Sporcle Live Leaderboards

Teams that have the highest combined score after 10 weeks at any combination of shows will share this cash prize pool.*

Includes scores submitted up to Sep 16, 2014 at 1:00pm, EST.

1Spaceballs: The Trivia Team1002$134.12
2Rosa Parks Should've Called Shotgun (Toledo)929$124.35
3Smell The Glove885$118.46
4Doctor Who's On First873$116.85
5What the Shibboleth826$110.56
6Moby Grape794$106.28
7Zombies of Carne Evil757$101.32
8Half Assed Foreplay729$97.58
9Calrissian Rhapsody728$97.44
10Seven Twenty Six710$95.03
11Farmers Market687$91.95
12That Family680$91.02
13Polish Mafia628$84.06
14Little Lebowski Urban Achievers625$83.66
16Fear Boners608$81.38
17Balls Deep573$76.69
18Batteries Not Included562$75.22
19Hoptimus Prime556$74.42
20Amish Rake Fight536$71.74
21My Favorite Team531$71.07
22Eternal Struggle Btwn Blackness of Shane's Soul & Pure Whiteness of Shane's Bum528$70.67
23Tempura Shelter For Lightly Battered Women501$67.06
24Haulin Oats477$63.85
25Tanooki Suits475$63.58
26Large Explosion Hypothesis474$--
27Work Hard Twerk Hard469$--
28Eberwits featuring the No Talent Ass Clowns465$--
29Don't Forget To Strip Your Bartender461$--
30Grille Mates459$--
31Anal Bum Covers (NEO)458$--
32Double J And Fred457$--
33Brew Masters453$--
34Gr8Lk8 Mates449$--
35Les Quizerables437$--
36Wood Floats, Except Natalie427$--
37Moist Chocolate Ladles423$--
38Fuzzy Bunnies417$--
39Umpires Strike Back407$--
40Primate News404$--
41Uno Dos399$--
42Storm Chasers397$--
44Soul Glo393$--
45The Silver Daddies393$--
46Skydiving Grandmas380$--
47I HAZ THE DUM370$--
482 For The Show368$--
50Step Dads358$--
51Periodic Table Dancers357$--
52Group W Bench354$--
53Those Aren't Pillows353$--
54Fisted Sister349$--
56Designated Drinkers348$--
57Mongo Jenkins345$--
58Prestige Worldwide (Detroit)344$--
59Alpha Q343$--
60Circle of Jerks343$--
61Tits and Chocolate Milk341$--
62Suck it Trebek (Woodhaven)340$--
63Trivia Newton John (Wolverine)340$--
65More Beer Less Pants336$--
67Madden Factor331$--
68Full Frontal Nerdity (NEO)329$--
69I Am Spartacus329$--
72The Lone Gunman324$--
74I'm Not Gay But My Boyfriend Is316$--
75Pup 'n' Suds314$--
76Sea Cayers313$--
77Breaking Up With Nyquil311$--
79Off In A Corner284$--
81Prestige Worldwide274$--
82Downriver Rat(s)270$--
83Seriously Why Are We Here258$--
84Dirty Sanchez255$--
85Quiz on my face255$--
86Fat Chance253$--
89Everything Dies246$--
90The Clavins240$--
92Sour Patch Kids237$--
93We Keep Coming237$--
95Breast Friends236$--
96Extra Extra Crispy236$--
97Cool People and Jeff234$--
98T Money223$--
99Ash Cash Money221$--
100Chapter 9 Mile218$--
101Jerks & Squirts218$--
102Smarty Pints215$--
103My Other Ride Is Your Mom210$--
104Captain Barklestien208$--
105Here For The Beer196$--
106Loose Seal!195$--
107Crisco & The Can Kickers194$--
108Full of Blarney193$--
109A Blessing of Unicorns168$--
110Mojo Jo-Jo158$--
111Machine Gun Don Kelly119$--
* NOTE: Up to 4 scores per week will be counted per team in this pool. Should a team play more than 4 times in a single week, only the first 4 scores that week will count.