Sporcle Live Leaderboards

Teams that have the highest cumulative score after 10 weeks at one of our new shows will share this cash prize pool.*

Includes scores submitted up to Apr 19, 2015 at 1:00pm, EST.

1Dobis P RNew BohemiaGolden Valley947$113.79
2Null Reference ExceptionBuffalo Wild WingsAurora847$101.78
3Hey Traci!Bill's on GreenwoodSeattle782$93.97
4GlitterTD's Tailgate GrillCanton778$93.49
5Tequila Mockingbird (Toledo)Ziggy Zoomba'sBowling Green767$92.16
6Inappropriate sundressTim's TavernSeattle749$90.00
7Seven Twenty SixTD's Tailgate GrillCanton727$87.36
8Absolutely UnsureLocal ThymeWhitehouse688$82.67
9Got WoodsJ&M CafeSeattle685$82.31
10Les QuizerablesTD's Tailgate GrillCanton676$81.23
11ZimsBuffalo Wild WingsAurora676$81.23
12PoopcatHamlin CornerRoyal Oak673$--
13Voodoo EconomicsFalling Down Beer Co.Warren666$--
14Shrine of the Silver Monkey(Falling Down Thurs.)Falling Down Beer Co.Warren657$--
15Take Care of Your ShoesTim's TavernSeattle639$--
16The Unsinkable Molly BrownsHamlin CornerRoyal Oak631$--
17Trivia MercenariesNew BohemiaGolden Valley614$--
18Too Much TunaCleatsNorth Royalton611$--
19Trivia Newton John(Falling Down)Falling Down Beer Co.Warren597$--
20Mojo JojoCleatsNorth Royalton584$--
21Doctor Who's On FirstMax & Erma'sWestlake557$--
22My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem(TD's Tailgate)TD's Tailgate GrillCanton545$--
23Prestige Worldwide(Territorial)Territorial Brewing CompanySpringfield541$--
24CleaversCleatsNorth Royalton513$--
25The Queef Before TimeRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti508$--
26Progressively DrunkerJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron506$--
27$megmastersPanini's Bar & GrillCleveland Heights493$--
28The Big Bang TheoryCleatsNorth Royalton493$--
29Drunken MonkeysNew BohemiaGolden Valley492$--
30Max KnowledgeNew BohemiaGolden Valley490$--
31SurviorCleatsNorth Royalton487$--
32IndecisiveNew BohemiaGolden Valley484$--
33Screw ASUJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron479$--
34Miss New DjiboutiTim's TavernSeattle469$--
35If it was easy, it would be your mom!(Ziggy's)Ziggy Zoomba'sBowling Green466$--
36Will & GraceLocal ThymeWhitehouse457$--
37Seattle Meri-nerdsBill's on GreenwoodSeattle447$--
38Total WrongnessHamlin CornerRoyal Oak443$--
39Bert Macklin, FBIFalling Down Beer Co.Warren413$--
40Masters of QuizlamLocal ThymeWhitehouse410$--
41The 3 AmigosRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti404$--
42Sporcle With Little TimmyJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron399$--
43Blind Squirrels NutsTD's Tailgate GrillCanton371$--
44Moist Chocolate LadlesThe DistrictSeattle369$--
45I Thought This Was Speed Dating(Hamlin Corner)Hamlin CornerRoyal Oak368$--
46Drunk & DisorderlyJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron366$--
47I Quizzed In My Pants(Hamlin Corner)Hamlin CornerRoyal Oak364$--
4840 Million $ LegsJ&M CafeSeattle361$--
49Double JeopardyJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron357$--
50Benedict Arnold's Drive-InTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor353$--
51Quizteama AguileraJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron347$--
52Prognosis NegativeTD's Tailgate GrillCanton341$--
53We're Probably CheatingO'Gara's Bar & GrillSaint Paul339$--
54Little Lebowski Urban Achievers(Toledo)Ziggy Zoomba'sBowling Green338$--
55Disco VolanteTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor337$--
56Miss Chandler BongO'Gara's Bar & GrillSaint Paul334$--
57Space Monkey Mafia(Tim's Tavern)Tim's TavernSeattle313$--
58Work Hard Twerk HardHodge'sCleveland308$--
59Google and I vs The WorldFalling Down Beer Co.Warren301$--
60People of InterestHamlin CornerRoyal Oak300$--
61They All Left MeBurgers 2 BeerSolon296$--
62Are You There God, It's Me MargaritaBill's on GreenwoodSeattle293$--
63The Big GreenCleatsNorth Royalton293$--
64Super PantsHamlin CornerRoyal Oak277$--
65Stupid DummiesD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling268$--
66Magic ManD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling266$--
67Go Big or Go HomeDouble D Bar & GrillMt. Clemens259$--
68Nan PD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling258$--
69First and LastTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor255$--
70DJ RoombaBill's on GreenwoodSeattle251$--
71Givem the Heater Ricky!CleatsNorth Royalton248$--
72sprechen sie dickNew BohemiaGolden Valley244$--
73Go Big Blue BallsPanini's Bar & GrillCleveland Heights241$--
74Spam, Eggs, Sausage, and SpamJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron240$--
75Liquor StallionsBurgers 2 BeerSolon233$--
76BLANK STARENew BohemiaGolden Valley232$--
77E = MC HammeredHodge'sCleveland226$--
78ArithmeticsLocal ThymeWhitehouse219$--
79Full PiTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor214$--
80Strictly SillyCleatsNorth Royalton211$--
81Club 1012New BohemiaGolden Valley202$--
82MatmanBuffalo Wild WingsAurora201$--
83It's a Two Day ClambakeMax & Erma'sWestlake199$--
84Concealing a boner at churchZiggy Zoomba'sBowling Green198$--
85Donkey Schlong CountryO'Gara's Bar & GrillSaint Paul186$--
86Siblings With Benefits(Chicago)D'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling184$--
87Nathan Hale Alumni AssociationThe DistrictSeattle181$--
88Planet ExpressDouble D Bar & GrillMt. Clemens176$--
89G Marks the SpotHamlin CornerRoyal Oak174$--
90Breaking Up With NyquilRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti173$--
91Mirage à TroisRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti172$--
92Too Cool For SchoolFalling Down Beer Co.Warren161$--
93Voss InnLocal ThymeWhitehouse159$--
94You Can Derelict My BallsBill's on GreenwoodSeattle159$--
95majesticlesBuffalo Wild WingsAurora159$--
96Everybody Hates MitchBill's on GreenwoodSeattle158$--
97Pup N Suds(Thee Sportz Zone)Thee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.157$--
98Gay Bacon HorseTerritorial Brewing CompanySpringfield155$--
99Shark Attack(MN)New BohemiaGolden Valley152$--
100Team ClooneyNew BohemiaGolden Valley151$--
101Estamos ListosNew BohemiaGolden Valley150$--
102Ric Flair's Nature BoysRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti149$--
103Better Late Than Pregnant(Falling Down)Falling Down Beer Co.Warren144$--
104Alpha Kenny BodyJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron141$--
105Quiz in My Pants(New Bohemia Golden Valley)New BohemiaGolden Valley140$--
106Oh That's GreasyBurgers 2 BeerSolon137$--
107A Brunette, A Redhead & A Bald GuyJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron134$--
108SNLJ&M CafeSeattle134$--
109Fighting Mongooses(Falling Down)Falling Down Beer Co.Warren133$--
110Funky PelicanMax & Erma'sWestlake133$--
111RadJ&M CafeSeattle133$--
112Rosa Parks Should've Called Shotgun (Toledo)Local ThymeWhitehouse133$--
113Ram Rods(New Bohemia)New BohemiaGolden Valley128$--
114Quiztina AgularaO'Gara's Bar & GrillSaint Paul124$--
115The PoopsiclesNew BohemiaGolden Valley124$--
116Try AgainTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor122$--
117Wood BoogersCleatsNorth Royalton120$--
118Off In A CornerCleatsNorth Royalton114$--
119We Used to Come A Lot MoreLocal ThymeWhitehouse113$--
120When In DoubtPanini's Bar & GrillCleveland Heights113$--
121Team X-MenJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron111$--
122Full Frontal Nerdity (NEO)Max & Erma'sWestlake109$--
123Howling CommandosCleatsNorth Royalton109$--
124Purple HootersZiggy Zoomba'sBowling Green109$--
125New Bohemia is the WurstNew BohemiaGolden Valley108$--
126Jeffery Dahmer's House of Ribs(Seattle)Bill's on GreenwoodSeattle107$--
127Bazinga'sTD's Tailgate GrillCanton106$--
128Grey Hoodie GuysFalling Down Beer Co.Warren106$--
129Better Than SexMax & Erma'sWestlake104$--
130Backstage KrewFalling Down Beer Co.Warren103$--
131Liquid BreadFalling Down Beer Co.Warren103$--
132Team ZissouO'Gara's Bar & GrillSaint Paul97$--
133CurmudgeonsDouble D Bar & GrillMt. Clemens90$--
134Mongo JenkinsMax & Erma'sWestlake90$--
135The AvengersBuffalo Wild WingsAurora90$--
136The Nittany'sJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron89$--
137Guessn'Max & Erma'sWestlake87$--
138Team America World PoliceThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.85$--
139Smarty Pints(BWW Lyndhurst)Panini's Bar & GrillCleveland Heights83$--
140Golden Girls (M&E)Max & Erma'sWestlake82$--
141Lindsay & CallieghBuffalo Wild WingsAurora82$--
142Umpires Strike BackRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti81$--
143Need More Beer to do BetterNew BohemiaGolden Valley80$--
144Ragin Cajun Nicholas CageJ&M CafeSeattle80$--
145Taco TicklersHamlin CornerRoyal Oak78$--
146KreaturesPanini's Bar & GrillCleveland Heights77$--
147Little Lebowski's Urban Achievers (Mt. Clemens)Double D Bar & GrillMt. Clemens77$--
148Team Jaffe'New BohemiaGolden Valley77$--
149I Give UpNew BohemiaGolden Valley76$--
150Physical ChemistryBurgers 2 BeerSolon76$--
151B-Team(Burgers 2 Beer)Burgers 2 BeerSolon75$--
152Graham Crackers(TD's Tailgate)TD's Tailgate GrillCanton75$--
153Petty CashBuffalo Wild WingsAurora73$--
154Red KnightsNew BohemiaGolden Valley73$--
155SnoozersNew BohemiaGolden Valley70$--
1562 for 2D'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling68$--
157Cleveland CheetahsBurgers 2 BeerSolon67$--
158My Drinking Team has a Trivia ProblemD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling67$--
159The NinniesRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti67$--
160Casper & FriendsZiggy Zoomba'sBowling Green65$--
161The PeopleO'Gara's Bar & GrillSaint Paul65$--
162The CatsBuffalo Wild WingsAurora64$--
163A Drop of LuckNew BohemiaGolden Valley62$--
164Beer Make Smart(Detroit)Double D Bar & GrillMt. Clemens62$--
165LSDD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling61$--
166we're here for the gang bangRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti61$--
167Renegade BlocNew BohemiaGolden Valley60$--
168Sexual FrustrationPanini's Bar & GrillCleveland Heights60$--
169Tim SucksNew BohemiaGolden Valley60$--
170Ayatollah of RockinrollaNew BohemiaGolden Valley59$--
171Eeyore-LessD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling58$--
172BelievelandBuffalo Wild WingsAurora57$--
173One is the Loneliest NumberRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti57$--
174LIPNew BohemiaGolden Valley55$--
175Night ShiftHamlin CornerRoyal Oak54$--
176Space Monkey Mafia (NEO)Buffalo Wild WingsAurora54$--
177Anal Bum Covers (NEO)TD's Tailgate GrillCanton52$--
178Big SexyTD's Tailgate GrillCanton52$--
179Cardio TrampsO'Gara's Bar & GrillSaint Paul52$--
180The 37 ChambersJ&M CafeSeattle52$--
181HanguyJ. Dublin's Pour HouseAkron51$--
182LosersCleatsNorth Royalton51$--
183Tequila Soccer MomsTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor51$--
184ShoultsBuffalo Wild WingsAurora50$--
185Meat SandwichJ&M CafeSeattle49$--
186Kent State SteamersBuffalo Wild WingsAurora48$--
187Manee & MeD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling47$--
188Team Tiger NancyNew BohemiaGolden Valley47$--
189Lunch Bunch LadiesD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling46$--
190The Newfound OaksMax & Erma'sWestlake46$--
191Two GingersO'Gara's Bar & GrillSaint Paul46$--
192Fish TacosDouble D Bar & GrillMt. Clemens44$--
193Go Blue(Thee Sportz Zone)Thee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.44$--
194FromundaTerritorial Brewing CompanySpringfield43$--
195Insert Clever Team Name HereO'Gara's Bar & GrillSaint Paul43$--
196Bear FightersNew BohemiaGolden Valley42$--
197My Friend's BedNew BohemiaGolden Valley42$--
198Hole in One(New Bohemia)New BohemiaGolden Valley39$--
199JeffoD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling38$--
200Shady AcresD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling38$--
201CraiderCleatsNorth Royalton36$--
202Your Mom has the Whitest Teeth I've ever Come AcrossNew BohemiaGolden Valley36$--
203McHale's NavyRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti35$--
204There's Always Next WeekBellacino's Pizza & GrindersStow35$--
205Sammy GirlTD's Tailgate GrillCanton34$--
206Chalupa Batman(D'Ags Wheeling)D'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling33$--
207TAZDevilsD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling33$--
208Team 3Buffalo Wild WingsAurora32$--
209Sigourney BeaverHamlin CornerRoyal Oak31$--
210Monkey and the Honey BadgerTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor30$--
211Mount Courick PlayersTD's Tailgate GrillCanton30$--
212Size MattersTim's TavernSeattle30$--
213The SadnessTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor30$--
2143 is a CharmTD's Tailgate GrillCanton29$--
215When Georgia SmiledTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor29$--
216Z-OneD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling28$--
217Kelly Drive DriversNew BohemiaGolden Valley27$--
218Cuti'sBurgers 2 BeerSolon25$--
219Taste My RainbowTD's Tailgate GrillCanton25$--
220ESTRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti24$--
221Moon StruckBuffalo Wild WingsAurora23$--
222Team Happy PantsNew BohemiaGolden Valley22$--
223The Killers(Thee Sportz Zone)Thee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.22$--
224AgogoD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling20$--
225South Side ShannonTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor19$--
226Team Terrible 2TD's Tailgate GrillCanton19$--
227We Have a 3-Year-OldNew BohemiaGolden Valley19$--
228The Luke Harangody Fan ClubTD's Tailgate GrillCanton17$--
229YooHoo HooligansThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.15$--
2305 Gopher FansNew BohemiaGolden Valley14$--
231JackwagonsLocal ThymeWhitehouse14$--
232B-Ball-BlueNew BohemiaGolden Valley13$--
233The McWopsThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.12$--
234VandVD'Agostino's Pizza & PubWheeling12$--
235Team BowserRed Rock Downtown BarbecueYpsilanti11$--
236Downward DogTerritorial Brewing CompanySpringfield10$--
237Meat ManeTim's TavernSeattle10$--
238Grover's Best FriendThee Sportz ZoneRedford Twp.7$--
239The GriswoldsNew BohemiaGolden Valley7$--
240Honey BarbecuesBuffalo Wild WingsAurora6$--
241BreezeBuffalo Wild WingsAurora5$--
242SauceroniNew BohemiaGolden Valley4$--
243Team BronnicheNew BohemiaGolden Valley4$--
* NOTE: New show is any show that has not previously completed a full cycle in a previous cash rewards season. A list of the approved shows in this prize pool can be found here.