & PubChicago42$--
1882the old guysA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago42$--
1883Lil EinsteinsCrunchy'sEast Lansing41$--
1884Team 36Buffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti41$--
1885Team Voldemort (Stones Throw)The Stones ThrowBowling Green41$--
1886Camel Toe RodeoAngry BeaverSeattle40$--
1887GroovyliciousDoc Watson'sToledo40$--
1888Irish LeprachaunsBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon40$--
1889No One CaresA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago40$--
1890Not So Wild BillAshley'sWestland40$--
1891The Girls Next DoorA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago40$--
1892bakers dozen(69)New BohemiaMinneapolis40$--
1893Babes N Balls ReunitedBuffalo Wild WingsGrand Rapids39$--
1894Dr. UnksMad RiverChicago39$--
1895Hole in One(New Bohemia)New BohemiaGolden Valley39$--
1896The MartinsPete's PlaceTaylor39$--
1897Arthi VaderThe Stones ThrowBowling Green38$--
1898Fatolo CalzonesA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago38$--
1899Frankie's Fantastic FourJohnny's Grill on the LakeBelleville38$--
1900JeffoD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling38$--
1901Lab LadiesHeartbreaker's Bar & GrillChaska38$--
1902Lost In Kyle's EyesArenaAnn Arbor38$--
1903Ox and TomatoesBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor38$--
1904Quiz KhalifaBasement Burger BarFarmington38$--
1905The Backstreet BoysBirch LodgeGrand Rapids38$--
1906Donkey PunchVillage Sports BarWhite Bear Lake37$--
1907Quizzed In My PantsDerby Bar & GrillChicago37$--
1908B Squared-boozers & boobsSidelines IIToledo36$--
1909CraiderCleatsNorth Royalton36$--
1910Danger ZoneAshley'sWestland36$--
1911Ghost with a BonerNew BohemiaMinneapolis36$--
1912Mama CatalinaKieran's Irish PubMinneapolis36$--
1913PlayazCurragh Irish PubEdison Park36$--
1914Urethra Franklin (New Bohemia)New BohemiaMinneapolis36$--
1915Your Mom has the Whitest Teeth I've ever Come AcrossNew BohemiaGolden Valley36$--
1916DB DrunksDoc Watson'sToledo35$--
1917Sam BamHarry BuffaloParma Heights35$--
1918Wait...What day Is ItChurch Key PubEdmonds35$--
1919Al DenteMt. ChaletRoyal Oak34$--
1920CornmastersDan's Downtown TavernSaline34$--
1921Don't stop until I incomeBasement Burger BarFarmington34$--
1922Just For FunBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti34$--
1923Lazy Horse 69TGI Friday'sBloomington34$--
1924RumptzWaldenburg BarMacomb34$--
1925Sammy GirlTD's Tailgate GrillCanton34$--
1926The Jerk StoreAshley'sWestland34$--
1927The Jovial Sex TraffickersSwigPerrysburg34$--
1928The Old GuysCoach's CornerLivonia34$--
1929Yinzers N'atAngry BeaverSeattle34$--
1930Chalupa Batman(D'Ags Wheeling)D'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling33$--
1931Cranial Nerve XIIINew BohemiaMinneapolis33$--
1932Gayle WarningOn TapAkron33$--
1933GonzoBirch LodgeGrand Rapids33$--
1934Hawks All The WayDerby Bar & GrillChicago33$--
1935Lone Wolf McQuaidBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon33$--
1936Misfits(Harry Buffalo)Harry BuffaloParma Heights33$--
1937Monkey SpankersHarry BuffaloParma Heights33$--
1938TAZDevilsD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling33$--
1939Team No PepsiBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon33$--
1940Team TeamworkMr. B's Food & SpiritsRoyal Oak33$--
1941You Know Nothing Jon SnowBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor33$--
1942support staffBuffalo Wild WingsAvon Lake33$--
1943Do You Need a Realtor?A.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago32$--
1944JuggalosGrand TavernFarmington32$--
1945Rehab is for Quitters(Wolverine)Wolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor32$--
1946Team SaxyDetroiter BarDetroit32$--
1947Thee Ohio State UniversityMad RiverChicago32$--
1948the scottish dingle thugsNew BohemiaMinneapolis32$--
1949Banana BoobsWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor31$--
1950Fifty Shades of RandyMad RiverChicago31$--
1952Sigourney BeaverHamlin CornerRoyal Oak31$--
1953Tres GenerationsChurch Key PubEdmonds31$--
1954Coco's KittensMad RiverChicago30$--
1955Licensed PlumbersHome Slice PizzaToledo30$--
1956Monkey and the Honey BadgerTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor30$--
1957Mount Courick PlayersTD's Tailgate GrillCanton30$--
1958My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't(Arena)ArenaAnn Arbor30$--
1959Size MattersTim's TavernSeattle30$--
1960Sweet OnionsJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids30$--
1961The SadnessTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor30$--
1962Wild WestRosie O'Grady'sSouthgate30$--
1963You're a Quizzard Harry!Mad RiverChicago30$--
1964i just shipped my pantsLocal ThymeWhitehouse30$--
1965Cash Money RecordsBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township29$--
1966DECKDan's Clinton TavernClinton Village29$--
1967NO REGRETS!Kieran's Irish PubMinneapolis29$--
1968Off in church(Dorr Street)Dorr St CafeToledo29$--
1969Oscar Mayer WeinersA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago29$--
1970Pumped Up KicksNew BohemiaGolden Valley29$--
1971Spitters are QuittersTGI Friday'sBloomington29$--
1972Team formerly known as yellow snowArenaAnn Arbor29$--
1973The Bad News Beers51 North BreweryLake Orion29$--
1974Top Thrill WinnersAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City29$--
1975Turd FergasonOn TapAkron29$--
1976When Georgia SmiledTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor29$--
1977I Don't Know YetDetroiter BarDetroit28$--
1978Larry's BirdDay Block Brewing Co.Minneapolis28$--
1979Liz & Co TMTGI Friday'sBurnsville28$--
1980ShockersBasement Burger BarCanton28$--
1981TinaA Pizza MartSeattle28$--
1982Z-OneD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling28$--
1983Gibson-JoassinA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago27$--
1984Kelly Drive DriversNew BohemiaGolden Valley27$--
1985King HipposBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township27$--
1986Regina PhalangesFloodz Sports BarClinton Tsp27$--
1987SaltGrand TavernRochester Hills27$--
1988E & J rulzBuffalo Wild WingsAvon Lake26$--
1989E=MCHammer(BWW Aurora)Buffalo Wild WingsAurora26$--
1990Egg StraordinaryThe Stones ThrowBowling Green26$--
1991Lucky # 7Paddy JacksToledo26$--
1992Perfect 10sCrow's Nest Bar & GrillCanton26$--
1993The DudeDorr St CafeToledo26$--
1994Almost ParmadiseFront Row BarBrook Park25$--
1995Bad Bitches by NightAshley'sAnn Arbor25$--
1996Cuti'sBurgers 2 BeerSolon25$--
1997HerstalA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago25$--
1998MJ'sBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti25$--
1999TangerondoSidelines IIToledo25$--
2000Taste My RainbowTD's Tailgate GrillCanton25$--
2001The Stinky PinkyBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti25$--
2002Vandelay Industries Lake OrionBuffalo Wild WingsLake Orion25$--
2003Wayne The Main Brain McclainCrow's Nest Bar & GrillCanton25$--
2004ESTRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti24$--
2005FlatulenceThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.24$--
2006Mad Hatters(Harry Buffalo)Harry BuffaloParma Heights24$--
2007Team VoldemortGroundswellSt. Paul24$--
2008The Change UpBuffalo Wild WingsLake Orion24$--
2009Albion Street GameBasement Burger BarFarmington23$--
2010MillCreekThe Stones ThrowBowling Green23$--
2011Moon StruckBuffalo Wild WingsAurora23$--
2012Pink ZebrasAshley'sAnn Arbor23$--
2013BrewersAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City22$--
2014HiggyBuffalo Wild WingsCanton22$--
2015High Voltage!Ashley'sWestland22$--
2016Odins Missing EyeSidelines IIToledo22$--
2017Team Happy PantsNew BohemiaGolden Valley22$--
2018The Killers(Thee Sportz Zone)Thee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.22$--
2019Two Ton & the LeprechaunWolverine State Brewing CompanyAnn Arbor21$--
2020AgogoD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling20$--
2021Bag of DildosCrow's Nest Bar & GrillCanton20$--
2022Bo KJohnny's Grill on the LakeBelleville20$--
2023Fit BitsTGI Friday'sBurnsville20$--
2024From the NorthSal's Pizza PubLombard20$--
2025Indians(BBB-Canton)Basement Burger BarCanton20$--
2026Nice Fedora51 North BreweryLake Orion20$--
2027Quiz In My Pants(Office Pub)Office Pub & GrillMinneapolis20$--
2028ShilohCJ's Brewing CompanyPlymouth20$--
2029Guys & DollsAshley'sAnn Arbor19$--
2030South Side ShannonTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor19$--
2031Team Terrible 2TD's Tailgate GrillCanton19$--
2032We Have a 3-Year-OldNew BohemiaGolden Valley19$--
2033Han SoloNew BohemiaMinneapolis18$--
2034The Danger ZoneFraser's PubAnn Arbor18$--
2035team 6Buffalo Wild WingsPort Huron Twsp18$--
2036Boo Bee BopCaptain BlacksSeattle17$--
2037One plus One equals ThreeA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago17$--
2038Ox and the FoxBuffalo Wild WingsAnn Arbor17$--
2039The Luke Harangody Fan ClubTD's Tailgate GrillCanton17$--
2040Jen and NateJoe's Prime Time PubGibraltar16$--
2041Late BloomersBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti16$--
2042Whiteys INCRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti16$--
2043red rocketHexagonMinneapolis16$--
2044Blue Barracudas(Bellacino's)Bellacino's Pizza & GrindersStow15$--
2045Lady and a TrampGrand TavernFarmington15$--
2046The Four MusketeersTD's Tailgate GrillCanton15$--
2047Top DawgsMad RiverChicago15$--
2048Travelocity - Gnome Sayin?A.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago15$--
2049YooHoo HooligansThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.15$--
20505 Gopher FansNew BohemiaGolden Valley14$--
2051CaseeBuffalo Wild WingsYpsilanti14$--
2052Coach KonnieA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago14$--
2053Dirty SLBuffalo Wild WingsBrighton14$--
2054JawdinzCrunchy'sEast Lansing14$--
2055MCWyatt's Twisted AmericanaHastings14$--
2056MexicansBoston's Restaurant & Sports BarShelby Township14$--
2057Play BigKieran's Irish PubMinneapolis14$--
2058Raptor ScallionsAshley'sAnn Arbor14$--
2059B-Ball-BlueNew BohemiaGolden Valley13$--
2060ConfussedCaptain Joe's GrillWhitmore Lake13$--
2061Drink 'Em DownFelix & Oscar'sDes Moines13$--
2062Meth Lab EinsteinsShamrocks Irish NookSt. Paul13$--
2063NBITThe Paramount Pub & GrilleAkron13$--
2064WindiansBuffalo Wild WingsMassillon13$--
2065ask adam about his dik idkHexagonMinneapolis13$--
2066BroncosBar Louie - Dearborn StationChicago12$--
2067Bulleit on the RocksD'Agostino's Pizza & PubChicago12$--
2068Cougar TownHeartbreaker's Bar & GrillChaska12$--
2069The McWopsThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.12$--
2070Those GuysNew BohemiaMinneapolis12$--
2071VandVD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling12$--
2072Pat & CarolDorr St CafeToledo11$--
2073Team BowserRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti11$--
2074Team Franny PantsFraser's PubAnn Arbor11$--
2075Downward DogTerritorial Brewing CompanySpringfield10$--
2076Meat ManeTim's TavernSeattle10$--
2077Prestige Worldwide(Fraser's)Fraser's PubAnn Arbor10$--
2078TeamJacobBasement Burger BarCanton10$--
2079UsJohnny's Grill on the LakeBelleville10$--
2080Hoe Don't Do itThe Stones ThrowBowling Green9$--
2081RedTGI Friday'sBurnsville9$--
2082Team CalienteBar Louie - Dearborn StationChicago9$--
2083benny and the jetsNew BohemiaMinneapolis9$--
2084BrennanShamrocks Irish NookSt. Paul8$--
2085El Pollo LocoBasement Burger BarCanton8$--
2086Fisty CentThe Stones ThrowBowling Green8$--
2087Grover's Best FriendThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.7$--
2088Nate DaqgNew BohemiaMinneapolis7$--
2089The GriswoldsNew BohemiaGolden Valley7$--
2090Honey BarbecuesBuffalo Wild WingsAurora6$--
2091Anito & PeditoOn TapCuyahoga Falls5$--
2092BreezeBuffalo Wild WingsAurora5$--
2093MickBethD'Agostino's Pizza & PubChicago5$--
2094RachelThe Paramount Pub & GrilleAkron5$--
2095Hippity HopsBasement Burger BarFarmington4$--
2096SamFights4UAugie's Bar and GrillMadison Heights4$--
2097SauceroniNew BohemiaGolden Valley4$--
2098Team BronnicheNew BohemiaGolden Valley4$--
2099Franken BerryScorcher's in the ValleyAkron3$--
2100Moby Beta BlueA.J. Hudson's Public HouseChicago3$--
2101NewginityArenaAnn Arbor3$--
2102Team OchoPete's PlaceTaylor3$--
2103I Thought This Was Speed Dating (Pete's)Pete's PlaceTaylor2$--
2104The VanValkenburgh'sBuffalo Wild WingsGrand Rapids2$--
2105BrangelaTD's Tailgate GrillCanton1$--
2106TriviadactylsJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids1$--
2107Abmi-gay-ityAshley'sAnn Arbor0$--
2108Got it going on crewBasement Burger BarCanton0$--
* NOTE: Teams can only qualify for winnings in this pool at one show per cash rewards season. If a team plays at multiple shows, only their highest score will be displayed.