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$500 - Wrestlemania's I, X & XX took place in what city?
$1000 - Who won the first Money In the Bank Match?
$2000 - WCW's former flagship PPV event
$5000 - The Undertaker's Real Name is...
$10000 - Hogan pinned Nash in 1999 on Nitro with the:
$20000 - First TNA World Heavyweight Champion
$50000 - Kane made his debut on this PPV
$75000 - Brian Kendrick & Paul London were trained by:
$150000 - A car addicent cut his career short in 1986
$250000 - Wrestler who played the Gobbledy Gooker
$500000 - First owner of ECW
$1000000 - What Does 'C.M.' stand for in CM Punk?

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