Cash Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are the upcoming Cash Rewards Seasons?
A: The next cash reward season runs from November 17th – January 25th, 2015

Q: Can I win money in more than one of the pools?
A: You bet! If you are a new team, you could potentially win money in all three pools. If you are an existing team, you could potentially win money in the first two pools, thus increasing your take home.

Q: Are there tournaments involved with winning the money in the prize pools?
A: No. All prize payouts are guaranteed cash with no tournaments, that are based on weekly play. However, we will still hold two cash tournaments per year that are open to the general public

Q: In the single venue pool, if I am in the top 25 say three times, do I get three prize amounts?
A: No. You can only qualify in the top 25 once. You can only appear on each pool list one time per 10-week cycle

Q: What happens if my venue cancels for one night during the season?
A: Use your bar hopper pass. You can use this once per season. This allows your team to play at any other location within two weeks of the cancellation to replace a score at your regular venue. Special considerations may be made for venues that cancel more than once during a season. To use your bar hopper pass send a request to with where you played your replacement show at.

Q: What happens if my venue cancels permanently during the season?
A: You must contact us to let us know where you’ll finish the season instead. We will transfer the points you earned to that point at the cancelled venue to your new preferred venue.

Q: What points during a night count towards the cash rewards score?
A: All regular round, mystery round, newsletter bonus and Quickfire question points. Points that are NOT included are final questions and host awarded bonus points.

Q: What happens if my venue only does one game during a scheduled night?
A: We will double your score from Game 1 to give you a complete and competitive score. Note, this is only if a venue cancels game 2. You can’t just leave after game 1 and have us double your score if the venue hosts the second game.

Q: What are the most points I can earn in a night?
A: You can only earn points at one venue per night. Only points from regular questions, newsletter questions and mystery rounds count towards the totals. Final questions and random host-awarded bonus points do not count for Cash Rewards. In the event a team plays at more than one venue in a night, their lowest score will counted in the standings.

Q: If I win money, how and when will I receive it?
A: Checks will be mailed to the winning team’s captain within 3 weeks of the season’s end date. Winning teams have 30 days to provide Sporcle Live with contact info to receive their payout. If we do not receive contact information within 30 days, the prize will be forfeited.