Sporcle Live Leaderboards

If you're curious how you stack up at your home venue, check out the venue stats below.

Includes scores submitted up to Mar 3, 2015 at 2:00am EST.

Team Week Total Territory Venue Day
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Spaceballs: The Trivia Team50108161161
Group W Bench16405158158
Trivia Newton John (Wolverine)16412157157
Wise Beyond Our Beers14015157157
Normal Park Trivia Tigers100257156156
That Sucking Sound14011156156
Quiz on Your Face(Rosie's)16701152152
Calrissian Rhapsody11103151151
Little Lebowski Urban Achievers14405150150
Soul Glo52703148148
The Henry Ford Hotties18303147147
2 For The Show20703144144
Rob's Econ Study Group889176144144
Crash Landings10902142142
Probably Too Young For This889011141141
Turtles All The Way Down100593137137
Les Quizerables42001136136
If I Agreed With You We'd Both Be Wrong18306131131
Breaking Up With Nyquil16502128128
Seven Twenty Six40606128128
More Beer Less Pants14601124124
Game Stars600473123123
Blue Moon Investigations100250122122
Step Dads14007121121
Better Late Than Never(Minnesota)889017117117
Irish Exits, LLC16413116116
Look At The Brain On Brad51903115115
Sparty On14410115115
What was that?16416115115
Wayne the Main Brain McClain(Chicago)100214114114
Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods12807112112
Periodic Table Dancers52505111111
Team Vag30808111111
Suck it Trebek (Woodhaven)16702109109
Beef Supreme11102108108
We're Glad We Brought A Pen18304108108
1.21 Jigga Watts11101106106
Sweet Teams are Made of This100409105105
That's What She Said (Ralphie's Holland)51825103103
Prognosis Negative43506102102
I HAZ THE DUM50103101101
Nine Inch Males(Toledo)513039797
Sterling Archer Draper Pryce8891629797
The Brandon Inge Funk Explosion1001069797
Eberwits featuring the No Talent Ass Clowns164049696
Settlers Of Catan501069696
Target Sucks8891639696
Wild Card6004709696
Brains, Fava Beans, and Chianti504049494
The Brainy Mischiefs6000479494
DUMB LUCK6005219292
Winter? I Hardly Even Know Her140149191
Ass Whispers207019090
Larry's Bald Spot1005899090
Mac Daddy6006858989
Smell The Glove144088888
Sauce Boss8891658787
Touch Me Where I Pee6006798787
Pop Pop in the Attic501048686
P. Frey6003458484
Alpha Kenny One8891828383
My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem8891688383
Bulls Deep501018181
Rosa Parks Should've Called Shotgun (Toledo)502047777
Sm A8891807272
Devil's Rejects205037070
Gross Corn140037070
We Lose We Still Booze8890106969
3...2...1 Contact8891776666
Team No Keys8891796565
Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem8891716464
Ducky Mash Bangers8891616161
Not Good at Trivia8890165959
Four Score and Seven Beers1005625858
Zombies of Carne Evil414055454
Answers on Tap8891784545
Havin' Fun1002794444
Two Gingers8891674141
Rock Hard Times8891603939
Sammy Girl8891743434
The Jovial Sex Traffickers8891813434
Yes! Yes! Yes!6002563434
Wild West8891643030
Team Northwestern1000432929
Every Wrong Answer is a Drink8891592626
Taste My Rainbow8891702525
Hungarian Hungarian Hippos105081515
What the Shibboleth105051212
Ann Arbor is a nice respectable lady10061799
Pen Is Mightier1100466
And Still In Last Place...60031933
Brain Farts88916611
Tiger's Wood10044911