Sporcle Live Leaderboards

Teams that have the highest combined score after 10 weeks at any combination of shows will share this cash prize pool.*

Includes scores submitted up to Apr 1, 2015 at 1:00pm, EST.

1Spaceballs: The Trivia Team2331$150.88
2What the Shibboleth2107$136.38
3Seven Twenty Six2092$135.41
4Ric Flair's Nature Boys1897$122.79
5Tequila Mockingbird (Toledo)1826$118.19
6Calrissian Rhapsody1657$107.25
7Farmers Market1460$94.50
8Tempura Shelter For Lightly Battered Women1411$91.33
9Double J And Fred1404$90.88
10Little Lebowski Urban Achievers1353$87.58
11One is the Loneliest Number1343$86.93
12Les Quizerables1323$85.63
13Fisted Sister1205$78.00
14Off In A Corner1202$77.80
15T Money1194$77.28
16Rex Ryan's Foot Fetish1191$77.09
17The Clavins1117$72.30
18Zombies of Carne Evil1098$71.07
20Batteries Not Included1092$70.68
21Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods1087$70.36
23Mad Math and the Thunderdomes1067$69.06
24Step Dads1067$69.06
25Nine Inch Males(Toledo)1057$68.42
26Absolutely Unsure1038$--
27The Henry Ford Hotties1038$--
28The BS'ers1034$--
29Brain Police1025$--
31Everything Dies1017$--
32Full Frontal Nerdity (NEO)1013$--
33Rock Hard Times976$--
34Goonies Never Say Die963$--
35If Trivia were easy, it'd be your mom956$--
36Fear Boners955$--
37Quiz on Your Face(Rosie's)938$--
38The Malcontents918$--
39Sexy Ugly904$--
40Quiz In My Pants(Minnesota)896$--
41Spam, Eggs, Sausage, and Spam870$--
42Eberwits featuring the No Talent Ass Clowns866$--
43Voodoo Economics858$--
44P. Frey857$--
45Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap(BWW Ypsi)855$--
46Amish Rake Fight846$--
47Bert Macklin, FBI836$--
48The Queef Before Time828$--
502 For The Show820$--
51Too Cool For School819$--
52Balls Deep812$--
53Beef Supreme809$--
54Settlers Of Catan808$--
55Jeffrey Dahmer's House of Ribs785$--
56Floppy Fish782$--
57Doctor Who's On First768$--
58Hoptimus Prime766$--
59Brew Masters753$--
60Little Lebowski: Urban Achievers(NEO)752$--
61Polish Mafia752$--
62Fuzzy Bunnies750$--
63Soul Glo750$--
64Tanooki Suits748$--
65The Introverts723$--
67Storm Chasers722$--
68Look At The Brain On Brad716$--
69Periodic Table Dancers699$--
70Holy Schlitz693$--
71Sporcle With Little Timmy688$--
72Elsinore Brewery686$--
73Breaking Up With Nyquil683$--
74Don't Forget To Strip Your Bartender680$--
75Anal Bum Covers (NEO)675$--
76Probably Too Young For This668$--
77What Do We Look Like, A Team That's Not Lazy???665$--
79Stormy Kromers656$--
80Who Cares648$--
81Woefully Unprepared643$--
82Rob's Econ Study Group631$--
83My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem616$--
84Consistently Inconsistent (NEO)611$--
85Lloyd Braun610$--
86More Beer Less Pants609$--
87Blind Squirrels Nuts607$--
88Work Hard Twerk Hard607$--
90Pecan Sandies600$--
91Four Goals593$--
92Progressively Drunker587$--
93Queefer Sutherland586$--
9521 Hump Street582$--
96You Just Got Jammed566$--
97Let's Get Quizzical562$--
98Little Lebowski Urban Achievers(Toledo)558$--
99We're Probably Cheating552$--
101John Snow-It-Alls549$--
102The Guatemalan Gringos547$--
103Alpha Kenny Body536$--
104Stylin, Profilin, Jet-Flyin, Limousine-Ridin, Kiss-Stealin, Wheelin-Dealin, Straight-Shootin Son of a Gun Ric Flair534$--
105Machine Gun Don Kelly532$--
106T Squared526$--
107Howling Commandos525$--
108Every Wrong Answer is a Drink523$--
109Are You There God, It's Me Margarita504$--
110Scotty Doesn't Know501$--
112Quiz In my Pants(West MI)486$--
113Will Play Trivia For Food486$--
114The Nomads484$--
115The Martin Van Buren Fan Club481$--
117Wayne the Main Brain McClain(Chicago)476$--
118Large Explosion Hypothesis474$--
120Car Ramrod466$--
121The 3 Amigos465$--
124The Brandon Inge Funk Explosion461$--
126Quiz On My Face(Stones Throw 3)455$--
128Cherry Poppins449$--
129Planet Express448$--
130Seriously Why Are We Here441$--
131Sticky Bandits438$--
132Screw ASU437$--
133I Don't Care (Detroit)430$--
134Too Much Tuna429$--
135Smarty Pints427$--
137Those Aren't Pillows422$--
138Jim Anna421$--
139Extraordinary Chickens419$--
140Brett and Becky vs. Evil415$--
141Tits and Chocolate Milk410$--
142Goat Rodeo401$--
143Colonel Angus396$--
144Half Assed Foreplay394$--
145The Compound393$--
146Can You Dig That? I Knew That You Could392$--
147Try Again390$--
148Tiger's Wood387$--
149Mirage à Trois383$--
150Liquid Bread378$--
151Mongo Jenkins378$--
152DJ Roomba373$--
153That Family371$--
154One Of Americas Greatest Trivia Teams365$--
155Team Voldemort358$--
156Chapter 9 Mile354$--
157Is It In Yet(Toledo)344$--
158Cleveland Steamers343$--
159Kyle Sucks342$--
161Trevor Phillips Industries326$--
162Sunnyvalle Samsquanches325$--
166Total Wrongness320$--
167we're here for the gang bang320$--
168Cool Whips315$--
169Don Beaupre313$--
170The Gummies309$--
171Magic Score 3000301$--
173The Big Green300$--
174Kicking Habit295$--
175We Used to Come A Lot More294$--
176What would Brian Boytano Do?288$--
177Two Gingers283$--
178The Pikachus279$--
180Concealing a boner at church269$--
181The Credible Hulks263$--
182Taco Ticklers257$--
183My Other Ride Is Your Mom254$--
184Prestige Worldwide(On Tap Stow)253$--
185Junga Love252$--
186Eternal Struggle Btwn Blackness of Shane's Soul & Pure Whiteness of Shane's Bum247$--
187Pinball Wizards247$--
188Just. the. Two. of. Us.228$--
189Sigourney's Beaver225$--
190Skeet Skeet224$--
192Spacely Sprockets221$--
193Adios Amigos219$--
194Seattle Meri-nerds219$--
195Free Candy Van218$--
197Designated Drinkers213$--
199Murder City Mad Men210$--
200Smarty Pints(Detroit)210$--
201Jims' Bitches207$--
202The Goonies193$--
203Toxic Raccoons193$--
204Nathan Hale Alumni Association185$--
205Zookeeper 2 Zookeepier179$--
206Maize and Blue Strikes176$--
207we were on a break166$--
208Over My Ted Body165$--
209More Than Handfull163$--
211Raw Dog & Company152$--
212Team Northwestern125$--
213Not Really Sure122$--
214The Ninnies122$--
215Thunder Buddies109$--
216Snap Crackle & Pop105$--
218Oh That's Greasy78$--
219We Thought This Was Speed Dating(Basement Burger Bar)56$--
* NOTE: Up to 4 scores per week will be counted per team in this pool. Should a team play more than 4 times in a single week, only the first 4 scores that week will count.