Sporcle Live Leaderboards

Teams that have the highest cumulative score after 10 weeks at one of our new shows will share this cash prize pool.*

Includes scores submitted up to Oct 30, 2014 at 1:00pm, EST.

1Batteries Not IncludedBar LouieSkokie1037$111.65
2Cell Phone BanditsDetroiter BarDetroit1023$110.14
3DJ RoombaAngry BeaverSeattle993$106.91
4Work Hard Twerk HardBuffalo Wild WingsCleveland Heights988$106.37
5Rosa Parks Should've Called Shotgun (Toledo)Cheers Sports EateryHolland940$101.21
6Haulin OatsOn TapStow898$96.68
7Buster MuffinRalphie'sFindlay869$93.56
8Running With CaesersA Pizza MartSeattle865$93.13
9Moist Chocolate LadlesA Pizza MartSeattle859$92.48
10Loose Seal!JD Reardon'sGrand Rapids816$87.85
11FijilicousBarley HouseAkron801$--
12It's Us AgainAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City783$--
13StrategeryJW Hollstein'sTinley Park753$--
14Clinton LumberKingsMo Dailey's Pub & GrilleChicago736$--
15Brad & TonyJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids704$--
16Noam Chomsky's DrivewayA Pizza MartSeattle692$--
17Venus vs MarsTGI Friday'sBurnsville614$--
18Donkey Schlong CountryShamrocks Irish NookSt. Paul611$--
19Inappropriate sundressTim's TavernSeattle597$--
20My Favorite TeamOn TapStow568$--
21Crafty and CleverRalphie'sFindlay563$--
22My Other Ride Is Your MomAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City563$--
23SymonsaysBuffalo Wild WingsMedina549$--
24Smarty PintsGame Grill & BarAkron548$--
25ZimsBuffalo Wild WingsAurora546$--
26Legen-wait-for-it-daryBarley HouseAkron535$--
27T MoneyTGI Friday'sBurnsville526$--
28The IntrovertsDetroiter BarDetroit505$--
29Dr. Butt DrugsJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids495$--
30Encyclopedia GalacticaWilliamston Bucket (CB's Bucket & Bar)Williamston472$--
31Jim AnnaAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City453$--
32Off In A CornerBuffalo Wild WingsStrongsville451$--
33El DoradoBuffalo Wild WingsStrongsville449$--
34Brian PoliceAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City446$--
35Go BigBuffalo Wild WingsMedina440$--
36the moist towellettesShamrocks Irish NookSt. Paul416$--
37Franks N BeansFloodz Sports BarClinton Tsp415$--
38Brett and Becky vs. EvilShamrocks Irish NookSt. Paul414$--
39Beer Makes SmartBar LouieSkokie409$--
40McClanBarley HouseAkron407$--
41FLASH CATSBar LouieSkokie398$--
42Gary Minus the "R"Barley HouseAkron377$--
43You Know Nothing Jon SnowJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids377$--
44(I Ate Some Pie)Angry BeaverSeattle374$--
45Team #9Buffalo Wild WingsMedina361$--
46Cherry TomatoesJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids337$--
47PotterheadJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids330$--
48Watch Your Own BobberVillage Sports BarWhite Bear Lake322$--
49Gayle WarningBuffalo Wild WingsMedina309$--
50Floppy FishMo Dailey's Pub & GrilleChicago308$--
51Cougar HuntersJW Hollstein'sTinley Park299$--
52Farmers MarketCheers Sports EateryHolland296$--
54EmpireJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids287$--
55Seriously Why Are We HereCheers Sports EateryHolland273$--
56Dain BramageBarking BullfrogStrongsville269$--
57The Hardley BoysShamrocks Irish NookSt. Paul254$--
58Midnight Blue and GoldHootersTaylor241$--
59Umpires Strike BackAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City226$--
60Buddha Strikes AgainAnyway's PubBloomingdale225$--
61Havin' FunCheers Sports EateryHolland225$--
62ChinstrapsJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids223$--
63Wumpus & The ManOn TapStow222$--
64Team Awesome (W. Michigan)JD Reardon'sGrand Rapids215$--
65Les QuizerablesGame Grill & BarAkron214$--
66Gnarly NarwhalsBuffalo Wild WingsStrongsville212$--
67Nestle TollhouseBar LouieSkokie212$--
68Flower ScotlandOarhouse Bar & GrillToledo211$--
69Fart PrizeJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids209$--
70CluelessJW Hollstein'sTinley Park194$--
71Red DawnCheers Sports EateryHolland192$--
72The Silver DaddiesOarhouse Bar & GrillToledo188$--
73InebriatiOn TapStow186$--
74Tigers FanRalphie'sFindlay173$--
75LandsharksAnyway's PubBloomingdale156$--
76Killer Z'sBuffalo Wild WingsMedina149$--
77Downriver Rat(s)HootersTaylor145$--
78Fear BonersFloodz Sports BarClinton Tsp124$--
79SnowflakesAnyway's PubBloomingdale123$--
80The Last NastiesAnyway's PubBloomingdale119$--
81Are You There God, It's Me MargaritaAngry BeaverSeattle118$--
82Everything DiesJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids117$--
83One More BeerTrotters TavernToledo117$--
84Sweet OnionsJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids117$--
85SevenTGI Friday'sBurnsville116$--
86Sour Patch KidsQuaker Steak & LubeValley View114$--
87Screw ASUOn TapStow112$--
88Team VoldemortAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City112$--
89Scotty Doesn't KnowBarley HouseAkron111$--
90Abe Froman and the Sausage KingsCheers Sports EateryHolland110$--
91Captain BarklestienAngry BeaverSeattle108$--
92Charlamagne's NephewBuffalo Wild WingsMedina108$--
93JOE!Felix & Oscar'sDes Moines108$--
94Wahoo ManiacsBuffalo Wild WingsStrongsville108$--
95Mad Math and the ThunderdomesOarhouse Bar & GrillToledo107$--
96We Suck at TriviaOarhouse Bar & GrillToledo107$--
97GamestersBuffalo Wild WingsStrongsville106$--
98Jerks & SquirtsGame Grill & BarAkron106$--
99BohicaDetroiter BarDetroit104$--
100Sad PandaJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids104$--
101Divas of DoomOn TapStow103$--
102Spread EaglesAngry BeaverSeattle102$--
103Let's Get QuizzicalOn TapStow98$--
104Nathan Hale Alumni AssociationA Pizza MartSeattle98$--
105With OurselvesBarley HouseAkron97$--
106Muff DynastyBuffalo Wild WingsStrongsville96$--
107Night Man ComethAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City96$--
108Anito & PeditoBarley HouseAkron93$--
109Toxic RaccoonsTGI Friday'sBurnsville93$--
110Rob ThomasOn TapStow92$--
111IFNSBuffalo Wild WingsMedina91$--
112Money ManzielBuffalo Wild WingsMedina90$--
113MCVillage Sports BarWhite Bear Lake87$--
114Full Frontal Nerdity (NEO)On TapStow86$--
115SavantVillage Sports BarWhite Bear Lake85$--
116BATMAN & ROBIN W/THE BLUE ROBINBar LouieSkokie84$--
117Dirty SanchezOarhouse Bar & GrillToledo84$--
118MnJOn TapStow84$--
119Naked Photo HuntJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids83$--
120MichaelangeloVillage Sports BarWhite Bear Lake82$--
121Studio DuoJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids82$--
122The Jedi OrderShamrocks Irish NookSt. Paul80$--
123Our Couch Pulls Out But We Don'tAlbert's on the AlleyGarden City79$--
124Mojo Jo-JoQuaker Steak & LubeValley View76$--
125BeastModeOarhouse Bar & GrillToledo69$--
126Fart SoupHootersTaylor54$--
127Jack and Phil CokeJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids54$--
128Too Much TunaBuffalo Wild WingsMedina51$--
129Harl3y QuinnHootersTaylor50$--
130Vag BadgersShamrocks Irish NookSt. Paul46$--
131Late EntryHootersTaylor43$--
132TEAM FISHBar LouieSkokie41$--
134GroatsOarhouse Bar & GrillToledo40$--
136Yeah, OvertimeBuffalo Wild WingsMedina7$--
* NOTE: New show is any show that has not previously completed a full cycle in a previous cash rewards season. A list of the approved shows in this prize pool can be found here.