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'Then just die already!'
'Let me get this straight. You call in sick the day after receiving a long awaited, career boosting promotion so you can play Oktoberfest in your man cave?!'
'Thanks, Daddy Warbucks, but that was before my housing situation went completely testicular on me, all right?'
'Well, next time plan for it, would ya? The Starship Enterprise had a self-destruct button. I'm just saying!'
'On second thought, I take that back. This is blackmail.'
'I hope everything is to your satisfaction.'
'I love the lab, because it's all still magic, you know?'
'Tuco wasn't my homie anymore than Charlie Manson was yours.'
'I f*cked Ted.'
'You woke up. You found her. That's all you know.'
'I'm just not the man I thought I was. I think I'm done as a cop.'
'Like two nuts in a ball sack yo!'
'No? Alright, be that way. It's your meeting. Why don't you start talking and tell me what you want?'
'That ain't me, man! I'm...I was the guy who selling meth...allegedly.'

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