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PART 1 (5-Letter)
Monster having a woman's head and a bird's body 
Musical instruments with triangular frames and strings 
Fish of the family Cyprinidae 
Ace of Hearts & Jack of Spades, e.g. 
Small vehicles pushed or pulled by hand 
A classic pub game 
Maul or Vader, e.g. 
'Giles Goat Boy' author John 
Beginning or start 
PART 3 (4-Letter)
'___ Russia with Love' 
Kermit is one 
To beat with a whip 
A regularly updated opinion website 
A spot or stain 
A leather foot covering 
A contest or trial of strength 
To look or be sullen 
How to get beer into a glass 
'Curb ___ Enthusiasm' 
PART 2 (3-Letter)
24 hours 
Jamie Foxx biopic about musician Charles 
A padded canvas 
Isle with AAA rated credit 
Bask in the sun 
Element 50 (Sn) 
'Batman' director ___ Burton 
PART 4 (3-Letter)
Buddy or chum 
Average, in golf 
Not near 
'___ Your Eyes Only' 
A low hanging cloud 
A marshy fen 
Plead or implore 
Nixon speechwriter ___ Stein 

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