Sporcle Live Leaderboards

Teams that have the highest combined score after 10 weeks at any combination of shows will share this cash prize pool.*

Includes scores submitted up to Nov 25, 2014 at 2:00pm, EST.

1Spaceballs: The Trivia Team602$141.92
2Moby Grape537$126.60
3Calrissian Rhapsody533$125.65
4What the Shibboleth509$120.00
5Smell The Glove458$107.97
6Fear Boners425$100.19
7That Family391$92.18
8Mad Math and the Thunderdomes388$91.47
9Hoptimus Prime364$85.81
10Pop Pop in the Attic363$85.58
11Eberwits featuring the No Talent Ass Clowns362$85.34
12Soul Glo353$83.22
13Doctor Who's On First347$81.80
14Batteries Not Included345$81.33
16Queef Catchers341$80.39
17My Favorite Team338$79.68
18Tempura Shelter For Lightly Battered Women337$79.45
20Seven Twenty Six325$76.62
21Quiz on Your Face(Rosie's)322$75.91
22Moist Chocolate Ladles313$73.79
23Les Quizerables311$73.32
24Don't Forget To Strip Your Bartender304$71.67
25Polish Mafia301$70.96
26Show Us Your TDs296$--
28Uno Dos276$--
29T Money270$--
30Fisted Sister269$--
31Machine Gun Don Kelly261$--
32Breaking Up With Nyquil255$--
33Your Resume Sucks245$--
34Sporcle With Little Timmy238$--
35Double J And Fred237$--
36Everything Dies231$--
37Gentleman Kangaroos231$--
38Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods229$--
39Mr. T-Rex And His Fancy Pants229$--
40The Weavers227$--
41My Other Ride Is Your Mom223$--
42Brew Masters221$--
43Sea Cayers221$--
44Tanooki Suits221$--
45Corn Fritters217$--
46Holy Schlitz216$--
48Little Lebowski Urban Achievers215$--
49Amish Rake Fight214$--
50Wrecking Ballsonya211$--
51Farmers Market210$--
52Storm Chasers210$--
54Team Rocket208$--
55Rosa Parks Should've Called Shotgun (Toledo)207$--
56Franks N Beans204$--
57Off In A Corner202$--
59Sad Panda199$--
60Large Explosion Hypothesis197$--
61Let's Get Quizzical197$--
62Little Lebowski Urban Achievers(Toledo)196$--
63Suck it Trebek (Woodhaven)195$--
64Full Frontal Nerdity (NEO)193$--
65Quiz On My Face(Stones Throw 3)191$--
66Eternal Struggle Btwn Blackness of Shane's Soul & Pure Whiteness of Shane's Bum189$--
67The Introverts189$--
68The Martin Van Buren Fan Club189$--
69Cool Whips186$--
70What Do We Look Like, A Team That's Not Lazy???183$--
71Is It In Yet181$--
72The Gummies179$--
73Jerks & Squirts178$--
74Will Play Trivia For Food178$--
75Floppy Fish177$--
76Sunnyvalle Samsquanches166$--
77Lucky Chuck & Big Mike163$--
78Fuzzy Bunnies161$--
79Goonies Never Say Die160$--
80I'm Not Gay But My Boyfriend Is160$--
81Pecan Sandies156$--
82A Blessing of Unicorns151$--
83Alpha Q121$--
85Avondale Mamas108$--
86Biggie Smalls100$--
* NOTE: Up to 4 scores per week will be counted per team in this pool. Should a team play more than 4 times in a single week, only the first 4 scores that week will count.