Sporcle Live Leaderboards

Teams that have the highest combined score after 10 weeks at any combination of shows will share this cash prize pool.*

Includes scores submitted up to Dec 21, 2014 at 2:00am, EST.

1Spaceballs: The Trivia Team2200$128.85
2Moby Grape2153$126.10
3What the Shibboleth2139$125.28
4Calrissian Rhapsody2082$121.94
5Doctor Who's On First1748$102.38
6That Family1717$100.56
7Smell The Glove1687$98.80
9Tempura Shelter For Lightly Battered Women1600$93.71
10Seven Twenty Six1544$90.43
11Soul Glo1519$88.96
12Mad Math and the Thunderdomes1475$86.39
13Double J And Fred1437$84.16
14Fisted Sister1423$83.34
15Little Lebowski Urban Achievers1407$82.40
16My Favorite Team1400$81.99
17Fear Boners1359$79.59
18Sporcle With Little Timmy1288$75.43
19Storm Chasers1280$74.97
20Eberwits featuring the No Talent Ass Clowns1267$74.20
21Machine Gun Don Kelly1253$73.38
22Full Frontal Nerdity (NEO)1223$71.63
23Les Quizerables1209$70.81
24T Money1201$70.34
25Amish Rake Fight1192$69.81
26Batteries Not Included1170$--
27Tanooki Suits1085$--
28Large Explosion Hypothesis1061$--
30Quiz on Your Face(Rosie's)1046$--
31Hoptimus Prime1044$--
32Farmers Market1032$--
34Pecan Sandies1009$--
35Breaking Up With Nyquil1000$--
36Eternal Struggle Btwn Blackness of Shane's Soul & Pure Whiteness of Shane's Bum990$--
37Moist Chocolate Ladles978$--
38What Do We Look Like, A Team That's Not Lazy???977$--
39Uno Dos943$--
40Everything Dies938$--
41Dirty Sanchez937$--
42Sunnyvalle Samsquanches934$--
43Franks N Beans933$--
44Goonies Never Say Die930$--
45Brew Masters894$--
46Tequila Mockingbird879$--
47Fuzzy Bunnies871$--
48Zombies of Carne Evil851$--
49Queef Catchers833$--
50Polish Mafia811$--
51The Gummies802$--
52The Martin Van Buren Fan Club778$--
53Show Us Your TDs770$--
54Off In A Corner759$--
55Quiz On My Face(Stones Throw 3)756$--
56My Other Ride Is Your Mom754$--
57Shrine Of The Silver Moneky753$--
592 For The Show731$--
61Let's Get Quizzical717$--
62Mr. T-Rex And His Fancy Pants712$--
63The Clavins706$--
65Sea Cayers703$--
66Holy Schlitz693$--
67Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods693$--
69Rosa Parks Should've Called Shotgun (Toledo)684$--
70Hungarian Hungarian Hippos680$--
72Try Again663$--
75MJ and Gang638$--
76The Introverts636$--
77Baseball Coaches629$--
78Jerks & Squirts622$--
79Don't Forget To Strip Your Bartender621$--
80Quiz In My Pants (WM)621$--
81The Brainy Mischiefs620$--
82Beef Supreme617$--
83Lucky Chuck & Big Mike610$--
84Floppy Fish590$--
852001 Lb Gorilla589$--
86Cool People and Jeff589$--
87Team Awesome (W. Michigan)588$--
88I'm Not Gay But My Boyfriend Is587$--
90Twisted Sister580$--
91Need A Trivia Fix!570$--
92Little Lebowski Urban Achievers(Toledo)559$--
94Tits and Chocolate Milk554$--
95Step Dads548$--
96Avondale Mamas545$--
98Suck it Trebek (Woodhaven)541$--
99Gentleman Kangaroos534$--
100Madden Factor533$--
102A Blessing of Unicorns518$--
103T Squared518$--
104Zip-Up Hoodie518$--
105The Lannisters of Castlery Rock517$--
106Sigourney Sarandon504$--
107Smarty Pints502$--
108Crisco & The Can Kickers499$--
109The Weavers492$--
110Balls Deep487$--
112Alpha Q480$--
113Pop Pop in the Attic477$--
114Those Aren't Pillows471$--
115Sparty On467$--
117Team Northwestern462$--
118Beats By Ray451$--
119Cool Whips449$--
120Anal Bum Covers (NEO)446$--
121Half Assed Foreplay446$--
122Jim Anna444$--
123I Am Jack's Trivia Team442$--
124Murphy's Law440$--
126Bastard Sons of Alex Trebek433$--
128Caged Wisdom431$--
129Sour Krauts431$--
130Marx Bros421$--
131Toxic Raccoons419$--
132Blind Squirrels Nuts412$--
133Chapter 9 Mile411$--
134It's Always Sunny in Westland407$--
135Team Rocket402$--
136Dr. Sheldon Cooper392$--
137Teacher's Pet376$--
138Cell Phone Bandits352$--
139Bad MoonRisin'342$--
140Horace Mann Crush332$--
141Team Vought327$--
142Rex Ryan's Foot Fetish325$--
143Four Goals319$--
144Just. the. Two. of. Us.313$--
145Our Couch Pulls Out But We Don't306$--
146Will Play Trivia For Food304$--
147The Renegades292$--
148Get On My Level291$--
149Is It In Yet289$--
150Corn Dogs278$--
151Slightly Above Average255$--
152Elsinore Brewery227$--
153Look At The Brain On Brad221$--
154Corn Fritters217$--
155For the Love of Jorge214$--
156Wrecking Ballsonya211$--
158Turd Fergason200$--
159Sad Panda199$--
160Suck It, Trebek(NEO)190$--
162Tiger's Wood183$--
164Full Monty156$--
165Soft 5149$--
167This shit is gold133$--
168Biggie Smalls100$--
169Sweet Onions90$--
* NOTE: Up to 4 scores per week will be counted per team in this pool. Should a team play more than 4 times in a single week, only the first 4 scores that week will count.