Sporcle Live Leaderboards

Teams that have the highest cumulative score after 10 weeks at one of our new shows will share this cash prize pool.*

Includes scores submitted up to Nov 24, 2014 at 2:00am, EST.

1Normal Park Trivia TigersMaiz Mexican CantinaYpsilanti129$107.86
2More Beer Less PantsMaiz Mexican CantinaYpsilanti126$105.35
3Let's Get QuizzicalOn TapStow123$102.84
4InebriatiOn TapStow121$101.17
5Gladiators In SuitsProfessor Joe's Sports PubLafayette119$99.50
6The WeaversProfessor Joe's Sports PubLafayette117$97.83
7Sporcle With Little TimmyOn TapStow116$96.99
8Crafty and CleverRalphie'sFindlay115$96.15
9My Walls ItchFelix & Oscar'sDes Moines115$96.15
10What Do We Look Like, A Team That's Not Lazy???The NookSt. Paul115$96.15
11Everything DiesJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids114$--
12My Other Ride Is Your MomTios Mexican CafeAnn Arbor114$--
13The IntrovertsThomas Magee'sDetroit113$--
14Wibbly Wobbly Timey WimeyThe NookSt. Paul113$--
15And That's a GuessFloodz Sports BarClinton Tsp111$--
16Smarty PintsGame Grill & BarAkron111$--
17The Breakfast ClubProfessor Joe's Sports PubLafayette110$--
18Trivia School DropoutsGeorge Murphy'sLivonia109$--
19With OurselvesScorcher's in the ValleyAkron109$--
20Fear BonersFloodz Sports BarClinton Tsp108$--
21Mad Math and the ThunderdomesOarhouse Bar & GrillToledo108$--
22EmpireJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids106$--
23My Favorite TeamOn TapStow106$--
24Rosa Parks Should've Called Shotgun (Toledo)Oarhouse Bar & GrillToledo105$--
25Bad MoonRisin'JD Reardon'sGrand Rapids104$--
26Sad PandaJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids103$--
27Shane Falco and the ReplacementsJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids103$--
28FijilicousGame Grill & BarAkron101$--
29Les QuizerablesGame Grill & BarAkron101$--
30Moby GrapeFloodz Sports BarClinton Tsp101$--
31Brad & TonyJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids100$--
32StrategeryJW Hollstein'sTinley Park100$--
33Franks N BeansFloodz Sports BarClinton Tsp99$--
34My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem(Des Moines)Felix & Oscar'sDes Moines99$--
35Our Couch Pulls Out But We Don'tProfessor Joe's Sports PubLafayette98$--
36CTSOffice Pub & GrillMinneapolis97$--
37JJ's CrewOuttakes Bar & GrillNew Hope97$--
38Pete's Fan ClubSky Deck Sports GrilleBloomington97$--
39Calrissian RhapsodyGeorge Murphy'sLivonia96$--
40CluelessJW Hollstein'sTinley Park96$--
41Loose Seal!JD Reardon'sGrand Rapids96$--
42Buster MuffinRalphie'sFindlay93$--
43Cougar HuntersJW Hollstein'sTinley Park93$--
44I wish this microphone was a penisFront Page Sports Bar & GrillIndianapolis92$--
45You Know Nothing Jon SnowJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids92$--
46I'll make you touch my jello pudding popFront Page Sports Bar & GrillIndianapolis91$--
47The DummiesThat Place Bar & GrillIndianapolis89$--
48Don't Forget To Strip Your BartenderMaiz Mexican CantinaYpsilanti88$--
49JOE!Felix & Oscar'sDes Moines88$--
50Cherry TomatoesJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids87$--
51Too SoonChanticlear PizzaMinneapolis86$--
52PotterheadJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids85$--
53Biggie SmallsOn TapStow83$--
54Handjobs Across AmericaMaiz Mexican CantinaYpsilanti82$--
55Watch Your Own BobberVillage Sports BarWhite Bear Lake76$--
56An Ocelot of KnowledgeFelix & Oscar'sDes Moines75$--
57Nacho WinOffice Pub & GrillMinneapolis71$--
58Just. the. Two. of. Us.On TapStow70$--
59SavantVillage Sports BarWhite Bear Lake68$--
60Jerks & SquirtsGame Grill & BarAkron63$--
61John Denver's Full of ShitProfessor Joe's Sports PubLafayette52$--
62Trivia Newton JohnFront Page Sports Bar & GrillIndianapolis45$--
63Brews CluesJD Reardon'sGrand Rapids9$--
* NOTE: New show is any show that has not previously completed a full cycle in a previous cash rewards season. A list of the approved shows in this prize pool can be found here.